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All those officers working to protect the Sri Lankan team under Shahbaz Sharif were removed. The ensuing chaos created by Taseer, Zardari and Rehman Malik and the use of police officers for horse trading gave the RAW sponsored terrorists an opening.

Rehman Malik was the security Chief of Benazir when she was assassinated. He was Interior Minister when Marriot blasts took place and even today he is interior minister. Why does he remain Interior Minister when he delivers a failure after failure? Because he is close to Zardari. And that is all that matters today.

Secret Investigative report emerges [22nd Jan] showing threat to Sri Lanka team

CID report on Sri Lanka - Page 2

A secret investigative report has just surfaced prepared by the Additional Inspector General of the Crime Investigation Division, Punjab on 22nd January 2009 outlining the potential threat to the Sri Lankan team. It outlines very briefly the following four points

  1. It has reliably been learnt that �RAW� (Indian Intelligence Agency) has assigned its agents the task to target Sri Lankan Cricket Team during its current visit to Lahore, especially while traveling between the hotel and stadium or at the hotel during their stay
  2. It is evident that RAW intends to show Pakistan as a security risk state for sports events particularly when European and India teams have already postponed their proposed visits considering it a high security risk to visit Pakistan.
  3. RAW has also collected photographs of leaders of Jamaat-ud-Daawa (Proscribed) and its establishment to target them
  4. Extreme vigilance and heightened security arrangements indicated

The report may now all seem inconsequential considering the damage has already been done, but it just goes to show that despite all the warnings there still was a massive security lapse blame for which in my opinion my lie squarely upon the Governor of Punjab, Salman Taaseer who very recently bull dozed his governors rule in the province over replacing Shahbaz Sharif. This political shuffle resulted in a sudden administrative upheaval, which can potentially be the cause of this disaster.

Critics may even shrug aside this report as a finger pointing session towards RAW, but that too should not shroud our mind the plan simple fact is that the Police knew of the looming threat and if they were at all serious in doing their job this would never have happened. The extremist element will exploit any situation and today marks yet another lapse for the umpteenth time, further tarnishing the image of Pakistan, maybe forever

According to NewsEye at DawnNews the Pakistan Cricket Board had promised the visiting team Presidential security, but it has not been provided despite these looming threats by RAW.

Scanned copies of the CID report

CID report on Sri Lanka team Page 1

CID report on Sri Lanka - Page 2


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If you supported Musharraf you are responsible for what is wrong in Pakistan today:
1) You supported Musharraf
2) Musharraf gave NRO
3) NRO gave Zardari
4) Zardari causing instability.

If only you had supported the lawyers:
1) Judges still functioning.
2) NRO declared unconstitutional
3) Zardari, Musharraf behind bars.
4) Pakistan stable.

Lesson: Never support a military dictator.
 Reply:   You forgot to mention main reason about Ansar Abbasi
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (30/Mar/2009)

He always tries to expose dirty works of Altaf Hussain, MQM and Musharraf
 Reply:   Ansar Abbasi
Replied by(kinnare) Replied on (30/Mar/2009)

Ansar Abbasi has zero credibility. First because he is ansar Abbasi, and second he work for Jang Group which is mouth piece of JI and CIA.
 Reply:   The LTTE Connection
Replied by(nrqazi) Replied on (4/Mar/2009)

I am sorry, I beg to differ on a few points. Here I go:
1. I think Zaradaris or present Government were themselves hit by it like a surprise.
2. Indians may have provided support to perpetuators but beyond that, they have got nothing to do with it. Here is why?
3. Pakistan is a strong ally of Sri Lanka who are winning the war against LTTE, thanks to Pakistan's over whelming support.
4. LTTE has sympathizers in India (tyamil Nadu) and in my opinion they have tried to strike a double blow with this attack:
a. Hitting Pakistan where it hurts
b. Hitting Sri Lanka (thank God they missed)

4. The similarities to Mumbai attackers are too close and even Indians are not that naive to do an exact replica attack.

5. However, it was surely a sad day for Pakistani cricket. As kids, we used to listen to running commentary of Pakistan Hockey teams adventures late in the night.....then came the cricket -mania, a bit of stardom in Squash and now what...? how do we celebrate our patriotism

6. Indians have always been blaming us from a 'bakri kee chori' to attack on parliament but we have never blamed them openly (though we got even with them in other ways)...which i think is a good tactic since the first question that Indians ask their government is that if Pakistan, a quarter of our size and resources is able to strike at will, then what the hell are our government institutions good for? It was precisely the argument when everyone was asking for benazir's assassination investigation to be carried out by UN that if we invite thenm this time, next time they won't trust any investigation by Pakistan's sovereign for thought
 Reply:   Governor Punjab ignores the threat of attack completely
Replied by(DrShahid) Replied on (3/Mar/2009)

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