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 Plea against Shoaib for selling Valima cards

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

By our correspondent

LAHORE: Additional District and Sessions Judge Malik Muhammad Rafiq on Monday sought a reply by May 3, from the SHO Racecourse Police Station on a petition seeking registration of a case against cricketer Shoaib Malik for selling the invitation cards of his Valima reception. The court passed the orders on a petition filed by a citizen Safdar Ali, leveling charges that the newly-wed couple had hurt the feelings of their fans by selling their marriage invitation cards from Rs10,000 to 15,000. He contended that he was a diehard fan of Shoaib Malik and wanted to participate in his Valima ceremony. However, when he went to the Pearl Continental Hotel to get an invitation card for the ceremony, the hotel management told him that if he wanted to join the reception, he would have to buy a ticket costing Rs15,000.


 Hero turned Zero

Shoaib Malik, former captain of my national cricket team who married Indian tennis star Sania Mirza had been in fore front for quite many weeks, not just days and that too not only in Pakistan but India as well and the way it had been reported it looked that he is creating a history-an unprecedented entity.


On the face of it, there is nothing wrong with the marriage simply because each human being whether a male or a female has an inborn right to marry sooner or later and this practice is being practiced from time immemorial and globally speaking very negligible number of people did not marry itself proves that marrying is quite but natural whereas not marrying is unnatural. Denial of marriage on one hand is not only very much uncalled for but, on the other hand, it also raises questions at to why he / she has not been married or why he / she is not marrying? At times, such like situations must not be too embarrassing alone rather, on the contra, the very prestige and honor of the man or the woman is at stake. Did none like the boy or the girl? What could be the answer if some one asks he or and she if paucity of cash or physical incapacity or both could be the reasons not to marry?  


Coming back to Shoaib Malik, once hurriedly, I had read in one of the news on the net that after the wedding when Shoaib will come back to Pakistan accompanied by his wife, not just the President Asif Ali Zardari but Prime Minister Yousuf Jillani too were likely to host parties (official or personal is of no consequence) in their honor. You must be wondering as to why and how I am raising my fingers if the top two wish to prove to be none but hospitable to the couple in particular and nation in general (world community not excluded either) and the answer is both in affirmative and negative though found out automatically once my whole pen is read.


Earlier it was reported that Pakistan government has specially contacted Indian government to ensure that Shoaib must not be arrested in India irrespective of the fact whether he had married or not married Aisha Siddiqui, an Indian national and resident of Hyderabad Deccan. Just for record purpose or for academic discussion only it be quipped that when Aisha said publicly that he had married her, he blatantly refuted Aisha’s claim and threatened her to be legally sued for such false accusation.  Claim and disclaim on part of Aisha and Shoaib continued for quite some time and none of the two wanted to surrender or give up.  Both of them had engaged lawyers to defend them and, none on the face of earth, including me dare not ask as to why they had to seek the help of a legal expert when they had not committed any moral, religious and or legal turpitude? However, Shoaib had to publicly divorce Aisha so that legally and morally he can marry Sania without any hitch and complication which is quite logical on his part and he must be appreciated and not condemned. The unanswered question asks an answer ‘How and why did Shoaib say that he did not marry Aisha or if he had not married then how did he divorce Aisha?’ Hats off for my honorable Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi, who, as per the commands of Islamabad did very well look after Shoaib in the hostile country otherwise it had been quite thorny for Shoaib in particular and Sania in general. 


It was also reported that the couple will be given official protocol when they reach Pakistan. Truly speaking, after reading this all, I felt that it is my both moral and national obligation to pin point as to despite so much of rumpus (hulla gulla) it still missed out some very important activities which have marred the pomp and show though to me all of what has been missed out did very well befit the occasion. President Asif Ali Zardari should have sent his official aircraft to Hyderabad Deccan (India) to bring back the couple to Pakistan and not that they fly on our proud national carrier named Pakistan International Airlines bearing the motto,’Great people to fly with’. I am sure President must have thought of it alike but perhaps he did not want to give another opportune to Supreme Court of Pakistan to initiate another suo motu action. He should also have ordered PAF squadron to welcome the newly wed-couple right above the skies as and when their aircraft entered our territorial space President should have also arranged ceremonial guard of honor for the couple at the airport as and when they land in the pure land of Pakistan 32 guns salute (100 would have earned a place in Guinness World Records Book, 64 had been excellent) was also a must to prove that President Asif is truly nationalist and patriotic. Of course at least one day, if not one week, public holiday should have also been declared for 2 SMs (Shoaib Malik (SM) and Sania Mirza(SM)) but I being just one finger typist (slowest on the face of earth) simply could not write this all before hand and unluckily both for Pakistan and the couple, they have already come to us.


I need not comment about the news flashed under ‘Top Stories’ of The News of Tuesday 27th April, 2010 reading that Shoaib Malik is accused of selling his valima reception card for just Rs 15,000/ each but nevertheless it can very safely be said that had there been no truth at all, I very much seriously doubt that any one could have moved to court on this account. Undoubtedly Shoaib, and for that matter, even Sania have thousands of fans who love them, some worship also an, therefore, who could be that heartless and unstirred not to attend the valima and if any one can not attend the same will quite naturally feel totally dejected and rejected.

Safdar Ali, a die-hard lover of Shoaib Malik had waited for years (safely 2 decades) for the day when Shoaib will marry and he at least attends valima if can not be included in ‘baraat’. He was very much excited to learn that his prayers have been heard and accepted since Shoaib valima date, time and place has been announced. He was truly jubilant, cheerful and overwhelmed with beatitude coupled with elation and merriment when went all the way to Hotel Pearl Continental, Lahore-the venue for valima, to get an invitation card to see his idol with his newly wedded wife but to his utter disappointment, which he could never even think in back of his mind, what to talk of brain itself, he was asked to pay Rs 15,000 to buy a ticket to attend the function. It was one of the greatest shocks, if not the only shock, of his life and he was totally devastated and pulverized and did not know what to do next.    


He, the heart-broken, under the given situation, simply could not help knocking at the doors of judiciary to get some relief from such a traumatized shock. His complaint has been entertained and Malik Muhammad Rafiq, Additional District and Sessions Judge have issued instructions to Sub House Inspector of Race Course Police Station to conduct thorough investigation and submit his report to him by Monday 3rd May, 2010.  Without going into the details as to whom SHO is talking about, what report he will submit to court and what verdict is issued, favoring Shoaib or against Shoaib, my apprehensions are even though I do not wish so that may be any of Shoaib’s fan thrashes out Safdar in a manner that he does not know who did and how. It had been often done in past and I need not explain it any further.


In conclusion, I will pen that Shoaib who has been so much honored by our top brass should not have even think of selling valima cards what to talk of selling it for Rs. 15,000 which is not even earned per month by some of my compatriots. Without any prejudice towards Shoaib Malik, I will have to pen that Shoaib has not only willingly turned himself into laughing stock but also relegated his title from hero to zero by firstly entangling with Aisha on divorce and now on selling valima invitation cards.


With my honest and solemn prayers

Sincere Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
 Reply:   y v make jokes
Replied by(Mrssara) Replied on (18/May/2010)

respected Mr. Zaidi, wtever u told us dat z ryt. i didnt read ur article complete bt read wt u told abt shoiab n hs faults...... bt y v insult our heroes for odrs. y v cant join dm for their happiness..... y v cant b happy v dm shoaib malik belongs to v respectable family like sania.Mashallah both have good family backgrounds.may Allah keep dm happy inshallah. rest Allah knows better.
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