"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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"Holy Life of the Dauhter of Holy Prophet(saww), Syeda Fatima Zehra(s.a),Role Model for the Women of Universe"

"A comparison of Women's Status in Islam & West ".


From the study of history we find the fact that in the previous age woman was considered to be a part of wealth and property. She used to be sold and purchased like any property or animal. Illiterate Arabs of the pre-Islamic era considered woman the cause of bad luck and misfortune and buried the innocent girls alive. But Islam declared this consideration and notion wrong and unjustified. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) fought strongly against such wrong conceptions. He considered woman as a human being like the man and that she too has the human, freedom and social rights. No body has the right to insult and look down upon her.

Regretfully, the Western countries and capitalists even today imagine her to be the medium of enjoyment and time passing. On the other hand, woman in a few Islamic countries have been restrictively chained up which is also against the law of Islam, such as, they do not allow her to go to schools or visit the libraries and they do not have any ties and relations with the society.

Consequently, such absurdities and superstitions came into existence pushing woman into the cave of ignorance and darkness. This is the very reason why, when the imperialism raised the slogan of woman freedom, she could not conceive and understand what kind of voice it was? From where it is originated? What was the meaning of this slogan?

Therefore, immodesty and impudency was thought to be the evolution of culture. When she saw that her previous problems were solved she forgot everything and, so to say, became free. But instead of getting free from the superstitions she got free from modesty and piety. She moved ahead in this very immodesty and deviation to the extent to become a commercial item, and became the tool of the imperialism, which may be used in any way as per its choice. She was a stooge and an agent without eyes, ears or any will and intention. This is the condition of today's women.

We are going to present the brief life history of one of the role model for ladies Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.), daughter of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), Wife of Imam Ali (A.S.), mother of Imam Hassan (A.S.) and Imam Hussain (A.S.), the chiefs of the youth of Paradise, and Zainub-e-Kubra (S.A.) so that, it is understood and evident that how should an exemplary woman be."


When Hazrat Fatima's (S.A.) birth was to take place, the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) told Khatija (S.A.) "Jabriel has given me the good news that this child which is going to be born is a daughter and all the infallible Imams(AS) will be from her generation.

Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.) was born on Friday the 20th of Jamadi ussani, the fifth year of Hijrah, when Quraish were busy in constructing the building of Khana-e-Kaabah.

The Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) had only one daughter named Fatima(S.A). Her mother Khadija had two other daughters from her two earlier marriages. When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (SA) was born five years after Besath (Declaration of Prophet hood) when Muhammad (SAW) was about 45 years old and her mother Khadija was about 55 years old. The Date of her birth was 20t The Prophet of Islam had only one daughter named Fatima. Her mother Khadija had two other daughters from her two earlier marriages. When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet.

Khair-ul-Nisa refers to one of Her Eminence Fatemah Zahra?s titles, which means Foremost of Women. Cover: Sura Kauthar 108: 1-3 1. "Surely We have given you Kauthar (abundance), 2. Therefore pray to your Lord and make a sacrifice. 3. Surely your enemy shall be the one who is without posterity." Quranic exegesists have put forth numerous meanings for Kauthar. The word in itself meaning "abundant blessings" is a far reaching and comprehensive word. Sura Kauthar was revealed when the non-believers mocked the holy Prophet (S.A) for not having offspring to continue his progeny, after his new born son died. Fatemah Zahra (S.A) is referred to as Kauthar, (abundant goodness) since the Holy Prophet?s progeny, the Immaculate Imams all came to be from his daughter Fatemah (P) and the sura referred and laid to rest his adversaries insults. Kauthar was a spring given to him by Allah in place of his two sons Abdullah and Ibraheem who died at an early age. The sura was one of the hidden good news to come revealed in the holy Quran. After his departure he left blessings in his decendants, such that throughout history around the world no progeny can be their equal. This has come to be in spite of all the calamities which have been inflicted on his descendents

She has many following titles.

Al-Siddiqah (The Honest One)

Al-Mubarakah (The Blessed One)

At-Taherah (The Virtuous)

Az-Zakiyah (The Chaste)

Ar-Radhiah (The Satisfied or Gratified One)

Al-Mardhiah (Who well-pleases Allah)

Az-Zahra (The Splendid One/ Lady of Light)

Al-Batoul (The Chaste and Pure One)

Al-Adhra (The Virgin or the Chaste)

Al-Muhaddathah (Who spoken by Angels)

Her stances were stances for the right, and her sorrow was the sorrow for the issue (Islam), and her joy was the joy of the message; the depth of Islam was manifested in the depth of her personality and she amassed within herself all the Islamic human virtues, since being the Doyenne of the Women of the World implied that she should be at the highest level, spiritually and morally.

This is why we are intensely interested in Fatima Zehra(s.a)because when we remember her we remember the message and her role, and remember Islam and the dynamic issues in which Fatimah (s.a) was a central figure; hence we feel that she is with us in all of our concerns and that she is alive among us. There are people in history who finish when they die, because their existence is encapsulated in the span of their lives; there are others who remain alive as long as life exists, and who continue as long as their message continues and as long as there are people who are open to their message. Fatimah (s.a) is placed at the pinnacle of these people, since you cannot mention the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) without mentioning her. She was his product and the spirit inside his body; and you cannot mention Ali (a.s) without mentioning her as she was his companion in life and suffering; and you cannot mention Imam Hassan(a.s),Imam Hussain(a.s) and Zainab (s.a) without mentioning her as she was the secret of purity in their childhood and of their personalities throughout their lives.

This is the secret of Fatima Zehra(s.a)that obliges us to keep her in our minds and our hearts as a message and thought, not just the cause of tears. We cannot but open up to her with our tears, but more important than that is to open ourselves to her message because she lived all her tears and all her life for the Message and never for one moment lived it for herself.

This is the secret of all the members of Ahl-ul- Bayt (a.s): they lived for the whole of Islam and gave their lives for Islam and the Message.

Not an inflation of the past

Talking about Fatimah (s.a) involves no unwarranted inflation of history. Besides, with her virtues, she represents the living present and a bright future. We have seen her in her motherhood as the greatest of mothers, and we have seen the cruelty imposed by that role on her weak body, but she withstood all this with an open mind and with patience. Then we saw her fulfilling her different missionary responsibilities when she stirred up the conscience of the nation, and presented the greatest lesson in how to deal with the circumstances following the death of the Prophet (PBUH). She held that stance which has proved itself over time and stayed valid to the present, and will ever be.

Studying the experience of Fatimah (s.a) is not a reversion to the past, and hence a diminution of ourselves within those limitations, but rather a question of trying to draw lessons from a pioneering experience by an infallible personality - an experience which has never been confined to the past but one which shall ever be current and renewed.

A role model for both sexes

When we present Fatima Zehra(s.a) as a role model, we are not talking about women only. We present her as a role model for both men and women because she is a constituent element of Islam and the Muslim people as a whole, not just of women - even if there was a big role as woman in her life.

Muslim women can take a lot from Fatimah (s.a) when they know how to spend their time valuably and how to open themselves up, with all their powers, to knowledge, spirituality and dynamic attitude, according to their abilities.

Love versus allegiance

Love for the great personalities and individuals with a mission are not only an emotion but a stance. This is the difference between being a loving person and being a proponent follower: allegiance is a stance while love is emotion. It is natural that the situation must live the emotion and move by it, but it should move beyond it to open up to the whole of the message through opening up to the bearers of the message, who represent its legitimacy.


Yes! The value of what Ahl-ul- Bayt (a.s) say and do is that it represents the whole legitimacy. When a person takes words of knowledge or rulings, or follows a line of conduct which can be right or wrong, he will be puzzled as to the legitimacy of what he has seen or heard; but if he depends on infallible examples who have been purified from abominable acts, then there can be no place for falsehood, and no place for injustice. He will have taken the truth from a pure fountain, in which nothing can muddy its purity.

Imam Sadiq (a.s) said: 'My hadith is the hadith of my father, and my father's is that of my grandfather, and my grandfather's is that of Imam Hussein and Imam Hussein's is that of Imam Hassan, and Imam Hassan's is that of the Commander of the Faithful, and the Commander of the Faithfull's is that of the Messenger of Allah, and the Messenger of Allah's is the word of Allah the Great and Almighty.'


According to diffrent narration Hazrat Zehra(s.a) lived 75 days or 95 days after the departure of her father Holy Prophet(saww).But during this time Hazrat Zehra(s.a) recived misbehaviour and sorrorows from the people in Madina tht She(s.a) describe by saying.

O My father(Holy Prophet

May Almighty Allah curse on all those who give sorrows and grief to Holy Daughte of Holy Prophet(saww), after these griefs and sorrows Hazrat Fatima Zehra(s.a) martyred on 3rd Jamadi al-Thani 11 AH (632 AD) ,and these enemies of Islam who suffrered Zehra(a.s) in Holy Life even did not allowed the Zehra(s.a) to be burrried at the Holy Shrine of her father Prophet of islam that is why She was burried at Cemetery of Jannatul Baqi at Madina.Later on in 1925(A.D) the Najdi Wahabi regime of  Aale Saud did further aggression by Destroying Holy Shrine  of the Holy Daughte of Holy Prophet(saww) at Janatul Baqi.This was given in Detail at website      Where readers can see the cruilities of Wahabis & Najdis regime.

