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Western Women Turning To Islam

Ahmad Kashmiri

At a time when the condition of the Muslims throughout the world is disgusted. Due to the activities of ' we the Muslims' the attributes like Formal Muslims, Borne Muslims, Non-practicing Muslims, and Moderate Muslims et al go on increasing. Twenty-First Century is witnessing the Islam sprouting in the west with a clear message that Islam and Islam only makes the cut off difference between truth and falsehood. Basically this story is based on a video narration, being narrated by the 'reverted' herself in which the narrator (a young lady) from the core of her heart narrates the episodes of reversion from Christianity to Islam. The narration is inspirational and at the same time it gives rise to many questions regarding the deeds and activities of the Muslims particularly with respect to the Hijab of Muslim women and DAWAH towards Non-Muslims who, the video reveals,  could be melted for Islam by telling them the ambition and the reality of life here and hereafter. This author has tried to give text shape to the spoken words of the video narration for the sake of publication. However, to retain the originality and the taste of expression actual narration in direct speech has been kept as such with a parenthetical explanation wherever necessary. The subheadings have been used to make the narration presentable. Yet the other things in the video like gestures, facial expressions and the body-language of the narrator can't be exactly communicated here. And courtesy to that has been doing great service by disseminating such inspiring developments.


Iman (Monica) Aparicio's Journey from Christianity to Islam:

Hundred Percent Christian

: "I am from Puebla Mexico. As you know in Mexico we are a hundred ….. percent Christian catholic people. I have come from a very traditional place….I was basically raised up by my grandpas and my mothers….they may be believing Christianity...since I was a child and they taught me in school, it is an atmosphere of Christianity in all of there round, it is a shame that there is no contact of other religions and other belief as you know Christianity is like peoples authority, they believe blindly…no thinking… not rethink that if it is true or not ..They just believe it...I remember myself going to church every Sunday. When I was with my grandpas they used to take me church, dressed up nicely and go to listen to mass but did we understand something? I remember that when we attended the church, you know this is always happening, that you listen to the mass but you never really go to the bible and check if it is true or not and your own opinion what you really think about it, which is take it for known that it is true that whatever you listen is true and you gone with it weekend after weekend."


: "Even though I am from the south of Mexico , when I was ten years old we moved to the north of Mexico, the boarder of United States and Mexico, later on when I was 23 years old then I met my husband and to my mother it seemed to be a like… "well he looks like a cute guy, he is nice and there is no problem with that", so we went on with the marriage and three years later I got pregnant with my daughter but at the time there was a promise of both of us, my promise to him was that our children would be Muslims, to me I thought he is a beautiful guy that there is no problem with my future children to become Muslims.. He is enchanting.. He is so charming so I had no problem with that... and the was that don't ever come with a second or third or forth wife.. he said no don't worry about that it is a matter of tradition and religion in my family we don't marry twice thrice or four times so don't worry about that I said no problem so we can marry."

Parenting Christianity:

"When I had my baby in my arms it was like a biggest gift, Allah had given me, at that time I said I have to raise up this child in my faith the true faith, what I believed the true faith because I did not know anything other than Christianity. So at that time that Fatima (daughter) was growing up I was teaching her my religion, of course it was behind my husband. But I had no choice. In the morning, at night when he was at work I would bring up my bible I would just read a passage regardless I understand or not I would bring up my cross and I said Fatima now in the name of the FATHER……and we ask him to take care of you… so she was believing in it ..She was being raised as Christian…I remember every night I would bring up my Cross, Bible and every prayer I had...Fatima now kiss the cross and in the name of FATHER…Holy Spirit, and ask him whatever you want. Next night we would ask Saint Teresa, any other, Saint Anthony and…next night we would ask the angels, next night the Virgin Mary and so on".

Baby Argues For Logic

: "But one night we had no else to ask, I said Fatima, now we ask God, she said OK, now, who is God (she asked)? I said He is the one who created you, who created me and He is for ever and ever…so she was pondering..She was thinking and to my explanation then I brought my Cross again, I said, now, thank God..she was looking the Cross, she said, Mumma who is this, I said this is God, this is son of God ( Astagfirullah)then she told me, but you just told me a minute ago that God is for ever how come this one is dead!!! And I….! Never…never in my whole life realized that fact...she asked me where this God come from, I said well it comes from the womb of Mary. She said, O', so he was born!!!…some time before I said, well yes…but then she said you told me that He is for ever and never died and He is never borne …it was contradictory….I saw her, I said how can I make her believe in this…at that time when Fatima started to ask me many questions about the virgin Mary, how come …you told me that God is alone…has the power alone and you ask the virgin Mary and you ask the angels..Do they have power? I said…well!!! Let me think about it …it is something..that you(person) were raised up in this belief and in Mexico we are all catholic...Most of the people is catholic you never think of the power, the submission the … submission only to Allah, you never think of at that time I said I have to..I need help….someone help me …I am Christianity is turning into pieces."

