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Posted By: newstoyou Created On: 13/Sep/2014 Views: 1696 Replies: 0 
What else can be termed as corruption. Every where in the world the cost per Mega Watt for power projects based on oil is considered as 1 million dollars ( comprising of latest European or American Equipment) where as these frauds are evaluating the cost of project for 1.70 million dollars and that also for coal based project consisting of Chinese Equipment which has no match in terms of per Click here to read Full Article

Unfortunate country ruled by Robbers .
Posted By: newstoyou On: 24/Jan/2014 Views:1705 Replies:0 
Unfortunate country ruled by Robbers .Must see this video link placed here under to know as to how the nation is being defrauded by Sharif government to rob its own country by millions of dollars every year and that for 15 years to their personal benefit under disguise of purchase agreement of LNG Gas from a newly established company in Yemen by old Pimp Saif ur Rehamn becoming bed partner of Click here to read Full Article
Musharraf Treason and Default Trial of Army by Sumera Mirza
Posted By: newstoyou On: 12/Jan/2014 Views:1657 Replies:0 
As the treason case has drawn closer, politicians have grouped among defenders and criticizers. A division amongst the political parties on the Musharraf treason case means a shift in support of the former army chief. Many are of the view that the objectives behind this trial by the PML-N is to make the army subservient to the political government as once this institution is conquered, then the le Click here to read Full Article
Jasmeen Manzoor Goin to Leave Pakistan over MQM Threats
Posted By: newstoyou On: 25/Jul/2013 Views:2074 Replies:0 
Jasmeen Manzoor Goin to Leave Pakistan over MQM Threats Click here to read Full Article
چونا لگانے کا کاروبار جاری ہے ۔ رؤف کلاسرا
Posted By: newstoyou On: 22/Jul/2013 Views:1617 Replies:0 
. Click here to read Full Article
Anusha Rehman Throws Quaid-e-Azam's Picture Out of IT and Telecom Ministry by Aamir Attaa
Posted By: newstoyou On: 14/Jul/2013 Views:1982 Replies:0 
Anusha Rehman, the state minister for Telecom and IT, has technically thrown out the picture of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – the founder of the nation – out from building of Ministry of IT and Telecom.Recently produced pictures from MoIT show a picture of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and direct boss of Ms. Anusha Click here to read Full Article
Unnecessary Increase in Electric Prices by Adnan Khan
Posted By: newstoyou On: 8/Jul/2013 Views:1501 Replies:0 
As per Minister of Water & Power who once used to be a clerk in UBL and was thrown out because of corruption has apprised to the nation that immediate increase in the electric prices would be to the tune of Rs6.75/ unit. However, this is not going to be the last word, this on the aggregate including 35% line losses & other departmental corruption shall cost to the end user around Rs. 23 or 24 per Click here to read Full Article
Fakhru Baba and Forty Thieves by Faaiz Amir
Posted By: newstoyou On: 7/Jul/2013 Views:1504 Replies:0 
There is widespread resentment and protest over hijacking of people's mandate. In large part it is justified. Polling over two lac votes in some constituencies, casting more than 100% votes in a significant number of polling stations, obstructing polling process in some more constituencies and large scale illegal stamping of ballot papers indicate these elections were far from free and fair exerci Click here to read Full Article
What a joke with this poor country
Posted By: newstoyou On: 7/Jul/2013 Views:2338 Replies:0 
A dubious person reported to have been spoted wearing Rs. 455 million wrist watch while POOR MAN BUDGET was being presented in the National Assembly of Pakistan was no one else but suspicious looking Janab i Nawaz Sharif Sahib, the newly selected Prime Minister of poor Pakistan by R.Os of our Judiciary. Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: newstoyou On: 4/Jul/2013 Views:1464 Replies:0 
It appears that this time PML_N really wants to eradicate corruption from the country, inorder to ensure their resolve they have come with a noval idea in their own opinion for appointing their close relative Mr. Khawaja Zaheer for the post of Chairman NAB. The proposed induction of an only honest personality of the country, PML-N has thus offered a double edged sword to the nation. On one han Click here to read Full Article

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