                     (THE END)

 Òäϐí äÇãÀ ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ÓáÇã Çááå ÚáíÀÇ


äÇã¡ ÇáÞÇÈ

 äÇã ÝÇØãÀ ÇæÑ ãÔÀæÑ áÞÈ ÒÀÑÇ¡ ÓیÏۃ ÇáäÓÇÁ ÇáÚáãیä¡ ÑÇÖیۃ¡ ãÑÖیۃ¡ ÔÇÝÚۃ¡ ÕÏیÞÀ¡ ØǪÑÀ¡ Ò˜یÀ¡ ÎیÑ ÇáäÓÇÁ ÇæÑ ÈÊæá ÀیŸ۔



Çٓ ˜ی ãÔÀæÑ ˜äیÊ Çã ÇáÇٓÆãۃ¡ Çã ÇáÍÓäیä¡ Çã ÇáÓÈØیä ÇæÑ Çãö ÇÈیÀÇ Àÿ۔ Çä ÊãÇã ˜äیÊæŸ ãیŸ ÓÈ Óÿ ÒیÇÏÀ ÍیÑÊ ÇäیÒ Çã ÇÈیªÇ ªÿ¡ یÚäی ǁäÿ Èǁ ˜ی ãÇŸ¡ یÀ áÞÈ ÇÓ ÈÇÊ ˜Ç ÊÑÌãÇä ªÿ ˜À Çٓ ǁäÿ æÇáÏ ÈÒѐæÇÑ ˜æ Èÿ ÍÏ ÇªÊی ʪیŸ ÇæÑ ˜ãÓäی ˜ÿ ÈÇæÌæÏ Çäÿ ÈÇÈÇ ˜ی ÑæÍی ÇæÑ ãÚäæی äÇÀ ÇÀ ʪیŸ ۔

یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) äÿ Çٓ ˜æ Çã ÇÈیªÇ ˜Ç áÞÈ ÇÓ áÆÿ ÏیÇ . ˜یæä˜À ÚÑÈی ãیŸ ÇÓ áÝÙ ˜ÿ ãÚäی¡ ãÇŸ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÇÕá ÇæÑ ãÈÏÇÁ ˜ÿ Ȫی ªیŸ یÚäی Ìš ÇæÑ ÈäیÇÏ ۔ áªÐÇ ÇÓ áÞÈ( Çã ÇÈیªÇ) ˜Ç Çی˜ ãØáÈ äÈæÊ ÇæÑ æáÇیÊ ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ ÇæÑ ãÈÏÇ Èªی Àÿ۔ ˜یæä˜Ñ یÀ Çٓ ªی ˜Ç æÌæÏ ÊªÇ¡ ÌÓ ˜ی ÈÑ˜Ê Óÿ ÔÌÑÀ ٴ ÇãÇãÊ ÇæÑ æáÇیÊ äÿ  ÑÔÏ  ÇیÇ¡ ÌÓ äÿ äÈæÊ ˜æ äÇÈæÏی ÇæÑ äÈی ÎÏÇ ˜æ ÇÈÊÑیÊ ˜ÿ ØÚäÀ Óÿ ȍÇیÇ ۔



 Çٓ ˜ÿæÇáÏ ãÇÌÏ ÎÊãی ãÑÊÈÊ ÍÖÑÊ ãÍãÏ ãÕØÝی(Õ) ÇæÑ æÇáÏÀ ãÇÌÏÀ ÍÖÑÊ ÎÏیÌÀ ÈäÊ ÎæáÏ ÀیŸ۔ ªã ÇÓ Èǁ ˜ی ÊÚÑیÝ ãیŸ ˜یÇ ˜ªیŸ Ìæ ÎÊã ÇáãÑÓáیä¡ ÍÈیÈ ÎÏÇ ÇæÑ ãäÌی ÈÔÑیÊ ªæ ¿ ˜یÇ á˜ªیŸ ÇÓ Èǁ ˜ی ÊÚÑیÝ ãیŸ ÌÓ˜ÿ ÊãÇã ÇæÕÇÝ æ ˜ãÇáÇÊ á˜ªäÿ Óÿ Þáã ÚÇÌÒ Àæ¿ ÝÕÍÇÁ æ ÈáÛÇÁ ÚÇáã¡ ÌÓ ˜ÿ ãÍÇÓä ˜ی ÊæÕیÝ Óÿ ÔÔÏÑ À柿 ÇæÑ Çٓ ˜ی æÇáÏÀ ãÇÌÏÀ¡ ÌäÇÈ ÎÏیÌÀ ÈäÊ ÎæیáÏ Ìæ ÞÈá ÇÒ ÇÓáÇã ÞÑیÔ ˜ی ÓÈ Óÿ ÒیÇÏÀ  ÈÇÚÝÊ ÇæÑ äی˜ ÎÇÊæä ʪیŸ ۔ æÀ ÚÇáã ÇÓáÇã ˜ی ÓÈ Óÿ ªáی ÎÇÊæä ʪیŸ Ìæ ÎæÑÔیÏ ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ØáæÚ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÍÖÑÊ ãÍãÏ ãÕØÝی(Õ) Ñ ÇیãÇä áÇÆیŸ ÇæÑ ÇäÇ ÊãÇã ãÇá ÏäیÇ ÇÓáÇã ˜æ ÑæÇä šªÇäÿ ˜ÿáÆÿ  ǁäÿ ÔæªÑ ˜ÿ ÇÎÊیÇÑ ãیŸ Ïÿ ÏیÇ ۔ ÊÇÑیÎ ÇÓáÇã¡ ÍÖÑÊ ÎÏیÌÀ(Ó) ˜ی یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ æÝÇÏÇÑی ÇæÑ ÌÇä æ ãÇá ˜ی ÝÏǘÇÑی ˜æ ªÑÒ äªیŸ ȪáÇ Ó˜Êی۔ ÌیÓÇ ˜À ÎæÏ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã (Õ) ˜ÿ ˜ÑÏÇÑ Óÿ ÙÇªÑ ªæÊÇ ªÿ ˜À ÌÈ Ê˜ Çٓ ÒäÏÀ ʪیŸ ˜æÆی ÏæÓÑی ÔÇÏی äªیŸ ˜ی ÇæÑ ªãیÔÀ Çٓ ˜ی ÚÙãÊ ˜Ç ÞÕیÏÀ šªÇ¡ ÚÇÆÔÀ ÒæÌÀ یÛãÈÑ(Õ) ÝÑãÇÊی ªیŸ :

" ÇÒæÇÌ ÑÓæá(Õ) ãیŸ ˜æÆی Ȫی ÍÖÑÊ ÎÏیÌÀ ˜ÿ ãÞÇã æ ÇÍÊÑÇã ʘ äªیŸ Àä ÇÆی ۔ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) ªãیÔÀ Çä˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ÎیÑ ˜یÇ ˜ÑÊÿ ʪÿ ÇæÑ ÇÊäÇ ÇÍÊÑÇã ˜À æیÇ ÇÒæÇÌ ãیŸ Óÿ ˜æÆی Ȫی Çä ÌیÓی äªیŸ ʪی ۔"ªÑ ÚÇÆÔÀ ˜ªÊی ªیŸ : ãیŸ äÿÇی˜ Ïä  یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) Óÿ ˜ÀÇ :

" æÀ ãÍÖ Çی˜ ÈیæÀ ÚæÑÊ ÊªیŸ" Êæ یÀ Óä ˜Ñ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) ÇÓ ÞÏÑ äÇÑÇÖ ªæÆÿ ˜À Çٓ ˜ی یÔÇäی Ñ Èá š Æÿ ÇæÑ ªÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ :

 "ÎÏÇ ˜ی ÞÓã ãیÑÿ áÆÿ ÎÏیÌÀ Óÿ ȪÊÑ ˜æÆی äªیŸ 滂 ۔ ÌÈ ÓÈ áæ ˜ÇÝÑ Êªÿ Êæ æÀ ã̪ Ñ ÇیãÇä áÇÆیŸ¡ ÌÈ ÓÈ áæ ã̪ Óÿ ÑÎ ªیÑ ˜ÿ ʪÿ Êæ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ǁäی ÓÇÑی ÏæáÊ ãیÑÿ ÍæÇáÿ ˜Ñ Ïی ۔ ÎÏÇ äÿ ã̪ÿ ÇÓ Óÿ Çی˜ ÇیÓی ÈیŠی ÚØÇ ˜ی ˜À Ìæ ÊÞæیٰ¡ ÚÝÊ æ تÇÑÊ ˜Ç äãæäÀ ªÿ ۔ "ªÑ ÚÇÆÔÀ ˜ÀÊی ªیŸ : ãیŸ یÀ  ÈÇÊ ˜ÀÀ ˜Ñ ÈÀÊ ÔÑãäÏÀ  ªæÆی ÇæÑ  ãیŸ äÿ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) Óÿ ÚÑÖ ˜یÇ : ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Óÿ ãیÑÇ ˜æÆی ÛáØ ãÞÕÏ äªیŸ 滂 ۔

ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒªÑÇÁ(Ó) ÇیÓی æÇáÏÀ  ÇæÑ æÇáÏ ˜ی ÇٓÛæÔ ÑæÑÏÀ ªیŸ ۔



 ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒªÑÇ(Ú) ˜ی ÊÇÑیÎ æáÇÏÊ ˜ÿ ÓáÓáÀ ãیŸ ÚáãÇÁ ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÏÑãیÇä ÇÎÊیÇÝ Àÿ۔  áی˜ä ÇÀá ÈیÊ ÚÕãÊ æ ØÀÇÑÊ ˜ی ÑæÇیÇÊ ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ Ñ Çٓ ˜ی  æáÇÏÊ ÈÚËÊ ˜ÿ ÇäæیŸ ÓÇá ۲۰ ÌãÇÏی ÇáËÇäی¡ ÈÑæÒ ÌãÚÀ ã˜À ãÚÙãÀ ãیŸ ªæÆی۔