I Went To Church:

"So I went to church to this Christian …catholic church…I had contact with Nun and other people there in the convent …I was in three days talk with them for hours, I was asking and asking questions and when they came up with..They said…well you must believe in it because this is what God ordered you to do…you must believe in Christianity because this is the truth, I said but give me proof, give me a proof….there is the proof your Bible ..I complained to them, no it is contradictory in some passages and there are different Bibles which one is the right one and give me the original...How can I believe in that and they got just upset and they said this is your religion and you must believe in it ..I said fine, you know after coming up with not listening, from them to me and me to them, there was no logical… and I left the convent, at that time, I said there is no complete peace in my Christianity and it's gone..gone for ever…I don't find any truthiness in it".

Christianity Or The Muslims: " After that I felt this emptiness in my heart so I was… I started to do the Dua (prayer) to God that, I said, God…in my Spanish, God you are the one who listens, who always listens, please, who do I have to come to you direct, Christianity or the Muslims, which to my listening, there was no improvement in Islam to my opinion because the way the people act, you can not say they are better. And I mean honestly…you see many women wearing the hijab half way, and, the make up, one kilo make up in each eye..the abaya, you see it most of the Muslim women are just for adornment or for don't see that Iman, that faith, that they have worn it because of faith. And the man..Same like Mexico, same like America, same like everywhere..there is no major effect that you can say, O', no may be they are right …no, there is nothing major happening."

Please God Help Me:

"Anyway in my faith, in my heart I needed the true guidance so for whole month I was just like seeing my daughter…needing right answers I could not give her any believed answer..just because I was raised like that ..I was making my Dua (prayer), please God help me, help me, when I was going to bed, when I woke up.. this was like a soberness of myself that I must work in the right way because I was raised up as a believer…in Christianity, but as a believer. Then it was like about three years before….three Ramadans before, that few days before that Ramadan, I had a dream!!! I had a dream that changed my life totally."

I Had A Dream:

"I dreamt, that I saw myself wearing the white hijab with a white dress and I saw myself..looking myself like a Muslim and I was in a small white room and I looked up my both sides and I had my two daughters on my sides and they were wearing the same white dress that I was wearing, the white hijab. In this small room we were bracing Allah, we were making sajood (prostration) to Allah ..I was speaking in Arabic the suras… and I was so overwhelmed that this is the right way to brace God. Still though on my right side I saw a small door and I saw the shaitan and he will not enter this white room, he was just there, standing, like in fire, I saw his eyes, was like in fire and he told me!!! Don't become Muslim…don't believe in Islam...stay Christian or be anything you want to be, and he told me bad words in Spanish and he tried to scar me … but I don't know how come out of my mouth the words "Aauoozu Billahi Mina Shaituane Rajeem" ( I seek refuge in Allah from shaitan the outcast) I said it and it was like a wind grab him out of this place and I felt no fear in my heart ..I grab my two daughters again and we continued bracing God and every time we were coming up from sajood –Alahu Akbar(Allah is the Greatest)..our bodies were ..bigger and bigger… Alahu Akbar…and we were ..bigger and bigger… in one of the sajood when I said –Subhaane Rabeyal Aala (Glory To My Lord, The Most High) , Subhaane Rabeyal Aala, Subhaane Rabeyal Aala, on the floor, I heard Alahu Akbar, I came back to my consciousness …this was the Adhan of Fajar (call to morning prayer ) ..and at that time I said myself consciously , full awake- Alahu Akbar…I was totally sure , I was hundred percent sure (tears in eyes) that God has answered my question , what is the right way, the only right way to come to God –Islam..right now I am so thankful that God has made me Muslim, because, this is, to be Muslim, as we know, this is the difference of going to the fire for ever, for ever , there is no one year, ten years, hundred years or thousand years. It is a thousand and a thousand years and for ever and ever. Insha Allah I will be a religious one because I love my babies and I want to raise them up as true Muslims."

