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4th September, 2010)     The press statement on the subject CPP Demands Nationalization of PTCL and acceptance of workers demands as issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) for the information of public, electronic and press media is as under:-


The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) strongly criticized and condemned the torture and violence on the human right activists Farzana Bari by Islamabad Police. CPP also lashed on the Police firing on PTCL Workers and arrest of 50 workers, who were voicing peacefully for acceptance of their demands in Islamabad.


CPP Chairman, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik demanded from the Government to undo the privatization of PTCL and immediately accept all the demands of the PTCL workers, which are genuine in nature.


CPP is against the privatizations policies of the PPP regime as in our opinion, the privatization policies bring un-employment of working class on one hand and hiking of prices for the masses in daily commodity on the other hand.


Engineer Jameel severely criticized the Pakistan Peoples Party and said that after the martyr of Benazir Bhutto, the pro-people manifesto has now totally been abolished and today PPP is the party of feudal and capitalists and  has nothing do with the problems of the downtrodden masses.


He was even critical about Dr. Lal Khan and Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmad, whose communist party by the name of Tabqati Jeddojhud, which has been working in the PPP on the philosophy of Interism for the last 30 years has brought no changes in the pro-Americans and the Privatization policies of Peoples Party.


The police firing on the peaceful procession of PTCL workers and arrest of 50 workers, un-employment and hiking of prices in daily commodity are the only outcomes of Dr. Lal and Manzoor left teachings within PPP circles, Engineer Jameel said this without any reservations.


He stressed vehemently that he failed to understand that how Dr. Lal and Manzoor, who claimed to be the communists within PPP are openly supporting the pro-Americans and Privatization policies of the Pakistan Peoples Party.                   


“Can any communist in the world be in favour of American Imperialism and Privatization policy” Engineer Jameel posed this question to all communists and progressive forces abroad and within our own country.


The CPP Chairman disclosed that Mr. Manzoor, Ex- MNA from Qasur and presently Chairman of Peoples Labour Bureau and In charge of the PPP Central Secretariat, Islamabad is a very close associate of President Zardari but doing nothing to help the PTCL workers, he concluded his policy statement with these remarks.



(Press Media of CPP)

Communist Party Secretariat,

Communist Party of Pakistan,

House No. 1426,

Fateh Jang Road,

Attock Cantt,


 Reply:   Zionist Israel & India are allies to discredit True Islam!
Replied by(RashidAliS) Replied on (7/Sep/2010)

Much to my sorrow and dismay to read your timely warning aginast Israel using the name of "SUFISM" to discredit the genuine struggle of the followers of Islam in Palestine, Kashmir and other parts of the globe. Israeli Ambassador's vist to the famous shrine of K: Moin-ud-Din Chisti and his phony and false statement in favour of Sufism, should not be seen as offering of olive branch to the Muslims of India or elswhere. It would be in the fitness of things to mention here that this Zionist Jew represents a fascist and zionist regime of Israel, which has refused to carry out UNITED NATION'S resolutions since the creation of Isreal in 1948. Israel has violated the human rights of Palestinian people by occupying their land in Gaza Strip,West Bank and Jerusalem; and building illegal settlements on this stolen land for more than five decades. India has followed suit by military force in Kashmir since 1947. It goes without saying that both Israel and India have ignored resolutions of the United Nations Organisation on this issue time and time again. In fact, Israel has turned the U.N into a Micky Mouse Club to carry on with their killings and destroying in Palestine under the protection of Big Brother, which is governed by the strong and powerful Jewish Lobby in the U.S. It is true that SUFISM may be a source of peace and spirituality for its followers, and Judaism and Islam may have a few priciples in common. But on the other hand, State of Israel represents Zionism and imperialism and it's against all principles of peace. Therefore, the freedom fighters of Palestine and Kashmir are not terrorists, but they are fighting for their land to save it from the beastly clutches of these agressors. Besides, the Kabbalah system is entirely different than Sufism of Islam. Jihad against injstice and in self-defence can't be classified as terrorism. They are fighting to liberate and free their land from foreign agressors and bundits. Don't you think so. To discredit Islam and its followers, Israel and India have joined forces to play off one group of Islam with another group of Islam i.e. Sunni against Shia and vice versa. Hindus and Zionist Jews are wolves in sheep clothing and it is their new trick and strategy to infiltrate in diffierent schools of Islam and infect them with their false propoganda and lies. Their main aim is to discredit the real teachings of Islam and pollute them with Zionists nonsense and fabricated lies! It is a shame that Muslim countries, especially Pakistan under the weak and corrupt government of Zardari, are showing weakness against the Isreali and Indian attrocities in occupied Palestine and Kashmir respectively. They have targetted the corrupt Mullahs to interpret the message of Islam in order to fit in theirplan!At the end of the day, they will not succeed to alter the message of true Islam in the Middle East or elswhere in the world! Long Live Islam and Long Live the followers of God-gifted and true Islam!!! With humble prayers and salaams to all, Sincerely, SRA SHAH, Vroomshoop (The Netherlands)
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