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Campaign against Pak Nukes  

By Zaheerul Hassan


Barack Hussein Obama in June, 2009 while  visiting Cairo revealed, “ I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”


Let me say from the out set that American administrations probably failed to implement their president’s idea of improving relations with Muslim World. Israel and Indian lobbies present in both houses of the congress whenever got chance have manipulated and triggered their anti Muslim agenda.


It is mentionable here that Jewish and Indian influence on western and American media is quite visible. New Delhi and Tel Aviv do provide money to the leading journalists of the world for defaming Muslims community and creating space between Christens and Muslim community too. Every second writer of the international media is busy in cooking stories against Muslim world. The main themes of these stories keep on revolving around Islamic extremism, Nuke programme of Pakistan and Iran. In fact, the efforts of getting close to Islamic world made by Obama have been multiplied by zero by his own media, and intelligence agencies.

Recently, on November 09, 2005   a United States based journalist Seymour Hersh prepared a report about Pakistan Nuke Programme and published in the latest issue of “The New Yorker magazine”. Summary of the report is that there is an agreement between Islamabad and Washington by which  Pakistan would  allow  specially trained American units to provide added security for the Pakistani arsenals in case of any  crisis. He also quoted various former and present high officials for providing sensitive information to him. Mr. Hersh has constructed his story on the bases of assumptions with preconceived ideas against Pakistan Nukes. Former Armey Chief General (Retired) Mirza Aslam Baig commented in a private electronic channel that Hersh report is a part of psychological warfare and malicious propaganda against our nuke programme which was launched by anti Pakistan lobby.


It is worth mentioning here that Mr. Hersh is famous for crafting baseless stories by referring anonymous high officials, clipping and connecting unsubstantiated information. In 2005 , Hersh too alleged that the US and Pakistan has concluded  "Khan-for-Iran" agreement in which Washington will look the other way at Pakistan's nuclear transgressions and not demand handing over of its nuclear    A Q Khan, in return for Islamabad's cooperation in neutralising Iran's nuclear plans.  At that time also, USA and Pakistan officials denied the report and called it a “rubbish” .He further claimed that USA was conducting covert operations in Iran to identify targets for possible strikes. However both the governments again dismissed his report.


On November 10, 2009, the army top brass and Pakistani foreign office reacted and termed the Hersh’s report as absurd and plainly mischievous. According to ISPR, General Tariq Majeed, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani very rightly said that Pakistan is capable of safeguarding its nuclear assets and will not share sensitive information with anyone. He stressed that Pakistan has a very effective nuclear security regime, which incorporates stringent custodial and access controls.


On November 13, 2009 the leading American newspaper “Washington Post “and Indian media, published a story with the title “A nuclear power's act of proliferation”. The said report revealed that sometime in the early 1980s, China provided Pakistan with nuclear know-how and materials to enable it to make the bomb. Pakistan foreign office spokesman Mr. Abdul Basit and Chinese official declared American report as self generated and baseless propaganda against Pakistan and China nuclear co-operation. It is well-known fact that Pakistan and china have very strong ties and   co-operate with each other in every field while abiding by the international laws.


American so called ‘non-proliferation pundits yelp like dogs when talking about proliferation by Iran , North Korea and Pakistan  but sound like mice when it comes to proliferation by Israel, India and USA. The Americans media deliberately quite over  Tel Aviv and Indian nuclear weapons designs, fissile material, USA based companies’ Involvement in sensitive electronic spares smuggling to India, murder of nuke staff and disappearance of uranium loaded Indian  ship. They have intentionally turned a blind eye to Indian’s activities in relation to nuke programme. Over the past decade, Russia has provided India with plutonium reactors and reprocessing technology which enable her in making ballistic and cruise missiles. These missiles have been deployed against China and Pakistan.


Interestingly, KGB and CIA though remained dagger drawn with each other on the nuke issue but never tried to unearth the Indian – Israel nuke capability in detail. But after disintegration of USSR, India has fallen into American lap, which led to new cold war between Russia and USA.