La ilaha Ilallah Muhamadun Rasululah

(SAW) : "After my dream when I realized the whole thing I felt Taqwa in my heart so I went to grab. whatever cloth I had in my house, I covered myself and I feel now to be in the right way of God ..I want only to be in right way from that time and till now and Insha Allah till the day I die. I asked my husband's mother other time...please tell me how can I be Muslim...Now…now I want to be Muslim, so she took me to Al-Awqaf to make my Shahadah ...I did it then...I came back...three days later on, Ramadan started, it was like a dream and I don't want to wake up from my dream I want to go on with it. I started fasting with no problems at all …I was getting ready to face my family, for the first time, me as Muslim…it was a big challenge because, will they accept me or a bitter reaction but I have to face them, sooner or later…I said next year, next year .. No, no, no!!! I have to do it sooner or later so we went the way …when I was there.. I was.. everyone to meet me like any.. this is same person……which is like that. Now I have the truth in my heart out …..When my mother saw me, she said well… yes…she saw me covered ….I did not take up my hijab at all, it was my faith .. the whole time and it was my duty to spread Islam even though with my one year knowledge. I had to do it whatever I knew La ilaha Ilallah Muhamadun Rasululah (SAW) whether they believed it or not, whatever I knew about Islam I had to tell my family. When they saw me praying ...they want to see what I am doing..they want to know.. but they were not dared to ask me , when they saw me praying and I stand up ….my salah ..and (they) said- you exercise? Exercise, when you are praying? …others told me O' now you believe your Mother Terrissa yourself…this Mother Terrisa of Kolcutta. I said I am a true Muslim …you don't have to be a nun to practice the true religion … they told me if you are a Nun …you must not look like that …I said you know this is part of the belief …like the virgin Mary..She covered, we covered …this is the basic sample of a woman , one of the best ones and the best one. So we must follow her , you know like I told you, if you believe in it you do it.

Big Shock

: "It was a big shock for all of my family and specially because... I would say, the American Media… the CNN in Spanish has taken charge on spreading...What, Muslims… terrorist or like... That is why in my family, in Mexico, my city, they could not connect, that a normal person, a good practitioner could be a good Muslim...Could be a Muslim? This was the whole was like the opposition idea, like a terrorist and a…a good practitioner of the Din (Religion)...How can it be? And I explained to them as there are good Christians and bad Christians; there are good Muslims and wrong…doing...Muslims. I mean unfortunately…this is the reality and Insha Allah all of us will become like true brothers and sisters."

Muslim - First Word of Identity:

"This is another issue that, Insha Allah, you know I am very concerned that we are not like that…. O' we are Mexican... I am Arab... I am Ethopian or Chinese …Spanish or whatever. First of all we are Muslims sisters and brothers, this is our first identity. I wish, you know, all of us will become like …this is not the true…in reality..You go …nice to meet you..O', I am a German or I am local or I am Palestinian..You know this first word of identity. And to me when they ask me...I say I am a Muslim and I am from Mexico which is..which is not a major important factor. I am a Muslim this is the most important thing, and about my children reaction first Fatima was like… "Muma but you told me never listen to the Arabs"…to me it was the Arabs, it was not the Muslims because you see it like that, they picture themselves like that and when I realized the whole Islam I was so mad! Upto now why they never told me a word, what if I die on Kufur, I mean being Kafir?"

Heaven or Hell?

"And my husband never told me a word!!! He just… the only thing he just said to me sometimes… "and you think ..this is your …the right way… and you think this is the right way to pray …and you believe in this book?"…But other word than that. Not he… not his family, not Arab people would give me a hint. It is like they are, or I question myself that they don't believe in their own Din (Religion). You know that these people... They are borne Muslims, they are like….I (will say) …in one word, they don't realize the gift that Allah had given them. In my opinion they… they don't see what is this gift!!! It is heaven…someday…of course some day it is heaven. It is the difference! Heaven and Hell, they don't realize this fact because if they did they would have told me and told any one else and everyone around them about Islam. They don't mention it, you just see them praying five times a day, who pray five times a day, and that is it. But I wish in me and my babies, we can do a difference in Islam to the society around us. This is my hope."

 Reply:   Faith refreshed!
Replied by(Aeymon) Replied on (21/Mar/2010)

whenever i read such a story of someone embracing islam.... it makes me feel proud and happy and it strengthens my faith...i like this feeling!!
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