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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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It appears that this time  PML_N really wants to eradicate corruption from the country, inorder to ensure their resolve they have come with a noval idea in their own opinion for  appointing their close relative Mr. Khawaja Zaheer for the post of Chairman NAB. The proposed induction of an only honest personality  of the country, PML-N has  thus offered a double edged sword to the nation. On one hand they would be able to carry on with their corrupt practices without any fear or hindrances from an institution of NAB and on the other hand all previous cases against Nawaz Sharif & company  would automatically  disappear from the scene, they way files of loan obtained by this group no more exist in the records of Habib Bank. 


Point to wonder is that Mr Khawaja is same person who was earlier proposed by PML-N  as Chief Minister of Punjab. 


It appears that probably this country  comprising of around 200 million people today stand  devoid of  any honest personality. Accordingly the name of  the only honest person of Pakistan is referred again and again by this company, the way they had proposed the name of an Engineer GEn. Butt as Chief of Armed forces  of Pakistan in their last term.


Though the appointment  of the gentleman is not yet finalised, but certainly exposes the mentality and their intentions they intend to play with the nation. .Hats off to this Fraud Tola of Pakistan, as they cannot see beyond their nose.


Adnan Khan

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