"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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"Khomenei is Alive ,Because his ideaology is Alive"/

"True Muhammadan Islam Vs American Islam"



"Khomeneisim defeated both Capitalisim & Camonisim"


The world wide awaking created by Imam Khomenei in oppressed nations and movements  against evil & oppressors has given a ray of hope for the whole world.The evil forces especially america was so worried and still worried from 

Imam Khomenei ideology of True Muhammadan Islam that america created alqaeda and taliban version of American Islam to defame Islam globally.This was even admitted by American leadership especially Herly Clinton that" We(america) created alqaeda and taliban Wahabi version of millitancy in the decade of 80's".

America has two goals from the creation of Khawareej type brutal 

version of


 alqaeda and taliban Wahabi ideaology ,first to defate Russia in Afghanistan by converting world into uni-polar While second to create a paper hero &  leadership in the form of Osama bin Ladan to counter the Imam Khomenei ideology of True Muhammadan Islam by promoting brutal american version of islam by using media as tool.As  Imam Khomenei ideology of True Muhammadan Islam and helping all oppressed was spreading even in non muslims of africa therefore american created osama by promoting sectarian diffrences among mulimslike Imam khomenei is shia and osama as hero for rest of the sunni world.But like shia Muslims majority of sunni muslims knows osama and wahabi fetna very well and they even exposed the america and wahabi joint anti  islam activites by builting website    exposing america,wahabis and osama relations.

It is fact like bright day that america used alqaeda and osama as tissue paper for its wasted interest by occuping and destroying Afghanistan,Iraq & Pakistan after 9/11 and so called war on terror drama and still destroying these countries especially Pakistan by attacking PNS Mehran Karachi even using the dead osama and abbotabad drama by deceiving world & pakistanis.  

It is Imam Khomenei who for the first time thirty five years ago said that:-"Illegal son of america zionists state Israel is like the cancer and it should be wipe up frm the world map is the only cure for israel".He further stated that Israel is the illegal son of Shatan Bozrog america and USA is responsible for all the misries of the world especially Muslim Ummah.By saying this Imam Khomenei give the Plastinian Cause and struggle as International attention while it is known to all that in Plaestine there is no shia muslims population,Hence Imam Khomenei struugle and ideaology is to help every muslim and oppressed even non muslims against oppressors without any discrimination.That is why Imam Khomenei said this nearly 40 years ago that "We are not against american people But we are against the cruel and anti humanity policies of american estiblishment(controlled by zionists)".

Now the world has witnessned that majority of american people protested the illegal attacks and invasin of America on Iraq & Afghanistan and its suppport to illegal zionists state of israel.The last year attack of zionists on freedom flotila in international water is step towards the wipe out f israel and if the freedm fighters like Islamic Revloutin, HizbAllah & Hamas will do so then it will be justified to end the zionists terrorisim.And Inshalah it will be achived with the appearance of global saviour Hazrat Imam Mahdi(a.s) for whom the whole World is waiting.According to poet

WORLD IS WAITING FOR JUSTICE                                                    JUSTICE IS WAITING FOR MAHDI.

Imam Khomeini(rahmatullah) the personality who rules on hearts of huminity especially the oppressed movements of the world.Imam Khomeini was accepted as ideal by all the oppressed people and movements of the world without any dicrimation of faith,religon & caste.Even the African & North americans countries Like Venuzula ,Aljazire,etc accepted the idealogy of Imam khomeni.Similarly all the Resistance Movements of the world working for liberation took the Khomenisim as ideal Because khomenei trust and belif on Almighty Allah(God) is beacon of Light for these movements .That is why the Hamas Islamic Resistance of Palestine Movements Leader Khalid Mishal in its interview and tribute to Imam Khomenei clearly declared that Hamas accept Imam Khomenei as its spritual Father & Leader.similary HizbAllah is the result of Imam Khomenei struggle and vision which has defeated the illegal zionists regime in its 33 days war & victory of Hamas in Gaza strip in estiblishing a remarkable history of victory against so called undefeatable phonenomon of zionists regime.

All this credit goes to this spritual personality Imam Khomeniei whose ideaology is followed by liberation & Resistance movements of the World.The power and sprituality of Imam Khomenei was even accepted by its worse enemy "Shatan-e-Bozorg" america leadership jimmy Carter Ex U.S President when he sent his fighter planes for attack on Islamic revolution during his presidentship.All these planes crushed at Tabas Iran amongt themselves before the attck & the Jimmy carter has to say these historical words

"All things were perfect at that time But only God was with Khomenei".

