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Nawaz Sharif, the real killer of Hakim Said
Hakim Said was about to go public, implicating Nawaz of transfering Rs 100 billion from IQRA fund collected from Karachi. Thats why he had Said killed and decided to put the blame on Mutaheda in order to punish 3rd largest party for not supporting Nawaz for his so called Shariat Bill.
Hakim Said case takes new turn
The News International, KARACHI
KARACHI, Jan 27: The Hakim Said murder case may take a new turn following realisation by intelligence agencies that the MQM activist Aamirullah has wrongly been implicated. Sources said that Aamirullah has denied his involvement in the crime during investigations made afresh by a team headed by an officer of the rank of superintendent of police. There had been leaks already in the press that five police officers,originally involved with the investigations,have been transferred for misleading the prime minister on the issue. Aamirullah was arrested by a the then SSP Farooq Amin Qureshi who got an instant promotion as the DIG for his achievement. Several security agencies believe that while some of the MQM activists were involved in the high profile murder, the person arrested already,was not the real culprit.
Mystery of the coded message
Daily DAWN, Karachi
KARACHI, Nov 7: The agencies investigating the case of Hakim Said have either found no convincing or tangible evidence so far to be able to assume that the Karachi-based MPA who received a coded message soon after the murder of Hakim Said had a direct or indirect link with the plan, or, for reasons known to them alone, they have decided not to work in that direction.

Inquiries have shown that the man who had received, within half an hour of the murder, a coded pager message which, according to experts, was self-explanatory, has not been targeted at any stage of the inquiry so far. This, according to observers, gives rise to doubts about the credibility of the investigations made by various agencies so far.

The pager did not belong to MPA Zulfikar Haider,
who was named by the prime minister in his press briefing and later in the FIR as the key figure in the Hakim Said case, inquiries showed. Consequently, the name of the MPA (who received the pager message) was not mentioned in the FIR registered against MPA Zulfikar Haider and six others, including Aamirullah, who is in the police custody.

The coded message was deciphered by experts following the recovery of some papers from the 12-seater Mazda used in the killing of Hakim Said which was later found abandoned at Eleandor Road. Well-placed sources, who declined to identify the MPA and the party he belongs to, only said that
"the MPA who received the coded message was not Zulfikar Haider"

It is being asked why the law enforcement agencies and investigation teams did not work in that direction when the agencies knew about the coded message. These sources said the papers recovered from the abandoned vehicle included one bearing the number of a pager, which is in possession of an MPA hailing from Karachi. That was the only coded message received on that pager that day, the sources said.
Aamirullah made no confessional statement: Advocate General
Daily DAWN, Karachi
KARACHI, Nov 4: The government produced Shaikh Mohammad Aamirullah, accused in the murder of Hakim Mohammad Said, before the High Court of Sindh as directed on a habeas corpus petition filed by his mother. The mother and son met for the first time in the office of the additional registrar with the permission of the bench which heard the petition.

The accused, according to the advocate general M. Iqbal Raad, has not so far given his confessional statement which is required to be given before a magistrate under Section 164 CrPC. He has only confessed to having had a part in the murder before the police and notables, the bench comprising Chief Justice Kamal Mansur Alam and Justice M. Roshan Essani was informed.

The hearing of the habeas corpus petition was taken up on top of the lists of cases fixed for the day and lasted for about 30 minutes.

Sardar M. Ishaque and Qazi Khalid Ali, an MPA, appeared for the petitioner, Akhtari Begum, wife of Shaikh Mohammad Attaullah, resident of A-66/1, A-Area 'B' Road, Liaquatabad, Karachi Central, who had challenged the arrest and detention of Aamirullah.

The petition cited the home secretary, the inspector general of police, and SHO (Anti-burglary), Liaquatabad as respondents.

Qazi Khalid, a former minister in the coalition government in Sindh, submitted before a packed courtroom that there were contradictory versions of Aamir's "confessional statement" given by the prime minister and the advocate general.

He said the prime minister had been on record as having told a countrywide audience that Aamirullah had confessed to murdering Hakim Said, but the AG, Mr Raad, maintained that no confessional statement had been recorded and that the accused had only confessed to involvement before the police and notables.

Qazi Khalid requested the court to summon the prime minister to ascertain which of the two was telling the truth. He then observed that the prime minister has misled the nation on the television network by claiming that Aamirullah had confessed to the whole thing, thus maligning the MQM in the eyes of the public throughout the country through print and electronic media. He said making statements before the police was one thing and confessing before a magistrate on oath another.