 Èä ÇæÑ ÊÑÈیÊ


ÌäÇÈ ÓیøÏÀ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀÇ ˜æ ǁäÿ   ȍä ãیŸ ÈÀÊ Óÿ  äǐæÇÑ  ÍÇáÇÊ ˜Ç ÓÇãäÇ ˜ÑäÇ šÇ۔ Çä ÓÇá ˜ی ÚãÑ ãیŸ  ÓÑ Óÿ ãÇŸ ˜Ç ÓÇیÀ ÇŠª یÇ ۔ ÇÈ Èǁ ˜ÿ ÒیÑ ÓÇیÀ Òäϐی ÔÑæÚ ÀæÆی Êæ  ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ  ÏÔãäæŸ ˜ی ØÑÝ Óÿ ÑÓæá ˜æ Ïی ÌÇäÿ æÇáی ÇÐیÊیŸ ÓÇãäÿ ʪیŸ ۔ ˜Èªی ǁäÿ ÈÇÈÇ ˜ÿ ÌÓã ãÈÇј ˜æ ÊªÑæä Óÿ áÀæ áÀÇä Ïی˜ªÊیŸ Êæ ˜Èªی ÓäÊی ˜ÿ ãÔÑ˜æŸ äÿ ÈÇÈÇ ˜ÿ ÓÑ Ñ ˜æšÇ Çá ÏیÇ۔ ˜Èªی ÓäÊیŸ ˜À ÏÔãä ÈÇÈÇ ˜ÿ ÞÊá ˜Ç ãäÕæÈÀ ÈäÇ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ۔  ãÑ ÇÓ ˜ã Óäی ˜ÿ ÚÇáã ãیŸ Ȫی ÓیøÏÀ ÚÇáã äÀ ÑیŸ äÀ ÓÀãیŸ äÀ ªÈÑÇÆیŸ Èá˜À ÇÓ ääªی Óی ÚãÑ ãیŸ ǁäÿ ÈÒѐ ãÑÊÈÀ Èǁ ˜ی ãÏϐÇÑ Èäی ÑÀیŸ۔



 یÀ ÈÇÊ ÔÑæÚ Óÿ Àی ÓÈ Ñ ÚیÇŸ ʪی ˜À Úáی(Ú) ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ˜æÆی ÏæÓÑÇ ÏÎÊÑ ÑÓæá(Õ) ˜Ç ˜Ýæ æ ÀãÊÇ äªیŸ Àÿ ۔ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÈÇæÌæÏ Èªی ÈÀÊ Óÿ  ÇیÓÿ á搡 Ìæ ǁäÿ Çٓ ˜æ یÛãÈÑ(Õ) ˜ÿ äÒÏی˜ Óã̪Êÿ ʪÿ ǁäÿ ÏáæŸ ãیŸ ÏÎÊÑ ÑÓæá(Õ) Óÿ ÔÇÏی ˜ی ÇãیÏ áÇÆÿ ÈیŠªÿ ʪÿ ۔ 

ãæÑÎیä äÿ á˜ªÇ ªÿ : ÌÈ ÓÈ áææŸ äÿ ÞÓãÊ ÇٓÒãÇÆی ˜Ñ áی Êæ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) Óÿ ˜ÀäÇ ÔÑæÚ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ : Çÿ Úáی(Ú) Çٓ ÏÎÊÑ یÛãÈÑ(Õ) Óÿ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ áÆÿ äÓÈÊ ˜یæŸ äÀیŸ ÏیÊÿ ۔ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) ÝÑãÇÊÿ ʪÿ : ãیÑÿ ÇÓ ÇیÓÇ ˜ª Ȫی äªیŸ ªÿ ÌÓ ˜ی ÈäÇ Ñ ãیŸ ÇÓ ÑÇÀ ãیŸ ÞÏã ÈšªÇÄŸ ۔ æÀ áæ ˜ÀÊÿ ʪÿ : یÛãÈÑ(Õ) Êã Óÿ ˜ª äÀیŸ ãÇäیŸ ÿ ۔

ÇٓÎјÇÑ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) äÿ ÇÓ یÛÇã ˜ÿ áÆÿ ǁäÿ Çٓ ˜æ ÇٓãÇÏÀ ˜یÇ ÇæÑ Çی˜ Ïä ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) ˜ÿ ÈیÊ ÇáÔÑÝ  ãیŸ ÊÔÑیÝ áÿ Æÿ áی˜ä ÔÑã æ ÍیÇ ˜ی æÌÀ Óÿ Çٓ ǁäÇ ãÞÕÏ ÙÇªÑ äÀیŸ ˜Ñ Ç ÑÀÿ ʪÿ ۔

ãæÑÎیä ᘪÊÿ ªیŸ ˜À : Çٓ ÇÓی ØÑÍ Ïæ Êیä ãÑÊÈÀ ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) ˜ÿ ªÑ Æÿ áی˜ä ǁäی ÈÇÊ äÀ ˜ÀÀ Ó˜ÿ۔ ÇٓÎÑ ˜ÇÑ ÊیÓÑی ãÑÊÈÀ یÛãÈÑ Ç˜Ñã(Õ) äÿ æª Àی áیÇ : Çÿ Úáی ˜یÇ ˜æÆی ˜Çã ªÿ ¿

ÍÖÑÊ ÇãیÑ(Ú) äÿ ÌæÇÈ ÏیÇ : Ìی¡ ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ : ÔÇیÏ ÒªÑÇÁ Óÿ ÔÇÏی ˜ی äÓÈÊ áÿ ˜Ñ ÇٓÆÿ ªæ ¿ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) äÿ ÌæÇÈ ÏیÇ¡ Ìی ۔  æä˜À ãÔیÊ Çáٰªی Ȫی  یÀی ÇÀ ÑÀی ʪی ˜À یÀ ÚÙیã ÑÔÊÀ ÈÑÞÑÇÑ ªæ áªÐÇ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) ˜ÿ Çٓäÿ Óÿ Àáÿ Àی  ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) ˜æ æÍی ˜ÿ ÐÑیÚÀ ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Óÿ ÇٓÇÀ ˜یÇ ÌÇ ˜Ç 滂 ۔ ÈÀÊÑ ÊªÇ ˜À یÛãÈÑ(Õ) ÇÓ äÓÈÊ ˜Ç ÊИÑÀ  ÒªÑÇÁ Óÿ Ȫی ˜ÑÊÿ áªÐÇ Çٓ äÿ ǁäی ÕÇÍÈ ÒÇÏی Óÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ : Çٓ¡ Úáی(Ú) ˜æ ÈÀÊ Çªی ØÑÍ ÌÇäÊیŸ ªیŸ ۔ æÀ ÓÈ Óÿ ÒیÇÏÀ  ãیÑÿ äÒÏی˜ ªیŸ ۔  Úáی(Ú) ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÓÇÈÞ ÎÏãÊ ÐÇÑæŸ ÇæÑ ÈÇ ÝÖیáÊ ÇÝÑÇÏ ãیŸ Óÿ ªیŸ¡ ãیŸ äÿ ÎÏÇ Óÿ یÀ ÇÀÇ ÊªÇ ˜À æÀ ÊãªÇÑÿ áÆÿ ȪÊÑیä ÔæªÑ ˜Ç ÇäÊÎÇÈ ˜Ñÿ ۔

ÇæÑ ÎÏÇ äÿ ã̪ÿ یÀ ͘ã ÏیÇ ˜À ãیŸ Çٓ ˜ی ÔÇÏی Úáی(Ú) Óÿ ˜Ñ ÏæŸ Çٓ ˜ی ˜یÇ ÑÇÆÿ ªÿ ¿

ÍÖÑÊ ÒªÑÇÁ(Ó) ÎÇãæÔ ÑªیŸ¡ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) äÿ Çٓ ˜ی ÎÇãæÔی ˜æ Çٓ ˜ی ÑÖÇ ãäÏی ÓãÌªÇ ÇæÑ ÎæÔی ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ʘÈیÑ ˜ÀÊÿ ªæÆÿ æªÇŸ Óÿ ÇŠª ˜ªšÿ ªæÆÿ ۔ ªÑ ÍÖÑÊ ÇãیÑ(Ú) ˜æ ÔÇÏی ˜ی ÈÔÇÑÊ Ïی ۔ ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒªÑÇ(Ó) ˜Ç  ãªÑ ۴۰ ãËÞÇá ÇäÏی ÞÑÇÑ ÇیÇ ÇæÑ ÇÕÍÇÈ ˜ÿ  Çی˜ ãÌãÚ ãیŸ ÎØÈÀ ä˜ÇÍ šªÇ ÏیÇ یÇ ۔ ÞÇÈá ÛæÑ ÈÇÊ یÀ ªÿ ˜À ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ æÞÊ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) ˜ÿ ÇÓ Çی˜ ÊáæÇÑ¡ Çی˜ ÐÑÀ ÇæÑ Çäی ȪÑäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ Çی˜ ÇæäŠ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ˜À Ȫی äÀیŸ ʪǡ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ : ÊáæÇÑ ˜æ ̪ÇÏ ˜ÿ áÆÿ јªæ¡ ÇæäŠ ˜æ ÓÝÑ ÇæÑ Çäی ȪÑäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ јªæ áی˜ä ǁäی ÒÑÀ ˜æ Èی Çáæ ÊǘÀ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ æÓÇÆá ÎÑیÏ Ó˜æ ۔ ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) äÿ ÌäÇÈ ÓáãÇä ÝÇÑÓی Óÿ ˜ÀÇ : ÇÓ ÒÑÀ ˜æ Èی Ïæ ۔ ÌäÇÈ ÓáãÇä äÿ ÇÓ ÒÑÀ ˜æ Çä Óæ ÏѪã ãیŸ ÈیÇ ۔ ªÑ Çی˜ Ȫیš ÐÈÍ ˜ی Æ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ÔÇÏی ˜Ç æáیãÀ ªæÇ ۔ ̪یÒ ˜Ç æÀ ÓÇãÇä Ìæ ÏÎÊÑ ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) ˜ÿ ªÑ áÇیÇ یÇ ÊªÇ¡ÇÓ ãیŸ æÏÀ یÒیŸ ʪی ۔

