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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Assalam o Alaikum,

At first, I didn't believe it, then I started searching. I've found the programme on youtube on the following url.

It starts from the time 02:20 and stays there for about 2 minutes. It changes back again on 05:05 minutes, stays again for two minutes. Appears again on 08:05 minutes.

The second part has it from the start.

I've never liked Geo TV from the start. And from this day forward (even it has Dr. Shahid Masood), I'm declaring that I hate Geo TV and I'm totally against it. If it was in my power, I'd ban this channel.

There might be people who may say that this might be a mistake. But I know that creating a graphic, showing it repeatedly during the show cannot be a mistake. I know the star of Pakistani Flag even when I was 5. When I learned to draw a star, I didn't make a mistake like this even then.

Allah hamain in kay shurr say bachaye. Ameen.


 Reply:   Meray Mutabiq Videos of 14, 15
Replied by(voiceofaa) Replied on (4/Sep/2007)
Complete Episode including August 15 as well  
 Reply:   Apart from this topicscript s
Replied by(voiceofaa) Replied on (29/Aug/2007)

i saw all parts of this show on youtube just now, and i must say that female anchor tried her level best to spoil this discussion and turn into the stage of no where.
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