"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Niaz Ahmed Khan
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Dear Brothers and Sisters
Aslmo alaikum.
I hope you might have heard the name of Bedar Pakistan and if not please watch the videos on the Internet site I have mentioned few steps that we should do particularly to help Pakistan because by simply praying and talking is not going to make any difference to present situation in Pakistan. Action is desperately needed.
I am forwarding the brief summary of the book Titled Islamic Economic Revolution Of The Century published in UK and USA last year which I have written. Your comments and critical analysis will be of great help provided you have time.
I am also sending you a presentation on True Islamic Banking. Please confirm it through e-mail and if you like it kindly forward this to your friends who wants to help Pakistan.The website contains everything which will change the fate of Pakistan within 30 days.:
The world is facing many challenges with no solution in sight. The main cause of all these ills is the POVERTY. Issue bonds which can be used by everybody rich or poor and and are not debt to the state so there is no question of interest. How: I take the example of Pakistan which is under the threat of great disintegration. Pakistan borrows money by selling treasury bills and the interest based bonds.
The suggestion is to sell these bonds on non interest basis EXAMPLE: ONE Rupee buys 6 bonds(coupons) on the condition that the amount should be Rs 100000 or multiple of it. Fewer amounts will have rate of four and three. This discount period is only for one month at the start of the implementation of this system. In the second month the rate will be 4 and for rest of the year rate of 3 will apply for the same amount WHERE THESE BONDS WILL BE USED?
1. All state controlled services and commodities.
EXAMPLE: A bill of (any service or Commodity) Rs100 can be paid with 200 bonds and there will be no exception to this rule .A NET DISCOUNT OF 66 %. A simple formula a bill in Rs x2 is the number of bonds to be surrendered. Price in bonds will not be less than the cost price but without the direct indirect taxes and the duties which are part of the present price making it very expensive.
It will attract at least 15 million people to take this opportunity as early as possible and if one is sure of making 100% profit within 30 days there will be many more to join this race.
RESULT - Government gets at least Rs1.5 trillion within a very short period of time of few days and much more in the rest of the year .
It is an internal instrument with zero value outside the country. One immediately thinks that who will bear this big loss to the state which can not be more than the total year budget of Rs1.5 trillion. The state collects this amount in one year with all the taxes and the duties but the bond price is simply a cost price without any kind of tax or duty WHO WILL SELL THESE BONDS?
State will float tenders to will select a private agency (PMF) PAKISTAN MONITORY FUND JUST A NAME GIVEN TO THIS ORGANIZATION with the lowest bid WHERE AS second third and forth bidders will be auditors of PMF .
This agency will employ at least 20 million unemployed on 10% commission and without any salary. These agents will have to pay Rs5000 as an annual fee to PMF so that it can build the infrastructure for the sale of bonds. Each agent will have a quota of Rs300000 per month or they will be allowed to sell their whole year quota in one day . This will only materialize if the agent shares his commission with the be buyer.
Greater the share of commission quicker the sale. This investor or the buyer will sell these bonds at the same rate of 6 per Rupee and his bonds will sell very quickly and he will repeat this every day as there is no condition of the amount of money. In this way even the poorest person will get the same rate as the investor except for the commission which the investor takes from the agent and earns almost 100% profit by only investing Rs100000.
NOW THINK HOW MUCH FUNDS STATE HAS ACCUMULATED WHICH IS Much more than the few years of budget in matter of only one month. FLOOD GATES OF MONEY AND THE TURNING POINT.
This is only the first flood gate of money and there are seven of these yet to open so at the end of 30 days or even much earlier the government declares tax free country for ever.
With the removal of all kinds of direct and indirect taxes and duties the price (of oil electricity telephone and all commodities under government control) is almost 60% less than before as these are being purchased by bonds (which is the cost price) and not with Rs. With the result the production cost of every thing will come down tremendously. SECOND OPTION State also offers ten million duty free if one deposits Rs100000 non refundable .
This was the second flood gate of money which is even bigger than the first one and the exact amount is impossible to asses unless the system is implemented. In order to provide cheap bonds through out the year government offers three types of registration fees. 1. Pay Rs 100000 in the start of the year and get the rate of 6 for the rest of the year and this will suit the professional's and salaried person' 2. Pay Rs 10000 yearly and get 20000 new bonds at the rate of 6 every month but one has to collect 10000 bonds (equal to the fee) and exchange it from PMF with new bonds so that these cannot be used again.
Higher the registration fee more the entitlement of cheap bonds. This registration will suit any small time business who will sell his product cheaper provided 15% bonds are also paid with rest of cash money by the customer SEE THE NEXT REGISTRATION FOR FARTHER EXPLANATION OF 15 %BONDS .
This will apply to all goods in private sector and does not apply to the government sector. This is a big incentive to accept bonds in the private sector as the business accepting more bonds will have more business than the trader not accepting the bonds so the bonds market will multiply and there will be a constant need for bonds in the open market. 3. Third type of registration will be of Rs 100000 which will entitle the business to sell its products through PMF.
