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“Egypt Uprising, aftershocks of Islamic Revolution in Middle East”     




Khomeneiism defeated capitalism & Communism(Neither East Nor West Islam is the best)”






Islamic revolution has proved as ray of hope for all the oppressed nations and people of the world with our any discrimination of religion and race with addition to giving unity and prestige for Muslim Ummah.


Imam Khomenei"s saying that neither so called eastren super power (Communism OR USSR) nor so called western super power (USA) are super powers at all ,The only and only SUPER POWER is Almighty Allah .And the prominent slogan of Imam Khomenei "LASHARKIA LAGHARBIA---ISLAMIA ISLAMIA", Neither East Nor West Islam is the best)” gained popularity around the globe.


Imam Khomenei really proved that neither Communism launched by USSR nor Capitalism launched by USA can bring the peace, harmony, love ,respect ,liberation to world. Because these system are human built .The only system to bring balance society, peace, harmony ,love ,respect  and Justice, is Islam.

Imam Khomenei principles based on True Muhammadi(pbuh) Islam and Karbala ideology not only threat for so called Super and evil Powers like USSR ,USA,and UK,But also for the puppet regime created by the USA & UK in the form of illegal Zionists state Israel as well as Dictator Arab Wahabi regime in Middle East created by UK to destroy the Unity of Muslims around the world.That is Why the current Uprising in Middle east especially Egypt ,Jordan and Yemen etc is result of awareness by Imam Khomenei ideaology.And If these puppet Wahabi regime of Arab Countries(created jointly by Braitian & Zionists) did not change their attitude then the same Uprising & aftershocks will start in Saudia Arbia,Behrain etc as well. Even in start of 21st Century United Nations Development Program(UNDP) in its Annual Arab countries Report stressed and suggested  the puppet Dictator Rulers of Arab Countries to follow Hazrat Imam Ali(a.s) Letter about ideal principles of governance to his representative and Governor in Egypt named Malik e Ashtar nearly 1400 years ago, if the arab dictators want to give due rights to their citizens.It is worth mentioning here that Late Miraj Khalid(ex PM of Pakistan) has also sent the same Letter about ideal principles of governance writeen by Hazrat Imam Ali(a.s) to all ministry and offices during his tenure.

The current ocean of arab people movement against the Dictator Hosni Mubarak reminds me of the famous saying of Hazrat Imam Ali(a.s) saying that “A government can be existed with non muslim or Kafir ruler  But cannot be existed with oppression and cruel regime”…(Urdu Trnaslation:-hakmot kufar sai tu qaim reh sakti hai laken Zulm sai nahi).What the Zionists cruelties arab countries faced in the form of attack on South Lebanon and gaza strip with addition to continous inhuman siege since year2007 is due to Egypt.Saudia Arabia and Jordan puppet pro America,UK & Israel  wahabi dictator regime of MiddleEast.The only border of Gaza strip touching so called muslim country Egypt Rafah border was not opened besides the global voices and appeal on humanitarian crisis and  a step ahead these three evil forces Egypt,Saudia Arabia and Jordan did all sort of finical help to USA illegal Zionists son Israel even by issuing Wahabi muftis fatwa’s against the HizbAllah in July2006 war at South Lebanon and later on Hamas resistance at Gaza Strip against israel by declaring them proxy of Islamic revolution of Iran.To see the Zionists created Wahabi regime of arab countries reality visit this site.

The uprising in Egypt and other parts of Middle East is also red Alert for Uncle Sam who want to establish its own new “Middle East” free from HizbAallah and Hamas as stated by ex secratry of state  Condoleza rice in starting days of july2006 33 days war But now the USA should accept New Middle East as Almighty Allah wants it.


The current uprising of Egypt were predicted by Imam Khomenei 30years ago in 1981 “A message to Egyptians people “which shows the vision and future time predictions of the founder of Islamic revolution.

Founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace), to the Egyptian Muslim people some 30 years ago, enlightening them of the benefits of resistance against oppression in order to reclaim their real independence from domestic despotism and foreign hegemony, especially subservience to the illegal Zionist entity.


Here are excerpts, which are indeed proofs of the foresight of the Late Imam Khomenei:

"The Egyptian nation should know that if they rise up against these plots just as Iran did, they will attain victory. The Egyptian nation should not fear the martial law and not care about it. In the same way that Iranian nation broke the martial law and took to the streets, they should follow suit and drive out these American scums. The Egyptian nation should not sit and wait for this almost lost power to pull its weight together and force its influence on the nation.

"This is the day for the Egyptian nation to rise up. Today is the day of the government's weakness and the nations' power. They should show strength and not care about the martial law, which is against all standards. They should break this martial law and take to the streets and topple this government which wants to fight Islam with the bayonet.

"This is a duty for the Egyptian nation and for the scholars who do not depend on the government. This is a duty for scholars. Egyptian scholars should rise up and defend Islam for the sake of God. What excuse can the scholars of Egypt give for sitting and listening idle and seeing the same people region power? Prior to coming to power, this government declared that it would suppress whoever related to Islam.

"Today, you are victorious. Today, the Egyptian people command the power.

"The Egyptian army should not give Israel the opportunity to rule over their country, and not let America and Israel control the destiny of their country. The Egyptian army should take care that if it wants to back this government that has declared subservience to the US and Israel… it will carry this disgrace for all times. They should not bring this disgrace upon themselves.

"The (Egyptian) army is very unlikely to be on the government side, except those officers who are agents of the US. What benefit did the Iraqi army reap out of this affiliation?"

REFRENCE:-*(Sahifey-e Imam Khomeini [ra], vol 15, p. 245-446, a part of speech given on October 9, 1981, Dhu'l-Hijjah 01, 1401 AH. Place: Jamaran, Tehran. Subject: Comparing the Islamic system with other governments; some recommendations to the Islamic countries and nations. Occasion: Auspicious Eid al-Adha; confirming the presidency of Seyyed Ali Khamenei – the present Leader of the Islamic Revolution)


Similarly on Last Friday Feburary 04,2011 Leader of Islamic Revolution Syed Ali Khamenei focused the Uprising in Egypt ,North Africa and Middle East in his policy Speech at Tehran Friday prayers sermon.

Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said on Friday that ongoing developments in North Africa and other parts of the world of Islam echo voice of Iranian nation.

Delivering his second Friday prayers sermon at Tehran University campus, Ayatollah Khamenei said after years of endeavor and hardship, Iranian nation are today witnessing that their voice is heard strongly in other parts of the world of Islam.

"Today's events in North of Africa, Egypt, Tunisia and certain other countries have another sense for the Iranian nation. They have special meaning for the Iranian nation. This is the same as `Islamic Awakening', which is the result of the victory of the big revolution of the Iranian nation," said Ayatollah Khamenei.

Ayatollah Khamenei also said the Islamic Revolution in Iran disrupted the plots by Western countries trying to establish weak and vulnerable regimes in the Middle East.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution said Iran's enemies have been launching a psychological war against it for the past 32 years, pointing to the 2009 post-election events in Iran as the enemies' latest scenario to damage the Islamic Revolution.

Ayatollah Khamenei said their plots however will have no effect on the Iranian nation.

IR Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said that today, no big power can claim having the least influence on the decisions made by Iranian officials.

In his second Friday prayers sermon in Tehran University campus, Ayatollah Khamenei added, "Such a perseverance, independence, and political grandeur has been much attractive to the world nations."

Nations attach special respect to the great Iranian nation for its political independence, said IR Leader.

"Today, whole the world people admit Iran's influence and constantly speak of Iran's presence in different arenas," said Ayatollah Khamenei.

Switching to nuclear issue, Ayatollah Khamenei said in nuclear issue, the wrong with Westerners was that they erroneously exaggerated the case, raising hue and cries to get Iran back down from is stances.

"That's for seven years that westerners are endeavoring in the field. These made two things clear for the world people: One is that Iran has gained unexpected progress in nuclear field and the other is that Iran resists and will not retreat despite pressures. This was to Iran's benefit. Now whole the world knows that the US and Europe and their allies failed to overcome Iran and force it to back down despite all the pressures."

Yet in other part of his second sermon, Ayatollah Khamenei touched on the 2009 post-election plot targeting the Islamic Republic of Iran's establishment, saying that the architect, mastermind and manager of the plot has been beyond Iranian borders.

"Iranian people were fully ready, ran the risk and entered the scene, sacrificing their life and property thus passing the test well," added IR Leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei then said that Iranian elite, nation and officials have until today not allowed the enemy to meet its objectives.

Hailing important and essential changes in Iran resulting from the Islamic Revolution, IR Leader said that after triumph of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Islam turned into axis of all affairs and Islamic rules became the yardstick in the legislation process.

Ayatollah Khamenei said political independence as other products of the Islamic Revolution, saying Shah used to seek the American officials' consultation in all affairs, which means dependence on the US.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that decisive conditions now prevail over the Muslim world which can change equations in favor of the Middle East nations.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the current conditions would favor Arab and Muslim nations and could remove tens of years of tyranny and injustice in these countries.

"Tunisian nation, managed to topple the US ally and a treacherous ruler. Egypt was the first Muslim country to become acquainted with European culture and the first Arab state to set an independent state in the post-World War II," Ayatollah Khamenei added.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted that Egypt was also the first country to support the Palestinian nation strongly and is known in the world of Islam as Palestinians’ sanctuary.

"What we are witnessing in Egypt today is a proper response to a big treason that the country’s treacherous dictator did against the Egyptian people," Ayatollah Khamenei said.

IR Leader said the Egyptian nation feels getting humiliated due to Hosni Mubarak regime's support for the Zionist regime and following the America.

Ayatollah Khamenei said the feeling of getting humiliated was the reason for the Egyptian nation's uprising.

Noting that the uprising movement started from mosques with such slogans as "Allah-o-Akbar" Ayatollah Khamenei said the Egyptians will not let the Islamic movement be diverted by the Westerners.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that Americans and Israelis have become helpless in the face of freedom-seeking Egyptians and noted that irreparable defeat awaits the American and Israeli officials in Tunisia and Egypt.

"Today more than the fleeing Tunisian and Egyptian officials, Israelis and the Zionist enemies are the most worried about these events as they know if Egypt stops being their ally and take its rightful place, it would be a great event in the region," Ayatollah Khamenei said.

IR Leader made a reference to Egyptians' fight for dignity and honor and noted that Mubarak's biggest crime was to make Egypt a tool in the hands of America.

"Not only he is not anti-Zionist, but he is the companion, colleague, confidant and servant of Zionists. It is a fact that Hosni Mubarak's servitude to America has been unable to take Egypt one step towards prosperity."

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the Egyptian army would join the masses and will line up against the enemy.

Also pointing to economic hardships in Egypt, Ayatollah Khamenei said Mubarak, an America's henchman, failed to lead Egypt to progress and many Egyptian nations live under the poverty line.

Ayatollah Khamenei also noted that Tunisia's former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was dependent on America and even the CIA.

In another part of his speech, IR Leader supported the government subsidy-cut plan, saying, "This is a huge task. What's of importance is that officials would manage to implement it well and act on it."

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to elimination of subsidy on electricity as the rich class had bigger share in its consumption than the poor.

"The subsidy cut plan will also cover bread and gasoline," Ayatollah Khamenei added.



After the Support of Ayatullah Khamenei A senior member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has expressed gratitude to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for his support of the Egyptian revolution.

Kamal al-Halbavi made the remark in an interview with the state-funded BBC Persian on Sunday night.

Halbavi further expressed hope that Egypt would have "a good government, like the Iranian government, and a good president like Mr. Ahmadinejad, who is very brave."

When asked about the Muslim Brotherhood's opinion of Ayatollah Khamenei's statements on Egypt's developments, Halbavi said, "Many thanks for Imam Khamenei and all who support the revolution in Egypt."

Ayatollah Khamenei said in Tehran's Friday prayers last week that the recent developments in North Africa are the result of "Islamic awakening, which followed the great Islamic Revolution of the Iranian nation."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution made reference to Egyptians' fight for "dignity and honor" and noted that Mubarak's biggest crime was turning Egypt into an instrument in the hands of the United States.

