"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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"Importance of Shab-e-Barat".


" World is waiting for Justice".

The Blessing Night between 14 and 15 shaban is also known as shab-e-barat(the night of mercy) celebrated all over the globe by muslims.According to some traditions on this night the timetable of work of the belivers comes for whole year.While according to one of the prominent traditions according to muslim history this night is also the birth day of awaited golbal saviour Hazrat Imam Mahdi(a.s) for whom the whole of world is waiting.According to Poet

WORLD is waiting for justice

JUSTICE is waiting for Mahdi

Anyhow this blessed night of mid shaban also known as neema shaban & Shab-e-barat is very important for all sects of islam either sunni or shia muslims

The Holy Prophet (SAWW) said: "One who dies without recognizing the Imam of his time dies the death of the Age of Ignorance (before the advent of Islam)"......If any one want to know more information about the idealogy of awaited global Saviour Hazrat Imam Mahdi(a.s), can watch and visit this website in more than twenty international languages including english.

The belief in the Mahdi(a.s) is not only an essential doctrine deep-rooted in Islamic faith but rather it is an embodiment of human nature regardless of one’s religious affiliations. For it is the universal desire of humans as a whole to try to achieve or at least witness the realisation of the ultimate objective of their existence, through which they will achieve perfection and social happiness in their entirety. Therefore by reason of inner necessity and inspiration, humans will see a day when society will be replete with justice.

More importantly, from a religious perspective the concept of the Mahdi is the culmination of human struggle in their path towards God the Almighty. It is when true Justice will be established through human hands but with Divine succour resulting in the prevalence of truth over falsehood and all its offshoots.

And say: Truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished away. Lo! falsehood is ever bound to vanish. [Holy Quran: Chapter 17, Verse 81]

Having identified that the need for the Mahdi is a subject of inner necessity that is instilled into the hearts of human beings, it is essential to outline the duties of the human race as a whole in trying to achieve a purgatory state of social felicity in the outward absence of the Mahdi that would lay a foundation for his imminent reappearance.

This goal and its realisation however, prompts one to question the fundamental motive behind the concealment of the Mahdi despite when social and political factors are welcoming to his presence and his precepts. To this we say: Indeed, this is exactly where the problem lies! The principle reason for the delay in the reappearance of the Mahdi is that his followers are not ready to acknowledge the perfect leader and the perfect ideology, rather more correctly they have not prepared themselves for his coming and the system that is to be established by him. This is clearly mentioned by the Imam himself in one of his narrations:

‘If our (followers), may Allah help and succeed them to His obedience, were united in wholeheartedly honouring the promise and obligation that is upon them, there would have been no delay in meeting us (i.e. in our reappearance), and bliss and felicity for them would have hastened by seeing us with full knowledge and certainty of testifying to our (leadership)’ - [Bihar Al-Anwaar, Ch. 53, Pg. 177]

Therefore, each and every one of us has to be very cognisant of their acts in relation to the part we play during the occultation of the Mahdi. This period has been like none other before nor is the test set upon the Muslim Ummah and humanity at large like any before. With lack of direct contact with the divine leader of the time and the many injustices that have overwhelmed today’s society resulting in moral demise and social injustice, the resort of the believers is in seeking the help of Allah (SWT) and beseeching Him to hasten in the reappearance of the Mahdi and his promised victory.

Strong faith in the promised triumph in the midst of injustice and darkness is a means of separating the true believers from the rest. A brief look into history shows endless of these so-called followers who eventually betrayed their leaders and thus put eternal shame and disgrace on themselves. A perfect example being the story of the inhabitants of Kufah at the time of the great ancestor of the Mahdi, Husayn son of Ali, for whom he weeps blood each day until the day of his reappearance.

The world will not come to an end," said the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), " until a man from my family (Ahlulbayt) and of my name shall be master of the world, When you see a green ensign coming from the direction of Khorasan, then join them, for the Imam of God will be with the standards who will be called Al-Mahdi."

"The Mahdi will be descended from me; he will be a man with an open countenance and a face with a high nose. He will fill the earth with equity and with justice, just as it has been filled with tyranny and oppression." (Biharul Anwar, Majlisi)

Imam Muhammad Abul Qasim (Al-Mahdi)(AS), the last in the line of the Twelve Ithna Ashari Imams was born on 15th Shabaan 255 Hijri in Samarra, Iraq. His father was the Eleventh Imam Hasan Al-Askari (AS) and his mother was Nargis Khatoon, grand daughter of the Emperor of Rum.

It was 8th Rabi ul-Awwal 260 Hijri when our Twelfth Imam led the funeral prayer of his father Imam Hasan Al-Askari (AS). He was only Five years old, yet the whole crowd of Muslims including the Abbasid caliph of that time Al-Mu'tamid followed the young Imam without question. Once the prayers were over and the Imam went inside the house, that the Caliph realized the full implication and significance of the occasion and he immediately ordered his soldiers to enter the house and search for the young Imam. They did not find any one inside the house. The Caliph was very angry at this incompetence of ministers and other officials who were unable to find a boy of five who had just led the prayers and had just disappeared. The caliph had no inkling of the secrets that God did not want to reveal. He went back to his palace and into the luxurious life of a playboy king while the world around him squeezed his empire into oblivion.

The Imam's period of lesser concealment began immediately after he led the funeral prayers and disappeared inside the house. This was in the year 260 Hijri.

The doctrine of 'Ghaiba' or concealment, declares simply that the Imam has been withdrawn by God from the eyes of people, that his life has been miraculously prolonged, that he has been seen from time to time, has been in correspondence with others, and has maintained a control over the guidance of the followers and the believers and the safety of Islam from its enemies.

In the following we shall try to bring some evidence from the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet to prove the point to interested readers.

This is an essential belief that Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (AS) Sahibuz zaman, is alive and guide's his followers whenever such need arises. This is based on the verses of the Holy Qur'an that express the idea of Divine Guidance through the Prophets and Imams. "And among those whom we have created are a people who guide others with truth and in accordance therewith act justly". (Sura vii V 180)

"We shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere. (Sura 2, V.155)

A great Hanafi scholar Muhammad Ibn Muslim cites Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadiq (AS) explaining the meaning of the above Verse. Imam indicated that there would be signs indicating the coming (reappearance) of Al-Mahdi (AS) which are the means whereby God tests the faithful. "Something of fear" is a reference to masses perishing by contagious diseases; "hunger" is a reference to high prices of foodstuffs; "Some loss in goods" is a reference to scarcity and famines; "Lives" is a reference to mass destruction of human lives, probably global wars; "Fruits" is a reference to lengthy periods of droughts; so when all that happens, then give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere."

"This is its interpretation," continued the Imam , quoting Verse 7 of Sura 3, which indicates that "only those who are firmly grounded in knowledge are capable of interpreting the verses of the Holy Qur'an", adding, " We the Ahlulbayt are the ones firmly grounded in knowledge".

In the book "Yanabi Al-Muaddah", the Hanafi scholar and Mufti of Istanbul during the Osmani Caliphate in Turkey writes on page 321, quoting Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadiq (AS) interpreting Verse 83, Sura III of the Holy Qur'an comments as follows:- " When the Qa'im Al-Mahdi reappears, there will be no land on earth where the Kalima is not said. "This could be a reference to the fact that by the time Al-Mahdi reappears, all continents of the world will have Muslim populations. They already do now.


After presenting the above proofs from the Qur'an, the following are authentic traditions from the Prophet of God regarding Imam Mahdi (AS).

