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Chemical Weapons used on Lal Masjid
Filed Under (Pakistan) by Teeth Maestro on July-14-2007

Burnt Walls of Lal Masjid
Posted at Teeth Maestro: On 12th July, AAJ Tv boradcasted a program of Live with Talat in which Talat Hussain visited Jamia Hafsa.  While touring the bullet ridden compound a number of military personal hovered around, at a certain point Talat Hussain asked an accompanying Army personal about all the evidence of smoke around the area asking, "Why is there so much smoke?", the solider replied "WP", Talat put another question "Please explain WP?", the solider answered "White Phosphorus."
White Phosphorus is a flare / smoke producing incendiary weapon which is also used as an offensive Anti-Personnel flame compound capable of causing serious burns or death.  White phosphorus weapons are controversial today because of its potential use against humans, for whom one-tenth of a gram is a deadly dose and according to the Geneva Convention which was later amended by the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons signed into effect in 1997, expressively prohibits the use against civilians.  White Phosphorus weapons have been used in the recent past by Israel in Lebanon and US and UK in Iraq, but probably the first time ever by a an army against its own people

Article 1 of Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (Wikipedia) defines an incendiary weapon as "˜any weapon or munition which is primarily designed to set fire to objects or to cause burn injury to persons through the action of flame, heat, or combination thereof, produced by a chemical reaction of a substance delivered on the target'. The same protocol also prohibits the use of incendiary weapons against civilians or in civilian areas.  However, the use against military targets outside civilian areas is not explicitly banned by any treaty.
There continues to be a strong debate on how Musharraf should have handled this situation, but what surprises me is the inhumanity of this attack, dexterity of the assault should have meant targeted exchange of fire maybe an occasional rubber bullet to pacify the milder militants, but the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons, by the National Army against its own people. Is jaw dropping serious, its akin to the mass murder which happened in Karachi on May 12th when the Army headed off to the barracks leaving the city at the hands of ruthless killers for six hours..
Fallujah VictimTo understand the gravity of the situation one has only to look at these two images of burnt bodies the sight is excruciatingly painful, when the Americans used White Phosphorous on the victims in Fallujah back in April 2004.
If you look at the top most image which appeared in Dawn on 13th July (link) one sees the classic signs of a high intensity flame, which reached astounding temperatures to melt the steel framework of ceiling fans, one must also noted that the public was not shown the remains of numerous people killed in the disaster and quickly buried them in concealed wooden coffins the next day.
I am shocked and stunned at what has just happened, it should be enough for the world to wake up and ask for an unconditional removal of the dictator
Story credit:: Asma
 Reply:   weapons recovered from LAL masjid were given by agencies: SHO said in court
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (5/Jun/2012)

 Reply:   Dear Mr Noman
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (2/Feb/2009)

I think really u need a psychiatric consultation. Right now you are also acting like Pakistani Media. My dear brother before you speek try to think what you are gonna say. I cannot understand why you are against Pakistan Army. Are you Pakistani? I have a doubt on you. Tell me what you will do if you will the president of Pakistan? How you will deal the situation? You will let them beat the people? you will let them do more bomb blasting as so many people died during those days? Dont you tell me army did blast. I really took pity the youngster who are thinking like you. Until now you people cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. Thats the very big problem in Pakistan in new generation they think they are genius but they are not.
The people who are claiming their self they are religious me i will tell them they are sick. Because they took the job of Allah they start to Judge the people. they start to think they are right and paradise is only for them. They are really sick and they need hospitalization no no It will be also dangerous for all Pakistan to keep them alive better to shoot them in their head.
Next time don't abuse Pakistan Army if you are a Pakistani OK.
When solders are going out for war they knows better than you may they will become "Shaheed" why b4 their sacrifice they will do sin. I don't think so you are Muslim. May you are Indian and using this site and abusing our Army.
Pakistan Zindabad
 Reply:   @Rahat, this is the same army who raped thousands of women in East-Pak
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (1/Feb/2009)