The Muslim Brotherhood member added that he wants his country to develop in all spheres "like Iran, achieving more technological and scientific advances and becoming a regional power."

Troubled Egypt has been the scene of violent clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces during the past two weeks.

Egyptians on Sunday took to the streets on the thirteenth consecutive day of demonstrations, called the "Day of Martyrs," to honor hundreds of protesters killed during the revolution in the crisis-hit country.

The number of people killed in the Egyptian revolution is reported to be at least 300, and thousands were also injured in clashes that have rocked Cairo, Suez, and Alexandria, according to the United Nations.


Imam Khomenei Letter to Gorbachove of USSR:- Similarly Imam Khomenei clearly wrote in Letter to Gorbachove of USSR that"the man made Communism will be soon ended"


The world witnessed this saying of Imam Khomenei true, when the so called super power USSR divided into more than dozen countries after destruction of Communism.


Imam Khomenei also called the other so called super power USA the head of Capitalism as "Shatan-e-Bozorg or Biggest evil force" and predicted on time to time that this man made capitalism will also be destroyed soon.


The world has also witnessed that  in the form of "World Financial Crisis" when the economy of the countries based on USA/Capitalism are in way to destruction.


The american regime who once were terming the Capitalisim as the solution for all Now even the USA government is giving billions of US$ to different firms like Genral Motors etc as subsidiary to stop the capitalism from destruction which is the violation of their own principles of so called United States.


That is why Rahbare Muslimeen(Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution) Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenei the successor of Imam Khomenei called the  "Finanical Crisis" as defeat or destruction of Capitalism of Uncle Sam(USA) indeed.


Now America is seeing Khomeneisim or true Muhammadi Islam as threat for USA & it’s illegal Zionists regime ISRAEL after the glorious victory of HizbAllah & Hamas even after worse atrocities in Leabnon & Plaestine especially the recent genocide committed by zionists in GAZA STRIP with the support of Uncle Sam (USA).


American regime even remembered the words of ex President of USA when he tried to attack Iran on May5,1980 at Tabas by sending eight helicopters to attack Islamic Revolution of Iran but they destroyed among themselves.

At that time USA President told a historic sentence that "ALL THINGS WERE PERFECT AT THAT TIME, BUT ONLY GOD WAS WITH IRAN".


Imam Khomeini (RA),the founder of Revolution will long be remembered, the world over, after all prejudice and cynicism is overcome, for the outstanding role he played in the Third World freedom struggle, which demonstrated that freedom is a moral principle and a God-given right. It is, therefore, wrong or evil, to abuse or interfere with man¨s freedom, and those who do so, no matter how powerful they may be and regardless of how long they may appear successful and no matter how weak and helpless their victims might be, their efforts always and in miserable failure. The Shah of Iran and, nearer home, the advocates of apartheid in South Africa or, indeed, the advocates of colonialism everywhere in the Third World, are a case in point. The Shah of Iran and the advocates of apartheid in South Africa, as we all know, were supported by every powerful forces, wielding the most deadly weapons of war, against poor people, armed largely only with their determination to resist injustice and evil. But both the Shah of Iran and the advocates of the philosophy of apartheid in South Africa failed, principlly because they transgressed God¨s own law regarding man¨s freedom, his dignity and the sacredness of his life, which is derived from God¨s own life.


Imam Khomeini (RA) added a new dimension to the freedom struggle in the Third World, namely the spiritual or moral dimension, why which Wrong or Evil had to be resisted, whatever the resource. Those who resisted Wrong or Evil, armed with Right of Good, coule not be defeated, as he and the people of Iran demonstrated. For Right or Good was founded on God¨s law, and, if God with us, who can be against us? All freedom seeking movements and other anti america movements even in latin America in the world are due to the idealogy of Islamic revolution of Iran the basis or foundation of which is on Karbala ideaology.


Influence of Karbala idealogy & Azaadari on Islamic Revolution:- Karbala ideaology influence can be seen from the below message of Imam Khomenei, and it is ray of hope for all oppressed movements of the world to get freedom and liberation if they want.


"Greetings unto the standard-bearer of the school of martyrdom. Greetings unto the ever-victorious oppressed of the history. Greetings and salutation upon Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his companions. And Greetings unto the True Children of the Ashura "Imam Khomeini and his disciples ".


In this compendium we have spread before the followers of the school of martyrdom the words of a great man who was a perfect example of an imitator-follower of the Master of Martyrs. A man who, in the dark night of oppression, hoisted the shining torch of martyrdom, raised the banners of uprising, eradicated the shame of silence and objection from the holy skirts of the vanguards of Imam Hussain's (a.s)blood-smeared Islam and once more, in the sovereignty of iron and steel, taught the barefooted and oppressed peoples of the world the slogans of "Either Victory or Martyrdom" and the "Triumph of Blood over the sword," and, in the end, overthrew the "Yazidi(Laeen)" rule of the time by the hands of a nation that had cherished their love for Ashura and the memory of the bloody event of Karbala in their heart by tears, blood and truthfulness, from generation to the next.


May his memory live forever, he who consistently used to testify that "Whatever we have, we have it by the blessings of Ashiira and Muharram! " We hope that lovers of the path of Husssain (a.s.) and those who ambulate in the footsteps of Khomeini will, as in the past, guard their honor of being the fore-runners in the uprising of the "Master of the Free" (Imam Hosein - a.s.) and of imitating his path and, by their auspicious presence in the impregnable bastion of "walayat" (leadership), remain firm in their defense of the Islamic Revolution and be true custodians of the priceless, divine trust, the Holy Order of the Islamic Republic until the advent of the universal extender of peace and the avowed avenger,


History has shown that no man, however powerful, that abuses and denigrates the dignity and sacredness of human life by persecutiong, depriving other human beings of freedom or by taking human life, gets away with these. The successful conclusion of the freedom struggle in Iran, launched and directed by Imam Khomeini (RA), and in South Africa, led by the Africa National Congress, for example, vindicated further the long-held belief that man¨s quest for freedom is invincible and laid bare the folly and futility of tampering with this.


Islamic Revolution of Iran is due to following Karbala idealogy practicaly & in today changing world when all the enemies of Islam (in the leadership of Yazed of the time Uncle Sam and its illegal terrorist son Israiel ) are united against Islam the Glorious victory of HizbAllah by going on the path and idealogy of Karbala is ray of hope for all freedom movements of the world that "If they consider Karbala as ideal then the success is waiting for them". So it is concluded that "khomeneisim" which is the path of following true Muhammadi Islam(Islam e Nab e Muhammadi


Let us pray for the arrival and revolution of the world savior Imam Mahdi(A.S) for whom the whole world is waiting and who will establish a government of Islam & balance society based on justice throughout the globe by punishing all the involved Yazedis in Karbala of all ages.


And it is written in the start of consituition of Islamic revolution of Iran that this Land of Iran is God gifted country and it will be return or be a part with the revolution of Awaited Global Saviour Hazrat Imam Mahdi(A.S) for whom the whole world is waiting.While according to many traditions and Holy sayings of Hazrat Muhammad family Ahlul-Bait(a.s) when Uprising movement in Middle East starts and Middle East is the attention of world then The Arrival and revolution of Awaited Global savior is very near Inshallah. If someone (reader) want to study more and more about Awaited Global savior hazrat Imam Mahdi(a.s) Arrival and Revolution he can watch and See the Website in forty International languages including English,Urdu,Persian Arabic etc at


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Essay Written Complied & Contributed

By:- S  H  Bangash


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URDU ESSAY:----------------------

ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÍÇáÇÊ ÇæÑ ÇãÑی˜À ˜Ç ÏæÛáÀ ä

ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÍÇáÇÊ

ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÍÇáÇÊ Óÿ ãÊÚáÞ ÇãÑی˜ی ͘Çã ˜ÿ ÑÏÚãá Óÿ Çä ͘Çã ˜ÿ ÏæÛáÿ ä ˜ی Ú˜ÇÓی ÀæÊی Àÿ ۔ ÊیæäÓ ãیŸ ÚæÇãی ãÙÇÀÑæŸ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ãᘠ˜ÿ ÕÏÑ Òیä ÇáÚÇÈÏیä Èä Úáی ˜ÿ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ÝÑÇÑ Àæäÿ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÒÔÊÀ Ïæ ÏäæŸ ãیŸ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÀÒÇÑæŸ ÔÀÑیæŸ äÿ ÏÇÑÇá͘æãÊ ÞÇÀÑÀ ÇæÑ äÏ ÏæÓÑÿ ÔÀÑæŸ ãیŸ ãÙÇÀÑÿ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÇÓ ãᘠ˜ÿ ˜ŠیŠÑ ÍÓäی ãÈÇј ˜ی ÈÑØÑÝی ˜Ç ãØÇáÈÀ ˜یÇ Àÿ۔ ÇãÑی˜À ÇæÑ äÏ ÏæÓÑÿ یæсی ããÇᘠäÿ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜ÿ Çä ãÙÇÀÑæŸ Ñ ǁäÿ ÑÏÚãá ˜یÇ ÇÙÀÇÑ ˜یÇ Àÿ۔ یæсی ÐÑÇÆÚ ÇÈáÇÛ ÌÓ ÇäÏÇÒ Óÿ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÍÇáÇÊ ˜æ ÈیÇä ˜Ñ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ÇÓ Óÿ ÊÀ áÊÇ Àÿ ˜À یæс ˜ÿ ÓیÇÓی ÇæÑ ÊÔÀیÑÇÊی ÍáÞÿ ÏÀÑی ÇáیÓی ÇÎÊیÇÑ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ãÕÑ ˜ی ÕæÑÊÍÇá ǁäÿ ÞÇÈæ ãیŸ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ Ïсÿ ÀیŸ۔ Çä ÍáÞæŸ äÿ Çی˜ ÌÇäÈ ãÙÇÀÑیä Ñ ÑæÇ Ñ˜ªÿ ÌÇäÿ æÇáÿ ÊÔÏÏ ˜ی ãÐãÊ ÇæÑ ãÕÑ ˜ی ͘æãÊ Óÿ ÇÕáÇÍÇÊ ˜ÿ ãØÇáÈÿ ˜ÿ ÐÑیÚÿ ǁäÿ  ˜æ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜Ç ÍÇãی ÙÇÀÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ˜æÔÔ ˜ی Àÿ ۔ ÇæÑ ÏæÓÑی ÌÇäÈ یÀ ÏÚæی ˜ÑÊÿ Àæۓ ¡ ˜À ãÕÑ ˜ی ͘æãÊ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ãØÇáÈÇÊ æÑÿ ˜ÑäÇ ÇÀÊی Àÿ ¡ ˜ªáÿ ÈäÏæŸ ÍÓäی ãÈÇј ˜ی ÍãÇیÊ ˜ی Àÿ۔ ÇÓ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ÇÑ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÍÇáÇÊ ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜ی æÒیÑ ÎÇÑÌÀ ÀáیÑی ˜áäŠä ˜ÿ ÈیÇäÇÊ ˜Ç ÌÇÆÒÀ áیÇ ÌÇۓ Êæ ãÕÑ ˜ی ÕæÑÊÍÇá ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜À ˜Ç ÏæÛáÇ ä æÇÖÍ ØæÑ Ñ ÓÇãäÿ ÂÌÇÊÇ Àÿ۔ ÑæÆŠÑÒ ˜ی сæÑŠ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ÀáیÑی ˜áäŠä äÿ Çی˜ ÌÇäÈ Çäÿ  ˜æ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ãÙÇÀÑیä ˜Ç ÍÇãی ÙÇÀÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ áۓ ˜ÀÇ Àÿ ˜À