At the end of Vol.2 of Fara'idh Al-simtain and on page 269 Ibn Khaldun's 'Mukaddimah' , it is related from Ibn Abbas, that the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, " Ali is Imam of my nation and my successor therein after me, and among his offspring is the awaited Qa'im who shall fill the world with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice and oppression. The Prophet further elaborates, "Beware of doubting, for to doubt the order of God, the Mighty, the Sublime, is apostasy (Kufr). Ibn Khaldun also states that "When imprisoned with his mother in the house, he entered a sort of well or pit in the house that his family occupies at Samarrah, Iraq, and there he disappeared, but he is to come forth at the end of the age to fill the earth with justice".

Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti quotes in his book Jalalul-Oyun Vol.6 page 50. "The Hour shall not come till Al-Mahdi takes charge on earth on my behalf," said the Messenger of God. Allama Suyuti also quotes Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal that famous companion Abu Said Khadhri quoting the Messenger of God saying, "I bring you glad tidings of Al-Mahdi, God shall send him to my nation, in a time different from your own, and after a series of earthquakes, and he shall fill the earth with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice and oppression. He shall distribute the wealth equitably among the inhabitants of the earth. In the manual in which he sets forth the many duties and privileges of pilgrims, Majlisi has given an accepted form for a short letter in Arabic, which anyone can write, and sent to his Imam of the age. It may be placed on the tomb of any of the Imams, or it may be fastened and sealed, and covered with clean earth and cast into the sea or river or a deep well. In any case it will reach the Hidden Imam and he will give his personal attention.

There is a famous saying of Imam Hussain (AS) about the twelfth Imam. "The Ninth of my descendants is the Imam who will rise with the Truth. God will grant life to earth through him after its death. The true faith will supersede all religions through him. His absence shall be lengthy during which many people will go astray. Only a few will remain on the Right Path. They shall suffer pains; people will put pressure on them, saying," let us know when this promise of the Return of the Mahdi is fulfilled". Those who will bear the pains and denials patiently will get the same rewards as those who accompanied the Prophet during his expeditions for Jihad."

Imam Zainul Abedeen (AS) has said, " Of us one will be born whose birth will remain secret so much so that the people will say that he was not born at all."

Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (AS) is quoted by Kulaini in Al-Kafi, "Nine Imams after Hussain are destined, and the last of them will be Al-Qaim."

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (AS) is quoted in Ilal al-shaa'i saying, "The fifth of the descendants of my son Musa will be the Qa'im a descendant of the Prophet (SAW).

Imam Musa Ibn Ja'afar (AS) was asked once, "Are the Qa'im with the truth?" The Imam replied, "I also rise truthfully, but the real Qa'im is he who will remove the enemies of God from earth and will fill it with justice. He shall be my fifth descendant. His absence will be lengthy during which multitudes will turn away from the faith while only a few will uphold it".

Imam Ali Al-Reza (AS) in the above saying of Imam Hussain (AS) that due to the excessive the length of the concealment of the 12th Imam many believers will have doubts about his existence. Many will question the very longevity of his life and the usefulness of his presence as an Imam. Reza said, "O Da'bil, my son Muhammad (AS) will come when I am gone. After him, his great grand son will be named Muhammad (AS) who will be the Qa'im. He will be awaited during his absence. When he appears, the world shall bow down before him."

Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS) has said "The Qa'im will be from amongst us the third of my descendants".

Imam Ali Naqi (AS) said, "My successor will be my son Hasan; but what will be your condition during the reign of Hasan's successor"? Those who were present asked, "Why, what do you mean by that"? Imam replied, "You will not have the chance to see him, later you will not be allowed to mention his name". Then the Imam was asked as to how they should mention him. Imam replied, "You may say that he is the last of Muhammad's (infallible) descendants."

Some people asked Imam Hasan Al-Askari (AS), "Your forefathers have said that the earth would never be without knowing the sign of Allah (Hujjatullah) till Doomsday, and he who dies without knowing the Imam of his time will die the death of ignorance". Imam replied, "That was as true as the shining day. They inquired as to who would be the Imam who would be the sign of the Mercy of God after his death, Imam replied, "He will be my son, the name sake of the Holy Prophet (Muhammad Abul Qasim). He who died without knowing him will die the death of ignorance. His absence will be so lengthy that the ignorant will wander puzzled and would surely stray from the Right Path. But the Righteous shall remain steadfast and pray for their Imam to appear within their life time".

All these predictions were recorded since the time of the Holy Prophet who himself prophesied the advent of the Mahdi.

As in the above saying of Imam Hussain (AS) that due to the excessive length of the concealment of the 12th Imam many believers will have doubts about his existence. Many will question the very longevity of his life and the usefulness of his presence as an Imam.

To the question of existence, we have seen above the many Verses from the Qur'an and Hadith of the Prophet and all the Eleven Imams. We have also read quotations from the Books of Ahlul Sunna wal Jama'a and many scholars and philosophers from the earliest times to the present.

As far as the longevity of his life, in Qur'anic terms it is not difficult to explain. Prophet Jesus is alive and will come out with the 12th Imam. Prophet Sheeth and Prophet Khidhr are still alive according to the Verdict of the Qur'an. If God keeps his guided ones alive for a certain purpose there should not be any doubt.

As for the usefulness of his concealed existence, there are numerous occasions when the Imam miraculously helped those who called him for help.

During the period of Ghaibat-e-Sughra (the period of lesser concealment) from the time of the death of his father Imam Hasan Al-Askari (AS) in the year 260 Hijri, our 12th Imam was seen only by a few people who were appointed his ambassadors (Safeer) on his behalf to convey his teachings to the believers. These Four Ambassadors were as follows:

1. Abu Amr Uthman Ibn Sa'id Al-Asadi. He was a deputy of 10th Imam Ali Naqi (AS) and after his death, of the 11th Imam Hasan Al-Askari (AS) and after his death, of our 12th Imam.

Having performed these duties of conveying the messages from the Imam to the believers and the teachings of Ahlulbayt, he died in Baghdad and was buried there.

2. Abu Ja'afar Muhammad Ibn Othman Al Amri, the son of the first Ambassador was appointed the 2nd Safeer of our 12th Imam. He died in 305 Hijri (917 AD).

3. Abul Qasim Hussain Ibn Rauh Nawbakhti was appointed the Imam's 3rd Safeer. He was a top ranking scholar and Faqeeh, renowned for his knowledge of all Islamic sciences. He was also a very pious man. Under the directions of the 12th Imam, his 3rd Safeer Hussain Ibn Rauh performed his duties as Safeer for the next 15 years. He died in the year 320 Hijri.

4. Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Al-Samari. He was the last Safeer of the 12th Imam, succeeding Hussain Ibn Rauh as directed by the Imam. He performed his duties for 9 years and died on the 15th Shabaan 329 Hijri (May 15, 941 AD). Having being asked on his deathbed as to who would succeed him, he replied: Providence now wishes to give the matter another shape the duration of which is known to God alone."

After Abul Hasan there was no Safeer. In this sorrowful year, i.e. 329 Hijri, many scholars such as Ali Ibn Babwayh Qummi and Muhammad Ibn Yaqub Kulaini, the learned compiler of al-Kafi also died. Besides these events, an extra ordinary phenomenon was also witnessed. In the sky so many stars did shoot that it seemed as if Doomsday had come. That year was named as the year of the dispersal of stars. After this, followed a dark period because no saffeer was left to directly approach the Imam Al-Mahdi (AS). It is also related that Imam himself told his last Safeer that there will not be any more appointments of Sofara. When asked what the believers would do, the Imam replied, "Follow the Foqaha of our Deen, those who have knowledge of Qur'an, who protect Deen and would not follow their own desires".


It is therefore necessary for everyone to work tirelessly for this objective and to remember that this mission is the only legitimate solution to the problems faced by mankind at large. It is the responsibility of everyone to remind those around them of this sacred mission and it is likewise their responsibility to sacrifice their time, efforts and even their finances for the cause of the awaited Imam(Global saviour Hazrat imam mahdi(a.s).