The value of merchandise sold through this source will help the business to get the 6 bonds per Rs equal to the amount sold or opt for the duty free option. But with one condition of surrendering 15% bonds at each sale in Rupees EXAMPLE; MERCHANDISED SOLD THROUGH PMF Rs 1000. BONDS SURRENDERED Will BE (15%) 150 ARE DEPOSITED IN STATE ACCOUNT TO BE SOLD AGAIN SO THE CYCLE OF BONDS IS ESTABLISHED .A receipt of bonds surrendered is obtained from PMF for evidence of sale of merchandise and this receipt will entitle the traders to get cheap bonds or the duty free option through out the year BUT THE SAME RECEIPT CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT TO BUSINESS? 1. CHEAP BONDS will be available with duty free option through out the year will bring the cost production farther down and help the industry to multiply. The quota which can be sold is ten times the amount of registration and not more unless the registration fee is increased.
Now every business will opt for this registration in order to reduce the cost of production. These 15% bonds the business will get back through a chain of dealers sub dealers and ultimately the customer will pay this bond portion as he will get the end product very cheap because of tremendous cut in the cost of production by the factors already described.This will replace the GST or the VAT or the two price system seen all over USA. Almost every body will sell their products through this channel as it will be much costlier to sell any thing out side this system as cheap bonds and duty free option are not available.
According to rough estimate at least Rs10 trillion transactions are carried out every day in Pakistan and at each transaction 15% bonds will be surrendered, the price of 15 bonds is Rs 2.5 .So 2.5% of 10 trillion will be Rs 250 Billion which goes into government account without any compulsion every day (UNBELIEVABLE) this is the third flood gate of money AND IS CALLED THE GOLD MINE Now the state is sitting in the driving seat and all the money in banks of private sector have transferred into government account and banks are no more the lenders but are borrower from the state which is the only source left .So the state will invest in business sponsored by banks or reputable institutions with sound feasibility study checked by the state bank.
The state will offer to invest 80% and the bank will bring investor who is willing to pool rest 20% This 20 % will be deposited in the bank and the bank will supervise the business, running expenses will be given to the investor from its share of 20%. There will be no collateral and profit and loss will be shared in the ratio of 60 and 40 percent. The bank will get 60% and will share with the investor according to the contract and 40 % will go to state fund .
The state in return will provide every thing under its control below cost which will farther reduce the cost of production and at the same time will MARKEDLY improve the profit margins OF ALL THE BUSINESSES. No major business can refuse this offer. Any bank showing repeated loss will go out of business as there will be no more funds available from the government source and no other interest based source is available any more. Interest based banking is gone for ever or it may be at a very small scale. The state will not offer loans on interest as these are not any more as profitable and risk free because there is no collateral.
The amount of profit government will share will be unimaginable as state is in partner ship with all the major businesses which at present there is non and this is the 5Th flood gate opened THEN WHY NOT INVEST ON PROFIT AND LOSS SHARING BASIS Last but not the least government will acquire all the land on lease without any force and will provide all the needs to the formers THROUGH CORPORATE FARMING SECTOR HIRED BY THE STATE below cost and will become the shareholder according to the mutual contract with the land owner this is the 6TH flood gate of money.
DRUG ABUSE ELIMINATED When all the possible land is being cultivated by best agriculture engineers there will be much better yield and much more profit to land owner then who will not join hands with the government. THE OBVIOUS BENEFIT WILL BE THAT THERE WILL BE NO MORE POPPY CULTIVATION IN COUNTRIES WHICH ARE POOR AND LARGELY DEPEND ON THE POPPY CROP. NOW THERE IS NO MORE POPPY AND NO MORE DRUGS All the above claims have been proved to be true except the terrorism. HOW TERRORISM WILL BE ELIMINATED. We have to look at root cause and that is the POVERTY and NOT the religion which is being falsely blamed .
The going rate for a suicide bomber is $1000 in Pakistan Iraq and in Afghanistan .Can one believe that any one having at least two meals a day will blow himself ?Never these areas of the countries where these attacks are happening are extremely poor and the extremist elements who themselves are or were poor exploit these very poor people to carry out attacks for money to save their families from dying from hunger and is open secret. Osama Bin Laden has large force that is recruited from poor areas as there in no job anywhere and he provides these raw recruits with only food and shelter and at same time brainwash them with wrong concept of Islamic religion and train some of them to carry out these attacks by giving them enough money in their lives to support their dependents. You might mention few isolated cases of being well to do and still carried out these attacks. Once the poverty is removed in these areas by implementing this system these attacks will come to an end immediately.
This system is not only meant for Pakistan but will be easily applicable to every country
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Replied by(Mrssara) Replied on (28/Aug/2008)

Dear Sir Khan,
thats good but this vl be better understood by those who know abt accounting / economic / bank language ......
its v ez to write n comment .as u ve mentioned abt IMPLEMENTATION then its a better way that u cme here n c the critical situation of this country now.coz you ve posted this now bt how many ppl vl c this site n how many ppl vl forward it - NO IDEA
u told that u ve written book in USA??? then has USA implemented your SUGGESTIONS or not???

in short SIR there are lot of things which we can do , bt sitting in other country n suggesting is nt good coz in USA everythng is possible,, there ppl vl APPRECIATE u, u vl get complete PAYMENT of ur RIGHT....
PAKISTAN z also GOOD for all, bt SIR i m sorry for this that ppl like u alwayz give suggestion n comments sitting in foreign countries Y?
i m nt blamng u or criticizng u coz m aslo like u only writng comments n suggestions.....doing nothing, atleast u wrote a book.....
thank u for ur time n consideration.

Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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