Hence the power and sprituality of Imam Khomeini and islamic Revolution that is the true  Muhammadan islam or Islam-e-Muhammadi(pbuh) in the eyes of Imam khomenei was even known to its worse enemy leadership and regime.Imam khomenei declared thirty years ago that "We are aginst the anti huminty policies of american regime and we are not the enemies of american people".At that time people of the world term it a dual policy that on one hand imam Khomenei is saying that america is the biggest evil "shatan-e-bozorg" of the world while on other hand saying that we are not the enemy of american people. BUT the era after 9/11& so called war aginst terror has proved these words of Imam Khomenei when the millions of american people marched on the cities of USA as protest against american attacks in Afghanistan & Iraq. this is really the victory of Imam Khomenei ideaolgy.Similarly Imam Khomenei raised a very messageful slogan "La Sharkia La Gharbia-----Islameia Islemeia" " Neither East Nor West -----Islam is the best" .in this regard Imam Khomenei rejected both Capitalisism (USA or West agenda ) as well as socilisim/camonisim(USSR agenda)declaring these as anti humnity agendas by even writing spritual and messageful Letter to Gorbachove that USSR or Camonisim is going to destroy in very short spell of time.

The same was witnessed by the world that so called super power USSR is divided into parts while the same is awaited for other so called Super Power USA in the words of Imam Khomenei.

Imam Khomeini declared Almighty Allah (God) as Super power and the leadership of Islamic Revolution especially Rahbare muslimeen Supreme Leader Ayatullah Syed ali Khamenei & his brave solider Mahmood AhmadiNejad is following this idealogy of Imam Komenei very well.

To know about the Life and movement of this great spritual personality Imam Khomenei the brief details is given here which will help all those who mwant to follow Muhammadi Islam or true Islam instead of american Islam or american brand Jihad or millitancy which is practiced now a days to defame islam globaly by the so followers of american code of Islam in the name of Islam.

Imam Khomenei"s saying that neither so called eastren super power (Comonisim OR USSR) nor so called westren super power (USA) are super powers at all ,The only and only SUPER POWER is Almighthy God .


Imam Khomenei really proved that neither camonisim launched by USSR nor Capitalism launched by USA can bring the peace,harmony ,love ,respect ,liberation to world.Because these system are man made .The only system to bring balance society ,peace,harmony ,love ,respect ,liberation, is Islam.


Imam Khomenei clearly wrote in Letter to Gorbachove of USSR that"the man made Camonisim will be soon ended"

The world witnessed this saying of Imam Khomenei true, when the so called super power USSR divided into more than dozen countries after destruction of camonisim.

Similarly Imam Khomenei called the other so called super power USA the head of Capitalisim as "Shatan-e-Bozorg or Biggest evil force" and predicted on time to time that this man made capitalisim will also be destroyed soon.

Now the world has witnessed that currently in the form of "World Finianicial Crisis" when the economy of the countries based on USA/Capitilism are in way to destruction.

The american regime who once were terming the Capitalisim as the solution for all Now even the USA government is giving billions of US$ to different companies like General Motors stop the capitalisim from destruction which is the violation of thier own principles of so called United States.

That is why Rahbare Muslimeenj(Supreme Leader) Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenei the successor of Imam Khomenei called the current "Finanical Crisis" as defeat or destruction of Capitalisim of Uncle Sam(USA) indeed.

Now America is seeing Khomeneisim or true Muhammadan Islam as threat for USA & its illegal zionists regime ISRAEL after the glorious victory of HizbAllah & Hamas even after worse attrocities in Leabnon & Plaestine especially the recent genocide commited by zionists in GAZA STRIP with the support of Uncle Sam(USA).

American regime even remembered the words of ex President of USA when he try to attack Iran by sending planes for air strikes but they crashed among themselves.


Imam Khomeini ,the founder of Revolution will long be remembered, the world over, after all prejudice and cynicism is overcome, for the outstanding role he played in the Third World freedom struggle, which demonstrated that freedom is a moral principle and a God-given right. It is, therefore, wrong or evil, to abuse or interfere with man¨s freedom, and those who do so, no matter how powerful they may be and regardless of how long they may appear successful and no matter how weak and helpless their victims might be, their efforts always and in miserable failure. The Shah of Iran and, nearer home, the advocates of apartheid in South Africa or, indeed, the advocates of colonialism everywhere in the Third World, are a case in point. The Shah of Iran and the advocates of apartheid in South Africa, as we all know, were supported by every powerful forces, wielding the most deadly weapons of war, against poor people, armed largely only with their determination to resist injustice and evil. But both the Shah of Iran and the advocates of the philosophy of apartheid in South Africa failed, principlly because they transgressed God¨s own law regarding man¨s freedom, his dignity and the sacredness of his life, which is derived from God¨s own life.

Imam Khomeini  added a new dimension to the freedom struggle in the Third World, namely the spiritual or moral dimension, why which Wrong or Evil had to be resisted, whatever the resource. Those who resisted Wrong or Evil, armed with Right of Good, coule not be defeated, as he and the people of Iran demonstrated. For Right or Good was founded on God¨s law, and, if God with us, who can be against us? All freedom seeking movements and other anti america movements in the world are due to the idealogy of Islamic revolution of Iran the basis or foundation of which is on Karbala ideaology.