It is a frequent saying amongst many Muslims, when they remember the martyrs of Karbala to chant: "If only we were with you, for surely we would have been victorious." We today have that option, we have an Imam in occultation waiting for us to reach out towards him. He is patiently waiting for that time to come where a small group of people would truly be of his followers such that he may appear and lead this Ummah towards salvation, and yet we as a people sit and do nothing.So it is responisibilty of all muslims on occasion of shab-e-Barat to be prepare for the awaited saviour Inshlal who will defeat the world imperialisim & oppressors like Shatan-e-bozorg USA & its illegal son Israel.May almighty Allah give us energy to work for the revolution of awaited global saviour hazrat Imam mahdi(a.s). (The end)



                                  URDU ESSAY

        ÔÈ ÈÑÇÊ ˜ی ÇÀãیÊ

äیãÆÀ ÔÚÈÇä ˜ی ÑÇÊ یÇ ÔÈ ÈÑÇÊ ˜ی ÇÀãیÊ ÇÍÇÏیË æ ÑæÇیÇÊ Óÿ æÇÖÍ ÀیŸ¡ÇæÑ یÀ ÑÇÊ ãÓáãÇäæŸ ˜ÿ ÌãáÀ ã˜ÇÊÈ Ý˜Ñ ˜ÿ ÀÇŸ ÔÈ ÞÏÑ ˜ی ØÑÍ ÇÀã ÊÑیä ÑÇÊ Àÿ۔ ˜ª ÑæÇیÇÊ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ÇÓ ãÈÇј ÑÇÊ ãیŸ ÓÇá 黄 ˜ÿ ÇÚãÇá ˜Ç ÍÓÇÈ æ ˜ÊÇÈ ÇæÑ ÞÓãÊ ˜ÿ ÝیÕáÿ ÀæÊÿ ÀیŸ¡ ÌÈ ˜À ÈÚÖ ãÚÊÈÑ ÑæÇیÇÊ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ˜À ÌæÊãÇã ã˜ÇÊÈ Ý˜Ñ ˜ÿ ÀÇŸ ÊæÇÊÑ Óÿ ÏÑÌ ÀæÆی ÀیŸ۔ ÇÓ ãÈÇј ÑÇÊ ˜æ ãäÌÆی ÈÔÑیÊ ÚÇáãی äÌÇÊ ÏÀäÏÀ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ی æáÇÏÊ ÈÇÓÚÇÏÊ ˜ی ÑÇÊ Àÿ۔ÇæÑ ÇÓ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ãÚÊÈÑ Óäی æ ÔیÚÀ ã˜ÇÊÈ Ý˜Ñ ˜ی ÑæÇیÇÊ ÈÍæÇáÆÀ ˜ÊÈ یÀÇŸ äÞá ˜ی ÌÇ ÑÀی ÀیŸ۔ ÇÑ ˜æÆی ÔÎÕ ÚÞیÏÀ ãÀÏæیÊؑ ãäÌÆی ÈÔÑیÊ ÚÇáãی äÌÇÊ ÏÀäÏÀ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã  ˜ÿ ÍæÇáÿ Óÿ ãÐیÏ ãÚáæãÇÊ ˜Ç ÎæÇÀÇŸ Àæ Êæ æÀ ÈیÓ Óÿ ÐیÇÏÀ Èیä ÇáÞæÇãی ÒÈÇäæŸ ÈÔãæá ÇÑÏæ ãیŸ ãæÌæÏ ÇÓ æیÈ ÓÇÆŠ Óÿ ÇÓÊÝÇÏÀ ˜ÑیŸ۔

ãÀÏی ãæÚæÏ ˜Ç ÚÞیÏÀ ãÓáãÇäæŸ ˜ÿ ãÓáãÀ ÇæÑ äÇÞÇÈá Çä˜ÇÑ ÚÞÇÆÏ ãیŸ ÔãÇÑ ÀæÊÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ ÊãÇã ãÓáãÇäæŸ ˜Ç ÚÞیÏÀ Àÿ ˜À «ãÀÏی» äÇãی ÇãÇã Ìæ یÛãÈÑ Ç˜Ñã Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æ ÂáÀ æ Óáã ˜ÿ Àã äÇã ÀیŸ¡ ÂÎÑÇáÒãÇä ãیŸ ÙÀæÑ ÝÑãÇÆیŸ ÿ¡ ÏäیÇ ˜æ ÚÏá æ ÇäÕÇÝ Óÿ Ñ ˜ÑیŸ ÿ ÌÓ ØÑÍ ˜À یÀ Ùáã æ ÌæÑ Óÿ Ñ ÀæÆی Àæی ÇæÑ Ïیä ÇÓáÇã ˜æ ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ÑÇÆÌ æ äÇÝÐ ˜ÑیŸ ÿ. ÇÓ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÑÓæá ÇááÀ Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æ ÂáÀ æ Óáã Óÿ ãÊæÇÊÑ ÇÍÇÏیË äÞá ÀæÆی ÀیŸ. ãÀÏی ãæÚæÏ (ÚÌ) ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ˜ã Àی ÇیÓی ÍÏیË äÞá À捘ی Àæی ÌÓ ˜ی ÓØÍ ÍÏ ÊæÇÊÑ Óÿ äیÿ Àæ. ÇæÑ ãÊæÇÊÑ ÍÏیË ÔیÚÀ ÇæÑ Óäی ã˜ÇÊÈ ãیŸ äÇÞÇÈá Çä˜ÇÑ Àÿ۔
ÌیÓÿ ãÔÀæÑ ÍÏیË «ÞÇá ÑÓæá ÇááÀ (Õ): ãä ãÇÊ æ áã یÚÑÝ ÇãÇã ÒãÇäÀ ãÇÊ ãیÊÉ ÇáÌÇÀáیÉ = ÌÓ äÿ ǁäÿ ÒãÇäÿ ˜ÿ ÇãÇã ˜æ ÀÇäÿ ÈÛیÑ ãæÊ ˜æ áÿ áÇیÇ æÀ ÌÇÀáیÊ ˜ی ãæÊ ãÑÇ۔

ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚÌ ÇÀá ÓäÊ æ ÇÀá ÊÔیÚ ˜ی äÇÀ ãیŸ:۔۔۔
ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚÌ ÇááÀ ÝÑÌÀ ÇáÔÑیÝ ˜Ç ãæÖæÚ ÇیÓÇ ãæÖæÚ äÀیŸ Àÿ ˜À ãÍÖ ÇÀá ÊÔیÚ ÇÓ Ñ ÇیãÇä јªÊÿ ÀیŸ Èá˜À ÇÓ ãæÖæÚ Ñ ÊãÇã ÇÓáÇãی ÏÇäÔæÑ ÎæÇÀ æÀ ˜Óی Ȫی ãÐÀÈ ÇæÑ ã˜ÊÈ Ý˜Ñ Óÿ ÊÚáÞ Ñ˜ªÊÿ ÀæŸ ÓÈ ãÊÝÞ ÀیŸ äیÒ ÓÈ ˜Ç ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Ñ Ȫی ÇÊÝÇÞ Àÿ ˜À æÀ ÑÓæá Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æÂáÀ ˜ÿ ÎÇäÏÇä Óÿ ÀæŸ ÿ ¡ Çä ˜ÿ Àã äÇã ÀæŸ ÿ ÇæÑ Úáی
ؑ æ ÝÇØãÀؑ ÚáیªãÇ ÇáÓáÇã ˜ی äÓá ãÈÇј Óÿ ÀæŸ ÿ ÇæÑ ÌÈ ÙÀæÑ ÝÑãÇÆیŸ ÿ Êæ æÀ ÏäیÇ ˜À Ìæ Ùáã æ ÌæÑ Óÿ Ñ À捘ی Àæی ÇÓÿ ÚÏá æ ÇäÕÇÝ Óÿ Ñ ˜ÑیŸ ÿ ÇæÑ ÇÓáÇãی ãݘÑیä ÇæÑ ÏÇäÔæÑæŸ ˜Ç یÀ ÇÊÝÇÞ ÇÓ ÈäÇ Ñ Àÿ ˜À ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚÌ ˜ÿ ÍæÇáÿ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æ ÂáÀ Óÿ ÇÍÇÏیË ãÊæÇÊÑ Èá˜À Çä Óÿ Èšª ˜Ñ ÇÍÇÏیË æÇÑÏ ÀæÆی ÀیŸ۔