@Rahat, this is the same army who raped thousands of women in East-Pakistan. This is not army who is protecting this country this is my Allah, who is doing this. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and this is what has happened with Pakistan(American) Army. People only see what they want to say and that is what is happening with people like you. Dr Shazia case in Baluchistan, is a recent public incident people know about this brave Army. Since Pakistan came into emergence, This army hasn't done anything one should be proud of. They lost East-Pakistan, they lost Sia-chin, they have been humiliated in Kargil. They have screwed the country again and again, They have made themselves billionaire. they have all most expansive lands and living lavishly. When i talk about army, i am only talking about higher ranks. the innocent soldiers who are giving their lives in noble cause, i am not talking about. Every country has his own army, who suppose to protect his people but what our army is doing, when American Daron comes, our general used to piss i the pents but when it comes to Lal masjid, FATA, or Baluchistan they act as the most brave or most cruel creature of the world.
The Army as an institution is a need of every country but it has to be in his limit and boundaries.
Don't ask me to tell you the history classes where many armies have sold their own country for nothing.
anyway, next time try to be little sensible because by shouting you cant make wrong right.
In the end, i can only pray for you, May Allah gives you guidance. Amen

 Reply:   Shame on you Mr NO-MAN
Replied by(Rahat) Replied on (1/Feb/2009)

As its indicated by ur name jus shame on u.wen u dnt kno ne thing n u dnt kno even the basics of a matter so dnt shake the shit by getting influenced wid the pics u get from some prapoganda sites.Its an Army of soldiers not cowerd n useless people like who are a failure in their life n as a nasoor they are ruining the life of other inocents.m not here to write a thesis over here but just wana tell you before baliming this Army be rest assure AGR AJJ YAI ARMY NA HOTI TU TUMEIN APNI MAAON BEHNOO AUR BEETION KO UNN HINDU BULWAION SAY CHPANAY K LIAY APNAY HI GHAR MEIN JAGA NA MILTI.It is because of this Army that ur neighbouring country is just able to lick its wounds n you are sleeping tight in ur cozy blankets while keeping an arm on ur wife n those soldiers are standing on the frontiers just for the BAYHISS people like u.I MUST SAY AGAIN THAT SHAME ON YOU MR NO-MAN!!!!!!
 Reply:   I know all and better than you
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (29/Jan/2009)

My dear brother don't you think only you have a heart i have to. I can understand the pain more than you because my work is to save the life not to take the life. Those illiterate peoples who claim their self as very good Muslim in this whole world they are the bigger fool. May you dont know because of their stupid behavior our so many innocent brothers caught by USA and they are making them naked and letting them sleep on each other naked and they are taking pics. They are put a belt around their neck like dog and letting their children enjoy. They showed Muslim are the migraine of this world. What Quran teach you to insult the home of Allah"Massajid". To educate the student how to use riffle? to let the ladies come out with abbaya and they are presenting their self a tru muslim. Abbay is a very good source of terrorist no one knows who is hiding inside. Like the mollana escape wearing of Abbaya. These extrimist ladies who are beating the women it was right? Is this way to bring or guid Islam? Is this way you are getting study in the holly place and after that you are standing on the roof showing you are only right the other are illiterate? Is this type of lesson they learn in Masjid.
Dont be a part of nagitive thing. Try to open Quran you will never find this type of acts in all islamic history the way they did.
What they are not doing, still their is no diffraction between animal and them. Animal are more better than these types of Muslim. If i have believe on Allah i have also believe when i will die i will bring my immal with me i am not gonna bring immal of all Muslims or my nighbrough. I have to be answer what i did in this world.
I am not responsible for all. Yah tell me the any history of Mohmmad where he beat the ladies, where he force the people bring your mother out your mother or your sister is prostitute. No never you will never find like that type of history in Islam.
Thanks God Allah make Kaba in Makha not in Pakistan may this extremist also use Kaba for explosive. You said i am not feeling pain for those innocent peoples who are getting died brother i am ashmaid on your point of view the way i am dealing the patients burn by your By Name Muslim, The ladies to whom our by name Muslim are killing as honor killing i am ashamed on them. I am ashmaid to be their Part. But still i love only olny my country Pakistan.
If you are living in your home peacefully and i will intrupt your home system brother on the second day you will through me out. Because you have your own role to whome i am not outhorised to break. ok
The way they are killing hunderd hundred people all over the country all is in my heart and i am praying for all those innocent people but not the stupid one. They were the burden of this lan and God tuk them. There was a hand of Taliban Now you see how they are killing our solders even our civilians they are decorticating. I am proud on my Army brother because they are saving our home with out careing their families. i am praying for them because they are the realy "Putter" of Pakistan.
You know because of their behaviour now what the forginers are burnig our Quran, they are abusing our prophet even so many abuses to Allah also. Brother one thing i know as much as i can follow the instruction of Islam i should but my act should not act like terrorist or extremist i dont act like my religion get effected by abuses and people will brun Quran.
We should not be a cause of hate we should be a cause of love. Love to our own people, love to our parents, love to our sisters and brothers, love to humanity our this act we can make thousand people Muslim. Because of extremist not our only Pakistan even our religion, our prophet and our God Allah get effected. I am ashmaid on their this act. They just destroyed Islam. I had one patient two years ago she get arrested 23times i cried for her a lot i said to my consultants try as much as we can bring her back because i just think for her small kids 3year, 2year and one was just born 2days. She came back to life she was for transfer to the normal ward, but when i went again on night i was shocked because she get renal failure and arrested again on that day i did her CPR "Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation" than our consultant said now let her go. She suffer a lot. Normal people will never care for their life. Life is a beautiful gift of Allah and Islam is a peaceful religion.
But Afsos we have unlucky and illitrate people. From last 20 years i am trying my best to make Allah happy from my efforts not to hurt any one just smile and take care for my love ones. Reading of Arabi is nothing Reading of Terjuma is also nothing until you will not act like what Allah says.