Àã ÊãÇã áææŸ ˜ÿ áۓ ÂÒÇÏی ÇÙÀÇÑ ÇæÑ ÌáæÓ ä˜Çáäÿ˜ÿ ÈäیÇÏی ÍÞ ˜ی ÍãÇیÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ Àã یÀ ÇãیÏ Ñ˜ªÊÿ ÀیŸ ˜À ãÕÑ ãیŸ ÊãÇã ÝÑیÞ ÈÑÏÇÔÊ Óÿ ˜Çã áیŸ ÿ ÇæÑ ÊÔÏÏ Óÿ ÇÌÊäÇÈ ˜ÑیŸ ÿ۔ ÏæÓÑی ÌÇäÈ ÀáیÑی ˜áäŠä äÿ ÍÓäی ãÈÇј ˜ی ͘æãÊ ˜ی æÇÖÍ ÇáÝÇÙ ãیŸ ÍãÇیÊ ˜ÑÊÿ Àæۓ ˜ÀÇ Àÿ ˜À ÇãÑی˜À ÇÓ ÈÇÊ ˜Ç ÞÇÆá Àÿ ˜À Êیä ÚÔÑæŸ Óÿ ÈÑÓÑÇÞÊÏÇÑ ÍÓäی ãÈÇј ˜ی ͘æãÊ ˜æ ˜æÆí ÎØÑÀ áÇÍÞ äÀیŸ Àÿ ÇæÑ یÀ ͘æãÊ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ãØÇáÈÿ æÑÿ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ ÑÇÓÊæŸ ˜Ç ÌÇÆÒÀ áÿ  ÑÀی Àÿ۔

ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÍÇáÇÊ ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ ÏæÛáÿ ä ˜ÿ ÇÓÈÇÈ ˜æ Óã̪äÿ ˜ÿ áۓ ˜ã ÇÒ ˜ã ÒÔÊÀ Êیä ÚÔÑæŸ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ãÔÑÞ æÓØی Óÿ ãÊÚáÞ ÇãÑی˜ی ÇáیÓیæŸ ˜Ç ÌÇÆÒÀ áیÇ ÌÇäÇ ÈÀÊ ÖÑæÑی Àÿ ۔ ÇیÑÇä ãیŸ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ˜ÇãیÇÈی ÇæÑ ÎØÿ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ی ÌÇäÈ Óÿ ÇیÑÇäیæŸ ˜æ äãæäۂ Úãá ÈäÇۓ ÌÇäÿ ˜Ç Çã˜Çä ÇÓ ÈÍË ˜Ç äÞØۂ ÂÛÇÒ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÌÇ Ó˜ÊÇ Àÿ ۔ ÇáÈÊÀ ãÌãæÚی ØæÑ Ñ ˜ÀÇ ÌÇ Ó˜ÊÇ Àÿ˜À یæс äÿ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜Ç ÏÇÆÑÀ ÏæÓÑÿ ããÇᘠʘ Èšªäÿ ˜ی Ñæ˜ ÊªÇã ÇæÑ ÓÑÏ Ìä ˜ÿ ÒãÇäÿ ãیŸ ÓææیÊ یæäیä Ñ ÖÑÈ áÇäÿ ˜ÿ áۓ ØÇáÈÇä ÌیÓÿ ÇäÍÑÇÝی ÇæÑ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ ÌیÓÿ ÏÀÔʐÑÏ ÑæÀæŸ ˜æ ÑæÇä šªÇیÇ۔ ÇæÑ ªÑ ÌÈ ÇäÀی ÑæÀæŸ ˜ی æÌÀ Óÿ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ǁäÿ ãÝÇÏÇÊ ÎØÑÿ ãیŸ š ۓ ÇæÑ ÚÑÈ ããÇᘠ˜æ ÇäÊÀÇ ÓäÏی ˜Ç ÓÇãäÇ ˜ÑäÇ šÇ Êæ یæс äÿ ÚÙیã ÊÑ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ˜ÿ ãäÕæÈÿ ˜ÿ ÐÑیÚÿ ÕæÑÊÍÇá Ñ ÞÇÈæ ÇäÇ ÇÀÇ۔ ÚÙیã ÊÑ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ˜Ç ãäÕæÈÀ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ ÊÍÞیÞÇÊی ÇÏÇÑæŸ ˜ÿ ãÇÀÑیä äÿ ÊیÇÑ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÇãÑی˜ی ͘æãÊ äÿ Ȫی ÇÓ ˜ی ÊæËیÞ ˜ی ۔ یÀ ãäÕæÈÀ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ÎÇÕ ˜Ñ ÚÑÈ ããÇᘠãیŸ ÓãÇÌی ¡ ËÞÇÝÊی ¡ ÓیÇÓی ÇæÑ ÇÞÊÕÇÏی ãÞÇÕÏ Ñ ãÔÊãá Àÿ۔ ÇÓ ãäÕæÈÿ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ÌÈ Ê˜ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ãیŸ áææŸ ˜æ ÓیÇÓی ÇæÑ ÇÞÊÕÇÏی ÓѐÑãیæŸ Óÿ ÏæÑ Ñ˜ªÿ ÌÇäÿ ˜ی ÇáیÓی ÌÇÑی ÑÀÿ ی ÇæÑ ÇÞÊÏÇÑ ÎÇÕ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜ÿ ÀÇ滾٠ãیŸ ÑÀÿ Ç ÊÈ Ê˜ ÏÀÔʐÑÏÇäÀ ˜ÇÑÑæÇÆیæŸ ÇæÑ یæсی ããÇᘠ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÛیÑ ÞÇäæäی äÞá ã˜Çäی ˜Ç ÓáÓáÀ ÔÏÊ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÌÇÑی ÑÀÿ Ç۔ ÇÓی ÈäÇ Ñ یæсی ããÇᘠäÿ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ãیŸ ÓیÇÓی æ ÓãÇÌی ÇÕáÇÍÇÊ ˜ی ÈÇÊ ˜ی۔ áی˜ä یÀ ÈÇÊ Øÿ Àÿ ˜À ÇÑ æÇÞÚی ÚÑÈ ããÇᘠãیŸ ÍÞیÞی ÂÒÇÏی ÈÍÇá ÀæÊی Àÿ Êæ Çä ããÇᘠ˜ÿ áæ ÇÓáÇ㠁ÓäÏ ÌãÇÚÊæŸ ˜æ ÈÑÓÑÇÞÊÏÇÑ áÇÆíŸ ÿ ÌیÓÇ ˜À ÚÑÇÞ¡ áÈäÇä ÇæÑ ÝáÓØیä ãیŸ Àæ˜Ç Àÿ ۔ ÇÓ áۓ ÇÈ ÇیÓÇ áÊÇ Àÿ ˜À ÚÙیã ÊÑ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ˜Ç ãäÕæÈÀ ÈäÇäÿ æÇáÿ ÇÓ ãäÕæÈÿ ãیŸ ÊÑÇãیã ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ Çی˜ ÌÇäÈ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ãÙÇÀÑیä ˜ی ÍãÇیÊ  ˜Ç ÇÙÀÇÑ ˜Ñ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÏæÓÑی ÌÇäÈ ãÕÑ ˜ی ÍãÇیÊ ˜ÑÊÿ Àæۓ ÇÓ Í˜æãÊ Óÿ ãÚãæáی äæÚیÊ ˜ی ÇÕáÇÍÇÊ ˜Ç ãØÇáÈÀ ˜ÑÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ÊǘÀ ÇÓ ãᘠãیŸ Àæäÿ æÇáÿ ãÙÇÀÑæŸ ˜æ ÀÇÆí Ìی˜ ˜ÑÓ˜یŸ۔ ãÕÑ ˜ی ÕæÑÊÍÇá Óÿ ãÊÚáÞ ÇãÑی˜ی æÒیÑ ÎÇÑÌÀ ˜ÿ ãÊÖÇÏ ÈیÇäÇÊ ˜Ç Ȫی ÇÓی ÊäÇÙÑ ãیŸ ÌÇÆÒÀ áیÇ ÌÇäÇ ÇÀۓ





Çä ÓیÇÓی ÇÕáÇÍÇÊ ãیŸ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ÿ ÓیÇÓی ªÇäÿ ãیŸ ÈäیÇÏی ÊÈÏیáیÇŸ¡ ÇÑáیãÇäی ÇäÊÎÇÈÇÊ ˜Ç ÇäÚÞÇÏ¡ ÔÀÑی ÂÒÇÏی ¡ ÇãÊیÇÒ ÇæÑ ÊÝÑیÞ ˜Ç ÎÇÊãÀ ÇæÑ ÏæáÊ ˜ی ãäÕÝÇäÀ ÊÞÓیã ÔÇãá Àÿ۔ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ÿ Çä ÇÕáÇÍ ÓäÏæŸ äÿ ÝیÓ È˜ ˜ÿ ÐÑیÚÿ ǁäی یÀ ÊÍÑی˜ ÔÑæÚ ˜ی Àÿ ˜À ÌÓ ˜Ç äÚÑÀ Àÿ ÚæÇã ÓیÇÓی äÙÇã ãیŸ ÇÕáÇÍ ÇÀÊÿ ÀیŸ۔ Çä ÇÕáÇÍ ÓäÏæŸ äÿ ÈÇÑÀ ãØÇáÈÇÊ یÔ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ی ͘æãÊ Óÿ ãØÇáÈÀ ˜یÇ Àÿ ˜À æÀ ãᘠ˜ÿ ÓیÇÓی äÙÇã ãیŸ ÊÈÏیáیæŸ ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÌÇÆÒ ÇæÑ ÈÑÍÞ ãØÇáÈÇÊ ˜æ æÑÇ ˜Ñÿ۔
ÇÓ Óÿ ÞÈá Ȫی ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ÿ ÓÊÊÑ ÇÕáÇÍ ÓäÏæŸ äÿ ǁäÿ ÏÓÊÎØæŸ Óÿ Çی˜ ÎØ ÔÇÀ ÚÈÏÇááÀ ˜æ ȪیÌÇ ÊªÇ ÌÓ ãیŸ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ÿ ÓیÇÓی äÙÇã ãیŸ æÓیÚ یãÇäÿ Ñ ÈäیÇÏی ÊÈÏیáیæŸ ˜Ç ãØÇáÈÀ ˜یÇ íÇ ÊªÇ۔ ÇÓ ÎØ ãیŸ ÔÇÀی ÎÇäÏÇä ˜Ç ˜ÑÏÇÑ ãÍÏæÏ ˜Ñäÿ¡ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ææŠæŸ Óÿ ãäÊÎÈ Àæäÿ æÇáی ÇÑáی㊠˜ی ÊÔ˜یá ÇæÑ ÔÇÀی ÎÇäÏÇä Óÿ ÈÇÀÑ ˜ÿ ˜Óی ÝÑÏ ˜Ç æÒیÑÇÚÙã ˜ی ÍیËیÊ Óÿ ÇäÊÎÇÈ ÌیÓÿ ãØÇáÈÇÊ ÔÇãá ʪÿ۔ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ãیŸ ÈÑÓæŸ Óÿ ÑæÇیÊی ÈÇÏÔÇÀی ͘æãÊ ÞÇÆã Àÿ ÇæÑ ÈÇÏÔÇÀÊ ÚÈÏÇáÚÒیÒ ˜ÿ ÈیŠæŸ ãیŸ ÈÇÑی ÈÇÑی ªæã ÑÀی Àÿ۔ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ی ÏæáÊ Ñ ÔÇÀی ÎÇäÏÇä ˜ÿ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜Ç ÞÈÖÀ Àÿ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ãᘠãیŸ ÇãÊیÇÒی Óáæ˜ ÇæÑ äÇÇäÕÇÝی ˜Ç ÏæÑ ÏæÑÀ Àÿ۔ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ãیŸ ÏÓ Óÿ äÏÑÀ ÝیÕÏ ÂÈÇÏی ÇÀá ÊÔیÚ ˜ی Àÿ ÇæÑ یÀ ãᘠ˜ÿ Çä ØÈÞÇÊ ãیŸ ÔÇãá Àÿ ˜À Ìä ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÀÑ ÔÚÈÿ ãیŸ ÇãÊیÇÒی Óáæ˜ ÇæÑ Ùáã æ äÇÇäÕÇÝی Àæ ÑÀی Àÿ۔ ÒÔÊÀ ÏäæŸ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ی ÌیáæŸ ãیŸ ÞیÏ ÔیÚÀ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜ÿ ÇÀá ÎÇäÀ äÿ ÌیáæŸ ãیŸ ÔیÚÀ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ äÇãäÇÓÈ ÇæÑ ÛیÑÇäÓÇäی Óáæ˜ Ñ æÒÇÑÊ ÏÇÎáÀ ˜ی ÚãÇÑÊ ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ ÇÍÊÌÇÌی ϪÑäÇ ÏیÇ ÌÈ ˜À ÏæÓÑی ÌÇäÈ ÇäÓÇäی ÍÞæÞ ˜ی ÚÇáãی ÊäÙیãæŸ äÿ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ ˜ی ͘æãÊ Óÿ ãØÇáÈÀ ˜یÇ Àÿ ˜À æÀ ÔÀÑیæŸ ˜ÿ ÍÞæÞ ˜Ç ÇÍÊÑÇã ˜Ñÿ۔
ÇÓ æÞÊ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ÇæÑ ÔãÇáی ÇÝÑیÞÀ ˜ÿ ããÇᘠãیŸ Çی˜ äÆí ÕæÑÊ ÍÇá یÏÇ Àæ ˜ی Àÿ ÇæÑ ÚáÇÞÿ ãیŸ ÇÓÊÈÏÇÏی äÙÇãæŸ ˜ÿ ÎáÇÝ ÚæÇã ÇŠª ˜ªšÿ ÀæÆÿ ÀیŸ۔ ǐэÀ ÇÓ ØæÝÇä ˜ی áÀÑیŸ ÇȪی ʘ ÓÚæÏی ÚÑÈ äÀیŸ Àäی ÀیŸ áی˜ä ÇیÓÇ áÊÇ Àÿ ÊیÒ ÀæÇÄŸ ˜ÿ ̪˜š áäÇ ÔÑæÚ Àæ Æÿ ÀیŸ۔ ÇÓ ÈÇÊ ãیŸ ˜æÆí Ô˜ æÔÈÀ äÀیŸ Àÿ ˜À ÇÕáÇÍ ÓäÏæŸ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ Óÿ ÓیÇÓی äÙÇã ãیŸ ÇÕáÇÍÇÊ ˜Ç ãØÇáÈÀ ÇÓ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ÇŠªÇیÇ ÌÇäÿ æÇáÇ ÀáÇ ÞÏã Àÿ۔
یÀ ÈÇÊ ÊÓáیã ÔÏÀ Àÿ ˜À Çی˜ ÔÎÕ ˜ی ÎæÇÀÔÇÊ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ãᘠ˜ÿ ÇäÊÙÇã Ñ ÇÈ ÚæÇã ÑÇÖی äÀیŸ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÚÑÈ ããÇᘠ˜ÿ Íã˜ÑÇäæŸ ˜ÿ ÇÓ ÇÈ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÓæÇ ˜æÆí ÇÑÀ äÀیŸ Àÿ ˜À æÀ ÓیÇÓی äÙÇã ãیŸ ÇÕáÇÍÇÊ ˜ÿ ÚæÇãی ãØÇáÈÇÊ Ñ ÊæÌÀ ÏیŸ ÇæÑ ÚÑÈ ããÇᘠãیŸ Çی˜ ˜ªáی ÓیÇÓی ÝÖÇ ÞÇÆã ˜ÑیŸ۔


ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ÂیÊ ÇááÀ ÇáÚÙãی ÓیÏ Úáی ÎÇãäÀ Çی äÿ ÊÀÑÇä ˜ی ãјÒی äãÇÒ ÌãÚÀ ãیŸ ãÄãä æ ÇäÞáÇÈی ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÚÙیã ÇáÔÇä ÇÌÊãÇÚ ãیŸ ÇãÓÇá ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÓÇáÑÀ ˜æ ÐÔÊÀ ÈÑÓæŸ Óÿ ãÎÊáÝ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ äÊیÌÿ ãیŸ ÇäÌÇ㠁Çäÿ æÇáی ÈäیÇÏی ÇæÑ ÀÑی ÊÈÏیáیæŸ ˜ی æÖÇÍÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À Þæã ˜ی ÇÆíÏÇÑی ˜ی ÈÑ˜Ê Óÿ یÀ ÊÈÏیáیÇŸ Çä æÑÿ ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ÌÇÑی ÑÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÂÌ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ÔãÇáی ÇÝÑیÞÀ ˜ÿ ÊÇÒÀ æÇÞÚÇÊ ÇæÑ ÎÇÕ ØæÑ Ñ ãÕÑ ÇæÑ ÊیæäÓ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ãیŸ ÇÓáÇãی ÈیÏÇÑی ˜ی Ô˜á ãیŸ ǁäی ÈÑÓæŸ ˜ی ÌÏæÌÀÏ ˜ÿ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ǁäی ãÙáæãÇäÀ ãÑ ãÞÊÏÑÇäÀ ÕÏÇ ˜ی ÈÇҐÔÊ ˜Ç ãÔÇÀÏÀ ˜Ñ ÑÀی Àÿ۔