ÀÇŸ ÇáÈÊÀ ÇÓ ÍæÇáÿ Óÿ ÇÀá ÓäÊ ãیŸ ÇÎÊáÇÝ äÙÑ ãæÌæÏ Àÿ ˜À ÂیÇ æÀ ÇãÇã ÍÓäؑ ˜ی ÇæáÇÏ ãیŸ Óÿ ÀæŸ ÿ یÇ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ی ÇæáÇÏ ãیŸ Óÿ ÀæŸ ÿ یÇ یÀ ˜À ÂیÇ æÀ یÏÇ À捘ÿ ÀیŸ یÇ یÏÇ ÀæŸ ÿ¿

ÇÀá ÓäÊ ˜ÿ æÀ ÚáãÇÁ ÇæÑ ãݘÑیä Ìæ ÔیÚÀ ÚáãÇÁ ˜ی ÇÓ ÈÇÊ Óÿ ÇÊÝÇÞ Ñ˜ªÊÿ ÀیŸ ˜À ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚÌ یÏÇ À捘ÿ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÇȪی ÒäÏÀ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÇãÇã ÍÓä ÚÓ˜Ñی Ú ˜ÿ ÝÑÒäÏ ÇÑÌãäÏ ÀیŸ Çä ˜ی Ǎªی ÎÇÕی ÊÚÏÇÏ Àÿ ãËáÇ Çä ãیŸ Óÿ ÈÚÖ ãäÏÑÌÀ Ðیá ÀیŸ :

۱ÇÈæÓÇáã ˜ãÇá ÇáÏیä ãÍãÏ Èä ØáÍÀ Èä ãÍãÏ ÞÑÔی ÔÇÝÚی ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ãØÇáÈ ÇáÓÄá Ýی ãäÇÞÈ Âá ÑÓæá ãیŸ۔

۲ÇÈæÚÈÏÇááÀ ãÍãÏ Èä یæÓÝ ãÍãÏ äÌی ÔÇÝÚی ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáÈیÇä Ýی ÇÎÈÇÑ ÕÇÍÈ ÇáÒãÇä ãیŸ۔

۳äæÑ ÇáÏیä Úáی Èä ãÍãÏ Èä ÇáÕÈÇÛ ãÇá˜ی ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáÝÕæá Çáãªãۃ ãیŸ۔

۴ÝÞیÀ æÇÚÙ ÔãÓ ÇáÏیä ÇÈæÇáãÙÝÑ یæÓÝ Èä ÞÒÛáی Èä ÚÈÏ ÇááÀ ÈÛÏÇÏی ÍäÝی Ìæ ˜À ÓÈØ ÇÈä ÌæÒی ˜ÿ äÇã Óÿ ãÔÀæÑ ÀیŸ۔

۵ãÍی ÇáÏیä ÚÑÈی ÍÇÊãی ÇäÏáÓی ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáÝÊæÍÇÊ Çáã˜یÀ ãیŸ۔

۶äæÑ ÇáÏیä ÚÈÏ ÇáÑÍãä Èä ÇÍãÏ Èä ÞæÇã ÇáÏیä ÏÔÊی ÌÇãی ÔÑÍ ˜ÇÝیÀ ÇÈä ÍÇÌÈ ˜ÿ ãÕäÝ Çäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÔæÇªÏ ÇáäÈæۃ ãیŸ۔

۷ÔیÎ ÚÈÏ ÇáæªÇÈ Èä ÇÍãÏ Èä Úáی ÔÚÑÇäی ãÕÑی ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáیæÇÞیÊ æÇáÌæÇªÑ ãیŸ

۸ÌãÇá ÇáÏیä ÚØÇ ÇááÀ Èä ÓیÏ ÛیÇË ÇáÏیä ÝÖá ÇááÀ ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÑæÖۃ ÇáÇÍÈÇÈ Ýی ÓیÑۃ ÇáäÈی æÇáÇá æÇáÇÕÍÇÈ ãیŸ۔

۹ÍÇÝÙ ãÍãÏ Èä ãÍãÏ Èä ãÍãæÏ ÈÎÇÑی ˜À Ìæ ÎæÇÌÀ یÇÑÓÇ ˜ÿ äÇã Óÿ ãÔÀæÑ ÀیŸ ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÝÕá ÇáÎØÇÈ ãیŸ۔

۱۰ÚÈÏ ÇáÑÍãä Ìæ ˜À ãÔÇیÎ ÕæÝیÀ ãیŸ Óÿ ʪÿ ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ãÑÂۃ ÇáÇÓÑÇÑ ãیŸ

۱۱ÔیÎ ÍÓä ÚÑÇÞی۔

۱۲ÇÈæ ãÍãÏ ÇÍãÏ Èä ÇÈÑǪیã ÈáÇÐÑی ÍÏیË ãÓáÓá ãیŸ۔

۱۳ÇÈæ ãÍãÏ ÚÈÏÇááÀ Èä ÇÍãÏ Èä ãÍãÏ Èä ÎÔÇÈ ˜À Ìæ ÇÈä ÎÔÇÈ ˜ÿ äÇã Óÿ ãÔÀæÑ ÀیŸ ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÊæÇÑیÎ ãæÇáیÀ ÇáÇÆãÀ æ æÞیÇʪã ãیŸ ÌäÇÈ ÚáÇãÀ ÓیÏ ãÍÓä Çãیä ÔÇãی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇÚیÇä ÇáÔیÚÀ ÌáÏ۲ ÕÝÍÀ ۶۴ Óÿ ۷۰ ʘ ãیŸ Çä ÊیÑÀ ÇÝÑÇÏ ˜Ç Ð˜Ñ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÝÑãÇÊÿ ÀیŸ Çä ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÏیÑ Ǫá ÓäÊ ˜À Ìæ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚÌ ˜ÿ ãæÌæÏ Àæäÿ ˜ÿ ÞÇÆá ÀیŸ Çä ˜ی ÊÚÏÇÏ ÈÀÊ ÒیÇÏÀ Àÿ ÇæÑ Ìæ Ȫی Çä ÚáãÇÁ ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÌÇääÇ ÇÀÊÇ Àÿ æÀ ÀãÇÑی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáÈѪÇä Úáی æÌæÏ ÕÇÍÈ ÇáÒãÇä ÇæÑ ÚáÇãÀ äæÑی ˜ی ˜ÊÇÈ ˜ÔÝ ÇáÇÓÊÇÑ ˜ی ØÑÝ ÑÌæÚ ˜Ñÿ ۔


ÇÓ ÌÀÇä ˜ÿ ÎÊã Àæäÿ Óÿ Àáÿ ãÀÏی ãæÚæÏ ãäÊÙÑ ˜ÿ Âäÿ ˜Ç ãÓÆáÀ ãÓáãÇäæŸ ãیŸ ãæÑÏ ÇÊÝÇÞ Àÿ ÇÈä ÇÈی ÇáÍÏیÏ ÔÑÍ äÀÌ ÇáÈáÇÛÀ Ì۲ Õ ۵۳۵