ÔªÒÇÏی ÚÇáã¡ ÒæÌÀ Úáی(Ú)¡ ÝÇØãÀ ÒªÑÇÁ(Ú) ˜Ç ÈÓ یÀی ãÎÊÕÑ ÓÇ ÌÀیÒ ÊªÇ ۔ ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) ǁäÿ äÏ ÈÇ æÝÇ ãªÇÌÑ ÇæÑ ÇäÕÇÑ ÇÕÍÇÈ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÇÓ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ ÌÔä ãیŸ ÔÑی˜ ʪÿ ۔ ʘÈیÑæŸ ˜ی ÇٓæÇÒæŸ Óÿ ãÏیäÀ ˜ی áیæŸ ÇæÑ ˜ææŸ ãیŸ Çی˜ ÎÇÕ ÑæÍÇäیÊ یÏÇ ªæ Æی ʪی  ÇæÑ ÏáæŸ ãیŸ ÓÑæÑ æ ãÓÑÊ ˜ی áÀÑیŸ ãæÌ Òä ʪیŸ ۔ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) ǁäی ÕÇÍÈÒÇÏی ˜Ç ÀÇʪ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) ˜ÿ ªÇ滾٠ãیŸ Ïÿ ˜Ñ ÇÓ ãÈÇј Ìæšÿ ˜ÿ ÍÞ ãیŸ ÏÚÇ ˜ی ÇæÑ ÇäªیŸ ÎÏÇ ˜ÿ ÍæÇáÿ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ ۔ ÇÓ ØÑÍ ˜ÇÆäÇÊ ˜ÿ ÓÈ Óÿ  ÈÀÊÑ Ìæšÿ ˜ی ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ ãÑÇÓã äÀÇیÊ ÓÇϐی Óÿ ÇäÌÇ㠁ÇÆÿ ۔



 ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒªÑÇ Çäی æÇáÏÀ ÑÇãی ÍÖÑÊ ÎÏیÌÀ ˜ی æÇáÇ ÕÝÇÊ ˜Ç æÇÖÍ äãæäÀ ʪیŸ ÌæÏ æ ÓÎÇ¡ ÇÚáیٰ ݘÑی ÇæÑ äی˜ی ãیŸ ǁäی æÇáÏÀ ˜ی æÇÑË ÇæÑ ãá˜æÊی ÕÝÇÊ æ ÇÎáÇÞ ãیŸ ǁäÿ ÏÑ ÈÒѐæÇÑ ˜ی ÌÇäÔیä ʪیŸ۔ æÀ ǁäÿ ÔæªÑ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی(Ú) ˜ÿ áÆÿ Çی˜ ÏáÓæÒ¡ ãªÑÈÇä ÇæÑ ÝÏÇ ˜ÇÑ ÒæÌÀ ʪیŸ ۔ Çٓ ˜ÿ ÞáÈ ãÈÇј ãیŸ ÇááÀ ˜ی ÚÈÇÏÊ ÇæÑ یÛãÈÑ ˜ی ãÍÈÊ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÇæÑ ˜æÆی ÊیÓÑÇ äÞÔ äÀ ʪÇ۔ ÒãÇäÀ ÌǪáیÊ ˜ی ÈÊ ÑÓÊی Óÿ Çٓ ˜æÓæŸ ÏæÑ ÊªیŸ ۔ Çٓ äÿÔÇÏی Óÿ Àáÿ ˜ی ۹ ÓÇá ˜ی Òäϐی ˜ÿ Çä ÓÇá ǁäی æÇáÏÀ ÇæÑ æÇáÏ ÈÒѐæÇÑ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÇæÑ ۴ ÓÇá ǁäÿ ÈÇÈÇ   ˜ÿ ÒیÑ ÓÇیÀ ÈÓÑ ˜Æÿ ÇæÑ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ˜ÿ ÏæÓÑÿ äæ ÓÇá ǁäÿ ÔæªÑ ÈÒѐæÇÑ Úáی ãÑÊÖیٰ(Ú) ˜ÿ ÔÇäÀ ÈÀ ÔÇäÀ ÇÓáÇãی ÊÚáیãÇÊ ˜ی äÔÑæÇÔÇÚÊ¡  ÇÌÊãÇÚی ÎÏãÇÊ ÇæÑ ÎÇäÀ ÏÇÑی ãیŸ ÒÇÑÿ ۔ Çٓ ˜Ç æÞÊ ÈæŸ ˜ی ÊÑÈیÊ ªÑ ˜ی ÕÝÇÆی ÇæÑ Ð˜Ñ æ ÚÈÇÏÊ ÎÏÇ ãیŸ ÒÑÊÇ ÊªÇ ۔ ÝÇØãÀ(Ó) ÇÓ ÎÇÊæä ˜Ç äÇã ªÿ ÌÓ äÿ ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ã˜ÊÈ ÊÑÈیÊ ãیŸ ÑæÑÔ ÇÆی ʪی  ÇæÑ ÇیãÇä æ ÊÞæیٰ Çٓ ˜ÿ æÌæÏ ˜ÿ  ÐÑÇÊ ãیŸ ªá ãá ˜Ç 滂 ۔

ÝÇØãÀ ÒªÑÇ(Ó) äÿ ǁäÿ ãÇŸ Èǁ ˜ی ÇٓÛæÔ ãیŸ ÊÑÈیÊ ÇÆی ÇæÑ ãÚÇÑÝ æ Úáæã Çáªٰی ˜æ¡ ÓÑ ÔãÀ äÈæÊ Óÿ ˜ÓÈ ˜یÇ۔ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ Ìæ ˜À Ȫی ÇÒÏæÇÌی Òäϐی Óÿ Àáÿ Óی˜ªÇ ʪǠ ÇÓÿ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ Çäÿ ÔæªÑ ˜ÿ ªÑ ãیŸ Úãáی ÌÇãÀ ªäÇیÇ ۔  æÀ Çی˜ ÇیÓی ãÓä æÓã̪ÏÇÑ ÎÇÊæä ˜ی ØÑÍ ÌÓ äÿ Òäϐی ˜ÿ ÊãÇã ãÑÇÍá Øÿ ˜Ñ áÆÿ ªæŸ ǁäÿ ªÑ ˜ÿ ÇãæÑ ÇæÑ ÊÑÈیÊ ÇæáÇÏ Óÿ ãÊÚáÞ ãÓÇÆá Ñ ÊæÌÀ ÏیÊی ʪیŸ ÇæÑ Ìæ ˜ª ªÑ Óÿ ÈÇÀÑ ÀæÊÇ ÊªÇ ÇÓ Óÿ Ȫی ÈÇÎÈÑ ÑªÊی ʪیŸ ÇæÑ Çäÿ ÇæÑ Çäÿ ÔæªÑ ˜ÿ ÍÞ ˜Ç ÏÝÇÚ ˜ÑÊی ʪیŸ ۔


ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ (Ó) ˜Ç äÙÇã Úãá

 ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ äÿ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÌÓ äØÇã Òäϐی ˜Ç äãæäÀ یÔ ˜یÇ æÀ ØÈÞÀ äÓæÇŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ Çی˜ ãËÇáی ÍیËیÊ Ñ˜ªÊÇ Àÿ۔  Çٓ ªÑ ˜Ç ÊãÇã ˜Çã ǁäÿ ÀÇʪ Óÿ ˜ÑÊی ʪیŸ ۔ ̪ǚæ ÏیäÇ¡ ˜ªÇäÇ ˜ÇäÇ¡  ÑÎÀ áÇäÇ¡ ˜ی یÓäÇ ÇæÑ ÈæŸ ˜ی ÊÑÈیÊ ˜ÑäÇ ۔ یÀ ÓÈ ˜Çã ÇæÑ Çی˜ ǘیáی ÓیÏÀ áی˜ä äÀ Êæ ˜Èªی ÊیæÑیæŸ Ñ Èá šÿ ÇæÑ äÀ ˜Èªی ǁäÿ ÔæÀÑ ÍÖÑÊ Úáی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã Óÿ ǁäÿ áیÿ ˜Óی ãÏϐÇÑ یÇ ÎÇÏãÀ ˜ÿ ÇäÊÙÇã ˜ی ÝÑãÇÆÔ ˜ی۔  Çی˜ ãÑÊÈÀ ǁäÿ ÏÑ ÈÒѐæÇÑ ÍÖÑÊ ÑÓæáö ÎÏÇ Óÿ Çی˜ ˜äیÒ ÚØÇ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ÎæÇÀÔ ˜ی Êæ ÑÓæá äÿ ÈÌÇÆÿ ˜äیÒ ÚØÇ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ æÀ ÊÓÈیÍ ÊÚáیã ÝÑãÇÆی Ìæ ÊÓÈیÍ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ˜ÿ äÇã Óÿ ãÔÀæÑ Àÿ  ۳۴ ãÑÊÈÀ Çááå ǘÈÑ¡ 33 ãÑÊÈÀ ÇáÍãÏ Çááå ÇæÑ 33 ãÑÊÈÀ ÓÈÍÇä Çááå ۔ ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÇÓ ÊÓÈیÍ ˜ی ÊÚáیã Óÿ ÇÊäی ÎæÔ ÀæÆی ˜À ˜äیÒ ˜ی ÎæÇÀÔ Êј ˜ÑÏی ۔ ÈÚÏ ãیŸ ÑÓæá äÿ ÈáÇ ØáÈ Çی˜ ˜äیÒ ÚØÇ ÝÑãÇÆی Ìæ ÝÖÀ ˜ÿ äÇã Óÿ ãÔÀæÑ Àÿ۔  ÌäÇÈ ÓیøÏÀ ǁäی ˜äیÒ ÝÖÀ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ˜äیÒ ÌیÓÇ ÈÑÊÇÄ äÀیŸ  ˜ÑÊی ʪیŸ Èá˜À  ÇÓ Óÿ Çی˜ ÈÑÇÈÑ ˜ÿ ÏæÓÊ ÌیÓÇ Óáæ˜ ˜ÑÊی ʪیŸ. æÀ Çی˜ Ïä ªÑ ˜Ç ˜Çã ÎæÏ ˜ÑÊیŸ ÇæÑ Çی˜ Ïä ÝÖÀ Óÿ ˜ÑÇÊیŸ۔  ÇÓáÇã ˜ی ÊÚáیã یÞیäÇð یÀ Àÿ ˜À ãÑÏ ÇæÑ ÚæÑÊ ÏæäæŸ Òäϐی ˜ÿ ÌÀÇÏ ãیŸ ãÔÊј ØæÑ Ñ ÍÕÀ áیŸ ÇæÑ ˜Çã ˜ÑیŸ . Èی˜ÇÑ äÀ ÈیŠªیŸ ãÑ Çä ÏæäæŸ ãیŸ ÕäÝ ˜ÿ ÇÎÊáÇÝ ˜ÿ áÍÇÙ Óÿ ÊÞÓیã Úãá Àÿ . ÇÓ ÊÞÓیã ˜ÇÑ ˜æ Úáی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã ÇæÑ ÝÇØãÀ äÿ ã˜ãá ØÑیÞÀ Ñ ÏõäیÇ ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ یÔ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ۔  ªÑ Óÿ ÈÇÀÑ ˜ÿ ÊãÇã ˜Çã ÇæÑ Çäی ÞæÊ ÈÇÒæ Óÿ ǁäÿ ÇæÑ Çäÿ ªÑ æÇáæŸ ˜ی Òäϐی ˜ÿ Îэ ˜Ç ÓÇãÇä ãÀیÇ ˜ÑäÇ Úáی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã ˜ÿ ÐãÀ 滂 ÇæÑ ªÑ ˜ÿ ÇäÏÑ ˜ÿ ÊãÇã ˜Çã ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ÇäÌÇã ÏیÊی ʪیŸ۔