Influence of Karbala idealogy & Azaadari on Islamic Revolution of Iran can be seen from the below message of Imam Khomenei.

"Greetings unto the standard-bearer of the school of martyrdom. Greetings unto the ever-victorious oppressed of the history. Greetings and salutation upon Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his companions. And Greetings unto the True Children of the Ashura "Imam Khomeini and his disciples ".

In this compendium we have spread before the followers of the school of martyrdom the words of a great man who was a perfect example of an imitator-follower of the Master of Martyrs. A man who, in the dark night of oppression, hoisted the shining torch of martyrdom, raised the banners of uprising, eradicated the shame of silence and objection from the holy skirts of the vanguards of Imam Hussain's (a.s)blood-smeared Islam and once more, in the sovereignty of iron and steel, taught the barefooted and oppressed peoples of the world the slogans of "Either Victory or Martyrdom" and the "Triumph of Blood over the sword," and, in the end, overthrew the "Yazidi(Laeen)" rule of the time by the hands of a nation that had cherished their love for Ashura and the memory of the bloody event of Karbala in their heart by tears, blood and truthfulness, from generation to the next.

May his memory live for ever, he who consistently used to testify that "Whatever we have, we have it by the blessings of Ashiira and Muharram! " We hope that lovers of the path of Husssain (a.s.) and those who ambulate in the footsteps of Khomeini will, as in the past, guard their honor of being the fore-runners in the uprising of the "Master of the Free" (Imam Hosein - a.s.) and of imitating his path and, by their auspicious presence in the impregnable bastion of "walayat" (leadership), remain firm in their defense of the Islamic Revolution and be true custodians of the priceless, divine trust, the Holy Order of the Islamic Republic until the advent of the universal extender of peace and the avowed avenger,

History has shown that no man, however powerful, that abuses and denigrates the dignity and sacredness of human life by persecutiong, depriving other human beings of freedom or by taking human life, gets away with these. The successful conclusion of the freedom struggle in Iran, launched and directed by Imam Khomeini (RA), and in South Africa, led by the Africa National Congress, for example, vindicated further the long-held belief that man¨s quest for freedom is invincible and laid bare the folly and futility of tampering with this.

Islamic Revolution of Iran is due to following Karbala idealogy practicaly & in today changing world when all the enemies of Islam (in the leadership of Yazed of the time Uncle Sam and its illegal terrorist son Israiel ) are united against Islam the Glorious victory of HizbAllah by going on the path and idealogy of Karbala is ray of hope for all freedom movements of the world that "If they consider Karbala as ideal then the success is waiting for them". So it is concluded that "khomeneisim" which is the path of following true Muhammadi Islam(Islam e Nab e Muhammadi

Let us pray for the arrival and revolution of the world saviour Imam Mahdi(A.S) for whom the whole world is waiting and who will establish a government of Islam & balance society based on justice throughout the globe by punishing all the involved Yazedis in Karbala of all ages.

And it is written in the start of consituition of Islamic revolution of Iran that this Land of Iran is God gifted country and it will be return or be a part with the revolution of Awaited Global Saviour Hazrat Imam Mahdi(A.S) for whom the whole world is waiting.

According to poet :-




 (The End).




Childhood and Parents

Imam Khomeini was born in the town of Khomein, about 350 kms south of Tehran in the central province, on the 20th of Jamadi-Al-Thani, the year 1320 L.H.,(September 24, 1902). Also the birth anniversary of Hazrat Bibi Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was named Ruhollah. The sprit of God.

His father, Ayatollah Seyyed Mostafa Musavi, assumed the religious leadership of the people of Khomein and the nearby villages after his return from the Islamic theology center in the city of Najaf, Iraq. But only a few months after Ruhollah was born, his father was fatally wounded by bandits on the road to Arak, north of Khomein. He was 47.

Imam Khomeini`s mother, Hajar, was also of a prominent religious family. She was the daughter of an Ayatollah Mirza Ahmad, a scholar and teacher in Karbala and Najaf theological centers, in Iraq. She also passed away when the Imam was only 15.


Despite these personal disasters, the Imam remained resistant and began using his talent and intelligence in learning Islamic sciences --first under his brother, Ayatollah Seyyed Morteza Pasandideh. Later he went to the theological school in Arak where he attended the classes of the prominent scholar of his time, Haj Sheikh Abdulkarim Haeri Yazdi. He also mastered Arabic literature.

After top theologians moved from Arak to the holy city of Qom, the Imam intensified his studies and completed the highest level of theology by 1927, and soon later was pronounced a mujtahid, qualified jurist, by his senior tutors. He specialized in various fields other than Fiqh (jurisprudence), including Philosophy, Irfan and Ethics.