ÇÈäÇ: ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ äãÇÒ ÌãÚÀ ˜ÿ Àáÿ ÎØÈÿ ãیŸ ÊÀÑÇä یæäیæÑÓŠی ãیŸ ÇæÑ ÊãÇã ãáÍÞÀ Óš˜æŸ Ñ ÕÝ äãÇÒ ãیŸ ÈیŠªÿ Èÿ ÔãÇÑ äãÇÒیæŸ Óÿ ÎØÇÈ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÇیÑÇä ˜ÿ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ Óÿ ÞÈá ˜ÿ ÍÇáÇÊ ÇæÑ ÏäیÇ ˜ÿ ÓیÇÓی ÇãæÑ Ñ ÇÓ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÇËÑÇÊ ˜Ç ÊÌÒیÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÏäیÇ ˜ی ÇÓÊÈÏÇÏی ÇæÑ ÇÓʘÈÇÑی ØÇÞÊæŸ äÿ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ˜ÿ ÇäÊÀÇÆی ÇÀã ÇæÑ ÓæÞ ÇáÌیÔی ÇÀãیÊ ˜ÿ ÍÇãá ÚáÇÞÿ ãیŸ ǁäÿ ãÝÇÏÇÊ ˜ÿ ÍÕæá ˜ÿ áÆÿ Èšی ÈÇÑی˜ Èیäی Óÿ ãäÕæÈÿ ÊیÇÑ ˜Æÿ ʪÿ ÇæÑ ÈÑÓæŸ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ÇÓ ãäÕæÈÿ Ñ ˜ÇãیÇÈی Óÿ ÚãáÏÑÂãÏ Èªی ˜یÇ áی˜ä ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ˜ÇãیÇÈی äÿ Çä ˜ÿ ÓÇÑÿ ãäÕæÈæŸ ˜æ ÏÑÀã ÈÑÀã ˜Ñ ÏیÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ÂíÊ ÇááÀ ÇáÚÙãی ÎÇãäÀ Çی äÿ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ Óÿ ÞÈá ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÓÇãÑÇÌ ˜ÿ ãäÕæÈÿ ˜ی ÎÕæÕیÇÊ ÈیÇä ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ˜ãÒæÑ ÇæÑ Çی˜ ÏæÓÑÿ ˜ÿ ÏÔãä ããÇᘠÌä ˜ÿ ͘Çã ãÛÑÈ ˜ÿ ãÀÑÿ À柡 ÇیÓÿ ããÇᘠÌæ ÇÞÊÕÇÏی áÍÇÙ Óÿ ãÍÖ ÕÇÑÝ ÇæÑ Úáãی ãیÏÇä ãیŸ ÓãÇäÏÀ¡ ËÞÇÝÊی ãیÏÇä ãیŸ ãÛÑÈ ˜ÿ äÞÔ ÞÏã Ñ áäÿ æÇáÿ¡ ÝæÌی áÍÇÙ Óÿ äÇÊæÇŸ¡ ÇÎáÇÞی áÍÇÙ Óÿ Èÿ ÑÇÀÑæ ÇæÑ ÇäÍØÇØ ˜Ç Ô˜ÇÑ ÇæÑ ãÐÀÈی ÇÚÊÈÇÑ Óÿ ÈÇá˜á ÓØÍی Ý˜Ñ æÇáÿ ÇæÑ ãÐÀÈ ˜æ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜ی ÐÇÊی ÍÏ Ê˜ ãÍÏæÏ Ñ˜ªäÿ æÇáÿ À柡 یÀ æÀ ÎÕæÕیÇÊ ÀیŸ Ìæ ÓÇãÑÇÌ äÿ ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ˜ÿ ãá˜æŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ãÚیä ˜ی ʪیŸ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ Çä ÍÇáÇÊ ãیŸ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی Ô˜á ãیŸ Àæäÿ æÇáÿ ÚÙیã Ϫãǘÿ ÇæÑ ÇãÇã Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ ˜ی Ô˜á ãیŸ ÚÏیã ÇáãËÇá¡ ãÏÈÑ¡ ÝÞیÀ¡ ãÌÇÀÏ¡ ÔÌÇÚ¡ Ì昪ã ÇŠªÇäÿ æÇáÿ¡ ÀÑÇ ÇËÑ Ñ˜ªäÿ æÇáÿ ÚÇáã Ïیä ˜ÿ ÙÀæÑ ˜æ ÇÓŠÑیŠی̘ ÇÀãیÊ ˜ÿ ÍÇãá ãÔÑÞ æÓØی ˜ÿ ÚáÇÞÿ ãیŸ ãÛÑÈ ˜ÿ ÊãÇã ÇäÏÇÒæŸ ÇæÑ ãäÕæÈæŸ ˜ÿ ÏÑÀã ÈÑÀã Àæ ÌÇäÿ ˜Ç ÈÇÚË ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ ÚÙیã ÇäÓÇä ˜Ç ÙÀæÑ¡ ãæÌæϐی ÇæÑ ÊÑÈیÊ ÍÞیÞÊ ãیŸ ˜ÇÑ ÎÏÇ ÊªÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ˜ی ÈیÏÇÑی¡ ÂãÇϐی ÇæÑ Çä ˜ی ÌÇäÈ Óÿ ÇãÇã Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ ˜ی Èÿ ÏÑیÛ ÍãÇیÊ ˜æ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ ˜Ç ãÞÏãÀ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜ی ÈÞÇÁ ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ÇãÇã (Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ) ÇæÑ ÚæÇã ˜ÀÓÇÑ ˜ی ãÇääÏ ÇãÑÏی Óÿ ˜ªšÿ Àæ Æÿ۔ ªÑ ÏÔãä äÿ áǘª ˜æÔÔ ˜ی áی˜ä ÇÓ ÚÙیã ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜æ ãäÍÑÝ یÇ Ô˜ÓÊ Óÿ ÏæÇÑ äÀیŸ ˜Ñ Ó˜Ç۔  äÿ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜æ Ô˜ÓÊ Óÿ ÏæÇÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ÏÔãä ˜ی ÓÇÒÔæŸ ˜ی یÇÏ ÏÀÇäی ˜ÑÇÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÒÔÊÀ ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ˜ی ̪šæŸ¡ ÞæãیÊی ÌäæŸ¡ ÈÛÇæÊ¡ Šª ÓÇáÀ ãÓáØ ˜ÑÏÀ Ì䐡 ÇÞÊÕÇÏی ÇÈäÏیæŸ ÇæÑ ÈáÇ æÞÝÀ ÌÇÑی äÝÓیÇÊی Ìä ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À Çä ÊãÇã ÇÞÏÇãÇÊ ˜ÿ ÐÑیÚÿ ÏÔãä äÿ Êیä ÈäیÇÏی ÀÏÝ ÍÇÕá ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ˜æÔÔ ˜ی۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜Ç ÓÞæØ ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی ÌãÀæÑی äÙÇã ˜ی ÓÑäæäی ˜æ ÒÔÊÀ ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ÏÔãä ˜Ç ÓÈ Óÿ ÇÀã ÀÏÝ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ۔  äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À äÙÇã ˜ÿ ÎÇÊãÿ ãیŸ äǘÇãی ˜ی ÕæÑÊ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜Ç ˜Ç ÏæÓÑÇ ÀÏÝ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ãÇÀیÊ ˜æ ÊÈÏیá ˜Ñ ÏیäÇ ÊªÇ۔ یÚäی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜Ç ی˜Ñ ÇæÑ ÙÇÀÑی Ô˜á Êæ ÈÇÞی ÑÀÿ áی˜ä ÇÓ ˜ی ÑæÍ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜Ç ÈÇØä ÖÇÆÚ Àæ ÌÇÆÿ۔  äÿ ÓäÀ Ïæ ÀÒÇÑ äæ ˜ÿ ÝÊäæŸ ˜æ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜æ ÏÑæŸ ˜Ñ Ïیäÿ ˜ی ÏÔãä ˜ی ÊÇÒÀ ÊÑیä ÓÇÒÔ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ ÝÊäÿ ˜ÿ ãäÕæÈÀ ÓÇÒ¡ ÇáیÓی ÓÇÒ ÇæÑ ÀÏÇیÊ ˜ÇÑ ÓÑÍÏæŸ ˜ÿ ÈÇÀÑ Êªÿ ÇæÑ ÇÈ Èªی ÀیŸ ÌȘÀ ˜ª áæ ãÝÇÏ ÑÓÊی ÇæÑ ãÞÇã æ ãäÕÈ ˜ÿ áÇ፠ãیŸ Çä ˜ی ÓÇÒÔæŸ ˜ÿ ÇÓیÑ Èä Æÿ ÇæÑ ÏÇäÓÊÀ یÇ äÇÏÇäÓÊÀ ØæÑ Ñ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ÊÚÇæä Ȫی ˜یÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÇÓʘÈÇÑی ØÇÞÊæŸ ˜ÿ ÊیÓÑÿ ÀÏÝ ˜ی ÊÔÑیÍ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ÝیÕáÀ ˜یÇ ÊªÇ ˜À Çä ˜ی ÊãÇã ˜æÔÔæŸ ˜ÿ ÈÇæÌæÏ Èªی ÇÑ ÇÓáÇãی äÙÇã ÈÇÞی ÑÀ ÌÇÆÿ Êæ ˜ãÒæÑ ÞæÊ ÇÑÇÏی æÇáÿ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜æ Ìä Ñ ÂÓÇäی Óÿ ÇËÑ ÇäÏÇÒ ÀæÇ ÌÇ Ó˜ÊÇ Àÿ ãᘠ˜ÿ ÈäیÇÏی ÇãæÑ ãیŸ ÇÕáی ÝÑیÞ ˜ی ÍیËیÊ Óÿ یÔ ˜ÑیŸ ÇæÑ ÇیÓÇ äÙÇã ÊÔ˜یá ÏیŸ Ìæ ˜ãÒæÑ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇŸ ÈÑÏÇÑ Àæ ÇæÑ ÇãÑی˜Ç ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ ÓÑ ÇŠªÇäÿ ˜ی ÀãÊ äÀ јªÊÇ Àæ۔
 äÿ ÇیÑÇä ˜ÿ ÈیÏÇÑ ÚæÇã¡ ãᘠãیŸ ããÊÇÒ ÀÓÊیæŸ ÇæÑ Çªÿ ͘Çã ˜ÿ æÌæÏ ˜æ ÊãÇã ÇÀÏÇÝ æ ãÞÇÕÏ ãیŸ ÏÔãä ˜ی Ô˜ÓÊ ˜Ç ÈÇÚË ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇäÞáÇÈ äÿ ǁäی ÀÑÇÆی ÇæÑ ÎÇÕ ãÇÀیÊ ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ Ñ ãᘠãیŸ Èšی ÈäیÇÏی ÊÈÏیáیÇŸ ˜یŸ ÇæÑ ÇãÇã (Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ) ÇæÑ ÚæÇã äÿ ÇÊäÿ ãÖÈæØ ÓÊæä ÞÇÆã ˜Ñ ÏÆÿ ˜À یÀ ÚÙیã ÊÍÑی˜ ÌÇÑی ÑÀی ÇæÑ ÂÆäÏÀ Ȫی ÌÇÑی ÑÀÿ ی۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ÂíÊ ÇááÀ ÇáÚÙãی ÎÇãäÀ Çی äÿ ÇیÑÇä ãیŸ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÑæäãÇ Àæäÿ æÇáÿ ÀÑÿ ÇæÑ ÇÓÇÓی ÊÛیÑÇÊ ˜ی æÖÇÍÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÂãÑ Àáæی ͘æãÊ ˜ی ÇÓáÇã ÏÔãäی ˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇäÞáÇÈ äÿ ÇÓ ÇáیÓی ˜æ ی˜ÓÑ ÊÈÏیá ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÇÓáÇã ˜æ ãᘠÇæÑ ãÚÇÔÑÿ ˜ÿ äÙã æ äÓÞ ˜Ç ãÍæÑ ÈäÇ ÏیÇ۔
ÇãÑی˜Ç ÇæÑ ÈÑØÇäیÀ Óÿ Àáæی ͘æãÊ ˜ی ÔÏیÏ æÇÈÓʐی ÇæÑ Çä Ñ ÇäÍÕÇÑ ˜Ç ÎÇÊãÀ ÇæÑ ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ÇیÑÇä ˜æ ÓیÇÓی ÂÒÇÏی ˜ÿ ã˜ãá äãæäÿ ãیŸ ÊÈÏیá ˜ÑäÇ Èªی ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ˜ÿ ÈÞæá ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜Ç ÇÀã ËãÑÀ ʪÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À یÀ ÎæÏ ãÎÊÇÑی ÇæÑ ÓیÇÓی æÞÇÑ ÞæãæŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÈÀÊ ÌÇÐÈ äÙÑ Àÿ¡ äÇäÀ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÊÆیŸ ÞæãæŸ ˜ÿ ÎÇÕ ÇÍÊÑÇã ˜ی Çی˜ Èšی æÌÀ یÀی ÇÀã ÍÞیÞÊ Àÿ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ Àáæی ÏæÑ ãیŸ ÓáØäÊی äÙÇã ÇæÑ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ˜Óی Ȫی ØÑÍ ˜ÿ ˜ÑÏÇÑ ˜ÿ ÝÞÏÇä ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ Ïیäی ÌãÀæÑیÊ¡ ͘æãÊ ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ ÞÑÇÑ ÇÆی ÇæÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ Óÿ ÞÈá ˜ÿ ÏæÑ ˜ÿ ÈÑÎáÇÝ ÌÈ Í˜æãÊ ãæÑæËی ÀæÇ ˜ÑÊÇ ÊªÇ¡ ÚæÇã ˜ی ÑÇÆÿ ͘æãÊ ˜ی ÊÔ˜یá ãیŸ ÝیÕáÀ ˜ä ËÇÈÊ ÀæÆی۔
