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A Lighter Vein Article


(Mr. Farooq Abdullah, now befits the saying, “KEJRIWALAN MOURNASS” (Kejriwal landed me in real trouble) though with a changed 'Character)


Kashmir’s once much hyped politician and Indian Union minister, Ex Chief Minister of J&K Dr Farooq Abdullah, who could be called as the default-comedian politician, fell in trouble on Friday when his name being among the corrupt politicians of India was exposed by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in his list of ‘most corrupt’ politicians in India. Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party Friday released the list of corrupt leaders which it said wanted to defeat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, said the news reports. "I have made a list of corrupt people. This is just the beginning and the list will grow. I am presenting the list in front of you, and you decide whether these people should be voted or not," said Kejriwal. The news reports said that The AAP list comprises Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Union Ministers Kapil Sibal, Sushilkumar Shinde, Veerappa Moily, GK Vasan, Salman Khurshid, Kamal Nath, Sri Prakash Jaiswal, Farooq Abdullah (also National Conference chief) and Sharad Pawar (NCP president). The meet was attended by close to 400 AAP members from across India. Interestingly, the political career of Dr Farooq Abdulla has been upholding the attributes of humor and comedy with it. Be it his body language, speech, facial expressions, language, his extempo, travel or his serious lambast oriented strategy of politics. It harbors humor in one or the other way. For not being well versed in Kashmiri language his speeches or a mere talking in Kashmiri invites attention of the people for he often fumbles in it or uses inappropriate sentences. Once in his speech he was advising farmers that they should broadcast the grains of maize in fields, he was supposed to say, “Wawev Makaui” instead, he said, “Chhakew Makaui” which literally means to throw away the grains. As such there are various instances and many times his comments and speech parts have become the news in the valley newspapers. After the advent of Kashmir resistance struggle Farooq Abdullah fled to London and after many years on his return to Kashmir he said to press reporters, “ Subah Ka Boola gar Sham Ko Ghar Waps Aaye To Use Boola Nahein Kehtey” (That a man who had fled in the morning, if he returns by evening must not be called an escapist”

His serious chores and leisure too have been calling the attention of people differently towards him. His riding on bike and traveling to Gulmarg like places and his photo sessions and autographs with film actresses and his objectionable (from religious view point) presence in the festive and religious gatherings of Non-Muslims and his singing and dancing gestures have been the things people of Kashmir have been debating for obvious reasons. Even these activities and gestures have found place on internet with his videos uploaded on social networking websites such as YouTube and Facebook. In one of such videos Farooq Abdullah while participating in some religious function of Kashmiri pundits and while singing their religious verses, he satirically ends the song with the saying, “ Geelanian Mournass”( That Geelani has put him onto psychological torture) and renders his fellow singers burst into a laugher. Though, one must not take him all a comedian tasted man exclusively, instead, he for the sake of his political gains knows that when to hit the iron! In 2010 India Today Conclave held in Delhi on the topic “Kashmir What Next” towering resistance leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani was invited and Farooq Abdullah suddenly appeared in the conclave and lambasted heavily on Syed Ali Shah Geelani at many occasions. Now, that he has been charged of the allegations of being among the most corrupted leaders of India not satirically but seriously by a newly emerged politician of India, Aama Aadmi Party Leader and Dehli Chief Minsiter, who’s political footing in India is rising up with every passing day, the good days of Farooq Abdullah have experienced a setback. And the comedy remains in this affair again that he has been hit by a true Indian who travels by bus and sleeps on roadside. But, poor Abdullah who claims to be the true Indian was not spared by Kejriwal atleast for an analogous strategy of actions. If a Kejriwal travels by a bus, a Faorroq Abdullah travels by bike or an auto rikhsha. If Kejriwal sleeps on roads, Farooq Abdullah eats "Satoo" with historical evidences that he (Farooq Abdulla) too used to eat “satoo”( A typical floor powder used with tea) and traveled in auto rikhshaws. Mr. Farooq Abdullah! Now befits the saying, “(Geelanian) KEJRIWALAN MOURNASS” (Kejriwal landed me in real trouble), though with a change in the ‘character’.

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