Political Life before 1963

Known for his strong political views against the regime, the security agents of Reza Khan, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty, were ordered to restrict the Imam's activities. But the Imam continued his gradual but firm effort to spread his enlightening message to masses.

After the death of Ayatollah Borujerdi, the paramount shia leader of the time, the Imam was chosen his successor by the Ulema and people. With this, his cultural Jihad against the monarchy gathered momentum in 1961, reaching a climax in 1963.


On June 3rd of that year the Imam made a historical speech against the dependence of the Shah's regime on foreign powers and its support of the Israel. He also stressed on the role of the Ulema in society.

The Imam was immediately arrested on June 5th. But his powerful speech brought the people of Qom out into the streets. News reached other cities and for two days people in several major cities including Tehran, demonstrated against the Shah and in support of the Imam.

On June 5th, troops supported by tank were deployed crush the growing movement. Many are massacre and the Shah's dictatorial regime appeared to have achieved victory. But the seed of the Islamic Revolution had been planted.

In Exile 4/11/1964-3/10/1978

Following the Imam's arrest, the regime came under sever pressure from the Ulema and the massage. On November 4th, the Imam was sent into exile. He was first deported to Turkey and then to Iraq where he took up residence in Najaf.

Still determined to act according to his religious responsibility the Imam escalated his political struggle. This further added to the religious and political awareness and maturity of the Iranian people that was demonstrated by their angry and massive response to the murder of Haj Mostafa Khomeini, the Imam's eldest son, in the winter o f 1977 by the agents of the Shah's secret police, the Savak.

The martyrdom of Haj Mostafa, as well as an insulting article printed in the daily Ettela`at on Savak`s order, prompted mourning a protest gathering in major cities. Many people were killed in demonstrations and the regime decided that the only way to calm the situation was to prevent the Imam's inspirational message reach the people.

The Shah demanded and received cooperation from the Iraqi regime and the Imam was expelled on 3 October 1978.

Migration (Oct. 3, 1978-Feb. 1, 1979)

Imam Khomeini set out for Kuwait on October 3rd 1978 but was denied entry by the government. After consulting with his son, Ahamad, the Imam decided to go to France where he arrived on October 5th and a few days later took up residence in the small village of Neuphle le Chateau.

In Iran mass protests against the regime and the continued exile of the Imam grew to such an extent that it become impossible to control and suppress completely.

The Imam made frequent speeches, sent messages to the Iranian nation, gave numerous interviews to the media, outlining the liberation- seeking values and ideas of Islam and explained the framework of the Islamic state based on divine justice.

The ruling regime was facing a serious crisis. The West forced the Shah to leave Iran to allow the newly formed "liberal" Bakhtiar government to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the people. But the Imam still held the initiative: he was determined to return to Iran. The nation prepared for the greatest home coming ceremony in history. The Imam left Paris for Tehran on 1 February 1979.

Return to Home 1/2/1979

The streets o Tehran was packed with millions of people, waiting enthusiastically to great the Imam.

The Plane carrying the Imam landed safely at Tehran's Merababd Airport. The Imam set foot on the Islamic homeland for the first time in more than 15 years. His first move upon arrival was to go to Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution.

Confident of victory, people rejected everywhere. The regime unleashed its last bullets. Love, courage, and martyrdom in the struggle led every step of the monarchical regime. The Islamic Revolution triumphed and true Muhammadan Islam spread its wings over Iran & later on its rays spreaded all over the world.

Everyday thousands of people rushed to see the Imam. An interim government was formed. The new state was gradually taking shape. The Imam insisted that the main institutions be set up. The people voted for the Islamic Republic and approved its constitution. Thus the first Islamic State after 1400 years was born.

The Islamic Revolution

After setting up the Islamic Republic of IRAN, Imam was no longer just a leader, but a caring, sincere, father. He even cared for those who have done wrong and lost their way. He was loved, even by the poor, the deprived and freedom fighters of other nations.

The Imam made most of his speeches during he period among 19979 - 1989. He gave out solutions, set the framework for principles of statementship. He not only explain the virtues of religion and ethics, but detailed the aims of the Islamic Revolution and its domestic and foreign policies.

Farewell, and Mourning

After ten years, at 22:22 Saturday night June 3rd, 1989, the Imam passed away. The news was broadcast the following morning, the sense of loss was unbearable. Millions poured in from all part of country as well as his devoters from worldwide to participate in the biggest farewell in the history. The similar ceremonies were held, as well as in many Islamic countries and communities around the world. The anniversly of Imam Khomeini is obsereved on 3 rd June every year all over the world While the main event of anniversly is at the shrine of Imam Khomenei in Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery where the the supreme Leader of Islamic revoultion addreses the devoters.The devoters and Lovers of Imam Khomenei has the view that " KHOMENEI IS ALIVE HE LIVES IN OUR HEARTS , KOMENEI NEVER DIE AS HIS MISSION AND IDEAOLGY IS ALIVE"

Imam Khomenei lives in the hearts of huminty and Inshallah Islamic revolution of Imam Khomenei will be joined with the revolution of awaited Global saviour Hazrat Imam Mahdi May God hasten his reappearance and revolution for the estiblishment of balanced society based on Justice.

