"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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There is no one worthy to be worshipped but Allah, Muhammad is His (last) Messenger.
SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam
SalamAlaykum Ya Fatimah Tuz Zahrah Salamullah Aleha
FATIMAH TUZ ZAHRAH (Salamullah Aleha)
Fatimah Salamullah Aleha was youngest in age of all her sisters but highest in grades. She was dearest to her father Muhammad SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam of all his daughters. He once said, "Fatimah is like soul and heart to me." once, he said, "Fatimah will be the leader of the women in Paradise." he further said, "What troubles Fatimah troubles me as well."

It was the sixth year of Prophethood and Rasulullah SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam had launched his preaching mission but his own clan were impeding in his way. The people of the Quraysh were trying every trick to trouble him. One day while he was performing Salah in the Haram, on the instigation of the pagans of Makkah, Aqabah ibn Moeet brought the entrails of a camel and placed it on his neck whilst he was prostrating. Someone told Fatimah Salamullah Aleha who was then just six years old. She came running and removed the stuff and cursed the non-believers. She, at such an early age beheld the tribulations and torments Rasulullah SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam was being subject to.

Rasulullah SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam awarded her the title of "˜lady of Paradise'.

It has been reported that Rasulullah SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam once said, "On the Day of Resurrection a voice will be heard saying "˜ lower you heads, Fatimah bint Muhammad SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam is being escorted along,' then Fatimah Salamullah Aleha will cross the pathway to Paradise in a flash leading seventy thousand Hoors (heavenly women)."

Rasulullah SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam confided only to Fatimah Salamullah Aleha during his last days that he would die of his illness. She wept to hear that but Rasulullah SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam whispered to her that she would follow him which brought delight on her face and she smiled.

Rasulullah's SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam beloved wives pressed her much to disclose that secret, but she didn't. She revealed it, however after his demise.
SalamAlaykum Ya Fatimah Tuz Zahrah Salamullah Aleha
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Syed Muhammad Kashif Ali Abidi
Karachi - Pakistan
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