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Pakistan Planned  Redeployment of Troops along Border ?

By Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (R)

According to an Emirates news agency on May 10, 2011 India has started war games involving thousands of troops along its border with Pakistan. A military spokesman told reporters the six-day exercise, codenamed Vijayee Bhava (Be Victorious) was being held in the Thar Desert region in the Indian state of Rajasthan. More than 20,000 combat troops were taking part. The Indian army, the world’s fourth largest in terms of personnel, has conducted 10 major military exercises along Pakistan's border in the past six years. But current exercise has been commenced just after Osama bin Laden when Indian army and air force chiefs directly threaten Pakistan. Reportedly exercise might convert into full scale army level exercise at the end of War game. INew Delhi tried to cash the current tension between Pakistan and U.S. In this connection, Indian Interior minister called Pakistan as haven of terrorist, her  Air and Army Chiefs that Indian forces has the capability to mount raids like the pre-dawn assault by U.S.  Special Forces that resulted in the killing of bin Laden. In the last week  both  Chiefs of Air Force "Air Chief Marshal P V Naik has said that India has the capability to launch surgical strikes against terrorists. He was answering to queries by journalists on the subject after recent US Special Forces action against Osama Bin Laden in northern Pakistan. India has earlier stated that Pakistan is running about 42 terror camps in Kashmir. One of the major requisites for any surgical strike is "real-time accurate intelligence" which India may not have had in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks. Indian Army and her intelligence agency probably is main hurdle of peace between in Pakistan and India.

Pakistan & U.S. relations have become tensed because of unilateral American action in Abbottabad. CIA Chief Leon Panetta gave an extremely irresponsible statement and tried to undermine the Pakistani intelligence and security forces capabilities. In this context, he said either the ISI was guilty of complicity or incompetent. In fact, in this regards the initial information has been provided by Pakistan but in the execution phase of the operation, CIA has cheated ISI and under took the task independently to get the credit of the operation. I would like to ask from Leaon Paneta, CIA chief that why they were notable to stop 9/11 probably they were not incompetent but were behind these attacks to use that incident for attacking Muslim countries. Their competence was also reflected in claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction against Iraq; British and Indian agencies too were incompetent as they could not stop attack on their soil. Thus we can say that U.S.A has staged a drama to trap Pakistan.  On May 9, 2011, in a briefing American Foreign Office spokes man has also threatened that in future too similar nature of unilateral actions can be taken against Pakistan. He also explained that taking such action is the part of Osama’s hot pursuit policy.  U.S. and Indian leadership have also deliberated on the regional security situation and politics under the back drop of Osama bin Laden killing. Islamabad has taken a serious view and planned to shift her forces from its western to easterwtsat stveialn front.

Indian Army chief General VK Singh even went to the extent of saying that the Indian armed forces were competent enough to carry out an operation similar to the one conducted by the US in Abbottabad against Osama. He was asked by reporters on May 4, 2011 in Lucknow whether the Indian armed forces could successfully carry out an Abbottabad-like operation. “I would like to say only this that if such a chance comes, then all the three arms of the military are competent to do this,” he said. General VK Singh’s statement was followed by Indian Air Chief Marshal PV Naik’s declaration that India surely has the capability to carry out an Abbottabad-like surgical strike

Actually, Recent action by US Special Forces in Abbottabad has once again excited the semi-literate journalists of India who opted to consider the
India-Pakistan equation as US-Pakistan scenario with the right to India to
conduct operations with the impunity that the US enjoys. India has the limited
precision strike capability through its Air Force as well as Special Forces but then
the equation only gets complete when the opposition is also considered.


Indian wishful thinking cannot be materialized against Pakistan. Before behaving like U.S. She has to think many times since her major Indian communication centers are very much in the range of Pakistani missiles. Credible sources have expressed that Pakistan Army is going to move her forces from western to eastern front. Here, i would also like to suggest to my anchors and journalists (especially GEO Groups) to stop projecting/ propagating Indian themes unintentionally.

 Reply:   Pakistan Planned Redeployment of Troops
Replied by(turkman) Replied on (17/May/2011)

The writer has needlessly gotten scared by just 20,000 Indian Troops exercising in Rajistan because he does not know, Pakistan Army is half million men strong with Nukes and Nuclear Tipped Missiles. Poor guy ...!
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