The court, making its observation, said the defence could raise this point before the trial court, and that the present proceedings concerned the habeas corpus petition.

The bench ordered the medical superintendent of Civil Hospital Karachi to examine the detenu from Thursday and submit his report within 10 days.

The court also directed the police to allow the mother, her counsel Sardar Ishaque to visit the CIA Centre where the detenu had been lodged since his arrest on Oct 22.

Qazi Khalid submitted that the detenu had been tortured so much that he was unable to walk. He pointed out that Aamir was supposed to have been produced on television the other day but at the last moment the programme was cancelled.

He also said if the prime minister's reference to Aamir's so-called confessional statement were true and if his statements had been recorded under sections 164 and 364 CrPC, the accused should have been remanded to judicial custody under the mandatory provisions of Criminal Procedure Code.

He further said Aamirullah had not been arrested in Hakim Said's murder so far and under the law if he was being made an approver, even then he should be made an accused first and approver later. Therefore, the counsel argued, his detention was without lawful authority and to give the cover of legality to his arrest he had been falsely implicated in other cases in which remands had been given by the magistrates.

In his para-wise comments on the petition, the advocate general submitted that the detenu was arrested on the night of Oct 21 under section 54 CrPC by the SHO of Liaquatabad police station and, during the course of interrogation, he had named 12 crimes in which he had been involved. He said Aamir was an absconder in those cases and had been nominated in two cases of Liaquatabad police station.

The AG said the detenu had admitted his involvement in the murder of Hakim Said and had himself led the police to seize unlicensed weapons - a kalashnikov and 103 live rounds- from his house in 'A' area Sindhi Hotel, Liaquatabad. He was arrested in the case No 339/95 under section 13-E, Arms Ordinance and case No 643/95 under section 302, 324 Qisas and Diyat Ordinance, 34 PPC of Liaquatabad police.

The AG maintained that Aamir had been legally arrested and was under lawful custody of the police by virtue of the remand granted up to Nov 2 by the judicial magistrate.

He also denied allegations of maltreatment and torture.

The AG's statement also included details of 16 cases against Aamirullah and in two of them his name has been mentioned in the FIR. He was arrested by Gulbahar police in a murder case and challaned in absentia in 13 other cases.

FASIH CASE: On a petition filed against the death in custody of Fasih Ahmed 'Jugno' filed by his mother, Mumtaz Begum, the government has filed comments in which it has been stated that a judicial inquiry has been ordered to be conducted by the district magistrate of the Central district. But, he said, the petitioners were not coming forward to record their evidence and were filing petitions.

The government's statement said in order to determine the specific cause of
Fasih's death, the petitioners should join the right forum and if there were any grievances after the inquiry report had been submitted, they could file petitions.

The petition filed by Syed Qasim Raza against the arrest and detention of his son, Dr Asim Raza, a medical officer at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, has been withdrawn because the detenu has been released and admitted to a hospital for treatment of his injuries sustained in police custody.

The government, has, however, denied having arrested him.

In another petition, filed by Hajira Begum, challenging the arrest of her sons, Arshad Safaraz and Mansur, the government has admitted that they were arrested.

In another petition filed by Shahnaz Begum, comments have been filed denying the arrest of Syed Mujib, Mohammad Adnan, Mohammad Salman and Mohammad Kamran.

In yet another petition filed by Mohammad Jamil, the government has admitted the arrest of his son, Babar Jamali, on specific charges on Oct 27.

The court has fixed the next date of hearing on Nov 18.
PTV puts off telecast of Aamirullah's statement
Daily DAWN, Karachi
KARACHI, Oct 31: After repeated announcements about the telecast of suspect Aamirullah's confessional statement, the Pakistan Television announced on Saturday that the plan was suspended for "certain reasons".

The PTV did not elaborate the reasons that led to either the scrapping or the postponement of the plan.

Numerous people in the city were eagerly waiting for the telecast of the statement of the suspect described by the government as one of Hakim Said's murderers.

When reached by telephone, the Karachi Centre managing director expressed ignorance about the reasons that forced the suspension of the programme.

Syed Mohsin Ali said the programme was to be aired by the Islamabad Centre, therefore, authorities there alone could reveal the causes for suspending the programme. However, according to PTV sources in Islamabad, the decision to drop the telecast of the interview was taken following instructions by the government that some new developments with regard to the investigations of Hakim Said's murder had taken place.

A decision to telecast the statement would be taken at a later stage, the sources said.