ÞÇÖی ÈÀáæá ÈÀÌÊ ÇÝäÏی ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈ ÊÔÑیÍ æ ãÍǘãÀ ÏÑ ÊÇÑیÎ Âá ãÍãÏ ÚáیÀ Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æ ÂáÀ ãیŸ ÇÓ ÍæÇáÿ Óÿ یæŸ á˜ªÊÿ ÀیŸ:

ÇãÇã ÇÈæÇáÞÇÓã ãÍãÏ ÇáãªÏی ÇȪی ʘ ÒäÏÀ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÌÈ ÇááÀ ÊÚÇáی ÇÐä ÝÑãÇÆÿ Ç ¡ ÙÀæÑ ÝÑãÇÆیŸ ÿ æä˜À ÇãÊ ˜ÿ ÏÑãیÇä ÇãÇã ˜Ç ÙÀæÑ ãæÑÏ ÇÊÝÇÞ Àÿ áÀÐÇ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÏáÇÆá ˜ی æÖÇÍÊ ˜ÿ Àã ãÍÊÇÌ äÀیŸ ÀیŸ ÞÇÖی ÈÀáæá ÈÀÌÊ ÇÝäÏی ¡ ÊÔÑیÍ æ ãÍǘãÀ ÏÑ ÊÇÑیÎ Âá ãÍãÏ Õ Ç ÀÝÊã Õ ۱۳۹ Çáی ۱۴۱

ÇÓ ÇÊÝÇÞ ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ æÀ ÈÀÊ ÓÇÑی ÇÍÇÏیË ÀیŸ ˜À یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã Óÿ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚÌ ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ æÇÑÏ ÀæÆی ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÚáãÇÁ ˜ÑÇã äÿ ÇäÀیŸ ǁäی ǁäی ˜ÊÇÈæŸ ãیŸ äÞá ˜یÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ Çä ˜ÿ ãÊæÇÊÑ Àæäÿ ˜ی æÖÇÍÊ ˜ی Àÿ ÇæÑ ÈÀÊ Óÿ ÚáãÇÁ äÿ Êæ ÇÓ ãæÖæÚ Ñ ãÓÊÞá ˜ÊÇÈیŸ ÊÍÑیÑ ˜ی ÀیŸ Êæ Çä ÝÑÇæÇä ÇÍÇÏیË ÇæÑ ˜ÊÈ ˜ÿ ÀæÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÔیÚÀ Óäی ÚáãÇÁ ÇæÑ ãÍÞÞیä ˜Èªی Ȫی ÇÓ ãÓÆáÀ ãیŸ Ô˜ æ ÊÑÏیÏ ˜Ç Ô˜ÇÑ äÀیŸ ÀæÓ˜Êÿ ÓæÇÆÿ ÇیÓÿ ÚÞá æ ÎÑÏ Óÿ ÈیÇäÿ ÇæÑ ÏÔãä Ïیä ÎÏÇ ˜À Ìæ ÇÓ ãæÖæÚ ˜æ æÇÖÍ ÇæÑ ÑæÔä Ïی˜ªäÿ Óÿ ãÍÑæã ÀیŸ ÇæÑ Çäÿ ÎæÏ ÓÇÎÊÀ ÎیÇáÇÊ ãیŸ ÀÇʪ ÇÄŸ ãÇÑÊÿ ÑÀÊÿ ÀیŸ æÑäÀ ÇÑ Ïی˜ªÇ ÌÇÆÿ Êæ Çä Èÿ ÔãÇÑ ÇÍÇÏیË Ìæ ˜À ãÊæÇÊÑ Èá˜À ÊæÇÊÑ Óÿ Ȫی ÈÇáÇÊÑ ÀیŸ Çä ˜ی ÊÕÏیÞ ÚÞیÏÀ äÈæÊ ˜ی ÇÀã ÌÒæ Àÿ ÇæÑ Çä ˜Ç Çä˜ÇÑ æیÇ äÈæÊ ˜Ç Çä˜ÇÑ Àÿ۔

ÇÓی áÆÿ ÌÈ Çی˜ ÈÒѐ ÚÇáã Ïیä Óÿ æªÇ یÇ ˜À ÂیÇ ãÀÏی ãäÊÙÑ ˜Ç ÙÀæÑ Ïیä ˜ی ÖÑæÑیÇÊ ãیŸ Óÿ Àÿ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜Ç Çä˜ÇÑ ãÑÊÏ Àæäÿ ˜Ç ÓÈÈ Àÿ یÇ äÀ¿ Êæ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ÌæÇÈ ÏیÇ:

یÀ ÇÚÊÞÇÏ Ïیä ˜ی ÖÑæÑیÇÊ ãیŸ Óÿ Àÿ ÇæÑ Çä ˜Ç Çä˜ÇÑ ãæÌÈ ˜ÝÑ Àÿ ÝÇÖá ãÞÏÇÏ ÇááæÇãÚ ÇáªیÀ Ç ÊÈÑیÒ ÇæÑÞی ÕÝÍÀ ۲۸۹

ÍÌÇÒ ˜ی Çی˜ ÈÑÌÓÊÀ Úáãی ÔÎÕیÊ ÇæÑ ãÏیäÀ یæäیæÑÓŠی ˜ÿ ÑæÝیÓÑ ÔیÎ ÚÈÏ ÇáãÍÓä ÚÈÇÏ Çäی Çی˜ ÊÞÑیÑ ˜À Ìæ ÚÞیÏÀ Ǫá Óäۃ æÇáÇËÑ Ýی ÇáãªÏی ÇáãäÊÙÑ ˜ÿ ÚäæÇä Óÿ ãÏیäÀ یæäیæÑÓŠی ˜ÿ ÑÓÇáÀ ãیŸ Ȫی ÂÆی Àÿ ÇÓ ãیŸ ˜ÀÊÿ ÀیŸ :

ãیŸ Çä یÓ ÇÕÍÇÈ ˜ÿ äÇã ˜À ÌäÀæŸ äÿ یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã Óÿ ãÀÏی ˜ÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ ÇÍÇÏیË äÞá ˜ی ÀیŸ  ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ یÔ ˜ÑÊÇ ÀæŸ:

۱ÚËãÇä Èä ÚÝÇä ۲Úáی Èä ÇÈی ØÇáÈ ۳ØáÍÀ Èä ÒÈیÑ ۴ÚÈÏÇáÑÍãä Èä ÚæÝ ۵ÇáÍÓیä Èä Úáی ۶Çã ÓáãÀ ۷Çã ÍÈیÈÀ ۸ÚÈÏ ÇááÀ Èä ÚÈÇÓ ۹ÚÈÏ ÇááÀ Èä ãÓÚæÏ ۱۰ÚÈÏ ÇááÀ Èä ÚãÑ ۱۱ÚÈÏ ÇááÀ Èä ÚãÑæ ۱۲ÇÈæÓÚیÏ ÇáÎÏÑی ۱۳ÌÇÈÑ Èä ÚÈÏÇááÀ ۱۴ÇÈæªÑیÑÀ ۱۵ÇäÓ Èä ãÇᘠ۱۶ÚãÇÑ Èä یÇÓÑ ۱۷ÚæÝ Èä ãÇᘠ۱۸یÛãÈÑ ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÎÇÏã ËæÈÇä ۱۹ÞÑۃ ÇÈä ÇیÇÓ ۲۰Úáی ÇáªáÇáی ۲۱ÍÐیÝÀ Èä ÇáیãÇä ۲۲ÚÈÏ ÇááÀ Èä ÍÇÑË Èä ÍãÒÀ ۲۳ÚãÑÇä Èä ÍÕیä ۲۴ÇÈæÇáØÝیá ۲۵ÌÇÈÑ ÇáÕÏÝی۔ ˜ÊÇÈ ãÕáÍ ÌªÇäی