 äÿ ÇäÞáÇÈ Óÿ ÞÈá ˜ی ÂãÑÇäÀ ͘æãÊ ˜ی یÇÏÏÀÇäی ˜ÑÇÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ äÿ ÊäÞیÏ¡ ÇÕáÇÍ¡ ÇäÊÈÇÀ Èá˜À ãÎÇáÝÊ ÇæÑ ÇÚÊÑÇÖ ˜Ç ÏÑæÇÒÀ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ áÆÿ ˜ªæá ÏیÇ ÇæÑ یÀ ÓáÓáÀ ÒÔÊÀ ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ ãیŸ ÈÏÓÊæÑ ÌÇÑی ÑÀÇ Àÿ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ Úáãی ÕáÇÍیÊæŸ ˜ÿ ÊیÞä ÇæÑ Þæãی ÎæÏ ãÎÊÇÑی ˜æ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÏیÑ ÇÀã ËãÑÇÊ ãیŸ ÔãÇÑ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ Óÿ ÞÈá ãᘠÓÇÆäÓ æ Š˜äÇáæÌی ˜ÿ ãیÏÇä ãیŸ æÑی ØÑÍ ãÛÑÈ Ñ ãäÍÕÑ ÊªÇ áی˜ä ÇÈ ÓÇÆäÓ æ Š˜äÇáæÌی ˜ÿ ãیÏÇä ãیŸ ÍیÑÊ ÇäیÒ ÊÑÞی ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÓÇʪ ãᘠ˜ÿ ÇÓ ãÎÊáÝ ÔÚÈæŸ ãیŸ ÇیÓÿ ÚÙیã ÇæÑ ããÊÇÒ äæÌæÇä ÓÇÆäÓÏÇŸ ãæÌæÏ ÀیŸ Ìæ ÚÇáãی ÓØÍ Ñ ˜ã äÙیÑ ÀیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ ˜Ç Çی˜ ÇæÑ ËãÑÀ ÚáÇÞÇÆی ÇæÑÚÇáãی ãÓÇÆá ãیŸ ÇیÑÇä ˜ی ãæËÑ æÒیÔä Àÿ۔  äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ æÞÊ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ˜ی ÚÒÊ æ ÚÙãÊ ÇæÑ ÚÇáãی æ ÚáÇÞÇÆی ÇãæÑ ãیŸ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÇËÑ æ ÑÓæÎ äÿ ÏÔãäæŸ ˜æ ãÈÀæÊ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ æÀ Ȫی ÇÈ ÀãیÔÀ ÇیÑÇä ˜ÿ ÇËÑ æ äÝæÐ ˜ی ÈÇÊیŸ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀیŸ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ËÞÇÝÊی ãیÏÇä ãیŸ (ãÛÑÈ ˜ی) ˜æÑÇäÀ ÊÞáیÏ Óÿ äÌÇÊ ˜æ Ȫی ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜Ç ÇÀã ËãÑÀ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãᘠÇä ÎÕæÕیÇÊ ÇæÑ ÈäیÇÏæŸ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÏäیÇ ãیŸ äÆی ÊÀÐیÈ ˜Ç ÈÇäی Èä Ó˜ÊÇ Àÿ۔
 äÿ ÏäیÇ ˜ی ÏیÑ ÞæãæŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÇÓáÇãی ÌãÀæÑیÀ ˜ÿ یÔÑÝÊÀ ÚæÇãی ÂÆیä ˜ی äãæäÀ Úãá ÞÑÇÑ Çäÿ ˜ی ÕáÇÍیÊ ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی ÌãÀæÑیÀ ˜ی Úáãی¡ ÓیÇÓی¡ ãÚÇÔی ÇæÑ ÝæÌی ˜ÇãیÇÈیæŸ ˜ÿ Ñ˜ÔÔ Ñی˜Çя ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ Çی˜ ãÛÑÈی ÚÀÏÀ ÏÇÑ ˜ÿ ÈیÇä ˜Ç ÍæÇáÀ ÏیÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À Þæã ˜ÿ ÏÔãäæŸ ˜ی ÎáÇÝ æÑÒیæŸ ˜ÿ ÈÇæÌæÏ یÀ یÒ æÞæÚ ÐیÑ ÀæÆی ÇæÑ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ãÎÊáÝ ãیÏÇäæŸ ãیŸ ÞæãæŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ äãæäÀ Úãá Èä Æی۔  äÿ ÏæÓÑæŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی ÌãÀæÑیÀ ˜ÿ äãæäÀ Úãá ÞÑÇÑ Çäÿ ãیŸ ãÛÑÈ ˜ی ÈÚÖ ÛáØیæŸ ˜æ Ȫی ãæËÑ ÈÊÇÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ˜ÿ ÇیŠãی ÍÞæÞ ÓáÈ ˜Ñäÿ Ñ Çä ˜ÿ ÇÕÑÇÑ ˜ÿ äÊیÌÿ ãیŸ Þæã ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی äÙÇã ˜ÿ ͘Çã ˜ی ÇÆیÏÇÑی ÇæÑ Èšª Æی ÇæÑ ÓÇÑی ÏäیÇ ˜æ ãÚáæã Àæ یÇ ˜À ÇیÑÇä ÇیŠãی ÔÚÈÿ ãیŸ ÛیÑ ãÊæÞÚ ˜ÇãیÇÈیÇŸ ÍÇÕá ˜Ñ ˜Ç Àÿ ÇæÑ ˜æÆی Ȫی ÏÈÇÄ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ˜æ ÓÇÆی Ñ ãÌÈæÑ äÀیŸ ˜Ñ Ó˜ÊÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÇیÑÇä ˜æ یŠÑæá ˜ی ÝÑæÎÊ Ñ ãÛÑÈ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ Óÿ áÇÆی ÌÇäÿ æÇáی ÇÈäÏی ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ ˜ÿ äÊیÌÿ ãیŸ ãᘠ˜ÿ ͘Çã äÿ ÇæÑ Èªی ÓäÌیϐی Óÿ یŠÑæá ˜ی یÏÇæÇÑ ãیŸ ÎæÏ ÇäÍÕÇÑی ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÓæäÇ ÔÑæÚ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ¡ äÇäÀ ͘Çã ˜ی сæÑŠæŸ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ãᘠÇÓ ÓÇá äæ ÝÑæÑی (ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ ˜ی ÓÇáÑÀ) ʘ یŠÑæá ÏÑÂãÏ ˜Ñäÿ Óÿ ã˜ãá ØæÑ Ñ Èÿ äیÇÒ Àæ ÌÇÆÿ Ç Èá˜À یŠÑæá ÈÑÂãÏ ˜Ñäÿ Ñ Ȫی ÞÇÏÑ ÀæÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ãÛÑÈ ˜ی Çی˜ ÇæÑ Èšی ÛáØی ÇیÑÇä Ñ ÝæÌی ÓÇÒ æ ÓÇãÇä ˜ی ÇÈäÏی ÚÇÆÏ ˜ÑäÇ ÇæÑ ÇیÑÇä ˜ÿ ÀãÓÇیÀ ãá˜æŸ ãیŸ ÇäÊÀÇ ÓäÏ ÇÓáÇãی ÊäÙیãæŸ ˜ی ÊÔ˜یá ʪی۔ ˜یæä˜À یÀ ÇÞÏÇãÇÊ ÂÎјÇÑ ÇیÑÇä ˜ی ÊÞæیÊ Ñ ãäÊÌ ÀæÆÿ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÓäÀ Ïæ ÀÒÇÑ äæ ˜ÿ ÝÊäÿ ãیŸ Ȫی ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ÇÊäÇ ÀäÇãÀ ãÇیÇ ˜À ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ãیÏÇä ãیŸ ÇÊÑ šی ÇæÑ ÊیÓ ÏÓãÈÑ ˜æ (ÇÓáÇãی äÙÇã ˜ی ÍãÇیÊ ãیŸ ãá˜ ÈªÑ ãیŸ ä˜áäÿ æÇáی ÑیáیæŸ ˜ÿ ÐÑیÚÿ) Çی˜ äÆی ÊÇÑیÎ ÑÞã ˜Ñ Ïی Æی۔  äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ˜æÆی Ȫی ÇäÞáÇÈ ÏæÓÑæŸ Ñ ÇÓی æÞÊ ÇËÑ ÇäÏÇÒ ÀæÊÇ Àÿ ÌÈ ÇÓ ãیŸ ˜ª ÇäÝÑÇÏی ÎÕæÕیÇÊ ÀæŸ ÇæÑ Çä ãیŸ Ȫی ÓÈ Óÿ ÎÇÕ ÇÓÊÞÇãÊ æ ÇÆíÏÇÑی Àÿ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÎÕæÕیÇÊ ÇæÑ ÇÀã ÇÕæáæŸ ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ Þæã ÇæÑ äÙÇã ˜ی ËÇÈÊ ÞÏãی ˜ی æÖÇÍÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÂÛÇÒ Óÿ Àی ÇãÇã (Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ) ÇæÑ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä äÿ ÇÓ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÇÓáÇãی Àæäÿ Ñ ÒæÑ ÏیÇ áی˜ä ÚÇáãی ÓØÍ Ñ ˜ª áææŸ äÿ یÀ ÔæÑ ãÇäÇ ÔÑæÚ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ ˜À ÇÓáÇãیÊ¡ ÌãÀæÑیÊ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÌãÚ äÀیŸ Àæ Ó˜Êی ÊÇÀã ÇãÇã (Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ) ÇæÑ ÚæÇã Çä ÀäÇãÀ ÂÑÇÆیæŸ Ñ ÊæÌÀ ÏÆÿ ÈÛیÑ Çäÿ ãæÞÝ Ñ Šÿ ÑÀÿ ÇæÑ ÇÚáÇä ˜Ñ ÏیÇ ˜À ÀãÇÑÇ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی Àÿ ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی Àی ÑÀÿ Ç۔  äÿ ãÚÇÔÑÿ ãیŸ ÇÓáÇãی ÝÖÇ ÇæÑ ãÇÍæá ˜ی ÈÞÇÁ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ æÞÊ ÇÓáÇãی ãÇÍæá ÇÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ æÞÊ ˜ی äÓÈÊ ÒیÇÏÀ äÀیŸ Àÿ Êæ ˜ã ÇÒ ˜ã ÇÓ ÏæÑ ˜ی ãÇääÏ ÖÑæÑ Àÿ ÇæÑ ÂÌ ÀãÇÑÿ ÞÇÈá ÊÚÑیÝ äæÌæÇä ÇÓ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÏæÑ ˜ÿ ÈÚÖ áææŸ Óÿ ÈÀÊ Âÿ ÀیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÒÔÊÀ ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ãÚÇÔÑÿ ˜æ ÇÓáÇãی ãÇÍæá Óÿ ÏæÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ÈÚÖ ÍáÞæŸ ˜ی äǘÇã ˜æÔÔæŸ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÚæÇã ÇæÑ ÚÀÏÀ ÏÇÑ ÇÓáÇã Ñ ËÇÈÊ ÞÏã ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÂÆäÏÀ Ȫی ÑÀیŸ ÿ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÌãÀæÑیÊ ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ËÇÈÊ ÞÏãی ˜æ Ȫی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÎÕæÕیÇÊ ˜ÿ ãÍÝæÙ ÑÀäÿ ˜ی Çی˜ Ïáیá ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇãÇã (Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ) äÿ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ˜ÇãیÇÈی ˜ÿ Àáÿ Ïä Óÿ Àی ÊǘیÏ ÝÑãÇÆی ˜À ÚæÇã ǁäی ÑÇÆÿ ˜Ç ÇÙÀÇÑ ˜ÑیŸ ÇæÑ íÀ یÒ ÊãÇã ÇãæÑ ÇæÑ ÇäÊÎÇÈÇÊ ãیŸ ÂÌ Ê˜ ÌÇÑی Àÿ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÒÔÊÀ ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ ãیŸ ãᘠãیŸ ÊیÓ ÇäÊÎÇÈÇÊ ˜ÿ ÇäÚÞÇÏ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À Ìä ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ÈãæŸ ÇæÑ ãیÒÇÆáæŸ ˜ی ÈÇÑÔ ãیŸ Ȫی ÇäÊÎÇÈÇÊ Çی˜ Ïä Ȫی ãæÎÑ äÀیŸ ÀæÆÿ ÇæÑ یÀ ÌãÀæÑیÊ ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ËÇÈÊ ÞÏãی ˜Ç ÍÞیÞی ãÝÀæã Àÿ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ÂیÊ ÇááÀ ÇáÚÙãی ÎÇãäÀ Çی äÿ ÇᐠÇᐠÏæÑ ˜ÿ ÕÏÇÑÊی ÇäÊÎÇÈÇÊ ãیŸ ÇᐠÇᐠÓیÇÓی Ý˜Ñ ˜ÿ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜ی ˜ÇãیÇÈی ˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ Þæã ˜ی ÑÇÆÿ ˜ÿ ÀÑÿ ÇËÑ æ ÑÓæÎ ˜ی æÖÇÍÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜æ ãäÕæÈ یÇ ãÚÒæá ˜Ñäÿ ˜Ç ÇÎÊیÇÑ Ñ˜ªäÿ æÇáی ãÇÀÑیä ˜ی ˜æäÓá ˜ÿ ÇäÊÎÇÈÇÊ Óÿ áی˜Ñ ÕÏÇÑÊی¡ ÇÑáیãÇäی ÇæÑ ÈáÏیÇÊی ÇäÊÎÇÈÇÊ Ê˜ ÓÈ ˜ª ÚæÇã ˜ی ÑÇÆÿ Ñ ãäÍÕÑ Àÿ۔
