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Do more America BY A.D.Khalid
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Do more America

US must reciprocate sacrifices of Pakistan with its actions and not words..



World at the moment is undergoing into security as well as economic crisis.  Power game that may result in to great geo political as well as economic changes is at the climax. World powers are struggling for new alliances as well as rehashing the old ones. At this critical juncture of time and history, Afghan war at the moment has entered into very decisive phase which requires vigilant and foresighted policy making that should be evident from actions of all stake holders. Pakistan, Afghanistan and United States are the main stake holders along with many others. US had been pushing Pakistan for doing maximum in war against terrorism and probably Pakistan has done the maximum. Being ally in the war against terrorism and friend of US since 1947, Pak – America relationship always lacked equality and mutual respect. Trust deficit has now reached to the climax and the main cause is US behavior towards Pakistan’s people and their interests.

Keeping aside the historical synopsis of the strange Pak-US relationship, Let us see what has happened in recent years during war against terrorism. Pakistan army and the people of Pakistan have sacrificed their lives, economy and everything that goes at risk in war.  In the context of dialectical relationship between present and past, the US has inflicted ideological, social, cultural, military and psychological tensions and troubles for this nation and people of Pakistan. Now it is the time for US to prove its kindliness in relationship with Pakistan and its people.

 Pakistan has been close American ally since it came in to being. The relationship between the two countries came closer when America was making Taliban in the era of cold war. In late 1980s, America after defeating USSR became the only super power of the world leaving Afghanistan at its own and that vacuum of leadership resulted into progressing terrorism and militancy in Afghanistan. After 9/11, US started a new war to fulfill its agenda in the region and Pakistan stood with US through out these critical moments of time. Ongoing war against terrorism has affected Pakistan to the most. Pak army has suffered heavy losses in terms of lives of its soldiers and military equipment. Drone attacks have resulted in to a situation which will damage the interests of Pakistan in the future. In this process of war, Pakistan had to suffer huge economical losses as foreign investors withdrew their investments because of law and order situation. Being ally to US, general public has been facing terror attacks taking precious lives and heavy losses to their belongings. Pakistan had to neglect its eastern border where enemy is ever ready to execute its nasty designs. The situation went worst when US strategic friend India, taking garb of the situation started funding and training terrorists and sending them to settled areas of Pakistan for terror attacks. Recent Lahore blasts are one of the current attempts of Indian Raw to damage morale of Pakistani masses and army as well. Kashmir issue is neglected as Pakistan government and army remained committed to help US in Afghan war. At this critical time, India by mugging water resources has tried its level best to increase the problems of Pakistan. Pakistan has fought a war being ally to US led international alliance with great commitment and rendered sacrifices of all kinds. The efforts of Pakistan are being recognized by the world and this is the time for US to pay back to keep the warmth relationship.

US had been orally saying Pakistan its strategic partner and front line ally but its actions does not proportionate with its words. In spite of repeated resolutions of Pakistan parliament, US have not stopped drone attacks inside territory of Pakistan. Saying friend to Pakistan US has gone into civil atomic treaty with India where as its Friend Pakistan is under going terrible energy crisis and requiring such help from US. But India has been elevated to a special status in the US –Indo alliance. The US will provide civilian and military hard ware to India. On the other hand Pakistan, the traditional ally of US, deserves none of the same. Seeing this as quandary, Pakistani public is highly annoyed as they have never seen US reciprocating the response of Pakistan in war against terrorism. To continue long term relations, US will now have to show by its actions the concrete efforts to help Pakistan .First and the foremost is the compensation of losses of Pakistan in war against terrorism and these losses are in billions of dollars. Secondly, US must stop drone attacks and give this technology to Pakistan along with military equipment needed to fight ongoing war. US will now have to caution India for nourishing terrorism in tribal areas and Baluchistan. US must play its role to solve startling water issue between India and Pakistan that if provoked more may result into war. The main dispute between Pak- India is Kashmir and it is not resolved because of rogue behavior of India. US must play its role to settle this issue and help Pakistan as acknowledgement of its sacrifice in on going war.

US will have to deliver now in coming foreign minister level strategic dialogue

being scheduled in last week of  March in Washington. The time has arrived for Pakistan to make a final choice for reshaping its relationship with US and work towards equality, mutuality, balance, evenness, equivalence and parity in its long and counter productive association with America. And Pakistan must ponder the options that are available with him being at the best geo strategic position and its everlasting tested relationship with China.

US at this decisive moment must understand the needs of Pakistan and be proactive to do its part of the work being buddy and also a global power having long term interests in the region. Pakistan at the moment requires access to the European and US markets . better economy will help to curb terrorism and this effort will augment towards security of the world. Probably ,time has come to ask US to DO MORE.

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