Hakeem Said killed for his list?

The News International  19th October, 1998
LAHORE: During his last visit to Lahore, Hamdard Foundation chief and former Sindh governor Hakim Muhammad Said had revealed he had a list of those who had withdrawn dollars from banks a day before the emergency was imposed on May 28. Talking to 'The News' at the convocation of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) at Alhamra,late Hakim Said had disclosed the list included the names of politicians and businessmen from both the ruling and oppositio nparties. "If these names are disclosed, there will be an uproar in the country," he had feared. In his speech at the convocation, Hakim Said had also alleged politicians and bureaucrats had siphoned off around $ 80 billion to foreign countries.
Hakim Said's last letter to PM

20th October, 1998

KARACHI: Hakim Said, Chancellor of Hamdard University and former governor of Sindh, just 48-hours before his tragic murder, had requested Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to review his decision of 'not agreeing to grace forth coming global medical conference at the Madinatul Hikma'. Responding to al etter of regret from the Prime Minister House, Hakim Said expressed his sheer sorrow over turning down the request made bythe VC of Hamdard University by the PM to preside the global medical conference and inaugurate the same. "I, as Chancellor of Hamdard University, request you with all due respect to review your decision and consent to grace the occasion.' he had written to the premier on Oct 15. " I, in my life which is left a few days, want to make Hamdard University one of Pakistan's pioneer and peculiar university where the knowledge is not only disseminated but created through research.It is not out of my mind even for a moment that I'mstruggling in the field of education for Pakistan and thus helping the government of Pakistan," he reminded to the prime minister.
Hakeem Said called Nawaz "looter", accused him of looting Pakistan.
Next Time More Truth I will Post InshahAllah
Allah Hamara Hami Aur Nasir Hay.
Tera Pakistan Hay Ye Mera Pakistan Hay
Is Ki Bunyado'n Main Hay Tera Laho Mera Laho
Is Say Teri Abro Hay Is Say Meri Abro
Is Say Tera Naam Hay Is Say Meri Pehchan
Love Pakistan and Pakistanies.
 Reply:   Mohajirs are not Moslims?
Replied by(turkman) Replied on (13/Apr/2011)

drkjke and Mr. Haque thanks for letting us know, 8% of Pak population, the Mohajir is not Moslim. We used to think they were Moslims.
Why don't you get some FuTwah and then get them declared Non Moslim by Supreme Court so we can start slaughtering them?
 Reply:   Mohajirs are not Moslims?
Replied by(turkman) Replied on (13/Apr/2011)

drkjke and Mr. Haque thanks for letting us know, 8% of Pak population, the Mohajir is not Moslim. We used to think they were Moslims. Why don't you get some FuTwah and then get them declared Non Moslim by Supreme Court so we can start slaughtering them?
 Reply:   you are a muslim?
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (13/Apr/2011)

the writer of this article cant be a no muslim can support altaf husain like munafiq.altaf husain now openly supports qadianis,so all altaf lovers are moral qadianis
 Reply:   Correction
Replied by(turkman) Replied on (27/Dec/2010)

Hakim Saeed Murder Case
* Araam Baagh Police Station Van had come to check the Vehicle because people had complained that some Armed people were sitting in a Vehicle near his Hakim Saeed's Clinic.
* That Police Squad Van had left after it had found out they were under-cover Army people after checking their I.Ds.
* He was assassinated by those Armed People in that Vehicle according to the people, who saw all that happen but Police could not say that Army killed him because they had not wanted to be found dead.
* The same was position of the Witnesses.
* That Vehicle was later found where people working for a Secret Agency go across the Railway Line Tracks from Chundrigar Road to their Office.
* How could they have been MQM people, when they were Punjabis according to the people, who had overheard their conversation with Police?
* How could MQM people be so daring to leave that Vehicle from where Workers of that Pak Secret Agency's Office used to pass by all the time?
 Reply:   MQM the Mazloom Quoami Movement
Replied by(MSSheikh) Replied on (27/Dec/2010)

Muthida Quomi Movemet, MQM is a Muzloom Quomi Movement, as the Movement is always a victim and never a perpetrator.  It is a peace-loving group as it never encourages violence.  It is a patriotic movement, as it always speaks for Pakistan.  But only just once its leader instructed its supporters to sell VCRs and buy Kalashnikovs and also only just once the leader went to India and apologized for the creation of Pakistan.  Death to traitors and long live patriotic people, Jamats and parties.