Ameen & Thanks.


(The end)





ÚäæÇä:۔ ݘÑÎãیäیؒ¡äÇÈ ãÍãÏی(Õ) ÇÓáÇã ÇæÑ ÇãÑی˜ÇÆی ÇÓáÇã ۔

یÇ:۔    Îãیäیؒ Çی˜ ÍÞیÞÊ ÀãیÔÀ ÒäÏÀ Àÿ۔۔ Îãیäیؒ ی˜ ÍÞیÞÊ ÀãیÔÀ ÒäÏÀ ÀÓÊ۔


ÊÍÑیÑ ÈãäÇÓÈÊ ۳Ìæä ÈÑÓی ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ  ۔



یÀ ÈÇÊ ÑæÒ ÑæÔä ˜ی ØÑÍ ÚیÇŸ Àÿ ˜À ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ  ˜ی Ý˜Ñ äÇÈ ãÍãÏی(Õ)ÇÓáÇã ÇæÑ ÚÇáãی ÈیÏÇÑی Óÿ ÇÓÊÚãÇÑی ÞæÊیŸ ÈÇáÎÕæÕ ÇãÑی˜À ÇÊäی ÎæÝÒÏÀ ʪی ¡ÇæÑ ÇÈ Èªی Àÿ۔˜À ÇãÑی˜À äÿ äÇÈ ãÍãÏی(Õ)ÇÓáÇã ÇæÑ ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ  ˜ی Ý˜Ñ ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ãیŸ ǁäÿ ÒÑÎÑیÏæŸ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜Ç ÇãÑی˜ÇÆی ÇÓáÇ㠁ÑæÇä šªÇ ˜Ñ ÏäیÇ ÈªÑ ãیŸ ÇÓáÇã ÌیÓÿ ÑÇãä æ ã˜ãá ÖÇÈØÀ ÍیÇÊ Ïیä ˜æ ÈÏäÇã ˜ÑÏیÇ۔ ÌÓ ˜Ç ÇÙÀÇÑ ÇãÑی˜ی æÒیÑ ÎÇÑÌÀ ÀیáÑی ˜áäŠä äÿ Ȫی ÈÑãáÇ ˜یÇ ˜À Àã äÿ æÀÇÈی äÙÑیÿ ˜ÿ ÔÏÊ ÓäÏÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ Ñ˜ªی۔ æÀÇÈی äÙÑیÿ ˜ÿ ÍÇãá ÎæÇÑÌ äãÇ ÏÑäÏæŸ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ÿ ÈäÇäÿ Óÿ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ Ïæ ãÞÇÕÏ Êªÿ۔ ÀáÇ ãÞÕÏ ’’ÇÝÛÇäÓÊÇä Ñ ÞÇÈÖ ÑæÓ ˜æ ÇÝÛÇäÓÊÇä Óÿ Ô˜ÓÊ Ïÿ ˜Ñ ÏäیÇ Ñ ÇãÑی˜ی ÇÌÇÑÊ ÏÇÑی‘‘ ÇæÑ ÏæÓÑÇ ãÞÕÏ ’’ÚÇáãی ÇÓáÇãی ÈیÏÇÑی ÈÇáÎÕæÕ Ý˜Ñ ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ ÇæÑ äÇÈ ãÍãÏی (Õ)ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ãیŸ ÎæÇÑÌ äãÇ ÏÑäÏæŸ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜Ç ÇãÑی˜ÇÆی ÇÓáÇ㠁ÑæÇä šªÇ ˜Ñ ÏäیÇ ÈªÑ ãیŸ ÇÓáÇã ÌیÓÿ ÑÇãä æ ã˜ãá ÖÇÈØÀ ÍیÇÊ Ïیä ˜æ ÈÏäÇã ˜ÑäÇ ÊªÇ۔ یÚäی ÇÑ ãÓáã ÏäیÇ ÍÊیٰ ˜À ÇÝÑیÞÀ ˜ÿ ÈÚÖ ÛیÑ ãÓáã ãÙáæãیä ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ ÇæÑ äÇÈ ãÍãÏی (Õ) ÇÓáÇã ˜æ ÂÆییá Óã̪ ˜Ñ ÈیÏÇÑ Àæäÿ áیŸ Êæ ÇäÀیŸ ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ ˜æ ÔیÚÀ ÞÑÇÑ Ïÿ ˜Ñ ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ãیŸ ÇÓÇãÀ Èä áÇÏä ÌیÓÿ ˜ÇÛÐی ÀیÑæ æ ÞیÇÏÊ ˜ی یÑæی ˜Ñ ˜ÿ ÇÓÇãÀ ˜æ Çی˜ ÂÆییá ˜ÿ ØæÑ Ñ ãÊÚÇÑÝ ˜ÑæÇیÇ یÇ۔ ÍÇáÇä˜À ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ äÿ  áÇÔÑÞیÀ æ áÇÛÑÈیÀ¡ ÇÓáÇãیÀ ÇÓáÇãیÀ ۔۔۔Çæ ÑÇãÇã Úáی ؑ ˜ÿ æÕیÊ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ˜À ’’ÀÑ ÙÇáã ˜ÿ ãÎÇáÝ ÇæÑ ÀÑ ãÙáæã ˜ÿ ãÏϐÇÑ Èä ÌÇÄ‘‘ ˜ÿ ãÕÏÇÞ ÏäیÇ ÈªÑ ˜ÿ ãÙáæãیä ÈÇáÎÕæÕ ÝáÓØیä ˜ÿ ãÓÆáÿ ˜æ ÚÇáãی ãÓÆáÀ ÈäÇ ÏیÇ۔ 


