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                           THE WORST OF THE WORST

The tragedy of Sialkot is one of the most heart wrenching tragedies in the history of Pakistan. We must call it “THE WORST OF THE WORST”.

Two brothers were brutally beaten in the open air and during the LIVE ROAD SHOW each and every ”PARTICIPANT” has contributed his share to quench his thirst. History will mourn itself on what has happened in Sialkot.

Earlier three days while going through the news I saw that two thieves were caught by the villagers and were sentenced to death as a reward of what they have done. But that was boneless and fake news whoever has reported and published it. This fake story might be created by so called “MUHHAFIZ” of Pakistani nation in order to plead the case of their own “PAITY BHAI”.

We were all shocked that the building where the victims were hanged is owned and used by Rescue 1122 and they have done a great job and done each and everything to rescue the two brothers by acting as silent audience. They even did not mind to come out of office and see what exactly in going on around? In fact they have done a “GREAT JOB” throughout the shooting of the “HORROR MOVIE”.

The international code of conduct says that police is to serve not to command and we all should be glad that our police has fulfilled their duty is the best possible way. At first step the policeman was helping and giving advises that how to beat and how to torture them during that initial part of the film. I think he was sharing own experience and was contributing what he has learnt during his service in Pakistan police. Because we have that police force which is among the most notorious police forces in the world due to our torture practices.

Whiling dragging the dead bodies among the towns of our dear homeland the full protocol was given by police force and it seemed that some act of honor or prestige was going on. People were just enjoying the road show and it seemed as some live show was going on. And all this happened in day light within the fence of police security. In fact policemen were the participant of this whole incident and have equally contributed along with the murderers.

Going through the details of the matter we do find many stories. But the most authentic news as on now says that the whole story is based on DOUBT. It was assumed that they are the same robbers who have committed robbery in the same morning or something similar to that because as on now no authentic fact has come to the screen. But the act of beating them is the worst. I am totally confused to understand that how obnoxious was their crime that they were rewarded such a brutal death and a series of torture which did not end even after their death. I can hardly see a difference here between these brutal fellows and those terrorists in Waziristan who used to drag the dead bodies from the graves and hanged them with trees in order to quench their thirst of revenge.

No matter whoever was involved and whoever was guilty, one question arises that how come this power has come to these people who are deciding then and there and concluding at the spot. Even the kids of 10 to 12 years of age are doing that.

It is a routine that we always suspend the whole staff of police station and then we restore them after three to four months once the dust is back at bottom. The act of suspension is equal to nothing in this regard. A person who is involved in the suspension of one’s life does not deserve to be suspended from the job. He must face the music of what has he committed? Then only other people will learn a memorable lesson. The demand of the time is that whoever is involved in such an obnoxious crime must be taught a lesson which he could never ever forget in his life.

The Supreme Court must come forward to take a reasonable action as soon as possible. Instead of forming 2 members or 4 members committee, the court must arrange to hang the murderers in the early possible time. Now as usual we can expect that police will come up with self crated stories and again a series of lame excuses but really this should not happen this time because all the limits have been crossed. Every now and then incidents take place across the country and it seems as police is the part and parcel of each and every incident. Either a policeman or SHO or SP, everyone is accountable in this regard. They will have to respond of what they have done in order to make sure the safety and security of citizens and to restore the peace and stability across the nation. Our society has always been suffering from such problems. Some of them are afraid of the opposite party while others do not have excess or do not have enough resources to plead the case as the cases is Pakistani courts keep on going and never end. Which is one of the major reasons that why people do not approach the court?

During the campaign to restore the chief justice of Pakistan each and every citizen has contributed to help Iftikhar Chaudhry with a beam of hope from his side that at least he would do his best to bring the justice at the door step of the citizens. Now it is his duty to come forward with a rational decision that satisfies the requirements of the law of justice and satisfies the parents and relatives of the victims. Because as a nation we are all suffering and our current situation is not less than pathetic. Terrorism, extremism, suicide attacks and other such diseases have brought a heart wrenching wave of uneasiness among the people of Pakistan, and really if we will not bring justice in our society and if such things will keep oh happening then no one can rescue us from the seizure of Almighty Allah because His justice is the ultimate Justice.

So let us get the truth before the truth gets us. Otherwise the ultimate justice of Almighty Allah will surround us all. We expect a fair and impartial decision from the honorable court at least this time………………………………….

God bless us all, God bless Pakistan.

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