Russia, China, Pakistan and other regional countries have also genuinely shown concern over the recent US-Indo Nuclear Deal. Some how Pakistan always remained an important player of great game but presence of American troops in the region have further amplified the worries of regional countries. CIA and KGB with their allied intelligence agencies have too started their covert operation against each other. That is the reason that some American media also pointed out in the past that some KGB agents present in pentagon released American documents on internet. In May and June 2009 Indian famous nuke scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam and Mr. Ravi a staff member of Kaiga Atomic Power Station have been abducted and murdered mysteriously. Reportedly, the kidnapped scientist was having connection with Russia. It is also a known fact that Indian nuke programme have been launched with help of former USSR. Indian nuke scientists quite often   used to visit Russia and KGB. The American and western investigators’ journalists failed to found that whether CIA abducted him to obtain the information about Indian and Russian nuke capabilities or RAW picked him up on their master’s direction and threw his dead body in the river. Similarly American media never raised questions about 152 theft cases of uranium which were reported and registered with Indian police since 1984.


Some of Western and American journalists are on the pay role of Indian intelligence and are being paid by Jew’s lobby to foment hateful propaganda against Muslim world. There is a perception that CIA has its own agenda and is working against Obam’s policies of reviving relations with Muslim world. American intelligence set up is supporting Indian, Israeli and Afghan intelligence agency in spreading terrorism in Pakistan.  They are using local Taliban and providing them weapons, medical equipments, money and instruments. According to Indian and Pakistani leading newspapers “Triple III agency (Indo-Israel Intelligence Agency)” is involved in targeting military, sensitive and civilian insinuations.   


It is worth mentioning here that CIA and its allied agencies are aware of the fact, that Pakistan security forces, and intelligence agencies are true custodian of national integrity, nuclear assets and boundaries of Pakistan. They are strong enough to meet challenges and defeat foreign sponsored militancy. The ongoing operation “Rah-e-Nijat" or Path to Salvation is successfully progressing .Thus, distracted elements and their foreign masters are targeting innocent civilians and important sensitive institutions just to put pressure and create harassment in public . Suicidal attacks on public in charsada, Banu police and blast on sensitive institution in Peshawar on November 13, 2009 are part of their given objectives.


On November 11, 2009  Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani addressing 123 Corps Commanders’ conference  said that the militants are incapable of confronting the military operation. They are disillusioned and thus targeting innocent civilians.  He reaffirmed to the nation that the public could not be cowed down through such acts of terrorism rather resolve of the nation got further strengthened to eliminate the menace of terrorism in all its forms and manifestation. He time and again expressed that Pakistan security forces are capable enough to fight militancy and do not require any training and help to defend and guard nuke arsenals.


In short, the news published in Washington Post and New Yorker magazine are a classic examples of propaganda against Pakistan Nukes Programme. The Jews paid media launched the stories when Obama is on Japan tour and going to visit Beijing soon.  At this occasion, American media and New Delhi have tried to malign China in provision of Uranium to Pakistan. In fact, Indian government has made a made a hopeless attempt to divert global attention from her poor security arrangements at Nuke plants' sites. She also totally failed in stopping nuke proliferation. I would like to suggest Seymour Hersh and his team to dig out the actual causes of murder of Indian senior nuclear scientist, nuke proliferation of India, connection between Berkeley Nucleonic Corporation and Bhaba Atomic Research Center, Israel Nuke capability, Indian brutality against Kashmiries, Maoist, Christians, Killing of innocent passengers of Samjota Express and Sikhs. They should also try to find out Indian nuke capability in the light of atomic scientist K Santhanam, who was associated with India’s 1998 nuclear tests, said they were not as successful as claimed. Meaning, the yield of the thermonuclear explosions was actually much below expectations and the tests were perhaps more a fizzle. I would also like to suggest to obama’s administration to have an eye on Indian and Jews lobby those are real hindrance in implementation of his policy of establishing good relation with Muslim world. He has to forgo with the former Bush Policy of keeping the forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, if wants to win the Muslim community of USA. Moreover this the only solution to stop reoccurrence of Texas firing cases. Probably reasons of firing on air base could be suppressing USA Muslim community on the name of war on terror.


Concluding, World community and IAEA are also showing concern over the security of Indian nuke programme and asking India to sign NPT and CTBT for establishing permanent regional peace.


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