ÇیÈŠ ÂÈÇÏ ãیŸ Èšÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ ˜ÇªæŠÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ Ñ ãÀᘠæÇÑ¡ ÇÓÇãÀ ˜æ Òãیä Ñ ÞÈÑ ˜ی ̐À äÀیŸ ãáی۔ÀÑ Ðی ÔÚæÑ ÇäÓÇä ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Óÿ æÇÞÝ Àÿ ˜À ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ÌÇÑی ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏی ˜Ç ÓÑÛäÀ ÇãÑی˜À ÇæÑ ÇÓÑÇÆیá ÀیŸ Ìä ˜ی ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏی ÒÈÇŸ ÒÏ ÎÇÕ æ ÚÇã Àÿ ÇæÑ ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏی ˜ÿ ÊãÇã æÇÞÚÇÊ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜À ¡ ÇÓÑÇÆíá یÇ ªÑ Çä ˜ÿ ÑæÑÏÀ ÑæÀ ãáæË ÀیŸ۔ ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Óÿ Ȫی ÓȪی ãÊÝÞ ÀیŸ ˜À ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ ÇæÑ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ی ÏÇÛ Èیá ÇãÑی˜À äÿ Çáی ÇæÑ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ی ÓсÑÓÊی ˜Æی ÈÑÓæŸ Ê˜ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ ÀÇʪ ãیŸ ÑÀی Àÿ ÇیÈŠ ÂÈÇÏ ãیŸ Èšÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ äÿ ªæŠÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ ˜æ ÐÇÊی æÌæÀÇÊ ˜ی ÈäÇ Ñ Àáǘ ˜Ñ˜ÿ یÇ ªÑ äÇÆä Çáیæä ˜ی ØÑÍ Çی˜ ÇæÑ ÑÇãÀ ÑÇ ˜ÑÇÓ ˜æ ÏÑیÇ ÈÑÏ ˜ÑÏیÇ۔