 Reply:   Correction
Replied by(MSSheikh) Replied on (27/Dec/2010)

Sorry my post was meant for Hakim Saeed's murder discussion.
 Reply:   MQM, the Mazloom Quomi Movement
Replied by(turkman) Replied on (27/Dec/2010)

MSSeikh the Bigot wrote:
"But once its leader instructed its supporters to sell VCRs and buy Kalashnikovs and also only once the leader went to India and apologized for the creation of Pakistan. Death to traitors and long live patriotic people, Jamats and parties".
This was not the topic of the what we were discussing and you had to insert it in because you are a Bigot but when the hell Altaf had said this? And even if he did, it was to protect people, who were looted, abducted, had to pay Ransom to get out or they were killed, their daughters and sisters were raped by Police, Pak Army Rangers and Army. Where does it say Moslims should not defend themselves against all such Sins/Crimes committed by the State? How long more you former Traitors of Pakistan Movement are going to continue this campaign?
 Reply:   MQM, the Mazloom Quomi Movement
Replied by(MSSheikh) Replied on (27/Dec/2010)

Muthida Quomi Movemet, MQM is a Muzloom Quomi Movement, as the Movement is always a victim and never a perpetrator.  It is a peace-loving group as it never encourages violence.  It is a patriotic movement, as it always speaks for Pakistan.  But once its leader instructed its supporters to sell VCRs and buy Kalashnikovs and also only once the leader went to India and apologized for the creation of Pakistan.  Death to traitors and long live patriotic people, Jamats and parties.

 Reply:   mqm infact killed hakeem saeed
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (26/Aug/2009)

mqm infact killed hakeem saeed.

mqm is a bunch of indian and american agents in pakistan,they are traitors of pakistan

saying all this we punjabis are not blind nationalistic like sindh people
so we criticise nawaz shareef too as we are just ppl

nawaz shareef also is not fit to rule pakistan
he should leave pakistan and work his illegal businesses
ruling over pakistan is right of true muslims who act on islam like sahaba did
 Reply:   There should be independent In
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (15/Apr/2008)

If MQM is not guilty then who the real guilty is?
There should be investigation of this murder as well.
As this man was a real noble person and i personally think that his loss was more then the BB's loss to the nation.
As he was more sincere and honest person then BB.
 Reply:   MQM Was found to be Not Guilty
Replied by(TheVoice) Replied on (15/Apr/2008)

So there you go.
 Reply:   This site is to show views fro
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (15/Mar/2008)
Dear Farhan
I respect your sentiments and through different sources I have, I also know that MQM did this killing. But i think this article should not be removed.
Even If it is based on lie, even then let it be there, so people will be aware with the point of view or agenda of the people, at other side.

 Reply:   MQM was involed,script src=ht
Replied by(farhan_murtaza) Replied on (15/Mar/2008)
this article should be removed urgently.
nawaz Shareef cannot be a Ghaddar, atleast. I know he has committed sominor mistakes in the past.
 Reply:   الطاف حسین کو ختم کرنے کا کہنے وا&
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (13/Mar/2008)
الطاف حسین کو ختم کرنے کا کہنے والے صدر مملکت ایم کیو ایم کے حامی ہیں،چوہدری نثار

واہ کینٹ (جنگ نیوز) پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) کے مرکزی رہنما چوہدری نثار علی خان نے کہا ہے کہ مسلم لیگ (ن) کا ایوان صدر سے کوئی رابطہ نہیں ہے بلکہ صدر پرویز مشرف سے حلف لینے سے ہمارے موقف کو دھچکا لگے گا لیکن ہمارے موقف میں لچک صرف عدلیہ کی آزادی کیلئے ہے،انہوں نے کہا کہ میں حیران ہوں کہ الطاف حسین کو ختم کرنے کا کہنے والے صدر مملکت ایم کیو ایم کے حامی ہیں ۔ ان خیالات کا اظہار انہوں نے صحافیوں سے خصوصی گفتگو کرتے ہوئے کیا۔مسلم لیگی رہنما نے ایک اہم انکشاف کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ ہماری گزشتہ حکومت میں جب حکیم محمدسعید کا قتل ہوا تو پرویز مشرف اس وقت آرمی چیف تھے تو انہوں نے مجھے اور شہباز شریف کو بتایا کہ کراچی میں جو کچھ ہوا ایجنسیوں کی رپورٹ کے مطابق وہ ایم کیو ایم کا شو آف پاور تھا اس لئے ضروری ہے کہ لندن میں موجود الطاف حسین کو ”ایلیمنیٹ “کر دیتے ہیں۔ آپ دونوں وزیراعظم نواز شریف سے اس کی منظوری لے دیں باقی کام آرمی خود کرے گی۔ میں حیران ہوں کہ آج وہی پرویز مشرف ایم کیو ایم کے ساتھ ہیں۔ ایک اور سوال کے جواب میں انہوں نے کہاکہ ماضی میں پیپلز پارٹی
 Reply:   Nine MQM members sentenced to
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (18/Jul/2007)
South Asia

