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Nuclear talks between Iran and West to go beyond June deadline! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff Created On: 29/Jun/2015 Views: 4 Replies: 0 
Talks between Iran and major powers on finalizing a historic nuclear deal will go beyond the June 30 deadline. Five world powers and Iran are taking part in the talks. Both USA and Iran have declared the talks are on and will be extended further to obtain results. The talks between Iran the P5+1 (the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany) are aimed at finalizing a framework de Click here to read Full Article

G7 leaders debate climate change, ignore plight of world poor! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 24/Jun/2015 Views:91 Replies:0 
The Group of Seven (G7) of western industrialized nations literally controls the world and its resources, most importantly decide they represent the world of today and decide its future course. The G7 comprises Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. The summit discussed issues ranging from sanctions on Russia to carbon emissions. The leaders of the G7nations met in Click here to read Full Article
Palestinians pray at Al-Aqsa mosque of Jerusalem during Ramadan! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 24/Jun/2015 Views:112 Replies:0 
Palestinians, especially in Gaza Strip, had the rarest opportunity this year to offer Friday prayers in the Al-Aqsa mosque of Jerusalem during Ramadan which is considered by them as a holy act of Muslims. Tens of thousands of Muslim worshippers streamed through Jerusalem's Old City to one of Islam's most revered sites last Friday as Israel eased blockade restrictions for the fasting month of Rama Click here to read Full Article
Climate horrors: Recommendations for Paris meet in December by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 22/Jun/2015 Views:75 Replies:0 
The top polluters of natural environment through persistent emissions continue to ignore the danger they have already caused to the climatic conditions to the detriment of climactic order. US-NATO-Israel led terror wars have vitiated the climatic health by continuous attacks, resultant destructions and genocides. Submits have failed to make the right climate saver moves, though they have rec Click here to read Full Article
Global Political Quagmire: Leaders who could Not Lead by Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.
Posted By: Mahboob_Khawaja On: 22/Jun/2015 Views:119 Replies:0 
“We should already know more than enough to be horrified by the state of our American world. It should disturb us deeply that a government of, by, and for the war-makers, intelligence operatives, bureaucrats, privatizing mercenary corporations, surveillers, torturers, and assassins is thriving in Washington. As for the people -- that’s us -- in these last years, we largely weren’t there, even as Click here to read Full Article
Secret nexus between state and frauds in India! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 22/Jun/2015 Views:114 Replies:0 
Hindutva brand patriotism of Indian politicians is being exposed as anti-nationalism. Political parties get people’s mandate to loot the nation and promote corrupt lords and international frauds. When the Congress was in power, he said, the biggest stories came from the BJP, but hilariously, since the BJP has been in power, the best stories have come not from the opposition, but from within the p Click here to read Full Article
Indian BJP government’s “humanitarian help” in exchange for Lalit Modi’s liberal financing! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 22/Jun/2015 Views:115 Replies:0 
Indian politics is being conducted with dirty money. Financing of and reaping benefits from politics is the basic logic of capitalism which so-called democracies like India promote globally. The Modi government of India is now facing problems as it wants to pursue this age old hidden policy for political exigencies. The unprecedented mandate for BJP in the national poll in 2014 obviously made the Click here to read Full Article
Active volcanoes on planet Venus? by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 22/Jun/2015 Views:111 Replies:0 
Human advances in discovering the universe in its entirety keep making breakthroughs off and on in knowing the earth and space with details. The scientists from the European Space Agency's Venus Express mission have found strong evidence of active lava flows on the planet Venus, Earth's nearest neighbour. Analyzing data from the Space Agency's mission, the scientists found transient spikes in t Click here to read Full Article
UN climate talks in Germany! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 10/Jun/2015 Views:133 Replies:0 
The goal of any climate talk is a deal that will save Earth's climate from potentially catastrophic damage by heat-trapping fossil-fuel gases. UN climate talks resumed in Bonn, Germany on 01 June, tasked with sculpting a historic deal on greenhouse gases due to be sealed in Paris little more than six months from now. The 10-day conference was opened by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who w Click here to read Full Article
Delhi: BJP and Congress, defeated by Delhiites, now try to obstruct Kejriwal governance! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 9/Jun/2015 Views:134 Replies:0 
The historic battle for Delhi state was won by the Aam Admi party of Arvind Kejriwal by drowning in the River Yamuna both Congress and BJP parties - the former rulers of Delhi. Obviously both BJP and Congress have reasons to feel belittled by a new political outfit. The pain is intolerable for the BJP which is ruling India and had won all parliamentary seats in Delhi just a couple of months befor Click here to read Full Article
Unstoppable Indian corruption – Are top leaders free to loot the nation? by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 8/Jun/2015 Views:137 Replies:0 
Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa’s illegal asset case to go to Supreme Court! It seems corruption with which India has been afflicted badly for years of misrule could stay intact notwithstanding all anti-corruption laws and powerful the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. It is primarily because the ruling dispensation of India as well as top political parties and polit Click here to read Full Article

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