 ÀÑ Ðی ÔÚæÑ ÇäÓÇä ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Óÿ æÇÞÝ Àÿ ˜À ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ÌÇÑی ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏی ˜Ç ÓÑÛäÀ ÇãÑی˜À ÇæÑ ÇÓÑÇÆیá ÀیŸ Ìä ˜ی ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏی ÒÈÇŸ ÒÏ ÎÇÕ æ ÚÇã Àÿ ÇæÑ ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏی ˜ÿ ÊãÇã æÇÞÚÇÊ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜À æ ÇÓÑÇÆíá یÇ ªÑ Çä ˜ÿ ÑæÑÏÀ ÑæÀ ãáæË ÀیŸ۔ ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Óÿ Ȫی ÓȪی ãÊÝÞ ÀیŸ ˜À ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ ÇæÑ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ی ÏÇÛ Èیá ÇãÑی˜À äÿ Çáی ÇæÑ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ی ÓсÑÓÊی ˜Æی ÈÑÓæŸ Ê˜ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ ÀÇʪ ãیŸ ÑÀی Àÿ ÇæÑ ÂÌ Èªی ØÇáÈÇä ÇæÑ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ ˜ی ÕÝæŸ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜ی ÎÝیÀ ÇیÌäÓی ˜ÿ ÇÀá˜ÇÑ ãæÌæÏ ÀیŸ Ìæ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ ÇæÑ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ی ÓсÑÓÊی ˜ÑÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ Çä ˜æ ÈÀÇäÀ ÈäÇ ˜Ñ ÇÓáÇã ÇæÑ ãÓáãÇäæŸ ˜æ ÈÏäÇã ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ªäÇÄäی ÓÇÒÔ ãیŸ ãáæË ÀیŸ ۔ÇیÈŠ ÂÈÇÏ ãیŸ  ÏÑ ÍÞیÞÊ Èšÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ ÇãÑی˜À äÿ ªæŠÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ ÇÓÇãÀ Èä áÇÏä ˜æ ÐÇÊی æÌæÀÇÊ ˜ی ÈäÇ Ñ Àáǘ ˜یÇ Àÿ ÌÓ ˜Ç ÇÓáÇã ÇæÑ ãÓáãÇäæŸ Óÿ ˜æÆی ÊÚáÞ äÀیŸ۔ ÇÓÇãÀ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ãÑÇÀ ÓÇʪیæŸ äÿ ÇÓ ÎØÿ ãیŸ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÈÀÊ ÈšÇ ÊÚÇæä ˜یÇ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ ÇæÑ ØÇáÈÇä äÿ ÇãÑی˜ی ÇÔÇÑæŸ Ñ Ç˜ÓÊÇä ¡ÇÝÛÇäÓÊÇä ÇæÑ ÚÑÇÞ ãیŸ ÀÒÇÑæŸ Èÿ äÇÀ ãÓáãÇäæŸ ˜Ç æÓیÚ یãÇäÿ Ñ ÈÀیãÇäÀ ÞÊá ÚÇã ˜یÇ  Ç˜ÓÊÇä ÇæÑ ÇÝÛÇäÓÊÇä ãیŸ ÚÏã ÇÓÊ͘Ç㠁یÏÇ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی 黄 æÑ ˜æÔÔ ˜ی ÇæÑ ÇÓÇãÀ Èä áÇÏä ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ãÑÇÀ ÓÇʪیæŸ ˜ÿ ȪیÇä˜ ÇæѐªäÇÄäÿ ÌÑÇÆã ˜ی æÌÀ Óÿ ÇãÑی˜À äÿ ÇÓáÇã Çæ Ñ  ãÓáãÇäæŸ ˜æ ÈÏäÇã ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی 黄 æÑ ˜æÔÔ ˜ی áی˜ä æä˜À ˜ÿ ÇÓáÇã ÇÕæá ÏÑÎÔÇŸ ÇæÑ ÕÇÝ æ æÇÖÍ ÀیŸ ÌÓ ˜ی æÌÀ Óÿ æÀ ÇÓáÇã ˜æ ÈÏäÇã äÀیŸ ˜ÑÓ˜ÿ  ÇÓÇãÀ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ãÑÇÀ ÓÇʪیæŸ ˜ÿ ÓیÇÀ ÇÚãÇá ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÇÕæáæŸ Óÿ ÈÇá˜á ãیá äÀیŸ ˜ªÇÊÿ Èá˜À Çä ˜ÿ ÇÚãÇá ÇÓáÇãی ÊÚáیãÇÊ ˜ÿ ÓÑÇÓÑ ÎáÇÝ ÀیŸ ÇÓÇãÀ æÀÇÈی ãÓᘠÓÿ æÇÈÓÊÀ Àÿ ÌÓÿ ÇÀáÓäÊ ãÓáãÇä Àی äÀیŸ Óã̪Êÿ ÇæÑ æÀÇÈیæŸ ÇæÑ ÇãÑی˜یæŸ ˜ی ÑÝÊÇÑ æ ÝÊÇÑ ãیŸ ˜æÆی ÝÑÞ äÀیŸ¡ ÇÓáÇã ÇæÑ ãÓáãÇäæŸ ˜æ ÈÏäÇã ˜Ñäÿ ˜ی ÌÈ ÇãÑی˜À ÇæÑ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ ˜ی ÊãÇã ÓÇÒÔیŸ äǘÇã ÀæÆیŸ ÇæÑ ÚÑÈ ããÇᘠãیŸ ÇÓáÇãی ÈیÏÇÑی Ñ ãÈäی ÚæÇãی áÀÑ ÌÇÑی ÀæÆی ÌÓ ãیŸ ˜Æی ÇãÑی˜ی ÇیÌäŠ ÈÀÀ Æÿ ÇæÑ ˜Æی ÏæÓÑÿ ÓÑäæŸ Àæäÿ ˜ÿ ÞÑیÈ ÀیŸ Êæ Èšÿ ÔیØÇä ÇæÑ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ äÿ ªæŠÿ ÔیØÇä ÇæÑ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ ˜æ Àáǘ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÏÑیÇ ÈÑÏ ˜ÑÏیÇ ÇæÑ ªæŠÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏÔیØÇä ˜æ Òãیä Ñ ÞÈÑ ˜ی Ȫی ̐À äÀیŸ ãáی۔ Èšÿ ÔیØÇä ˜ی äÇÈæÏی Ȫی ÞÑیÈ Àÿ ÇæÑ ÇááÀ ÊÚÇáی ÙÇáãæŸ ˜æ ÂÓ ãیŸ Š˜ÑÇ ˜Ñ ÇäªیŸ äیÓÊ æ äÇÈæÏ ˜ÑÊÇ Àÿ۔