Nine MQM members sentenced to death

An anti-terrorism court in Pakistani has sentenced nine members of the MQM to death for the murder of a former governor of Sindh province.

There was tight security in the court in Karachi as the judge announced the sentences.

The nine men have a week to appeal to the Sindh high court.

The former Sindh governor, Hakeem Mukhammed Saeed, who was also a respected scholar, was shot down in Karachi last October; his killing prompted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to impose direct federal rule on the province. The anti-terrorist court announced that warrants had also been issued for the arrest of twenty seven other MQM members, including the party leader, Altaf Hussain, who lives in exile in London.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service
BBC site

Hakim Mohammed Said was assassinated on October 17, [[1998], by Nawaz Sharif. Warrants were later issued against Altaf Hussain in a case related to the murder of Sindh governor, Hakeem Muhammed Saeed, in which 9 other MQM(Altaf) terrorists were sentenced to death [1].

A prosecution witness in Hakim Said murder case on December 24, 1998 identified Amirullah Sheikh and Zubair, two activists of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), as the main accused involved in the killing.[1] (News, Dec 24, 1998).

Another accused in Hakim Said murder case and an alleged assassin of Zuhair Akram Nadim arrested in two raids conducted by Surjani Town police and CIA Sadar respectively. Two more alleged accomplices were also arrested on being pointed by Asim, reportedly an accused in the Hakim Said murder case on a tip off police cordoned off some parts of Sector L-1 in Surjani Town of District West from where Asim was arrested. Korangi police arrested Zubair alias Landhi Wala, who according to polices has confessed his involvement in the killing saying that Asim was the first to open fire at Hakim Said from a KK rifle. On the information given by Asim raids conducted in Yousuf Goth, Surjani and Sher Shah areas. Shujauddin alias Shujoo and Habib Ullah arrested.

The main accused in Hakim Saeed case were Zulfiqar Haider, MQM MPA, Naushad alias Major Dandy, Shakir alias Langra. Zubair alias Landhi Wala, Asim, Ajzaz alias Wazir, Asif and Amirullah were arrested. One person suspected to be Wahab Bandhani, who claims to be Hanif Kabarhi was also arrested.

The arms used by terrorists to murder Hakim Mohammad Said recovered from a nullah near Burns Road on the pointation of an arrest accused namely Nadeem Mota, Korangi police arrested three alleged terrorists said to be close associate of Aijaz alias Kala Munna named in over 200 heinous cases. A team of Rangers in Korangi recovered a considerable quantity of arms and ammunition. The enquiry officer of Hakim Mohammad Said case, SP Agha Mohammad Tahir ordered a raid when Nadim Mota during interrogation told the arms dumped near nullah behind Sindh secretariat. The arms seized from there included four Kalashinkovs, three TT pistols, one mauser and 300 bullets of KK rifle and pistols.(Nation Dec 16, 1998).

 Reply:   Arsalan//shyg
Replied by(arsalannice) Replied on (7/May/2007)
appreciation for Kashif.
i appreciate u Kashif .u did a great job and i hope u get  more material and put it over here.
and i strogly condem (Mr.Akbar ..pls change ur name on the forum)who is talking without any facts.we know the facts of Nawaz and benazir.and we know the diplomacy(dogla pana) of Qazi sahab as well
wat these have  people done wid this coutry.
they broke Pakistan we should be careful wid these ppl.

 Reply:   Nawaz Sharif Killed Hakim Muha
Replied by(kashfi80) Replied on (4/May/2007)
The Person Using Name AllahoAkbar for himself is Non-Muslim or Qadyani or Sikh b/c According to Our Muslim Aqida Only Allah is AllahoAkbar

In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

There is no one worthy to be worshipped but Allah, Muhammad is His (last) Messenger.