 Reply:   You no nothing sister
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (29/Jan/2009)

This pic was taken from Iraq as no picture was available from Lal masjid. and why i show this pic, because ne thing was prove that chemical weapon being used. So, to show the pain and its intensity i showed the pic.
What wrong Lal masjid people do, people like you may be will never understand. you cant feel the pain of others, have u ever think about those 80 innocent children killed in bajour, long back ago this Lal masjid incident.
Abdul rasheed and others offered to leave the mosque and all talks were successfully done but even then our brave soldiers, who in their whole life have seen failure only, bombarded the mosque with all weapons they can use.
And after bombarding the mosque they threw the qurran and ahadih books in dirty naalaa as well but may be this think also has nothing to do with you, because may be that qurran and ahadith book were responsible for this thing.
And may be you will never going to ask and see, from where things got started.
and may be you are not even bothered about those 7 mosques which our liberal government demolished prior to Lal masjid also.
When you don't know nothing then better to keep quiet.
Although i have initially decided not to reply you because if you cat see any thing, which is so open and transparent then no use of wastage of time, but i thought i might tried once.
if you want whole coverage and articles from renowned scholars about this incident then do let me know.
But plz, don't defend this cruel act of American army of Pakistan
 Reply:   Chemical Weapons
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (29/Jan/2009)

Hello Brother Noman what you want to show the people to show this pics. This pics not from Lal Masjid. I saw these in Palestine news papers when Israel throw Chemical Weapons on Palestine.
Second thing these are the sign of Kiyamat. Because the religious extremist start to judge the people they act like they are the God. Remember the Masjids are to pray and study for Quran not to keep gun inside the Masjids. I am ashamed on that extremist behavior. Be for the respect for Masjids was to honorable but these stupid people destroy all the respect and love of Muslims towards Masjid.
Now our Masajid used by extremist so what you want we will let them destroy our Masajids. What ever Army did it was a need and they did nice. Because you cannot insult our Masajids. Now in Wazeeristan the army found very large amount of explosive chemical in the Masjid when the ask the Immam he told them to go up by his justure not by using words. When they reach up they were surprised from where they collect this amount of massive chemical. This extremist are shameless they are using the home of Allah "masajid" for the sack of killing innocent and poor people.
If our Army will not answer back than soon we will lost our freedom. My Quaid may be in pain what we are doing in his country.
Hope Allah will guide that stupid extremist and save our Masajids.
 Reply:   First pic is from LAL Masjid,
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (1/Aug/2007)

Last two pics are from Iraq, these are to demonstrate the effect of use of WP. if u see another pic which i posted previously, in which there were bare bones in shopping bags, can describe what had happened to the huffaz, kids and women in the Lal Masjid.
 Reply:   OHH MY GOD//s
Replied by(Wajeeh) Replied on (1/Aug/2007)

unbeleivable .... but the pics cant be fake ....

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