 ÓیÏÀ ÚÇáã äÀ ÕÑÝ Çäی ÓیÑÊ Òäϐی Èá˜À ÇÞæÇá Óÿ Ȫی ÎæÇÊیä ˜ÿ áیÿ ÑÏÀ ˜ی ÇÀãیÊ Ñ ÈÀÊ ÒæÑ ÏیÊی ʪیŸ. Çٓ ˜Ç ã˜Çä ãÓÌÏö ÑÓæáö Óÿ ÈÇá˜á ãÊÕá ʪÇ۔ áی˜ä Çٓ  ˜Èªی ÈÑÞÚ æÇÑÏ ãیŸ äÀÇŸ Àæ ˜Ñ Èªی ǁäÿ æÇáÏö ÈÒѐæÇÑ ˜ÿ یªÿ äãÇÒ ÌãÇÚÊ  šªäÿ یÇ Ç ˜Ç æÚÙ Óääÿ ˜ÿ áیÿ ãÓÌÏ ãیŸ ÊÔÑیÝ äÀیŸ áÇÆیŸ Èá˜À ǁäÿ ÝÑÒäÏ ÇãÇã ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã Óÿ ÌÈ æÀ ãÓÌÏ Óÿ æÇÓ ÂÊÿ ʪÿ ǘËÑ ÑÓæá ˜ÿ ÎØÈÿ ˜ÿ ãÖÇãیä Óä áیÇ ˜ÑÊی ʪیŸ . Çی˜ ãÑÊÈÀ یÛãÈÑ äÿ ãäÈÑ Ñ یÀ ÓæÇá یÔ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ ˜À ÚæÑÊ ˜ÿ áیÿ ÓÈ Óÿ ÈÀÊÑ ˜یÇ یÒ Àÿ یÀ ÈÇÊ ÓیÏÀ ˜æ ãÚáæã ÀæÆی Êæ  äÿ ÌæÇÈ ÏیÇ ÚæÑÊ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÓÈ Óÿ ÈÀÊÑ ÈÇÊ یÀ Àÿ ˜À äÀ ÇÓ ˜ی äÙÑ ˜Óی ÛیÑ ãÑÏ Ñ šÿ ÇæÑ äÀ ˜Óی ÛیÑ ãÑÏ ˜ی äÙÑ ÇÓ Ñ šÿ ۔ ÑÓæá ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ یÀ ÌæÇÈ یÔ ÀæÇ Êæ ÍÖÑÊ äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ .

                                     "˜یæŸ äÀ Àæ ÝÇØãÀ ãیÑÇ Àی Çی˜ Š˜šÇ Àÿ۔"



  ÇÓáÇã ãیŸ ÚæÑÊæŸ ˜Ç ÌÀÇÏ¡ ãÑÏæŸ ˜ÿ ÌÀÇÏ Óÿ ãÎÊáÝ Àÿ۔ áٰÀÐÇ ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ äÿ ˜Èªی ãیÏÇäö Ìä ãیŸ ÞÏã äÀیŸ  јªÇ ۔ áی˜ä ÌÈ ˜Èªی یÛãÈÑ ãیÏÇä Ìä Óÿ ÒÎãی Àæ ˜Ñ áŠÊÿ Êæ ÓیÏÀ ÚÇáã Çä ˜ÿ ÒÎãæŸ ˜æ ϪæÊیŸ ʪیŸ .ÇæÑ ÌÈ  Úáی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã Îæä  ÇٓáæÏ ÊáæÇÑ áÿ ˜Ñ ÇٓÊÿ Êæ ÝÇØãÀ ÇÓÿ Ïªæ ˜Ñ Ç˜ ˜ÑÊی ʪیŸ۔ æÀ Ǎªی ØÑÍ  Óã̪Êی ʪیŸ ˜À Çä ˜Ç ÌÀÇÏ یÀی Àÿ ÌÓÿ æÀ ǁäÿ ªÑ ˜ی ÇÑ ÏیæÇÑی ãیŸ ÑÀ ˜ÿ ˜ÑÊی ÀیŸ . ÀÇŸ ÕÑÝ Çی˜ ãæÞÚ Ñ ÍÖÑÊ ÒÀÑÇ äÕÑÊ ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ áÆÿ ªÑ Óÿ ÈÇÀÑ ÇٓÆیŸ ÇæÑ æÀ 滂 ãÈÇÀáÿ ˜Ç ãæÞÚ۔ ˜یæä˜À یÀ Çی˜ ÑÇãä ãÞÇÈáÀ 滂 ÇæÑ ÇÓ ãیŸ ÕÑÝ ÑæÍÇäی ÝÊÍ ˜Ç ÓæÇá ʪÇ۔ یÚäی ÕÑÝ ãÈÇÀáÀ ˜Ç  ãیÏÇä ÇیÓÇ ÊªÇ ÌÀÇŸ ÓیÏÀ ÚÇáã ÎÏÇ ˜ÿ ͘ã Óÿ ÈÑÞÚ æ ÇÏÑ ãیŸ äÀÇŸ Àæ ˜Ñ Çäÿ Èǁ ÇæÑ ÔæÀÑ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ªÑ Óÿ ÈÇÀÑ ä˜áیŸ ÌÓ ˜Ç æÇÞÚÀ یÀ 滂 ˜À یãä Óÿ ÚیÓÇÆی ÚáãÇÁ ˜Ç Çی˜ æÝÏ ÑÓæá ˜ÿ ÇÓ ÈÍË æãÈÇÍËÀ ˜ÿ áیÿ ÂیÇ ÇæÑ ˜Æ Ïä ʘ  Çä Óÿ ÈÍË ÀæÊی ÑÀی ÌÓ Óÿ ÍÞیÞÊ Çä Ñ ÑæÔä Êæ ÀæÆی ãÑ ÓÎä ÑæÑی ˜ی ÈäÇ Ñ æÀ ÞÇÆá äÀ ÀæäÇ ÇÀÊÿ ʪÿ äÀ ÀæÆÿ . ÇÓ æÞÊ ÞÑÇä ˜ی یÀ  ÂیÊ äÇÒá ÀæÆی ˜À

" Çÿ ÑÓæá ÇÊäÿ Ӎÿ ÏáÇÆá ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ Èªی یÀ äÀیŸ ãÇäÊÿ Êæ Çä Óÿ ˜Àæ ˜À ªÑ ÌÇÄ Àã ǁäÿ ÈیŠæŸ ˜æ áÇÆیŸ Êã ǁäÿ ÈیŠæŸ ˜æ áÇÄ¡ Àã ǁäی ÚæÑÊæŸ ˜æ áÇÆیŸ Êã ǁäی ÚæÑÊæŸ ˜æáÇÄ¡ Àã ǁäÿ äÝÓæŸ ˜æ áÇÆیŸ Êã ǁäÿ äÝÓæŸ ˜æ ÇæÑ Çááå ˜ی ØÑÝ ÑÌæÚ ˜ÑیŸ ÇæÑ ÌªæŠæŸ ˜ÿ áیÿ Çááå ˜ی áÚäÊ یÚäی ÚÐÇÈ ˜ی ÈÏ ÏÚÇ ˜ÑیŸ .» "

ÚیÓÇÆی ÚáãÇÁ Àáÿ Êæ ÇÓ ˜ÿ áیÿ ÊیÇÑ ÀæÆÿ ãÑ ÌÈ ÑÓæá Çááå ÇÓ ÔÇä Óÿ ÊÔÑیÝ áÿ Æÿ ˜À ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã ÇæÑ ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã ÌیÓÿ ÈیŠÿ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ÌیÓی ÎÇÊæä ÇæÑ Úáی  ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã ÌیÓÿ äÝÓ Çä ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ʪÿ Êæ ÚیÓÇÆیæŸ äÿ ãÈÇÀáÀ Óÿ Çä˜ÇÑ ˜Ñ ÏیÇ ÇæÑ ãÎÕæÕ ÔÑÇÆØ Ñ ÕáÍ ˜Ñ˜ÿ æÇÓ Àæ Æÿ .



  ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ (Ó) ˜ÿ ÇæÕÇÝ æ˜ãÇáÇÊ ÇÊäÿ ÈáäÏ Êªÿ ˜À Çä ˜ی ÈäÇ Ñ ÑÓæá(Õ) ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ (Ó) Óÿ ãÍÈÊ Èªی ˜ÑÊÿ ʪÿ ÇæÑ ÚÒÊ Èªی ۔   ãÍÈÊ ˜Ç Çی˜ äãæäÀ یÀ Àÿ ˜À ÌÈ Â ˜Óی ÛÒæÀ Ñ ÊÔÑیÝ áÿ ÌÇÊÿ ʪÿ Êæ ÓÈ Óÿ ÂÎÑ ãیŸ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ Óÿ ÑÎÕÊ Àæäÿʪÿ ÇæÑ ÌÈ æÇÓ ÊÔÑیÝ áÇÊÿ ʪÿ Êæ ÓÈ Óÿ Àáÿ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ Óÿ ãáäÿ  ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÌÇÊÿ ʪÿ .

ÇæÑ ÚÒÊ æ ÇÍÊÑÇã ˜Ç äãæäÀ یÀ Àÿ ˜À ÌÈ ÝÇØãÀ(Ó)  Çä ˜ÿ ÇÓ ÂÊی ʪیŸ Êæ  ÊÚÙیã ˜ÿ áۓ ˜ªšÿ ÀæÌÇÊÿ ÇæÑ Çäی ̐À Ñ ÈŠªÇÊÿ ʪÿ . ÑÓæá ˜Ç یÀ ÈÑÊÇÄ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ˜Óی ÏæÓÑÿ ÔÎÕ ˜ÿ  ÓÇʪ äÀ 滂 .


 ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀÇ یÛãÈÑ(Õ) ˜ی äÙÑ ãیŸ

 ÓیÏÀ ÚÇáã ˜ی ÝÖیáÊ ãیŸ یÛãÈÑ ˜ی ÇÊäی ÍÏیËیŸ æÇÑÏ ÀæÆی ÀیŸ ˜À ÌÊäی ÍÖÑÊ Úáی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã ˜ÿ ÓæÇ ˜Óی ÏæÓÑی ÔÎÕیÊ ˜ÿ áیÿ äÀیŸ ãáÊیŸ .

Çä ãیŸ Óÿ ǘËÑ ÚáãÇÁ ÇÓáÇã ãیŸ ãÊÝÞÀ ÍیËیÊ Ñ˜ªÊی ÀیŸ . ãËáÇð 

"  ÈÀÔÊ ãیŸ ÌÇäÿ æÇáی ÚæÑÊæŸ ˜ی ÓÑÏÇÑ ÀیŸ۔ "

  " ÇیãÇ ä áÇäÿ æÇáی ÚæÊæŸ ˜ی ÓÑÏÇÑ ÀیŸ ."

" ÊãÇ ã ÌÀÇäæŸ ˜ی ÚæÑÊæŸ ˜ی ÓÑÏÇÑ ÀیŸ "

"  ˜ی ÑÖÇ Óÿ Çááå ÑÇÖی ÀæÊÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ Â ˜ی äÇÑÇ֐ی ÓÿÇááÀ äÇÑÇÖ ÀæÊÇ Àÿ "

" ÌÓ äÿ  ˜æ ÇیÐÇ Ïی  ÇÓ äÿ ÑÓæá ˜æ ÇیÐÇ Ïی"



ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ(Ó) Ñ šäÿ æÇáی ãÕیÈÊیŸ

 ÇÝÓæÓ Àÿ ˜À æÀ ÝÇØãÀ(Ó) Ìä ˜ی ÊÚÙیã ˜æ ÑÓæá ˜ªšÿ ÀæÌÇÊÿ ʪÿ ÑÓæá ˜ÿ ÌÇäÿ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÇÀá ÒãÇäÀ ˜Ç ÑÎ Çä ˜ی ØÑÝ Óÿ ªÑ یÇ ۔ Çä Ñ ØÑÍ ØÑÍ ˜ÿ Ùáã Àæäÿ áÿ ۔ Úáی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã Óÿ ÎáÇÝÊ ªیä áی Æ ۔ ªÑ   Óÿ ÈیÚÊ ˜Ç ÓæÇá Ȫی ˜یÇ ÌÇäÿ áÇ ÇæÑ ÕÑÝ ÓæÇá Àی Ñ ǘÊÝÇ  äÀیŸ Èá˜À  ÌÈÑæÊÔÏøÏ Óÿ ˜Çã áیÇ ÌÇäÿ áÇ. ÇäÊÀÇ یÀ ˜À ÓیøÏÀ ÚÇáã ˜ÿ ªÑ Ñ ᘚیÇŸ ÌãÚ ˜Ñ ÏیŸ ÆیŸ ÇæÑ Çٓ áÇÆی ÌÇäÿ áی . ÇÓ æÞÊ Çٓ ˜æ æÀ ÌÓãÇäی ÕÏãÀ ÀäÇ¡ ÌÓÿ Çٓ ÈÑÏÇÔÊ äÀ ˜Ñ Ó˜یŸ  ÇæÑ æÀی Çٓ ˜ی æÝÇÊ ˜Ç ÓÈÈ ÈäÇ۔ Çä ÕÏãæŸ ÇæÑ ãÕیÈÊæŸ ˜Ç ÇäÏÇÒÀ ÓیøÏÀ ÚÇáã  ˜ی ÒÈÇä Ñ ÌÇÑی Àæäÿ æÇáÿ ÇÓ ÔÚÑ Óÿ áÇیÇ ÌÇ Ó˜ÊÇ Àÿ ˜À

ÕõÈøóÊ Úáیøó ãÕÇÆÈõ áæÇäªøÇ  ÕÈøÊ Úáی ÇáÇیøÇã ÕÑä áیÇáیÇ

یÚäی "ã̪ Ñ ÇÊäی ãÕیÈÊیŸ šیŸ ˜À ÇÑ æÀ ÏöäæŸ Ñ šÊیŸ Êæ æÀ ÑÇÊ

  ãیŸ ÊÈÏیá Àæ ÌÇÊÿ"۔

ÓیÏÀ ÚÇáã  ˜æ Ìæ ÌÓãÇäی æÑæÍÇäی ÕÏãÿ Àäÿ Çä ãیŸ Óÿ Çی˜¡  ÝϘ ˜ی ÌÇÆÏÇÏ ˜Ç ªä ÌÇäÇ Èªی Àÿ Ìæ ÑÓæá äÿ ÓیÏÀ ÚÇáã ˜æ ãÑÍãÊ ÝÑãÇÆی ʪی۔ ÌÇÆیÏÇÏ ˜Ç áÇ ÌÇäÇ ÓیÏÀ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÇÊäÇ Ê˜áیÝ ÏÀ äÀ 滂 ÌÊäÇ ÕÏãÀ ǁ ˜æ ͘æãÊ ˜ی ØÑÝ Óÿ Çٓ ˜ÿ ÏÚæÿ ˜æ ̪ŠáÇäÿ ˜Ç ÀæÇ. یÀ æÀ ÕÏãÀ 滂 ÌÓ ˜Ç ÇËÑ ÓیøÏÀ ˜ÿ Ïá ãیŸ ãÑÊÿ Ïã ʘ ÈÇÞی ÑÀÇ .



 ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ(Ó) äÿ ÎæÇÊیä ˜ÿ áیÿ ÑÏÿ ˜ی ÇÀãیÊ ˜æ ÇÓ æÞÊ Èªی ÙÇÀÑ ˜یÇ ÌÈ Â ÏäیÇ Óÿ ÑÎÕÊ Àæäÿ æÇáی ʪیŸ . ÇÓ ØÑÍ ˜À  Çی˜ Ïä ÛیÑ ãÚãæáی Ý˜Ñ ãäÏ äÙÑ ÂÆیŸ .  ˜ی ی(ÌÚÝÑ ØیÇÑ(ÑÖ) ˜ی ÈیæÀ) ÇÓãÇÁ ÈäÊö ÚãیÓ äÿ ÓÈÈ ÏÑیÇÝÊ ˜یÇ Êæ Çٓ äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ã̪ÿ ÌäÇÒÀ ˜ÿ ÇŠªÇäÿ ˜Ç یÀ ÏÓÊæÑ ÇªÇ äÀیŸ ãÚáæã ÀæÊÇ ˜À ÚæÑÊ ˜ی ãیøÊ ˜æ Ȫی ÊÎÊÀ Ñ ÇŠªÇیÇ ÌÇÊÇ Àÿ ÌÓ Óÿ ÇÓ ˜Ç ÞÏæÞÇãÊ äÙÑ ÇÊÇ Àÿ . ÇÓãÇ(ÑÖ) äÿ ˜ÀÇ ˜À ãیŸ äÿ ãᘠÍÈÔÀ ãیŸ Çی˜ ØÑیÞÀ ÌäÇÒÀ ÇŠªÇäÿ ˜Ç Ïی˜ªÇ Àÿ æÀ ÛÇáÈÇð  ˜æ ÓäÏ Àæ. ÇÓ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÇäªæŸ äÿ ÊÇÈæÊ ˜ی Çی˜ Ô˜á ÈäÇ ˜Ñ ϘªÇÆی ÇÓ Ñ ÓیøÏÀ ÚÇáã ÈÀÊ ÎæÔ ÀæÆیŸ

ÇæÑ یÛãÈÑ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÕÑÝ Çی˜ ãæÞÚ ÇیÓÇ ÊªÇ ˜À ǁ ˜ÿ áÈæŸ Ñ ãÓ˜ÑÇÀŠ  Æی äÇäÀ  äÿ æÕیøÊ ÝÑãÇÆی ˜À  ˜æ ÇÓی ØÑÍ ˜ÿ ÊÇÈæÊ ãیŸ ÇŠªÇیÇ ÌÇÆÿ . ãæÑÎیä ÊÕÑیÍ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀیŸ ˜À ÓÈ Óÿ Àáی áÇÔ Ìæ ÊÇÈæÊ ãیŸ ÇŠªی Àÿ æÀ ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ˜ی ʪی۔ Ç Ó˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ  äÿ یÀ æÕیÊ Èªی ÝÑãÇÆی ʪی ˜À  ˜Ç ÌäÇÒÀ ÔÈ ˜ی ÊÇÑی˜ی ãیŸ ÇŠªÇیÇ ÌÇÆÿ ÇæÑ Çä áææŸ ˜æ ÇØáÇÚ äÀ Ïی ÌÇÆÿ Ìä ˜ÿ ØÑÒÚãá äÿ  ãیÑÿ Ïá ãیŸ ÒÎã  یÏÇ ˜Ñ ÏÆÿ ÀیŸ ۔ ÓیÏÀ Çä áææŸ Óÿ ÇäÊÀÇÆی äÇÑÇ֐ی ˜ÿ ÚÇáã ãیŸ ÇÓ ÏäیÇ Óÿ ÑÎÕÊ ÀæÆیŸ۔