æÀ ãÒیÏ Çäی ÈÇÊ ÈšªÇÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ˜ÀÊÿ ÀیŸ ˜À:

æÀ ÂÆãÀ ˜À Ìä Óÿ ÕÍÇÍ ¡ Óää ¡ áÛÊ äÇãæŸ ÇæÑ ãÓÇäیÏ æÛیÑÀ ãیŸ ãÀÏی ˜ÿ ÍæÇáÿ Óÿ ÇÍÇÏیË äÞá ÀæÆی ÀیŸ æÀ ÊÍÞیÞ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ۳۸äÝÑ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ æÀ یÀ ÀیŸ:

۱ÇÈæÏÇÄÏ Çäی Óää ãیŸ ۲ÊÑãÐی ǁäی ÌÇãÚ ãیŸ ۳ÇÈä ãÇÌÀ ǁäی Óää ãیŸ ۴äÓÇÆی ˜ی ÓÝÇÑیäی äÿ ÇÓÿ áæÇãÚ ÇáÇäæÇÑ ÇáȪیۃ ãیŸ Ð˜Ñ ˜یÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ ãäÇÏی äÿ ÝیÖ ÇáÞÏیÑ ãیŸ Ð˜Ñ ˜یÇ Àÿ ÌÈ ˜À ãیŸ äÿ ÇÓÿ ÕÛÑی ãیŸ Ïی˜ªÇ ÔÇیÏ ˜ÈÑی ãیŸ Àæ ۵ ÇÍãÏ Çäی ãÓäÏ ãیŸ ۶ÇÈä ÍیÇä ǁäی ÕÍیÍ ãیŸ ۷Íǘã ǁäی ãÓÊÏј ãیŸ ۸ÇÈæÈ˜Ñ Èä ÔیÈÀ ÇáãÕäÝ ãیŸ ۹äÚیã Èä ÍãÇÏ ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáÝÊä ãیŸ ۱۰ÍÇÝÙ ÇÈæ äÚیã ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáãªÏی ÏÑ ÇáÍáیۃ ãیŸ ۱۱ØÈÑÇäی Çá˜ÈیÑ æÇáÇÓØ æÇáÕÛیÑ ãیŸ ۱۲ÏÇÑÞØäی ÇáÇÝÑÇÏ ãیŸ ۱۳ÈÇÑæÏی ãÚÑÝۃ ÇáÕÍÇÈÀ ãیŸ ۱۴ÇÈæیÚáی ÇÓÇãÀ ǁäی ãÓäÏ ãیŸ ۱۵ÈÒÇÒ Çäی ãÓäÏ ãیŸ ۱۶ÍÇÑË Èä ÇÈی ÇÓÇãÀ ǁäی ãÓäÏ ãیŸ ۱۷ÎØیÈ ÊáÎیÕ ÇáãÊÔÇÈÀ ÇæÑ ÇáãÊÝÞ æÇáãÊÝÑÞ ãیŸ ۱۸ÇÈä ÚÓÇ˜Ñ Çäی ÊÇÑیÎ ãیŸ ۱۹ÇÈä ãäÏÀ ÊÇÑیÎ ÇÕÝÀÇä ãیŸ ۲۰ÇÈæÇáÍÓä ÍÑÈی Çæá ãä ÇáÍÑÈیÇÊ ãیŸ ۲۱ÊãÇã ÇáÑÇÒی ǁäی ÝæÇÆÏ ãیŸ ۲۲ÇÈä ÌÑیÑ ÊªÐیÈ ÇáÇٓËÇÑ ãیŸ ۲۳ÇÈæÈ˜Ñ ãÞÑی ǁäی ãÚÌã ãیŸ ۲۴ÇÈæ ÚãÑ æÇáÏ Çäی ǁäی Óää ãیŸ ۲۵ÇÈæ Ûäã ˜æÝی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáÝÊä ãیŸ ۲۶Ïیáãی ãÓäÏ ÇáÝÑÏæÓ ãیŸ ۲۷ÇÈæÈ˜Ñ ÇáÇÓ˜ÇÝ ÝæÇÆÏ ÇáÇÎÈÇÑ ãیŸ ۲۸ÇÈæÇáÍÓیä Èä ÇáãäÇÏی ˜ÊÇÈ ÇáãáÇÍã ãیŸ ۲۹ȪیÞی ÏáÇÆá ÇáäÈæۃ ãیŸ ۳۰ ÇÈæÚãÑ æÇáÞÑی ǁäی Óää ãیŸ ۳۱ÇÈä ÇáÌæÒی ǁäی ÊÇÑیÎ ãیŸ ۳۲یÍیی Èä ÚÈÏ ÇáÍãیÏ ÇáÍãÇäی ǁäی ãÓäÏ ãیŸ ۳۳ÑæیÇäی ǁäی ãÓäÏ ãیŸ ۳۴ÇÈä ÓÚÏ ØÈÞÇÊ ãیŸ ۳۵ÇÈä ÎÒیãÀ ۳۶ÇÍÓä Èä ÓÝیÇä ۳۷ÚãÑæ Èä ÔÈیÀ ۳۸ÇÈæÚæÇäÀ ãÕáÍ ÌªÇäی Õ ۱۰۹ æ ۱۱۰ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی Ú Õ ۱۴۹ Çáی ۵۳ãÓÌÏ äÈæی ˜ÿ ÈÚÖ ãÖÇÝÇÊ ˜À Ìæ Âá ÓÚæÏ ˜ÿ ÏæÑ Í˜æãÊ ãیŸ ˜ª ÚÑÕÀ ÞÈá ÊÚãیÑ ÀæÆÿ ÀیŸ Çä ÚãÇÑÊæŸ ˜ی ªÊæŸ ˜æ ÇÓ ØÑÍ ÈäÇیÇ یÇ Àÿ ˜À ÑæÔäی Çä Óÿ ÒÑÊی Àÿ ãیŸ äÿ Çä ÚãÇÑÊæŸ ˜ی ÏیæÇÑæŸ Ñ  ÈÇÑÀ ÇÆãÀؑ ˜ÿ ÇÓãÇÁ ˜Ç ãÔǪÏÀ ˜یÇ ÌÇÊÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓáÇã ˜Ç äÇã یæŸ á˜ªÇ ÀæÇ Àÿ ãÍãÏ Èä ÇáÍÓä ÇáÚÓ˜Ñیؑ ÇæÑ یÀ  ÇÓ ãÓáãÀ ÚÞیÏÿ ˜Ç ËÈæÊ Àÿ ˜À ÇãÇã ÒãÇäÀؑ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ÇãÇã ÍÓä ÚÓ˜Ñی ÚáیÀ ÇáÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÝÑÒäÏ ÀیŸ ۔

ãäÌÆی ÈÔÑیÊ ÚÇáãی äÌÇÊ ÏÀäÏÀ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ی ÙÀæÑ æ ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ی ÇÀã ÚáÇãÇÊ:۔۔
ÏäیÇ ãیŸ ßæÆی Ȫی ØæÝÇä ÇیßÇ Çیßی äÀیŸ ÂÊÇ ªÿ۔ ÓãÇÌ ãیŸ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÑæäãÇ ªæäÿ Óÿ Àáÿ ÇÓ ßی ÚáÇãÊیŸ ÙÇªÑ ªæäÿ áÊی ªیŸ۔

ÇÓáÇãی ÑæÇیÇÊ ãیŸ ÇÓ ÚÙیã ÇäÞáÇÈ ßی äÔÇäیæŸ ßÇ ÊÐßÑÀ ãáÊÇ ªÿ۔ یÀ äÔÇäیÇŸ ÇæÑ ÚáÇãÊیŸ Ïæ ØÑÍ ßی ªیŸ:

1) Úãæãی ÚáÇãÊیŸ ÌæªÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ Óÿ Àáÿ (ÇäÞáÇÈ ßÿ ÊäÇÓÈ Óÿ) ÙÇªÑ ªæÊی ªیŸ۔

2) ÌÒÆیÇÊ Ìä ßæ ãÚãæáی æ ÇØáÇÚ ßی ÈäیÇÏ Ñ äÀیŸ Ñᦀ ÌÇÓßÊÇ ªÿ ÈáßÀ Çä ÌÒÆیÇÊ ßی ÍیËیÊ Çیß ØÑÍ ßی ÇÚÌÇÒی ªÿ۔

Ùáã æ ÝÓÇÏ ßÇ ÑæÇÌ

ÓÈ Óÿ Àáی æÀ ÚáÇãÊ Ìæ ÚÙیã ÇäÞáÇÈ ßی ÂãÏ ßی ÎÈÑ ÏیÊی ªÿ۔ æÀ Ùáã æ ÝÓÇÏ ßÇ ÑæÇÌ ªÿ۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ ªÑ ØÑÝ Ùá㠁ªیá ÌÇÆÿ¡ ªÑ یÒ ßæ ÝÓÇÏ Çäی áیŠ ãیŸ áÿ áÿ۔ ÏæÓÑæŸ ßÿ ÍÞæÞ ÇãÇá ªæäÿ áیŸ¡ ÓãÇÌ ÈÑÇÆیæŸ ßÇ šª Èä ÌÇÆÿ ÇÓ æÞÊ ÚÙیã ÇäÞáÇÈ ßی ªŠ ãÍÓæÓ ªæäÿ áÊی ªÿ۔ یÀ Øÿ ÔÏÀ ÈÇÊ ªÿ ßÀ ÌÈ ÏÈÇÄ ÍÏ Óÿ Èšª ÌÇÆÿ Ç Êæ ϪãÇßÀ ÖÑæÑ ªæÇ یÀی ÕæÑÊ ÓãÇÌ ßی Ȫی ªÿ ÌÈ ÓãÇÌ Ñ Ùáã æ ÝÓÇÏ ßÇ ÏÈÇÄ ÍÏ Óÿ Èšª ÌÇÆÿ Ç Êæ ÇÓ ßÿ äÊیÌÀ ãیŸ Çیß ÇäÞáÇÈ ÖÑæÑ ÑæäãÇ ªæÇ۔

ÇÓ ÚÙیã ÚÇáãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇæÑ ÍÖÑÊ ãªÏی (ÚÌ) ßÿ ÙªæÑ ßÿ ÈÇÑÿ ãیŸ Ȫی ÈÇÊ ßª ÇÓی ØÑÍ ßی ªÿ۔

ãäÝی ÇäÏÇÒ ÝßÑ æÇáæŸ ßی ØÑÍ یÀ äÀیŸ ÓæäÇ Çªیÿ ßÀ Ùáã æ ÝÓÇÏ ßæ ÒیÇÏÀ Óÿ ÒیÇÏÀ ªæÇ Ïی ÌÇÆÿ ÊÇßÀ ÌáÏ ÇÒ ÌáÏ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÂÌÇÆÿ ÈáßÀ ÝÓÇÏ ÇæÑ Ùáã ßی ÚãæãیÊ ßæ ÏیߪÊÿ ªæÆÿ ǁäی ÇæÑ ÏæÓÑæŸ ßی ÇÕáÇÍ ßی ÝßÑ ßÑäÇ Çªیÿ¡ ÊÇßÀ ÕÇáÍ ÇÝÑÇÏ ßی Çیß ÇیÓی ÌãÇÚÊ ÊیÇÑ ªæÓßÿ Ìæ ÇäÞáÇÈ ßی ÚáãÈÑÏÇÑ Èä Óßÿ۔

ÇÓáÇãی ÑæÇیÇÊ ãیŸ ÇÓ Àáی ÚáÇãÊ ßæ Çä ÇáÝÇÙ ãیŸ ÈیÇä ßیÇ یÇ ªÿ:۔

ßãÇ ãáÆÊ ÙáãÇ æÌæÑÇð …" ÌÓ ØÑÍ Òãیä Ùáã æ ÌæÑ Óÿ 黄 ßی ªæی یÀÇŸ Çیß ÓæÇá یÀ ÇŠªÊÇ ªÿ ßÀ "Ùáã æ ÌæÑ" ãÊÑÇÏÝ ÇáÝÇÙ ªیŸ یÇ ãÚÇäی ßÿ ÇÚÊÈÇÑ Óÿ ãÎÊáÝ۔

ÏæÓÑæŸ ßÿ ÍÞæÞ Ñ ÊÌÇæÒ Ïæ ØÑÍ ªæÊÇ ªÿ۔

Çیß یÀ ßÀ ÇäÓÇä ÏæÓÑæŸ ßÿ ÍÞæÞ ªیä áÿ ÇæÑ Çä ßی ãÍäÊ Óÿ ÎæÏ ÇÓÊÝÇÏÀ ßÑÿ ÇÓ ßæ "Ùáã" ßÀÊÿ ªیŸ۔

ÏæÓÑÿ یÀ ßÀ ÏæÓÑæŸ ßÿ ÍÞæÞ ªیä ßÑ ÇæÑæŸ ßæ Ïÿ Ïÿ¡ ǁäÿ ÇÞÊÏÇÑ ßÿ ÇÓÊÍßÇã ßÿ áÆÿ ǁäÿ ÏæÓÊæŸ ßæ ÚæÇã ßÿ ÌÇä æ ãÇá Ñ ãÓáØ ßÑÏÿ ÇÓ ßæ "ÌæÑ" ßÀÊÿ ªیŸ۔

Çä ÇáÝÇÙ ßÿ ãÏ ãÞÇÈá Ìæ ÇáÝÇÙ ªیŸ æÀ ªیŸ Ùáã ßÿ ãÞÇÈá "ÞÓØ" ÇæÑ ÌæÑ ßÿ ãÞÇÈá "ÚÏá" ªÿ۔

ÇÈ Êß ÈÇÊ Úãæãی ÓØÍ Ñ ªæѪی ʪی ßÀ ªÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ Óÿ Àáÿ ãÙÇáã ßÇ æÌæÏ ÇäÞáÇÈ ßی ÂãÏ ßی ÎÈÑ ÏیÊÇ ªÿ۔

ÞÇÈá ÛæÑ ÈÇÊ Êæ یÀ ªÿ ßÀ ÇÓáÇãی ÑæÇیÇÊ äÿ ÓãÇÌی ÈÑÇÆیæŸ ßی ÌÒÆیÇÊ ßی äÔÇäϪی ßی ªÿ۔ یÀ ÈÇÊیŸ ÇÑ À 13۔ 14 Óæ ÓÇá Àáÿ ßÀی Æی ªیŸ áیßä Çä ßÇ ÊÚáÞ ÇÓ ÒãÇäÿ Óÿ äÀیŸ ªÿ ÈáßÀ ÂÌ ßá ªãÇÑی ÏäیÇ Óÿ ªÿ۔ یÀ ÌÒÆیÇÊ ßª ÇÓ ØÑÍ ÈیÇä ßیÿ Æÿ ªیŸ æیÇ ÈیÇä ßÑäÿ æÇáÇ Çäی ÂäßªæŸ Óÿ Ïیߪ ÑªÇ ªæ¡ ÇæÑ ÈیÇä ßÑÑªÇ ªæ۔ یÀ یÔیä æÆیÇŸ ßÓی ãÚÌÒÿ Óÿ ßã äÀیŸ ªیŸ۔