ÓãÇÌی ÇäÕÇÝ ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ Ȫی ÇÓÊÞÇãÊ æ ÇÆیÏÇÑی ˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÓãÇÌی ÇäÕÇÝ ˜ÿ ÞیÇã ˜æ ÏæÓÑÿ ÊãÇã ÇãæÑ Óÿ ÒیÇÏÀ ãÔ˜á ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãᘠÇÓ æÞÊ ÌÓ ãÞÇã Ñ Àÿ æÀ ÇÓ ÇäÕÇÝ Óÿ ÈÀÊ یªÿ Àÿ ÌÓ ˜Ç ͘ã ÇÓáÇã äÿ ÏیÇ Àÿ ÊÇÀã ÇÀã ÈÇÊ یÀ Àÿ ˜À ÓãÇÌی ÇäÕÇÝ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ یÔÑæی ÈÏÓÊæÑ ÌÇÑی Àÿ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ãیŸ ÇÓÊ͘Çã Ȫی یÏÇ ÀæÇ Àÿ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãᘠãیŸ ÑæÒ ãÑÀ ˜ی Òäϐی ˜ÿ æÓÇÆá ÇæÑ ãæÇÞÚ ˜ی ãäÇÓÈ ÊÞÓی㡠͘Çã ˜ÿ ÕæÈÇÆی ÏæÑ柡 ÓÈӏی ˜æ ÈÇ ãÞÕÏ ÈäÇäÿ ˜ÿ ãäÕæÈÿ ˜æ ÓãÇÌی ÇäÕÇÝ ÞÇÆã ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÌÇÑی ÇÓáÇãی äÙÇã ˜ی ˜æÔÔæŸ ˜Ç äãæäÀ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÑ Í˜Çã ÇæÑ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÊÚÇæä ÇæÑ ÈáäÏ ÀãÊی ˜ÿ äÊیÌÿ ãیŸ ÓÈӏی ˜æ ÈÇ ãÞÇÕÏ ÈäÇäÿ ˜ÿ ãäÕæÈÿ Ñ ÚãáÏÑÂãÏ ÕÍیÍ ØæÑ Ñ ã˜ãá Àæ ÌÇÆÿ Êæ ÓãÇÌی ÇäÕÇÝ ˜ÿ ÞیÇã ˜ÿ Úãá ãیŸ ÊیÒی  ÌÇÆÿ ی۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÀãÇÑی ÇæÑ ÏیÑ ͘Çã ˜ی Òäϐی ãÚÇÔÑÿ ˜ÿ ÓÈ Óÿ ˜ãÒæÑ ØÈÞÿ ÌیÓی ÀæäÇ ÇÀÆÿ Ìæ äÀیŸ Àÿ¡ áی˜ä ͘Çã ˜ی Òäϐی ãÊæÓØ ØÈÞÿ ˜ی ãÇääÏ ÖÑæÑ Àÿ۔ یÀ Ȫی ÈÀÊ Èšی ÈÇÊ Àÿ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ Ùáã ˜ی ãÎÇáÝÊ ÇæÑ ÏäیÇ ˜ی ÓÇãÑÇÌی ØÇÞÊæŸ ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ˜æ Ȫی ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÇÀã ÎÕæÕیÇÊ ãیŸ ÔãÇÑ ˜یÇ Ìæ ÒÔÊÀ ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ ãیŸ ÚæÇã ÇæÑ Í˜Çã ˜ی ÀãÊ æ ÍæÕáÿ ˜ÿ äÊیÌÿ ãیŸ ÂÌ Ê˜ ÌÇÑی Àÿ۔  äÿ Ùáã ˜ی ãÎÇáÝÊ ˜æ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ÇæÇÆá ãیŸ ÇæÑ ÒÔÊÀ Êیä ÚÔÑæŸ ˜æ ÏæÑÇä ˜ãÒæÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ÈÚÖ ÍáÞæŸ ˜ی ˜æÔÔæŸ ˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À Àáÿ Çä ˜ی ÎæÇÀÔ یÀ ʪی ˜À ÇäÞáÇÈی äÚÑæŸ ˜æ ØÇÞ äÓیÇŸ ˜ی ÒیäÊ ÈäÇ˜Ñ ÇãÑی˜À Óÿ ÊÚáÞÇÊ ÈÍÇá ˜Æÿ ÌÇÆیŸ ÇæÑ ªÑ ÑÝÊÀ ÑÝÊÀ ãᘠ˜æ ÇãÑی˜ی ÇáیÓیæŸ ˜Ç ÊÇÈÚ ÈäÇ ÏیÇ ÌÇÆÿ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãáÊ ÇیÑÇä ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی ÌãÀæÑیÀ ˜ی ÈÊیÓ ÈÑÓæŸ Óÿ ÌÇÑی ÇÓÊÞÇãÊ æ ÇÆیÏÇÑی ˜æ ÞæãæŸ ˜ی äÇÀ ãیŸ ÇیÑÇä ˜ی ÚÙãÊ ˜ÿ Èšªäÿ ˜Ç ÈÇÚË ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ ÑãÔÞÊ Úãá ˜Ç äÊیÌÀ ÈÑ˜Ê æ ÑÍãÊ ÇáÀی ˜ی ÕæÑÊ ãیŸ ãáÇ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÇËÑÇÊ ÑÝÊÀ ÑÝÊÀ ÓÇãäÿ ÂÆÿ ÇæÑ ÇیÑÇäی Þæã ÏæÓÑی ÞæãæŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ Ñ˜ÔÔ äãæäÀ Úãá Èä Æی
 äÿ ãÒیÏ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À Çä ÈÇÊæŸ ÇæÑ ÍÞÇÆÞ Óÿ ÊÀ áÊÇ Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ ÓÇá ÚÔÑÀ ÝÌÑ (ÇãÇã Îãیäی ˜ی æØä æǁÓی Óÿ áی˜Ñ ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ Ê˜ ˜ÿ ÏÓ Ïä) ˜æ ÒیÇÏÀ ÑÌæÔ ØÑیÞÿ Óÿ ãäÇیÇ ÌÇÆÿ Ç ÇæÑ äæ ÝÑæÑی ( ÇÓáÇãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÝÊÍ ˜ی ÓÇáÑÀ) ˜ÿ ÌáæÓæŸ Óÿ ÒÔÊÀ ÈÊیÓ ÓÇá ˜ÿ ÇÝÊÎÇÑÇÊ ãیŸ Çی˜ ÇæÑ ÓäÀÑی ÈÇÈ ˜Ç ÇÖÇÝÀ ÀæÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ÂíÊ ÇááÀ ÇáÚÙãی ÎÇãäÀ Çی äÿ äãÇÒ ÌãÚÀ ˜ÿ ÏæÓÑÿ ÎØÈÿ ãیŸ ÔãÇáی ÇÝÑیÞÀ ˜ÿ ÊÇÒÀ æÇÞÚÇÊ ÎÇÕ ØæÑ Ñ ÊیæäÓ ÇæÑ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÊÛیÑÇÊ ˜æ ÇäÊÀÇÆی ÇÀãیÊ ˜Ç ÍÇãá ÇæÑ ÍÞیÞی ãÚäی ãیŸ Çی˜ ÒáÒáÀ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÑ ãÕÑی Þæã ÊæÝیÞ ÇáÀی Óÿ ǁäی ÊÍÑی˜ ˜æ ÿ ÈšªÇäÿ ãیŸ ˜ÇãیÇÈ Àæ ÌÇÆÿ Êæ æÀ ÚáÇÞÿ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜Ç ÇæÑ ÇÓÑÇÆیá ˜æ äÇ ÞÇÈá ÊáÇÝی ÔÓ˜Ê Óÿ ÏæÇÑ ˜Ñ Ïیی۔
 äÿ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ æÇÞÚÇÊ Ñ ÕیÀæäی ͘æãÊ ˜ی ÑæÒ ÇÝÒæŸ ÊÔæیÔ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÕیÀæäی ÏæÓÑæŸ Óÿ ÒیÇÏÀ ÈÀÊÑ ÇäÏÇÒãیŸ Óã̪Êÿ ÀیŸ ˜À ÇÑ ãÕÑ Çä ˜Ç ÍáیÝ äÀ ÑÀÇ Êæ ÚáÇÞÿ ãیŸ ˜Êäی ÚÙیã ÊÈÏیáی  ÌÇÆÿ ی ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜Ç äÊیÌÀ یÀ ÀæÇ ˜À ÚÙیã ÇáÔÇä ÇãÇã (Îãیäی ÑÍãÊ ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ) ˜ی یÔیä æÆی Ñæ ÈÀ Úãá  ÌÇÆÿ ی۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÊیæäÓ ÇæÑ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÍÇáیÀ æÇÞÚÇÊ ˜ÿ Úáá æ ÇÓÈÇÈ ˜Ç ÌÇÆÒÀ áیÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ãÛÑÈی ããÇᘠ˜ی ÌÇäÈ Óÿ ÇÓ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ یÔ ˜Æÿ ÌÇäÿ æÇáÿ ãÑÇÀ ˜ä ÊÌÒیæŸ ˜Ç ÍæÇáÀ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÚÇáãی ÊÌÒیæŸ ãیŸ یÀ ˜æÔÔ ˜ی ÌÇ ÑÀی Àÿ ˜À ÊیæäÓ ÇæÑ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÞیÇã ˜ی æÇÍÏ æÌÀ ˜ی ÍیËیÊ Óÿ ÇÞÊÕÇÏی ãÓÇÆá ˜æ یÔ ˜یÇ ÌÇÆÿ ÌȘÀ ÇÕáی æÌÀ æÀ ÇÍÓÇÓ ÊÍÞیÑ æ ÊæÀیä Àÿ Ìæ ÊیæäÓ ÇæÑ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ͘Çã ˜ÿ ˜ÑÊæÊæŸ ˜ی æÌÀ Óÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÇäÏÑ یÏÇ ÀæÇ Àÿ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÊیæäÓ ãیŸ ÇÞÊÏÇÑ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä Òیä ÇáÚÇÈÏیä Èä Úáی ˜ی ˜ÇјÑϐی ˜Ç ÌÇÆÒÀ áیÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À Èä Úáی æÑی ØÑÍ ÇãÑی˜Ç Ñ ãäÍÕÑ ÊªÇ¡ یÀÇŸ ʘ ˜À ÈÚÖ ÑæÑŠæŸ Óÿ Êæ ÇیÓÇ áÊÇ Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ ˜Ç ÊÚáÞ ÇãÑی˜Ç ˜ی ÎÝیÀ ÇیÌäÓی Óÿ ʪÇ۔  äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ˜Óی Ȫی Þæã ˜ÿ áÆÿ(یÀ ÈÑÏÇÔÊ ˜Ñ ÇäÇ) ÈÀÊ ÏÔæÇÑ Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ ˜Ç ͘ãÑÇŸ ÇãÑی˜ی ÇÏÇÑæŸ ˜Ç ÈÇ ÖÇÈØÀ ÎÏãÊ ÇÑ Àæ۔ یÀ ÍÞیÞÊ ÊیæäÓ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÞیÇã ˜ی Çی˜ ÇÀã æÌÀ Àÿ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÊیæäÓ ãیŸ Ïیäی ÇãæÑ ˜ی ÇäÌÇã ÏÀی ÇæÑ ÚæÇãی ãÞÇãÇÊ Ñ ÍÌÇÈ Ñ ÇÈäÏی ÓãیÊ Èä Úáی ˜ی Ïیä ãÎÇáÝ ˜ÇÑÑæÇÆیæŸ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÊیæäÓ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÞیÇã ˜Ç Çی˜ ÇÀã ÊÑیä ÌÐÈÀ¡ ÌÐÈÀ ÇÓáÇã äæÇÒی Àÿ ÌÓÿ ãÛÑÈی ÊÌÒیÀ äÇÑ ªÇäÿ ˜ی ˜æÔÔ ˜Ñ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ æÞÊ ÊیæäÓ ãیŸ Çی˜ ÓØÍی ÊÈÏیáی ÀæÆی Àÿ áÀÐÇ ÊیæäÓ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜æ ÇÀÆÿ ˜À ÀæÔیÇÑی ÇæÑ ÏÇäÔãäÏی ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ǁäÿ ãÝÇÏÇÊ ÇæÑ ãäÝÚÊ ˜ی ÊÔÎیÕ ˜ÑیŸ ÇæÑ ÏÔãä ˜ÿ ÝÑیÈ ãیŸ äÀ šیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÏæÓÑÿ ÎØÈÿ ãیŸ ãÕјÿ ÛیÑ ãÚãæáی ÊÛیÑÇÊ ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÇÓ ãᘠ˜ÿ ÏÑÎÔÇŸ Úáãی¡ ÓیÇÓی ÇæÑ Ïیäی ãÇÖی ˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãÕÑ ÀáÇ ÇÓáÇãی ãá˜ ÊªÇ Ìæ ÇŠªÇÑÀæیŸ ÕÏی ãیŸ ãÛÑÈی ËÞÇÝÊ Óÿ ÂÔäÇ ÀæÇ ÇæÑ ÀáÇ ÇÓáÇãی ãá˜ ÊªÇ Ìæ ÇÓ ËÞÇÝÊ ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ ÇÆیÏÇÑی Óÿ Š یÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãÕÑ˜æ æÑی ÊÇÑیÎ ãیŸ ÇÓáÇã äæÇÒæŸ ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی ÏÇäÔæÑæŸ ˜Ç ÇÀã ãÑ˜Ò ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÓÑÒãیä ãÕÑ ÔÌÇÚ ÇæÑ ÚÙیã ÇÓáÇã äæÇÒ ÓیÏ ÌãÇá ÇáÏیä ÇÓÏ ÂÈÇÏی ÇæÑ Çä ˜ÿ ÔǐÑÏæŸ ãäÌãáÀ ãÍãÏ ÚÈÏÀ ˜ی یÇÏ ÏáÇÊی Àÿ۔