  ÓیÏÀ ÚÇáã äÿ ǁäÿ æÇáÏ ÈÒѐæÇÑ ÑÓæáö ÎÏÇ ˜ی æÝÇÊ ˜ÿ 3 ãÀیäÿ ÈÚÏ ÊیÓÑی ÌãÇÏی ÇáËÇäی Óä ۱۱ ÀÌÑی ÞãÑی ãیŸ æÝÇÊ ÇÆی .  ˜ی æÕیøÊ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ Â ˜Ç ÌäÇÒÀ ÑÇÊ ˜æ ÇŠªÇیÇ یÇ .ÍÖÑÊ Úáی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã äÿ ÊÌÀیÒ æ ʘÝیä ˜Ç ÇäÊÙÇã ˜یÇ . ÕÑÝ Èäی ÀÇÔã ÇæÑ ÓáیãÇä ÝÇÑÓی(ÑÖ)¡ ãÞÏÇÏ(ÑÖ) æ ÚãÇÑ(ÑÖ) ÌیÓÿ ãÎáÕ æ æÝÇÏÇÑ ÇÕÍÇÈ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ äãÇÒ ÌäÇÒÀ  šª ˜Ñ ÎÇãæÔی ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÏÝä ˜Ñ ÏیÇ .  ˜ÿ ÏÝä ˜ی ÇØáÇÚ Èªی ÚÇã ØæÑ Ñ ÓÈ áææŸ ˜æ äÀیŸ ÀæÆی¡ ÌÓ ˜ی ÈäÇ Ñ یÀ ÇÎÊáÇÝ ÑÀ یÇ ˜À ǁ ÌäÊ ÇáÈÞیÚ ãیŸ ÏÝä ÀیŸ یÇ Çäÿ Àی ã˜Çä ãیŸ Ìæ ÈÚÏ ãیŸ ãÓÌÏ ÑÓæá ˜Ç ÌÒæ Èä یÇ۔ ÌäÊ ÇáÈÞیÚ ãیŸ Ìæ Çٓ ˜Ç ÑæÖÀ 滂 æÀ Ȫی ÈÇÞی äÀیŸ ÑÀÇ۔ ÇÓ ãÈÇј ÑæÖÀ ˜æ   8 ÔæÇá Óä ۱۳۴۴ªÌÑی ÞãÑی ãیŸ ÇÈä ÓÚæÏ  äÿ ÏæÓÑÿ ãÞÇÈÑ ÇÀáیÈیÊ ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ãäÀÏã ˜ÑÇ ÏیÇ۔



  ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ(Ó) ˜æ ÇááÀ äÿ Çä ÇæáÇÏ ÚØÇ ÝÑãÇÆیŸ Ìä ãیŸ Óÿ Êیä ᚘÿ ÇæÑ Ïæ ᚘیÇŸ ʪیŸ ۔ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ÕÑÝ äæ ÈÑÓ ÒäÏÀ ÑÀیŸ ۔ ÇÓ äæ ÈÑÓ ãیŸ ÔÇÏی ˜ÿ ÏæÓÑÿ ÓÇá ÍÖÑÊ ÇãÇã ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇ㠁یÏÇ ÀæÆÿ ÇæÑ ÊیÓÑÿ ÓÇá ÍÖÑÊ ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÇáÓøáÇã . ªÑ ÛÇáÈÇð ÇäæیŸ ÓÇá ÍÖÑÊ ÒیäÈ ÇæÑ ÓÇÊæیŸ ÓÇá ÍÖÑÊ Çãö ˜áËæã ۔ äæیŸ ÓÇá ÌäÇÈ ãÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÇáÓáÇã  ÈØä ãیŸ ʪÿ ÌÈ ªی æÀ  äǐæÇÑ ãÕÇÆÈ یÔ ÂÆÿ Ìä ˜ÿ ÓÈÈ Óÿ æÀ ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ÊÔÑیÝ äÀ áÇ Ó˜ÿ ÇæÑ ÈØä ãÇÏÑ ãیŸ Àی ÔÀیÏ Àæ Æÿ۔ ÇÓ ÌÓãÇäی ÕÏãÀ Óÿ  ÍÖÑÊ ÓیøÏÀ Ȫی ÌÇäÈÑ äÀ ÀæÓ˜یŸ .áÀÐÇ æÝÇÊ ˜ÿ æÞÊ Çٓ äÿ Ïæ ÕÇÍÈÒÇÏæŸ ÍÖÑÊ ÇãÇã ÍÓä ÇæÑ ÍÖÑÊ ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀãÇ ÇáÓøáÇã ÇæÑ Ïæ ÕÇÍÈÒÇÏیæŸ ÒیäÈ ˜ÈÑی æ Çãö ˜áËæã  ˜æ ªæšÇ Ìæ ǁäÿ ÇæÕÇÝ ˜ÿ áÍÇÙ Óÿ ØÈÞÀ ÎæÇÊیä ãیŸ ǁäی ãÇŸ ˜ی Ӎی ÌÇäÔیä ËÇÈÊ ÀæÆیŸ .



ÌäÇÈ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀÇ ˜ی Òäϐی ˜Ç Çی˜ ããÊÇÒ Àáæ یÀ Àÿ ˜À  ˜Ç Óä ãÈÇј ǘËÑ ãæÑÎیä äÿ ÕÑÝ ÇŠªÇÑÀ ÓÇá á˜ªÇ Àÿ۔ ÇŠªÇÑÀ ÓÇá ˜ی ãÎÊÕÑ áی˜ä ÈјÊæŸ ÇæÑ ÓÚÇÏÊæŸ Óÿ ÓÑÔÇÑ ÚãÑ¡ ÇÓ ÞÏÑ ÒیÈÇ¡ Ñ Ô˜æÀ ÇæÑ ÝÚÇá æ یÛÇã ÂÝÑیŸ Àÿ ˜À ÇÈ Ê˜  ˜ی ÐÇÊ ãÈÇј Ñ Èÿ ÔãÇÑ ˜ÊÇÈیŸ ÇæÑ ãÞÇáÿ ãÍÞÞیä ÞáãÈäÏ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÀیŸ ªÑ Ȫی ÇÑÈÇÈ Ý˜Ñ æ äÙÑ ˜Ç ÎیÇá Àÿ ˜À ÇÈ Èªی ÓیÏۃ ÇáäÓÇÁ ÇáÚÇáãیä ˜ی ÇäÞáÇÈ ÂÝÑیŸ ÔÎÕیÊ æ ÚÙãÊ ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÍÞ ãØáÈ ÇÏÇ äÀیŸ ÀæÓ˜Ç Àÿ۔   ˜ÿ ÝÖÇÆá æ ˜ãÇáÇÊ ˜ÿ Ð˜Ñ æ ÈیÇä Óÿ äÀ ÕÑÝ ÀãÇÑÿ Þáã æ ÒÈÇä ÚÇÌÒ æ äÇÊæÇŸ ÀیŸ Èá˜À ãÚÕæãیä ˜æ Ȫی ÈیÇä æ ÇÙÀÇÑ ãیŸ ãÔ˜á ˜Ç ÓÇãäÇ ÑÀÇ Àÿ ۔ ªÑ Ȫی ÚáÇãÀ ãÌáÓی ÚáیÀ ÇáÑÍãÀ äÿ ÈÍÇÑÇáÇäæÇÑ ˜ی ªŠی ÌáÏ ãیŸ ãÚÕæãۂ ÚÇáã ˜ی æáÇÏÊ Óÿ ãÊÚáÞ ÇÍÇÏیË æ ÑæÇیÇÊ ãیŸ äÞá ÔÏÀ Ìä ÊãÀیÏæŸ ÇæÑ ÊИÑæŸ ˜æ ÞáãÈäÏ ˜یÇ Àÿ æÀ ÎæÏ Çی˜ ãÈÇј æ ãÓÚæÏ æÌæÏ ÇæÑ ÛیÑ ãÚãæáی ÇäÓÇä ˜ÿ ÙÀæÑ Ñ ÏáÇáÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀیŸ ۔ ÇÓ ØÑÍ ˜ی ÑæÇیÇÊ ÍÊی ÇÀáÈیÊ یÛãÈÑ(Ó)ãیŸ Ȫی ˜Óی ÇæÑ ˜ÿ áÆÿ äÞá äÀیŸ ÀæÆی ÀیŸ ۔ ÎÇäۂ æÍی æ ÑÓÇáÊ ãیŸ ÌÓ æÞÊ ÌäÇÈ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀÇ ÊÔÑیÝ áÇÆی ÀیŸ¡ ÍÖæÑ Ç˜Ñã(Õ) ÇæáÇÏ äÑیäÀ Óÿ ãÍÑæã ʪÿ ÎæÏ یÀ ãÓÆáÀ ÛæÑ ØáÈ Àÿ ˜À äÈی ǘÑã(Õ) ˜æ ÎÏÇ äÿ ˜æÆی ÈیŠÇ Øæá ÚãÑ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ˜یæŸ ÚØÇ äÀیŸ ÝÑãÇیÇ Ìæ Ȫی ÈیŠÿ ÏیÆÿ ȍäÿ ãیŸ Àی Îǘ ÞÈÑ ãیŸ Àä Æÿ ۔ ÍÊی Çی˜ ãÑÍáÀ æÀ Ȫی ÂیÇ ÌÈ ÈÚËÊ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÞÑیÔ ˜ÿ ÇÓáÇã ÏÔãä ˜ÝÇÑ æ ãÔјیä äÿ  ˜æ «ÇÈÊÑ» ÇæÑ áÇæáÏ Àæäÿ ˜Ç ØÚäÀ ÏیäÇ ÔÑæÚ ˜ÑÏیÇ ÇæÑ ˜Àäÿ áÿ  Êæ  «Èÿ ÌÇäÔیä»  ÇæÑ «Èÿ ÑÇÛ»  ÀیŸ ۔ ÒãÇäۂ ÌÇÀáیÊ ãیŸ ÚÑÈæŸ ˜ÿ äÒÏی˜ ÈیŠی ˜æ ÚÒÊ æ ÇÍÊÑÇã ˜ی äÙÑ Óÿ Ïی˜ªäÇ Êæ ÏæÑ ˜ی ÈÇÊ Àÿ Çä ˜ÿ ÍÞیÑ ÇæÑ ää æ ÚÇÑ Àæäÿ ˜Ç ÊÕæÑ ÇÓ ØÑÍ ãÚÇÔÑÿ ãیŸ ÑÇÆÌ ÊªÇ ˜À æÀ ÈیŠیæŸ ˜æ ÒäÏÀ ÏÑ æÑ ˜ÑÏیÇ ˜ÑÊÿ ʪÿ ۔ Çی˜ ÇیÓÿ ãÇÍæá ãیŸ ÌäÇÈ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇ(Ó) ÎÇäÀ äÈæÊ æ ÑÓÇáÊ ˜ی ÒیäÊ ÈäیŸ ÇæÑ Çäÿ äæÑ æÌæÏ Óÿ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ äÀ ÕÑÝ ÑÓæá ÇÓáÇã(Õ) ˜Ç ªÑ Èá˜À ÊÇÑیÎ ÈÔÑیÊ ˜ÿ ÈÇã æ ÏÑ ÑæÔä æ ãäæÑ ˜ÑÏÆÿ ÇæÑ ÎÏÇæäÏ ÊÈÇј æ ÊÚÇáی äÿ  ˜ی ÔÇä ãیŸ ÓæÑۂ  ˜æËÑ äÇÒá ˜ÑÏی ۔ 

