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.A brilliant article about Muslims by a Muslim editor of Huffington Post, UK. by Mehdi Hasan
Posted By: nrqazi Created On: 21/Jan/2015 Views: 2638 Replies: 0 
Where do I begin? Having watched you shout and scream in front of the world's television cameras, throw petrol bombs and smash windows, I reluctantly decided to write this open letter to you. Let me be blunt: you and I have little in common other than our shared Islamic faith, our common belief that there is no God but God and Muhammad is His Messenger. You live in a Muslim-majority country, wher Click here to read Full Article

Instructions of Quran By Naeem Qazi
Posted By: nrqazi On: 14/Jan/2015 Views:2553 Replies:0 
. Click here to read Full Article
Petrodollar Panic? China Signs Currency Swap Deal With Qatar and Canada by Tyler Durden
Posted By: nrqazi On: 21/Nov/2014 Views:2924 Replies:0 
November 13, 2014 - The march of global de-dollarization continues. In the last few days, China has signed direct currency agreements with Canada becoming North America's first offshore RMB hub, which CBC reports analysts suggest "could double maybe even triple the level of Canadian trade between Canada and China," impacting the need for Dollars. But that is not the week's biggest Petrodollar Click here to read Full Article
ISI: Pakistan’s Formidable Force Multiplier By Vinod Sharma
Posted By: nrqazi On: 13/Nov/2014 Views:2890 Replies:0 
One has got to admire Pakistan. Is there any other example in history where a small nation has simultaneously taken on two much bigger countries, one a super power and the other deluding itself into believing that it is going to become one along its present trajectory, for such a painful ride, for so long, with barely concealed disdain and deceit? Pakistan’s audacity backed by sheer brilliance Click here to read Full Article
None Dare Call It A Defeat by Eric MargoliS
Posted By: nrqazi On: 13/Nov/2014 Views:2813 Replies:0 
Lord of our far-flung battle-line, Beneath whose awful Hand we hold Dominion over palm and pine— Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget—lest we forget! Far-called, our navies melt away; On dune and headland sinks the fire: Lo, all our pomp of yesterday Is one with Nineveh and Tyre! Judge of the Nations, spare us yet, Lest we forget—lest we forget!” Rudyard Kipling “Recessional” Novembe Click here to read Full Article
Jobs in Saudi Arabia for fresh engineers
Posted By: nrqazi On: 24/Oct/2014 Views:2610 Replies:0 
Jobs in Saudi Arabia for fresh engineers Click here to read Full Article
Zardari’s & Nawaz Sharif's Corruption highlighted in Raymond Baker’s book on Dirty Money
Posted By: nrqazi On: 13/Sep/2014 Views:3707 Replies:0 
Born in Karachi in 1953 and educated in private schools, Benazir Bhutto graduated from Radcliffe College at Harvard University in 1973. Going on to Oxford for a master’s degree, she displayed her budding political skills and was elected president of the Student Union in 1977. Meanwhile, her father had become prime minister of Pakistan in 1971, was ousted in a military coup in 1977, and was execute Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: nrqazi On: 6/Sep/2014 Views:2943 Replies:0 
There has been an unending stream of propaganda against Pakistan ever since she decided to go nuclear. She is variously described as a violent country, failed and most dangerous state, hub of terrorism where women are mercilessly abused, etc. etc. Given the repetition, over time, such depictions are bound to make unsuspecting people accept these a Click here to read Full Article
Word “Ghaddar” for Pakistan Army Chief must be Removed from Pakistani Constitution by Zafar A. Bokhari – Chicago State University
Posted By: nrqazi On: 16/Jul/2014 Views:4536 Replies:0 
Word “Ghaddar” for Pakistan Army Chief must be Removed from Pakistani Constitution, the Way Condition of BA was Removed to Bring Uneducated Politicians as Lawmakers. Enemy Agenda is followed by Politicians, while Judiciary and Army are not taking Note of this.I live in the USA and teaching at an American University for the last 24 years. I have lectured in four continents and have travelled all Click here to read Full Article
War with Pakistan, troops in Afghanistan, friends with Iran, …. India prepares for war against Pak..
Posted By: nrqazi On: 8/Jul/2014 Views:3386 Replies:0 
You are also supposed to be an authority on foreign relations, how do you look at what is happening in middle-east especially the way ISIS is marching ahead with vengeance? According to some media reports, the ISIS has the vision of an Islamic state that stretches up to Gujarat in India. How serious is that from Indian perspective. Swamy: Serious enough for us to prepare for war. We’ll have a war Click here to read Full Article
Donations for IDPs
Posted By: nrqazi On: 24/Jun/2014 Views:2110 Replies:0 
All those people who wish to help IDP's of North Waziristan, please donate in Imran Khan Foundation (IKF) from within Pakistan by cash, cheque or online fund transfers to one of tneir following bank accounts:: MCB Bank Ltd. Account Title: Imran Khan Foundation Account Number: 0527-2203-9100-2952 Swift Code: MUCBPKKA Branch Name: PIA Society Branch, Lahore Branch Code: 1522 For overseas Dire Click here to read Full Article

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