SalLalLahu Alehe WaAlehe WaSabehe WaSalLam
Only Allah is AllahoAkbar

There is none worthy of worship but Allah alone, Who has no partner. His is the dominion and to Him belongs all praise, and He is Able to do all things. Glory is to Allah. Praise is to Allah. There is none worthy of worship but Allah. Allah is the Most Great. There is no might and no power except by Allah's leave, the Exalted, the Mighty. My Lord, forgive me.

Dear all Muslims & Pakistanis, according to our Muslim Aqida, only Allah is AllahoAkbar...nobody can use AllahoAkbar for himself...

The person who is using AllahoAkbar for himself either he is Qadyani or Sikh thats why he does not know what is the meaning of AllahoAkbar....AllahoAkbar means Allah Sab Say Bada Hay...
These people having MQMfobia in their mind and nothing else....
So, we reject their claim and false propaganda about MQM & Altaf Hussain & against Pakis of Karachi.
Time will tell the truth...what was the truth....... .and what is the truth...InshahAllah .
Yehi Log Karachi Aakar Kar Dehshadgardi Kartay Hain Yehi Log Hain Terrorist Jo Kay Musalmano Ko Apas Main Larwatay Hain..Kabhi Shia aur Sunni Ki Buyad Par Aur Kabhi Maslak Ki Bunyad Par...Aur Jhoota Elzam MQM par Dal Daitay Hain Aur Kehtay Hain Kay Karachi Kay Log Kalashankov Culture Rakhtay Hain, Laikin Ye Nahi Jaantay Kay Kin Logon Ka Culture Hay Kalashankov wala shaks yaqeenan Lahore, Thatta, Quetta Aur Peshawar Kay Logon Kay Culture Say Nahi Waqif Hay..Jo Kay Apas Main Hi Bandooq Chalatay Chalatay Mar Rahay Hain....Na Kay Karachi K Log....Basant main Kon Kalashankov Chlalta Hay?????....
Tamam Pakistaniyon Aur Musalmano Say Guzarish Hay Kay Is Tarha Kay Logon Ka Boycott Karain Har Jaga Par Jo Dehshadgardi Pehlatay Hain Aur Mulak Main Firqa Waryat Pehla Rahay Hain.....Aur Elzam MQM Par Dal Diitay Hain...
La Elaha ElLalLahu Muhammad ur Rasool Alllah
Pakistan Zinda-o-Tabinda-o-Paindabad
G A Altaf Hussain
G A Sindh
G A Karachi

 Reply:   MQM killed Hakeem Saeed and Sl
Replied by(Haque) Replied on (4/May/2007)
When Slahuddin Shaheed published an article on Aga Khan's designs in Gilgit and Chitral he was assassinated by ancient assasains and Fidayeen
With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
Dear All: Assalamo Alaikum.
When Slahuddin Shaheed published an article on Aga Khan's designs in Gilgit and Chitral he was assassinated by ancient assasains and Fidayeen i.e. Mr. Aga Khan. Mr. Aga Khan however used MQM which is on his and CIA pay roll.
Similarly Hakim Saeed was killed by MQM and do not forget Iqbal Ra'd the famous and brave advocate of Mr. Nawaz Sharif. When Iqbal Ra'd Shaheed annoucned that he would prove in court beyond any shred of doubt that so called plane hijacking was a CIA drama to bring its agent Pervaiz Makrooh & Badrooh in power, CIA and Pervaiz Makrooh used MQM to kill Iqbal Ra'd.
Many MQM activists are on pay roll of CIA and MI 5 British secret agency. They have killed many Quranic Scholars in day light. While the master killer Altaf Hussain is in the lap of TB (Tony and Bush).
Agas Khan fully supported Multi Bahni in East Pakistan agaisnt Pakistan army. Aga Sadruddin used UNO planes to supply Muakti Bahani British weapons etc against Pakistan army. It is amazing but not surprising that Pervaiz Badrooh and Makrooh gave away Habib Bank worht over 200 billion for just 10 billion to Aga Khan and hundreds of acres of land in Malir to Aga Khan.
Aga Khan had also killed a devoute Isamilee Muslim Akbar Ali when he dared to make a Masjid across the road to Aga Khan Jamat Khana in Karimabad, Federal Ba Area. One fien morning when elderly Akbar ALi was on his way ofr Fajar Salah he was gunned down by MQM agents of Aga Khan.
When Maulana Ubaidullah Chitrali wrote a small booklet exposing Aga Khan's plan for Chiteal and Gilgit he was also gunned down. So the history of assassains is also continuing... For more details please read the "The Assassains" by famous German Hisorian.

Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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