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We are presenting the following letter published in the Daily Dawn of July 18, 2004 for the viewers to expose Aitzaz Ahsan and his real face to the entire world

The price of loyalty

WITH reference to Ms Anjum Niaz's piece The price of loyalty (June 20), after topping the CSS examination held in 1970, Aitzaz Ahsan did not join the service. This he did to demonstrate his competence, capability and intelligence. His action of topping and not joining the elite service impressed Z.A. Bhutto who wanted young people to join his party.

When Chaudhry Anwar Samma, a PPP MPA from Gujrat, was murdered in March 1975, Aitzaz Ahsan was elected, "˜un-opposed' to the Punjab Assembly and inducted in the provincial cabinet. He was given the portfolio of information, planning and development.

But the more interesting fact is that the "˜Chaudhry from Gujrat' left the party at the most crucial time. When the PNA staged demonstrations against PPP government in 1977, on the allegation that elections had been rigged, Aitzaz was third to leave the party; the first being Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan, followed by Sardar Ahmad Ali, father of Sardar Assef Ahmad Ali, a former foreign minister.

One can understand the betrayal by
Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan and Sardar Ahmad Ali, as both had joined PPP from Muslim League. Changing loyalties by Muslim Leaguers, at the behest of the establishment, had started immediately after Partition and still persists. Formation of the Republican Party is a classic example. But Aitzaz was one, whom Z.A. Bhutto had brought from oblivion to limelight, from an upcoming advocate to a provincial minister, thus his action was absolutely unjustified. Maybe he had information that the establishment had written off Z.A. Bhutto from the politics of the country. So when he left the party, he practically supported the cause of the PNA.

He remained dissociated with the party, till Bhutto was hanged. Later when he wanted to join the party, Begum Nusrat Bhutto, chairperson of the PPP, refused to accept him, asking him to beg pardon from late Z.A. Bhutto, whom he had betrayed.

Afterwards he crept in the party through his professional services to the PPP and managed forgiveness via Benazir Bhutto. I have written these lines to put the record straight.


Syed Muhammad Kashif Ali Abidi
 Reply:   Gujrati culpirates b
Replied by(Shagufta) Replied on (29/Jan/2008)

I read all the peices of newspaper with your comments. I am surprised about chaudhry brothers they are so confused and full of infreority complex that now after governing pakistan for at least fifteen years they are still afraid of their political opponent. Aitazaz ehsan didn't join civil service department , is this not a proof of his honesty ,may be he didn't like to have the golden earnings of this department because he belongs to a royal family he has not seen the money now .If he left ppp during the last days of shaheed Bhutto's govt is it not good that he rejoined the party when the party was in crises and he did never leave the party again though it is still in crises , and everybody knows in 1986 begum Bhutto was the chair person and she did not allow many people to come back in the party though they were in good books of Shaheed Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto but left the party in rainy days so she did not forget it but she took Aitazaz Ehsan back and Shaheed Bibi gave him responsibilitie in both terms of her government.Is it not enough to show Aiazaz Ehsan's real face I will request u to leave Aitazaz and try to see and show to the Nation the Real faces of chaudhry brothers and their God father parvaiz musharraf shagufta.
 Reply:   Parliamentary Secretary critic
Replied by(ADNAN) Replied on (15/May/2007)

We are presenting the following News items published in the Daily Mail of April 26, 2007 for the viewers
to expose Aitzaz Ahsan and his real face to the entire world

26 April 2007

Parliamentary Secretary criticizes Aitzaz Ahsan

By Saad Ahmed

ISLAMABADParliamentary Secretary for Economic Affairs Division and a leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Sheikh Waqas Akram, Wednesday questioned Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan's professed commitment to upholding the honour of judiciary and freedom of the press.

Addressing a press conference here, the young politician from Jhang said that Aitzaz Ahsan had become a 'two-in-one' personality by politicizing the judicial matters.
"This is the same Aitzaz who was expelled from Tehreek-e-Istaqlal by his party on December 16, 1985 on the charges of self-promotion and self-projection," the Parliamentary Secretary said.

"This is the same politician who appointed 20 workers of his party as judges when he was Federal Minister for Law. Those judges were later dismissed by the judiciary as most of those had never appeared before the court," he said and added that those also included Ahmed Saeed Awan who was a convict in a murder case. "Why he did not resign when a criminal was made judge?" Waqas Akram asked.

The Parliamentary Secretary said the court slashed those appointments and gave a 350 page decision. He asked as to why Aitzaz Ahsan had not resigned in protest when PPP chairperson publicly said that she wanted to appoint her party's Secretary General as Chief Justice of Supreme Court.

Waqas Akram and said he was questioning the so-called "custodian of the judiciary" who had questioned all the young MPs of the parliament terming them 'under-19 politicians'.
"We are proud to be young politicians as we have no bleak past as Mr. Aitzaz does," he said.

Waqas Akram referred to a report in 'Sikh Times' alleging involvement in handing over the lists of Sikh freedom fighters to Indian authorities when Aitzaz Ahsan was Interior Minister and demanded an answer.

He said the daily Nawa-i-Waqt had reported that Aitzaz Ahsan resigned from PPP in 1977 when Bhutto regime was facing a difficult time due to the PNA movement.

"The nation remembers that this is the same person who when he was Interior Minister, was involved in harassing and deporting a women journalist named Christina Lamb," Waqas Akram said and added that why this worthy lawyer has not answered the allegations leveled against him by the renowned journalist Christina Lamb in her book, 'Waiting for Allah- Struggle for Democracy'. Sheikh Waqas said that he suspected Aitzaz Ahsan's complicity in attackon the office of Senator Dr. Khalid Ranjha as he had in the past "attacked the office of the then Chief Justice Lahore High Court Rashid Aziz Khan."

 Reply:   Best intrest of Pakistanscrip
Replied by(Wajeeh) Replied on (14/May/2007)

i am here for the best intrest of Pakistan and i can do anything for Pakistan
and whoever made something wrong whether he or she punjabi or pathan sindi or balochi will brought to justice as we cant make pakistan better untill we have law for everyone ....
thanks to the owner for providning us a good platform to debate and show ourself Pakistani

 Reply:   This is what you are known for
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (14/May/2007)
hamaaraa muqsud shama julaana hay, Koi ussay dekhay yah naa dekhay humay iss say koi saokaar nahin
we are here to expose the culprits and bring truth to all.
we are here so truth cnt be burried under the dust of time.
we are here so news wont die after one day.
we are here to keep reminding people about what the past was of these people.
but if you cant listen to others then there is no use of anything because then you will be called of baised.
on this site we allowed every thing and every view, whether we were on this side or other side.
we try our best not to stop any one from expressing his/her views.
because we want this forum an example of freedon of speech and tolrance.
but if even then you are not satisfied with us, we are sorry.
we never forced you to leave your point of view, we tried to convince you as you tried yours.
but this is not good thing that after every day or two you asked us to remove you from the forum.

we cant remove anyone from the forum, we can only ban/blacklist him/her. if any one wanted to do it, then just stop using the forum and change the email id to some fake one, so no email can reach him/her.

but we really request all of you, be a part of us, be a part of a community which have tolrance and have freedom of speech.

we didnt use bad words, if you think toilet paper is some bad words, then i know it is, but some times you cant flush yourself with the use of normal words.
that was the least i could find.
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Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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