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My dear Hamid Mir Sahab.

First of all, my sincere sympathies with you for the terrible experience you recently went through. Hope you are mending well.


I recently came across your article on the subject , given at this link


I know you are mashaAllah a serious journalist, so may not think that someone can advise you, I still thought it my duty to may be try to steer you a bit.


1. Have you ever thought why no one calls Kamran Khan a "Ghaddar"? He also speaks openly, with facts, and against every institution including armed forces. But in my view, he does what a journalist is supposed to do; I.e. Asks questions, raises issues and doesn't add his personal bias on either side of the argument. It's only you, Mr. Ansar Abbassi, Mr.  Rauf klasra and Mr. Salim Safi, who do this. I truly appreciate the level of efforts  you all put  in keeping Pakistani public informed, but just maintain check and balance. There are loads of anchors who run critical programmes against government. But they aren't labelled what you four are? Just ask yourself why?


2. You have mentioned 1971, Siachen, and Kargil as military failures. Please study some military science books before criticising them. 1971 Less than a division army, thousands of miles away, with logistics supply lines of men, ammunition and fuel drained dry had no chance against the full military might of Indian Army who had road, rail, links to their sources of ammunition, men and fuel. Last man last bullet could have been true had it been military men only. Please check that maximum number of POWs were Pakistani civilians, men, women and children amongst that 99000 who could all have been slaughtered.  Siachen isn't a defeat. We are no match to Indian Army. They have 34 full divisions and we had 12 divisions at that time. The master of military science General von Clausewitz States that for any army to totally annihilate the opposing force, requires 2/3 superiority which is about that 12:34 divisions. We had successfully countered their majority at other fronts but they still had about 24 divisions left to face us. With Siachen, we have distributed their 3 mountain divisions force and ours only 3 light para militaries. So now we have a ratio of may be 1:1.5 which can at best be stated as mutually assured destruction with either of the sides not able to completely annihilate the other. We have successfully bluffed Indians in terms of military manoeuvres and have moved fastest ever Corps from one point to other since Second World War, completely bluffing Indians. Coming to Kargil, yes we had to backtrack thanks to chicken ing out of our leadership but had they not, we would have brought Indians to negotiating table on all fronts. It was a one time chance that was ruined by our leadership. But again, Indians have now deployed more troops there further reducing the net force facing Pakistan's frontiers (Eastern front).


3. So it's ok to criticise army after getting your facts right. At the moment your out bursts sound more like "point scoring as women do in family fights 'tumharee Baap ne mujhe Eik din Khush Nahee rakha' ', but your overall argument lacks figures and facts. Do the maths of forces, do the maths of economics (on military affairs), and then come out with questions without expressing the kind of views you said in that event in Bangladesh. That is not your mandate to ask for war crimes against Pakistani generals. Watch some program's of Amanpour. She takes everyone to task, asks the right questions but never ever says America is a party to core problems in Middle East. 


Please keep up good work, and do investigative journalism. Don't do just point scoring 'taanabazi' please.


In the end, I sincerely hope and pray that the guys who ordered attack on you are brought to justice, whoever they are, and this culture of silencing those with a difference of opinion is killed forever from our country.


This is just a constructive feedback to you, with a positive intention. Please do not take me to task in your next programme.


Best regards

Naeem Qazi

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