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Ban on Dr Zakir Nayak and role of Muslim Journalists thereof.


Renowned international Islamic scholar, preacher President Islamic Research Foundation and founder of Peace TV Dr. Zakir Naik has been banned from the UK. Dr. Naik was planning to speak at different events in Sheffield, London and Birmingham at the end of the June 2010.


As per the news reports the decision to ban his entry into the UK was taken by Home Secretary Teresa May who said, "Numerous comments made by Dr Naik are evidence to me of his unacceptable behaviour. Coming to the UK is a privilege, not a right and I am not willing to allow those who might not be conducive to the public good to enter the UK."

 Based upon the role and contribution of Dr. Zakir Nayak to Islam. I believe that he is the revivalist of Islam in the second millennium (as per the Hijri calendar at present we are in second millennium). The irony of Muslim Media is that it passes the news and views of western (and other Non- Muslim controlled media) without any modification which could have been obligatory because the non-muslim media has been always maligning the image of Islam, Muslims and its revivalists in particular. Today as mentioned in the quote above the west (say Britain taking the “initiative”) says such things about Dr Zakir Nayak which are true only when perceived and understood with bias and out of context. Dr Nayak’s speeches and other expressions never get volatized, instead, are always recorded for onward utilization and clearance of confusions. Dr Nayak is becoming popular with every passing minute in the world not only among Muslims but overwhelmingly among truth seeking Non- Muslims of the world. It is utmost important for the Muslim journalists of the world that while writing or carrying any news or views about a person of Dr Nayak’s caliber they should add the ‘real introduction’ and the contributory work  of the, person in news, because yet most of the people even Muslims do not know people like Dr Zakir Nayak. And when the Muslim media carries the reports (filed by the biased non-muslim journalists)  as such it sends wrong signals and creates a negative impression among the naïve readers and viewers   and as such the  hypocrisy of these people gets nourished. Thus it is the duty of the Muslim journalists to bring forward the real picture of the things especially at present in the case of Dr, Zakir Nayak. Dr Zakir Nayak is clearing the misconceptions of Islam at international level in a sophisticated way that is by using the latest available communication technology. The west is afraid of his fastly increasing  popularity and acceptance throughout the world thus they level him with ‘controversial’ charges. But I remember when a person questioned Dr. Nayak that how he worked (presented dawah) in present day world full of restrictions (infidelity) and difficulties, he replied with Quranic reference which means that when a person comes one step towards Almighty He inturn comes ten steps towards that person. While as a debate on this issue (ban) has started  in media on the otherhand, in a press release, issued by the Islamic Research Foundation on 11th June, Dr. Naik categorically denied glorifying terrorism, outlining his outright condemnation of 'acts of violence'. He also said he was seeing legal advice over the misrepresentation of his views. The need of the hour is that all Muslim religious and media organizations should come forward to play their role by recognizing and promoting the work and contribution of this revivalist of Islam.   This author is preparing an article on the contribution and work of Dr Zakir Nayak the same will be published in near future. Insha Allah.


Ahmad Kashmiri

Tangmarg Kashmir

 Reply:   Ummat report on Dr Zakir Nayek ban
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (20/Jun/2010)
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