 äÿ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÓیÇÓی æ ݘÑی ãÞÇã æ ãäÒáÊ ˜ی ÊÔÑیÍ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ãÕÑ ˜ی ÎæÏ ãÎÊÇÑی ˜ی ÊÍÑی˜æŸ ÇæÑ ÇÓÑÇÆیáی ÝæÌ Óÿ ãÕÑی ÝæÌ ˜ی Ìä ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇیÓÿ ÏÑÎÔÇŸ ãÇÖی æÇáÇ ãᘠãÕÑ ÊیÓ ÓÇá ʘ ÇیÓÿ ÔÎÕ ˜ÿ ÀÇ滾٠ãیŸ ÑÀÇ Ìæ äÀ ÕÑÝ ÍÑیÊ ÓäÏ äÀیŸ 滂 ÇæÑ ÕیÀæäیæŸ ˜Ç ÏÔãä äÀیŸ 滂 Èá˜À ÍÑیÊ ÓäÏی ˜Ç ÏÔãä ÇæÑ ÕیÀæäیæŸ ˜Ç ãÚÇæä æ ÎÏãÊ ÇÑ ÊªÇ۔  äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À "äÇ ãÈÇј" ˜ی ͘æãÊ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ãÕÑ ˜ی یÀ ÍÇáÊ Àæ Æی ˜À ÚÇáã ÚÑÈ ÇæÑ ÏäیÇÆÿ ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ áÆÿ äãæäÀ ãᘠ˜ÿ ÏÑÌÿ Óÿ Ñ˜Ñ ÝáÓØیäیæŸ ˜ÿ ÏÔãä ÇæÑ ÕیÀæäیæŸ ˜ÿ ãÏϐÇÑ ãᘠãیŸ ÊÈÏیá Àæ یÇ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÇÓی Öãä ãیŸ ÈÇÆیÓ ÑæÒÀ Ìä ÛÒÀ ˜ÿ ÏæÑÇä ÍÓäی ãÈÇј ˜ی ÛÒÀ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÎáÇÝ ˜ÇÑÑæÇÆیæŸ ÇæÑ ÛÒÀ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ãÍÇÕÑÿ ˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ ˜ÇјÑϐی Óÿ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜Ç یãÇäÀ ÕÈÑ áÈÑیÒ Àæ یÇ ˜یæä˜À ãÕÑ ˜ی ͘æãÊ ÇÓÑÇÆیá ˜ی ÍÇãی æ ãÏϐÇÑ Í˜æãÊ ÇæÑ ÇãÑی˜Ç ˜ی ÈäÏÀ Èÿ ÏÇã ͘æãÊ Èä Æی ʪی ÌÓ Ñ ÚæÇã ˜æ ÔÏÊ Óÿ ÊæÀیä ˜Ç ÇÍÓÇÓ ÀæÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÇÓáÇãی ãÇÖی ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ی ÊÍÑی˜ ˜Ç Çی˜ ÈäیÇÏی ÓÈÈ Çä ˜ÿ Ïیäی ÌÐÈÇÊ ˜æ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã äÿ ǁäی ÊÍÑی˜ ˜Ç ÂÛÇÒ ãÓÇÌÏ ÇæÑ äãÇÒ ÌãÚÀ Óÿ ˜یÇ¡ Ïیäی äÚÑÿ ÈÇáÎÕæÕ ÇááÀ ǘÈÑ ˜Ç äÚÑÀ Çä ˜ی ÒÈÇäæŸ Ñ Àÿ ÇæÑ ãÕÑ ˜ی ÓÈ Óÿ ØÇÞÊæÑ ÊäÙیã Ȫی Çی˜ ÇÓáÇãی ÊäÙیã Àÿ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãÛÑÈ ˜æ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÞیÇã ˜ÿ یªÿ ˜ÇÑÝÑãÇ ÇÓáÇã äæÇÒی ˜ÿ ÌÐÈÇÊ ˜æ ÚáÇÞÿ ˜ی ÞæãæŸ ˜ÿ ÏÑãیÇä ÂÔ˜ÇÑÇ Àæ ÌÇäÿ ˜ی ÈÇÈÊ ÀÑی ÊÔæیÔ Àÿ۔ یÀی æÌÀ Àÿ ˜À ÚæÇã ˜ی ÇÓ ÊÍÑی˜ ˜ÿ áÆÿ æÀ ÕÑÝ ÇÞÊÕÇÏی æ ãÚÇÔی Úáá æ ÇÓÈÇÈ ˜ی ÈÇÊ ˜Ñ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ÂیÊ ÇááÀ ÇáÚÙãی ÓیÏ Úáی ÎÇãäÀ Çی äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À یÀی ãÚÇÔی ÈÏÍÇáی Ȫی¡ (ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜ی ÊÍÑی˜ ãیŸ) ÌÓ ˜ÿ ÇËÑ ˜Ç Çä˜ÇÑ äÀیŸ ˜یÇ ÌÇ Ó˜ÊÇ¡ ãÈÇј ˜ÿ ÇãÑی˜Ç Ñ ã˜ãá ÇäÍÕÇÑ ÇæÑ äæ˜Ñی ˜Ç äÊیÌÀ Àÿ ÇæÑ ÇÓی æÌÀ Óÿ ãÕÑ ˜æÆی ÊÑÞی äÀیŸ ˜Ñ Ó˜Ç ÇæÑ ÍÇáÊ یÀ Àæ Æی ˜À ÞÇÀÑÀ ˜ÿ ˜Æی áǘª áæ ÛÑÈÊ æ ÇÝáÇÓ ˜ی æÌÀ Óÿ ÞÈÑÓÊÇäæŸ ãیŸ Òäϐی ÈÓÑ ˜Ñäÿ Ñ ãÌÈæÑ ÀیŸ۔  äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇãÑی˜یæŸ äÿ ãÈÇј ÌیÓÿ ÈäÏÀ Èÿ ÏÇã ˜æ ãÇáی ãÍäÊÇäÀ Ȫی äÀیŸ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÂÌ Èªی ÇÓÿ æÀ ˜æÆی ÕáÀ Ïیäÿ æÇáÿ äÀیŸ ÀیŸ۔ Íǘã ãÕÑ ÌÓ æÞÊ Èªی ÝÑÇÑ ÀæÇ یÞیäی ØæÑ Ñ ÓÈ Óÿ Àáÿ ÇÓ ˜ÿ áÆÿ Ìæ ÏÑæÇÒÀ ÈäÏ ÀæÇ æÀ ÇãÑی˜Ç ˜Ç ÏÑæÇÒÀ ÀæÇ¡ ÌیÓÿ (ÊیæäÓ ˜ÿ ãÝÑæÑ ÕÏÑ) Òیä ÇáÚÇÈÏیä Èä Úáی ÇæÑ (ÇیÑÇä ˜ÿ ãÝÑæÑ ÔÇÀ) ãÍãÏ ÑÖÇ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÈäÏ Àæ یÇ ÊªÇ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À یÀ æÇÞÚÇÊ Çä ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÚÈÑÊ ÀیŸ Ìä ˜ÿ Ïá ÇãÑی˜À Óÿ ÏæÓÊی ˜ÿ áÆÿ Èÿ یä ÀیŸ۔ Çä ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜æ ÛæÑ ˜ÑäÇ ÇÀÆÿ ˜À ÇãÑی˜ی ǁäÿ äæ˜ÑæŸ Óÿ ˜یÓÿ ãäÀ ªیÑ áیÊÿ ÀیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی ÂیÊ ÇááÀ ÇáÚÙãی ÎÇãäÀ Çی äÿ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜À ÇæÑ ÇÓÑÇÆیá ˜ی ÓÑÇÓیãی ˜ی ÌÇäÈ ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À æÀ ÇÈ ãæÌæÏÀ ÍÇáÇÊ Óÿ ä˜áäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ˜Óی ÑÇÀ ÝÑÇÑ ˜ی ÊáÇÔ ãیŸ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ÝÑیÈ ÏÀی ˜Ç Úãá ÔÑæÚ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ Àÿ ÊÇÀã ÇãÑی˜Ç ÇæÑ ãÛÑÈ ˜ÿ ÇÓ ÑÇãÿ ˜ی ˜ÇãیÇÈی یÇ äǘÇãی ˜Ç ÇäÍÕÇÑ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜ی ˜ÇјÑϐی ÇæÑ Çä ˜ÿ ÝیÕáæŸ Ñ Àÿ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ÎØÈÿ ˜ÿ ÂÎÑی ÍÕÿ ãیŸ ÚÑÈی ÒÈÇä ãیŸ ÚáÇÞÿ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜æ ãÎÇØÈ ˜یÇ۔ ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ǁäÿ ÇÓ ÎØÇÈ ãیŸ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ãæÌæÏÀ ÍÇáÇÊ ˜æ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ÇæÑ Çä ˜ÿ ÏÔãäæŸ ˜ÿ ÏÑãیÇä ÌÇÑی ÇÑÇÏæŸ ˜ی Ìä ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇÓ Ìä ãیŸ Ìæ ÝÑیÞ Èªی ÒیÇÏÀ ãÖÈæØ ÇÑÇÏÿ ˜Ç ãÇᘠÀæÇ ÝÊÍیÇÈ ÀæÇ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ãæÌæÏÀ ÊÛیÑÇÊ ˜æ ǁäÿ ÞÇÈæ ãیŸ ˜Ñäÿ ÇæÑ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜æ Ô˜ÓÊ Óÿ ÏæÇÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÇãÑی˜À ÇæÑ ÇÓÑÇÆیá ˜ی ÌÇäÈ Óÿ ˜Æÿ ÌÇäÿ æÇáÿ ÇÞÏÇãÇÊ ˜Ç Çä˜ÔÇÝ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À æÀ ÚæÇã ˜æ ÇÀÏÇÝ æ ãÞÇÕÏ ˜ی ʘãیá ˜ی ÈÇÈÊ ãÇیæÓ ˜Ñ Ïیäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ˜æÔÇŸ ÀیŸ۔ áÀÐÇ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜æ ÇÀÆÿ ˜À ÇááÀ ÊÚÇáی Ñ Êæ˜á ˜ÑیŸ ÇæÑ äÕÑÊ æ ãÏÏ ˜ÿ æÚÏÀ ÇáÀی ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ Çی˜ áãÍÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ Ȫی ˜Óی Ô˜ ˜æ ǁäÿ Ïá ãیŸ ÑÇÀ äÀ ÏیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÇÊÍÇÏ æ ی˜ÌÀÊی ˜æ ÏÔãäæŸ ˜ÿ ÎáÇÝ Çä ˜Ç ÓÈ Óÿ ÇÀã ÀʪیÇÑ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ÏÔãä ˜ÿ ÊÝÑÞÀ یÏÇ ˜Ñäÿ æÇáÿ äیÑä æ ÝÑیÈ ˜ی ÈÇÈÊ ÀæÔیÇÑ ÑÀیŸ ÇæÑ Çäÿ ÛیæÑ äæÌæÇäæŸ Ñ ȪÑæÓÀ ÇæÑ ÇááÀ ÊÚÇáی ˜ی ÐÇÊ Ñ Êæ˜á ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ËÇÈÊ ÞÏãی ÇæÑ ÇÆíÏÇÑی ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ǁäÿ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜æ ÿ ÈšªÇÆیŸ۔  äÿ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ ÓیÇÓی ÑÇãÿ ÇæÑ ÈیÇä ÈÇÒی ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜æ ÀæÔیÇÑ ÑÀäÿ ˜ی ÊáÞیä ˜ی ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÇãÑی˜ی¡ Ìæ äÏ ÑæÒ ÞÈá ʘ ãÈÇј ˜ÿ ÇÊäÿ Èšÿ ÍÇãی ʪÿ¡ ÇÈ ÇÓ ˜ی ØÑÝ Óÿ ãÇیæÓ Àæ ÌÇäÿ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÎæÏ ˜æ ãÕÑی ÚæÇã ˜Ç ÀãäæÇ ÇæÑ ÀãÏÑÏ ÙÇÀÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ˜æÔÔ ˜Ñ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ÊǘÀ ǁäی ÓäÏ ˜ÿ ÔÎÕ ˜æ ÇÞÊÏÇÑ ãیŸ ÀäÇ ÏیŸ۔
ÑÀÈÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی äÿ ãæÌæÏÀ äÇÒ˜ ÍÇáÇÊ ãیŸ ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚáãÇÆÿ ˜ÑÇã ÎÇÕ ØæÑ Ñ ÌÇãÚۃ ÇáÇÒÀÑ ˜ÿ ÚáãÇÁ ˜ÿ ˜ÑÏÇÑ ˜æ ÈÀÊ ÇÀã ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÊǘیÏ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãÕÑ ˜ÿ ÚáãÇÆÿ ˜ÑÇã ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÇÓ ÇäÞáÇÈ ãیŸ ǁäÇ ÊÇÑیÎی ˜ÑÏÇÑ ÇÏÇ ˜ÑیŸ۔  äÿ ÕیÀæäی ÝæÌ Óÿ ãÕÑی ÝæÌ ˜ی Ïæ ÌäæŸ ˜Ç ÍæÇáÀ ÏیÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãÕÑی ÝæÌ ãæÌæÏÀ ÊÛیÑÇÊ ãیŸ ǁäÇ ÊÇÑیÎی ˜ÑÏÇÑ ÇÏÇ ˜Ñÿ ÇæÑ ÚæÇã ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ Àæ ÌÇÆÿ۔


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