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Pakistan and India Relations:

By Asifa Jahangir 

Pakistan and India are one of those states in the world history who are having great antagonistic feelings for each other since the very first day of sub-continent partition. The rivalry between both states started on the issue of Kashmir occupied by India illegitimately. India is not pleased to divide the motherland of Hindustan that is why she does not miss any chance either to harm or humiliate Pakistan. This kind of stubbornness had reasoned of three wars in between both states. All wars were fought merely on the one cause of Kashmir. This issue caused to yield many other territorial disputes between them and environment has become so tense that there is no chance for ‘silver lining’. 

India’s policies overwhelmingly revolve around Pakistan. On the country, Pakistan’s policies have been compromising in nature to take a step ahead to relax tensed atmosphere and normalize their relations. The year of Fall of Dahka and Indian involvement was a clear cut move to destroy Pakistan and later Indian advancement towards nuclear program with the help of Soviet Russia further deepened their differences. Pakistan’s survival was only in the case of equipping itself with nuclear capability.  This moment started the Arm race in South Asia but none of both took into account about future of this region. Eventually, the clear manifestation and demonstration of nuclear strength of both was seen by the world in 1998 and during the Kargil limited war, it was being perceived of having nuclear war in the region. This incident compelled international community to push both belligerents on table talks to solving their differences and confrontations. Even in this moment, Pakistan has to bow to portray itself as a responsible actor of civilized world by putting its own interests behind the curtain.

The tragic incident of 9/11 has put deep impacts on South Asia region. Pakistan has to involve in the War on Terror as a frontline ally. In the case of Pakistan’s role in War against terror, India started blame-game of Pakistan’s involvement in cross border terrorism and put all blames on Parliament attack and Sirinagar attack on Pakistan. Pakistan’s internal was not enough that India has opened many fronts of confrontations with it to weaken Pakistan. Indian military build-up, ingress in Afghanistan, RAW involvement under patronage of Musad within the boundaries of Pakistan, Indian-USA civil nuclear deal are all bad omens for Pakistan’s solidarity and integrity. Pakistan’s continuous inclination toward India for normalization under pressure of sole power of world politics is indeed damaging Pakistan’s national interest in long run. Despite Pakistan sincere efforts, India is frequently going toward militarization. India’s Pakistan-oriented offensive police compel Pakistan to spend more on arm forces for its national security. On the other side, such kind of critical situation has been created because she knows very well that Pakistan is heavily spending on war on terror in its northern belt and internally it is not stabilized. Courage of India has provoked by the USA and indirectly Israel against Pakistan to snatching its Islamic nuclear bomb. In these circumstances, Pakistani policymakers should seriously think about Pakistan’s national interests and see through the future of the country. They would have to review Pakistan-USA just to come out the war on terror. Because current policy of Pakistan toward USA and India does not at all exhibit Pakistanis’ wishes and this situation promote frustration among masses and uncertainty about future of their homeland.  

 The writer is doing M Phil in International Relations in National Defence University.
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