"Çÿ äÈی ! Àã äÿ  ˜æ ˜æËÑ ÚØÇ ˜یÇ Àÿ"

ÓæÑۂ ˜æËÑ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÌیÓÇ ˜À ãÝÓÑیä æ ãæÑÎیä äÿ á˜ªÇ Àÿ ÓæÑۂ äæÑ ˜ی äÊیÓæیŸ ÂیÊ Èªی  ˜ی ÔÇä ãیŸ äÇÒá ÀæÆی Àÿ ۔ äÇäÀ ÇÓ ÂیÊ ˜ی ÊÝÓیÑ ãیŸ ÇÈä ÚÈÇÓ Óÿ ÑæÇیÊ Àÿ ˜À æÀ ˜ÀÊÿ ÀیŸ Çی˜ Ïä Àã ãÓÌÏÇáäÈی ãیŸ ÈیŠªÿ ʪÿ Çی˜ ÞÇÑی äÿ ÂیÊ Ýی ÈیæÊ ÇÐä ÇááÀ ۔۔۔ ˜ی ÊáÇæÊ ˜ی ãیŸ äÿ ÓæÇá ˜یÇ : Çÿ ÎÏÇ ˜ÿ ÑÓæá یÀ ªÑ ˜æä Óÿ ªÑ ÀیŸ ¿ ÍÖÑÊ äÿ ÌæÇÈ ãیŸ  ÝÑãÇیÇ : " ÇäÈیÇ(Ú) ˜ÿ ªÑ ÀیŸ ªÑ ǁäÿ ÀÇʪ Óÿ ÝÇØãÀ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀÇ ˜ÿ ªÑ ˜ی ØÑÝ ÇÔÇÑÀ ÝÑãÇیÇ ۔" ãæÑÎیä äÿ ÌیÓÇ ˜À á˜ªÇ Àÿ : ÌäÇÈ ÝÇØãۂ ÒÀÑÇ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀÇ ˜ی æÑی Òäϐی¡ ÓÎÊ ÊÑیä ãÕیÈÊæŸ Óÿ ÑæÈÑæ ÑÀی Àÿ ÇæÑ Â äÿ ÀãیÔÀ ǁäی Èÿ ãËÇá ãÚäæی ÞæÊæŸ ÇæÑ ÌÐÈæŸ Óÿ ˜Çã áی˜Ñ äÀ ÕÑÝ یÀ ˜À ãÔ˜áÇÊ ˜Ç ÕÈÑ æ ÊÍãá ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ãÞÇÈáÀ ˜یÇ Èá˜À ÀÑ ãÑÍáÿ ãیŸ ǁäÿ ãÏÈÑÇäÀ Úãá æ ÑÝÊÇÑ ÇæÑ ã͘ã æ ÇÓÊæÇÑ ÚÒã Óÿ Èšÿ Èšÿ ÝÊäæŸ ÇæÑ ÓÇÒÔæŸ ˜Ç ÓÏÈÇÈ ˜یÇ Àÿ ۔ æیÇ Çä ÂÒãÇÆÔæŸ Óÿ ÒÑäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÞÏÑÊ äÿ Çä ˜Ç ÇäÊÎÇÈ ˜یÇ ÊªÇ ˜یæä˜À ˜æÆی ÇæÑ Çä ˜æ ÊÍãá äÀیŸ ˜ÑÓ˜ÊÇ ÊªÇ ÇæÑ یÀ æÀ ÍÞیÞÊ Àÿ Ìæ ÕÏÑ ÇÓáÇã ˜ی ÊÇÑیÎ Ñ äÙÑ Ñ˜ªäÿ æÇáÇ ÀÑ ãÍÞÞ ÌÇäÊÇ ÇæÑ ÊÇÆیÏ ˜ÑÊÇ Àÿ ۔ ãÚÕæãۂ ÚÇáã ˜Ç ˜ÑÏÇÑ æáÇÏÊ Óÿ ÔÀÇÏÊ Ê˜ ÇÓ ÞÏÑ äæÑÇäی¡ Ñ Ô˜æÀ ÇæÑ ÌÇÐÈ ÞáÈ æ äÙÑ Àÿ ˜À ÎæÏ ÑÓæá ÇÓáÇã(Õ) äÿ ˜À Ìä ˜ی ÓیÑÊ ÞÑÂä äÿ ÀÑ ãÓáãÇä ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÇÓæÀ ÞÑÇÑ Ïی Àÿ¡ ÌäÇÈ ÝÇØãÀ(Ó) ˜ی ÍیÇÊ ˜æ ÏäیÇ ÈªÑ ˜ی ÚæÑÊæŸ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÀÑ ÏæÑ ÇæÑ ÀÑ ÒãÇäÿ ãیŸ ÓÇ ÇÓæÀ ÇæÑ äãæäۂ Úãá ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ Àÿ ۔ Çã ÇáãÄãäیä ÚÇÆÔÀ Óÿ ÑæÇیÊ Àÿ ˜À ÍÖÑÊ ÑÓæá ǘÑã Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æ ÂáÀ æ Óáã ÌÊäی ãÍÈÊ Çäی ÈیŠی ÝÇØãÀ(Ó) Óÿ ˜ÑÊÿ ʪÿ ÇÊäی ãÍÈÊ ˜Óی Óÿ äÀیŸ ˜ÑÊÿ ʪÿ ÓÝÑ Óÿ ÌÈ Èªی áŠŠÿ Èšی ÈیÊÇÈی ÇæÑ ÇÔÊیÇÞ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÓÈ Óÿ Àáÿ ÝÇØãÀ(Ó)˜ی ÇÍæÇá ÑÓی ˜ÑÊÿ ʪÿ ۔ ÇãÇã ÌÚÝÑ ÕÇÏÞ ÚáیÀ ÇáÓáÇã Óÿ ÑæÇیÊ Àÿ ˜À یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ) äÿ ÌäÇÈ ÝÇØãÀ(Ó) ˜ی ÊÚÑیÝ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ Çی˜ ãæÞÚ Ñ ÝÑãÇیÇ : ÎÏÇ äÿ ÝÇØãÀ ˜Ç äæÑ Òãیä æ ÂÓãÇä ˜ی ÎáÞÊ Óÿ Ȫی Àáÿ ÎáÞ ˜یÇ¡ ˜Óی äÿ ÓæÇá ˜یÇ : Ó ÝÇØãÀ ÇäÓÇä ˜ی ÌäÓ Óÿ äÀیŸ ÀیŸ ¿! Êæ ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) äÿ ÌæÇÈ ÏیÇ :

«ÝÇØãÀ ÇäÓÇäی áÈÇÏÀ ãیŸ Çی˜ ÍæÑ ÀیŸ»

ÇãÇã ÌÚÝÑ ÕÇÏÞ ÚáíÀ ÇáÓáÇã Óÿ ÑæÇíÊ Àÿ ˜À íÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã(Õ)

 äÿ ÌäÇÈ ÝÇØãÀ(Ó) ˜í ÊÚÑíÝ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ Çí˜ ãæÞÚ Ñ ÝÑãÇíÇ :

ÎÏÇ äÿ ÝÇØãÀ ˜Ç äæÑ Òãíä æ ÂÓãÇä ˜í ÎáÞÊ Óÿ Èªí Àáÿ ÎáÞ ˜íÇ¡

 ˜Óí äÿ ÓæÇá ˜íÇ : Ó ÝÇØãÀ ÇäÓÇä ˜í ÌäÓ Óÿ äÀíŸ ÀíŸ ¿!

 Êæ ÑÓæá ǘÑã(Õ) äÿ ÌæÇÈ ÏíÇ :

«ÝÇØãÀ ÇäÓÇäí áÈÇÏÀ ãíŸ Çí˜ ÍæÑ Àퟻ

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