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What a joke with this poor country


A dubious person  reported to have been spoted wearing Rs. 455 million wrist watch while  POOR MAN BUDGET  was being presented in the National Assembly of Pakistan was  no one else but suspicious looking Janab i Nawaz Sharif Sahib, the newly selected Prime Minister of poor Pakistan  by R.Os of our Judiciary.



The selected Prime Minister just to please IMF,  in his madding  speech in the National Assemly after  laspe of 14 years started his tenure of government by warning the  poor & helpless people of Pakistan,  that they will have to tighten their belts in  days come to  save the country from defaulting. No doubt idea presented was not bad. Nation should collectively come forward to share the burden inaccordance with their capacity to bear the burden for a good cause.


Unfortunately, at the same time when the most expansive watch in Pakistan was being displayed to the stun members of the relatively less richer class in National assembly, a  mind boggling, ruthless budget was being presented by his cronies in the name of the poor bringing  devastation in their lives,literally erroding their already hand to mouth state of life. The most corrupt elite class further crushed  poor & white colored middle class of the country by levying with loads of unnecessary taxes, specially on those who were already bearing the burnt of existing taxes much beyond their capacity to pay, badly effecting their day to day lives, leavig filthy rich to go Scott free to enjoy their lives in one of the poorest countries of the world.     


Everything essentially required for living of a human being has increased  almost10 times higher then the prices of commodoties availible in the days of President General Musharraf.


What a hard luck for those who work whole day like an animals but at the end of day could not even earn enough tofeed their childern properly, while this shameless Prime Minister opts to show his expansive watch to the helpless nation. 


 The idea  meet the requirements of the country. His party has already burdened the nation with unnecessary taxes beyond the reach & capacity of the of the people, while


Now the question arises as to how and from where this gentleman managed to buy such an expansive watch, had this much amount as being said ever been reflected or accounted in any of their tax statements released earlier at their end mentioning purchase of a watch for such a huge sum.  


The answer would probably would be Big NO. Accordingly, in the interest of the people of Pakistan, it is requested that at least one SUO-MOTO be taken by the chief Justice who is keeping his NUM on the subject, enabling the  people to see the true face of these jugglers.


But one must say, Hats off to such shameless jokers, who don’t  care to pay taxes themselves but take such nasty steps to squeeze even blood of its people, where around 39% of its population live below povert line. 

   Adnan Khan 




Pakistan’s Poverty And The Multi-Million-Dollar Watch


By Palash Ghosh | June 18 2013 2:29 PM

A Pakistani lawmaker who allegedly wore a very expensive watch during a session of the National Assembly has sparked an outcry over the huge wealth gap in a country reeling with massive poverty.

  • Louis Moinet Meteoris watch

Louis Moinet Meteoris watch


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It's not clear which member of the Pakistani government was wearing the watch in question, but it was Shazia Marri who brought it to the public's attention. According to Pakistani media, Marri, an assembly member affiliated with the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) – which just lost a national election to new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan’s Muslim League (PML-N) – criticized the new government for its failure to present a program to alleviate poverty in the national budget, saying the new budget favors the wealthy (particularly industrialists). “What else one can expect from a party whose leaders are fond of wearing such expensive personal items,” Marri said on Monday.

Marri was apparently referring to a watch that she valued at $4.6 million, worn by an unidentified PML-N member. The statement shocked the parliament and prompted Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq to ask Marri if she meant 4.6 million U.S. dollars or Pakistani rupees. She confirmed she meant U.S. currency. (Converted into Pakistani currency, the watch would cost a cool 455 million rupees.)


“Then the owner of the watch must have got it adequately insured,” the speaker quipped. But Marri refused to identify who was wearing such a costly accoutrement, even after the speaker asked her.

ZeeNews of India reported that, according to Twitter accounts, it was none other than Nawaz Sharif who was wearing the watch, a Louis Moinet “Meteoris” that does indeed fetch a price of $4.6 million.

According to watchmaker Louis Moinet, the Meteoris watch includes pieces of actual meteorites, as well as pieces of the moon and asteroids.

If Sharif is actually the owner of the Meteoris, he can certainly afford it.

According to Daily Pakistan, Sharif’s family owns assets estimated at a minimum of $1.4 billion -- apparently generated by their interests in steelmaking and paper mill businesses as well as land in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East -- making them the fourth-wealthiest clan in the country. Sharif also owns a bewildering array of luxurious properties in Pakistan as well as stakes in companies from Lahore to London.

Sharif, who spent several years in the early 2000s in exile in Saudi Arabia, reportedly enjoys contacts with high-level government and business figures in the kingdom.

Very few people in Pakistan could possibly afford to purchase an indulgence like the Meteoris. Pakistan, one of the poorest nations on earth, has an average annual per capita income of about $1,257. At that rate, the average Pakistani wage-earner would have to work almost 3,700 years to be able to purchase a Meteoris.

However, Meteoris is merely the world’s fifth-most-expensive timekeeper; according to, the absolute priciest watch in the world is the Chopard 201-Carat, which is listed at $25 million
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