ÇãÑی˜À äÿ äÇÈ ãÍãÏی(Õ) ÇÓáÇã ÇæÑ ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ  ˜ی Ý˜Ñ ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ãیŸ ǁäÿ ÒÑÎÑیÏæŸ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜Ç ÇãÑی˜ÇÆی ÇÓáÇ㠁ÑæÇä šªÇ ˜Ñ ÏäیÇ ÈªÑ ãیŸ ÇÓáÇã ÌیÓÿ ÑÇãä æ ã˜ãá ÖÇÈØÀ ÍیÇÊ Ïیä ˜æ ÈÏäÇã ˜ÑÏیÇ۔ ÌÓ ˜Ç ÇÙÀÇÑ ÇãÑی˜ی æÒیÑ ÎÇÑÌÀ ÀیáÑی ˜áäŠä äÿ Ȫی ÈÑãáÇ ˜یÇ ˜À Àã äÿ æÀÇÈی äÙÑیÿ ˜ÿ ÔÏÊ ÓäÏÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ Ñ˜ªی۔ æÀÇÈی äÙÑیÿ ˜ÿ ÍÇãá ÎæÇÑÌ äãÇ ÏÑäÏæŸ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜ÿ ÈäÇäÿ Óÿ ÇãÑی˜À ˜ÿ Ïæ ãÞÇÕÏ Êªÿ۔ ÀáÇ ãÞÕÏ ’’ÇÝÛÇäÓÊÇä Ñ ÞÇÈÖ ÑæÓ ˜æ ÇÝÛÇäÓÊÇä Óÿ Ô˜ÓÊ Ïÿ ˜Ñ ÏäیÇ Ñ ÇãÑی˜ی ÇÌÇÑÊ ÏÇÑی‘‘ ÇæÑ ÏæÓÑÇ ãÞÕÏ ’’ÚÇáãی ÇÓáÇãی ÈیÏÇÑی ÈÇáÎÕæÕ Ý˜Ñ ÇãÇã Îãیäیؒ ÇæÑ äÇÈ ãÍãÏی ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ãیŸ ÎæÇÑÌ äãÇ ÏÑäÏæŸ ÇáÞÇÚÏÀ æ ØÇáÈÇä ˜Ç ÇãÑی˜ÇÆی ÇÓáÇ㠁ÑæÇä šªÇ ˜Ñ ÏäیÇ ÈªÑ ãیŸ ÇÓáÇã ÌیÓÿ ÑÇãä æ ã˜ãá ÖÇÈØÀ ÍیÇÊ Ïیä ˜æ ÈÏäÇã ˜ÑäÇ ÊªÇ۔ áی˜ä ÔÇیÏ ÇãÑی˜À æ ÇÓÊÚãÇÑی ÞæÊæŸ ˜æ ÔÇیÏ ÞÑÂä Ç˜ ãیŸ ÇáááÀ Ç˜ ˜ÿ ÇÓ æÚÏÿ ÇæÑ ÇŠá ÝیÕáÿ ˜Ç ÊÀ äÀیŸ ˜À ˜ÝÇÑ ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇã ÏÔãä Ȫی ÊÏÈیÑیŸ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀیŸ۔áی˜ä ÇáááÀ ÓÈ Óÿ ÈÀÊÑ ÊÏÈیÑ ˜Ñäÿ æÇáÇ Àÿ۔ ÇÓáÆیÿ ÀÑ ÒÑÊÿ ÓÇá ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ݘÑÎãیäیؒ ãیŸ ÇÖÇÝÀ ÀæÊÇ ÌÇ ÑÀÇ Àÿ ۔˜یæä˜À ÓæÑÌ Çی˜ ÀÇʪ Óÿ ªÇیÇ äÀیی ÌÇÓ˜ÊÇ۔ÇæÑ ÈÞæá ÑÀÈÑ ãÓáãیä ÓیÏ Úáی ÎÇãäÀ Çی¡Îãیäیؒ ی˜ ÍÞیÞÊ ÀãیÔÀ ÒäÏÀ ÀÓÊ۔Îãیäیؒ Çی˜ ÍÞیÞÊ ÀãیÔÀ ÒäÏÀ Àÿ۔۔ ªæä˜æŸ Óÿ یÀ ÑÇÛ ÈªÌÇیÇ äÀ ÌÇÆÿ Ç۔


ÊÍÑیÑ æ ÊÑÊیÈ:۔ ÇیÓ Çی ÈäÔ 

Essay Written Complied & Contributed By:- S  H  Bangash

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