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Unnecessary Increase in Electric Prices

As per Minister of Water & Power who once used to be a clerk in UBL and was thrown out because of corruption has apprised to the nation that immediate increase in the electric prices would be to the tune of Rs6.75/ unit. However, this is not going to be the last word, this on the aggregate including 35% line losses & other departmental corruption shall cost to the end user around Rs. 23 or 24 per unit. On top of it its not going to stop here,  but it will keep on increasing  upwards from time to time say once or twice every month due to Rupee- Dollar parity, increase in Oil Prices in International markets, etc, etc.
 IMF on the other hand has made it a point that they will maintain their constant monitering on the subject for coming three years to ensure keeping that whatever is being promised by PML-N at this point of time is fully implemented .

 In fact, PML- N has opted for the most easiest way ignoring the problems being face by the already hand to mouth people of the country by  simply passing the burden on to the helpless people without making any efforts or commiting themselves as their responsibility to find any alternate methodology to over come the problem .

Had this government been serious with its people, instead of increasing prices,all dedicated and honest efforts should have been made to prevent 35 % line losses, departmental corruption etc,etc, which apparently is not very difficult task to undertake, if sincere and dedicated efforts are made by the government.

This increase in electric prices in no case is going to be a  permanent solution to the problems being faced. As people finding no way out to meet their requirement by paying such exorbitant prices  will  automatically be compelled to commit themselves  for more thefts, even those who are paying their dues properly till today finding pinch would be motivated to become thieves.

The unfortunate part of the game is that under the given circumstances government would never make any effort what so ever  to stop line losses & corruption , rather would be more happy to let line losses continue  in its present form, paving  way to fill their own pockets, in general known as for their own lootmar.

 Shame on these Jugglers, pushing the vast majority people should learn to live on AIR, but if not taxed by these jokers.

 The non serious attitude adopted by PML-N is only because they have over night got the Power through R.Os and now stand having  no obligation towards the people and people to suffer because of these Frauds.
Adnan Khan

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