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Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja Created On: 2/Dec/2016 Views: 47 Replies: 0 
Gen Musharraf after coming to power through a military coup on October 12, 1999 decided to boost up and modernize electronic media by allowing foreign ownership in the name of freedom of expression and to show soft image of Pakistan to the west. His concept of enlightened moderation also had similar ambition of promoting liberalism. Private TV channels were given a free hand to broadcast their own Click here to read Full Article

Siege of Islamabad by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 8/Nov/2016 Views:139 Replies:0 
Imran Khan (IK) and his partner Sheikh Rashid pursuing politics of agitation since mid-2014 are once again on a rampage and are determined to lock down Islamabad (Isbd) and seize power by force. Their tantrums have shot up the political temperature to a boiling point and has intensified uncertainty and insecurity. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief MinisterPervez Khattak along with PTI workers is e Click here to read Full Article
Political temperature has cooled down by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 7/Nov/2016 Views:128 Replies:0 
The political temperature that had begun to boil from 28 October onward became menacing on the following three days, but mercifully it scaled down dramatically on the evening of November 01 after Imran Khan (IK) decided to call off his much hyped foray into Islamabad (Isbd) on November 2. IK led PTI had been drumming up the Panama papers scandal since April 2016 and straining their lungs to demean Click here to read Full Article
Looming political upheaval by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 11/Oct/2016 Views:175 Replies:0 
Pakistan is going through critical times and some are of the view that the obtaining geo-political environment surrounding Pakistan are worse than 1971. The US, UK, Israel, India and Afghanistan are working in unison since late 2001 to destabilize, denuclearize and balkanize Pakistan using covert and overt means. The gang has operationalized Cold Start doctrine, Af-Pak doctrine and 4th generation Click here to read Full Article
Robotic Politics is Menace to Global Peace and Security by Mahboob A Khawaja
Posted By: Mahboob_Khawaja On: 29/Jun/2016 Views:291 Replies:0 
Do American masses find themselves overshadowed by dark Age of unreason while presidential election campaigns are in full swing? Candidates lacking moral and intellectual visions and capacity using power over wisdom to imagine success. Money makes the difference in elections not the imagination of peaceful America. With Bernie Saunders being an exception, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have no r Click here to read Full Article
Rejoinder to Imtiaz Alam by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 24/May/2016 Views:283 Replies:0 
Imtiaz Alam is a senior journalist who writes articles and hosts programs on TV channels. He also heads SAFMA, a dubious organization which reportedly is sponsored by RAW. SAFMA in league with Aman ki Asha, another shady organization co-hosted by Jang-Geo Group and Indian media group is also patronized by RAW. The two have been working in tandem to improve Indo-Pakistan relations and to promote pe Click here to read Full Article
Bhutto Legend - Myth and Reality By Dr Asif Javed
Posted By: Firoz_Kamal On: 17/Nov/2015 Views:529 Replies:0 
"I feel that your services to Pakistan are indispensible. When the history of our country is written by objective historians, your name will be placed even before that of Mr. Jinnah." The writer of this infamous piece of consummate flattery was a young Z.A. Bhutto, and the recipient, Sikander Mirza, who should be in the political hall of shame, if one were ever to be erected in Pakistan. Balaw Click here to read Full Article
Attacks in Paris by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 16/Nov/2015 Views:450 Replies:0 
The serenity of Paris was jolted on the night of November 13, 2015 by the noise of blazing guns and din of explosions. The rattle-tattle of the guns, explosions and sounds of police sirens/ambulances and shrieks of trapped people subdued the music beats in the theatre, shouts of the jeering lovers of soccer match and chatter in the restaurants. Fear and panic gripped the people. Eight gunmen weari Click here to read Full Article
Sharif to Obama ,a frank discussion by Barrister Amjad Malik
Posted By: Amjad_Malik On: 13/Nov/2015 Views:1083 Replies:0 
Prime minister of Pakistan deserves applause on a very successful on target Presidential meeting with Barrack Obama on 22 October 2015. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's meeting with President Obama as civilian chief executive of Pakistan in itself is a big event and joining with interior , finance, foreign and defence minister is further to strengthen civilian rule in Pakistan. Joint communiqué is se Click here to read Full Article
Bye election should not be bye bye elections By Barrister Amjad Malik
Posted By: Amjad_Malik On: 26/Oct/2015 Views:423 Replies:0 
Amjad Malik writes on the bye election trend and 12 October lessons! I am writing on 12 October 2015 remembering the 16 years of past troubles and tribulations and claims and results on vows. 12th October reminds that 12th Oct comes every year & it is a testing day each year so work harder every year to unmake it a 'Black Day' so that Pakistanis can continue Enjoying democracy and that's the les Click here to read Full Article
Political under currents by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 14/Aug/2015 Views:563 Replies:0 
Pakistan seems to have come out of political crisis created by PTI, Tahirul Qadri group and their political associates after the judicious ruling given by the judicial commission concerning charges of rigging in 2013 elections. It’s economic and energy woes are also being gradually surmounted. War on terror is in a decisive phase and has achieved very impressive results. Lawlessness in Karachi has Click here to read Full Article

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