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Pervaiz Elahi's Biggest Achievement As CM Of Punjab Emergency by Usman Shahid
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Here I am discussing about the biggest achievement of Pervaiz Elahi Ex-CM of Punjab. Due to 1122 rescue service he will always remembered in my prayers. Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) is the first successfully tested model of trained Emergency Service in Pakistan. The Government of Punjab under Pervaiz Elahi's Leadership has established this Emergency Service on October, 2004 through legislation to provide a system for Emergency Preparedness, Response and Prevention. The Service has been established for proper management of emergencies such as road traffic accidents, buildings collapse, explosions, hazardous material incidents, fires and disasters. This Service has already been a great success by rescuing over 136,000 victims of emergencies since October, 2004 by providing efficient and effective response, rescue, emergency medical treatment and safe transportation to helpless victims of Accidents, Emergencies and Disasters whom earlier people were afraid to help due to medico-legal reasons. Based on the success of this trained emergency service in Lahore its role has been expanded to include Rescue, Fire, Disaster preparedness and response. The expansion of this comprehensive Emergency Response Infrastructure to other cities of Punjab suck as Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Bahawalpur, D.G.Khan, Sialkot and Murree. International Standards have been followed at all levels in establishment of this Service. Rescue 1122 with its strategically located stations, professionally trained rescuers, equipped Emergency Ambulances and rescue vehicles is providing an average response time of seven minutes in a city (Lahore) with over 9 million population which is a remarkable achievement and international record.

Success Story


The Service has been initially established in Lahore as Pilot Project with 6 strategically located rescue stations, 14 Emergency Ambulances and two hundred rigorously trained rescuers. Before launching the test run, following challenging tasks were accomplished within six months but without compromising quality.

"¢ Most appropriate staff of two hundred rescuers was recruited in a record period of seven weeks after scrutiny of over 800 applications.

"¢ The curriculum and training material on principles of first aid and emergency management was developed by Dr. Rizwan Naseer in Urdu.

"¢ A Training of Trainers workshop was arranged with Civil Defence, so that they could train newly recruited rescuers. However looking at their competency level it was decided that training by Civil Defence would result in failure of this Emergency Service.

"¢ Finally Elite Police Training School , Lahore was used for the training where physical fitness and discipline was ensured by the instructors.

"¢ In order to ensure the quality of training, international monitoring was arranged. Trainers from Austria , Australia and U.S.A came to monitor the training on honorary basis.

"¢ Specialized rescue training like rescue from height, management of mass causalities and hazardous material incidents was also imparted to rescuers. Specialized teams were formed and trained to respond to such emergencies.

"¢ Emergency Rescue Stations were constructed after acquiring land at strategic locations to ensure swift and timely response to emergencies.

"¢ Universal Emergency number 1122 (an easy to remember and easy to dial number) was obtained from Pakistan telecommunication Authority.

"¢ Emergency Control & Command Room was established after setting up effective wireless Communication and Emergency logging System.

"¢ Ambulances and Rescue Vehicles of international standards were designed and fabricated indigenously for the first time in Pakistan. This helped in significant financial saving and initiating establishment of a new industry of Ambulance and Rescue vehicle fabrication.

"¢ A Software programme for call recording was developed to monitor quality of the Service and compile Emergency data for research and prevention purposes

"¢ Satellite Tracking System has been established for the monitoring of Emergency Ambulances and Rescue Vehicles.

I want all the readers to comment on this achievement of Pervaiz Elahi especially the people of Punjab.



 Reply:   are you
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (27/Aug/2010)

usmanpaki2,,are u also a qadiani supporter? no thanks for your fake pro qadiani article your hero pervaiz ilahi also made many qadianis like miss saadia qadiani etc as his advisors whose husband a qadiani dr was awarded a large amount of land from pervaiz ilahi may allah destroy these gustaakh e rasool ppl
 Reply:   qadiani dr rizwan naseer
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (27/Aug/2010)

 Reply:   rescue 1122 chief is a qadiani
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (27/Aug/2010)

rescue 1122 chief dr rizwan naseer is a very cunning qadiani .pervaiz ilahi who always appointed qadianis in higher posts should be persecuted,may allah destroy the likes of him.present punjab cm shebaz shareef is also pro qadiani ,these ppl support qadianis to please america dr rizwan naseer like qadianis in higher and sensitive places like rescue 1122 are spreading qadianis agenda of pakistans destruction here is a video link that proves rizwan naseer is qadiani pawn and dangerous for pakistan
 Reply:   Dear Adim
Replied by(usmanpaki2) Replied on (16/Oct/2009)

my dear admin we are just talking to 1122 service by pervaiz elahi .. not any thing else .. thanks for ur fake comment :)
 Reply:   pervaiz ilahis qadiani connection
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (15/Oct/2009)

my question is that why pervaiz ilahi the illegal child made qadianis as head of many important positions in punjab
we should search for pervaiz ilahis qadiani connections
apart from pervaiz ilahi being a faithful dog to qadiani musharaf the pervaiz ilahis many close aids were qadianis
also pervaiz ilahi made projector director of rescue 1122 emergency services son of a alleged qadiani doctor naseer mehmood akhtar
 Reply:   Very Good
Replied by(sarabutt) Replied on (15/Oct/2009)

I m frm Karachi i hered about this rescue service in Punjab its really very good i wish that this service should also start in Karachi.
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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