ÇÓ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ªã ãÊÚÏÏ ÑæÇیÊæŸ ãیŸ Óÿ ÕÑÝ Çیß ÑæÇیÊ ßæ ÐßÑ ßÑÊÿ ªیŸ۔ یÀ ÑæÇیÊ ÍÖÑÊ ÇãÇã ÌÚÝÑ ÕÇÏÞ ÚáیÀ ÇáÓáÇã Óÿ äÞá ªæÆی ªÿ۔ ÇÓ ÑæÇیÊ ãیŸ ÓیÇÓی¡ ÓãÇÌی ÇæÑ ÇÎáÇÞی ãÝÇÓÏ ßÇ ÐßÑ ßیÇ یÇ ªÿ۔


1۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ªÑ ØÑÝ Ùáã æ ÓÊ㠁ªیá ÑªÇ ªÿ۔

2۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÞÑÂä ÝÑÓæÏÀ ßÑÏیÇ یÇ ªÿ ÇæÑ Ïیä ãیŸ ÈÏÚÊیŸ ÑÇÆÌ ßÑÏی Æی ªیŸ۔

3۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ Ïیä ÎÏÇ ÇÓ ØÑÍ Çäÿ ãÝǪیã Óÿ ÎÇáی ªæیÇ ªÿ ÌÓ ØÑÍ ÈÑÊä ÇአÏیÇ یÇ ªæ۔

4۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ Ǫá ÈÇØá ÕÇÍÈÇäö ÍÞ Ñ ãÓáØ ªæÆÿ ªیŸ۔

5۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ãÑÏ ãÑÏ Ñ ÇæÑ ÚæÑÊیŸ ÚæÑÊæŸ Ñ ÇßÊÝÇ ßÑ Ñªی ªیŸ۔

6۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÕÇÍÈÇäö ÇیãÇä Óÿ ÎÇãæÔی ÇÎÊیÇÑ ßÑáی ªÿ۔

7۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ªæŠÿ ÈšæŸ ßÇ ÇÍÊÑÇã äÀیŸ ßÑ Ñªÿ ªیŸ۔

8۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÑÔÊÀ ÏÇÑیÇŸ ŠæŠ Æی ªیŸ۔

9۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÇáæÓی ßÇ ÈÇÒÇÑ Ñã ªÿ۔

10۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÔÑÇÈ ÇÚáÇäیÀ ی ÌÇѪی ªÿ۔

11۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÎیÑ ßÿ ÑÇÓÊÿ ÇõÌÇš ÇæÑ ÔÑ ßی ÑǪیŸ ÂÈÇÏ ªیŸ۔

12۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÍáÇá ßæ ÍÑÇã ÇæÑ ÍÑÇã ßæ ÍáÇá ßیÇ ÌÇÑªÇ ªÿ۔

13۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÇÍßÇãö Ïیä ßی ÍÓÈö ãäÔÇ ÊÝÓیÑ ßی ÌÇѪی ªÿ۔

14۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÕÇÍÈÇä ÇیãÇä ªÿ ÂÒÇÏی ÇÓ ØÑÍ ÓáÈ ßÑáی Æی ªÿ ßÀ æÀ ǁäÿ Ïá ßÿ ÚáÇæÀ ßÓی ÇæÑ Óÿ ÇÙªÇÑ äÝÑÊ äÀیŸ ßÑÓßÊÿ۔

15 ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÓÑãÇیÀ ßÇ ÈیÔÊÑ ÍÕøÀ äÇÀ ãیŸ ÕÑÝ ªæÑªÇ ªÿ۔

16۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÍßæãÊی ãáÇÒãیä ßÿ ÏÑãیÇä ÑÔæÊ ÚÇã ªæÆی ªÿ۔

17۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÍÓÇÓ æ Ǫã ãäÕÈæŸ Ñ äÇǪá ÞÈÖÀ ÌãÇÆÿ ªیŸ۔

18۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ (ÈÚÖ ãÑÏ) ǁäی ÚæÑÊæŸ ßی äÇÌÇÆÒ ßãÇÆی Ñ Òäϐی ÈÓÑ ßÑ Ñªÿ ªیŸ۔

19۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÞãÇÑ ÂÒÇÏ ªæیÇ ªÿ (ÞÇäæäی ªæیÇ ªÿ)

20۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ äÇÑæÇ ÊÝÑیÍیŸ ÇÊäی ÚÇã ªæÆی ªیŸ ßÀ ßæÆی Ñæßäÿ ßی ªãøÊ äÀیŸ ßÑ ÑªÇ ªÿ۔

21۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÞÑÂäی ÍÞÇÆÞ ßÇ ÓääÇ áææŸ Ñ ÑÇŸ ÐÑÊÇ ªÿ۔

22۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ šæÓی šæÓی ßی ÒÈÇä ßÿ Ñ Óÿ ÇÓ ßÇ ÇÍÊÑÇã ßÑ ÑªÇ ªÿ۔

23۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ãÓÌÏæŸ ßی ÂÑÇÆÔ ßی ÌÇѪی ªÿ۔

24۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÛیÑ ÎÏÇ ßÿ áÆÿ ÍÌ ßیÇ ÌÇÑªÇ ªÿ۔

25۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÚæÇã Óä Ïá ªæÆÿ ªیŸ۔

26۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÚæÇã ÇÓ ßÿ ÍÇãی ªæŸ Ìæ ÛÇáÈ ÂÌÇÆÿ (ÎæÇÀ ÍÞ Ñ ªæ ÎæÇÀ ÈÇØá Ñ)

27۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÍáÇá ßÿ ãÊáÇÔی ÇÝÑÇÏ ßی ãÐãøÊ ßی ÌÇÆÿ ÇæÑ ÍÑÇã ßی ÌÓÊÌæ ßÑäÿ æÇáæŸ ßی ãÏÍ۔

28۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ áÀæ æ áÚÈ ßÿ ÂáÇÊ ãßøÀ ãÏیäÀ ãیŸ (Ȫی ÑÇÆÌ ªæŸ۔

29۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ãÓÌÏ Çä áææŸ Óÿ ȪÑی ªÿ Ìæ ÎÏÇ Óÿ äÀیŸ ÑÊÿ۔

30۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ áææŸ ßی ÓÇÑی ÊæÌÀ یŠ ÇæÑ ÔÑãÇÀ Ñ ãÑßæÒ ªÿ۔

31۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ãÇÏی ÇæÑ ÏäیÇæی æÓÇÆá ßی ÝÑÇæÇäی ªÿ¡ ÏäیÇ ßÇ ÑÎ ÚæÇã ßی ØÑÝ ªÿ۔

32۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÇÑ ßæÆی ÇãÑ ÈãÚÑæÝ ÇæÑ äÀی ÇÒ ãäßÑ ßÑÿ Êæ áæ ÇÓ Óÿ یÀ ßÀیŸ ßÀ یÀ ÊãªÇÑی ÐãÀ ÏÇÑی äÀیŸ ªÿ۔

33۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÚæÑÊیŸ ǁäÿ  ßæ Èÿ ÏیäæŸ ßÿ ÍæÇáÿ ßÑ Ñªی ªیŸ۔

34۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÍÞ ÑÓÊی ßÿ Ñã ÝÑÓæÏÀ ªæÆÿ ªیŸ۔

35۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÈÑÈÇÏی ÂÈÇÏی Ñ ÓÈÞÊ áÿ ÌÇѪی ªÿ۔

36۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÈÚÖ ßی ÑæÒی ÕÑÝ ßã ÝÑæÔی Ñ ãäÍÕÑ ªÿ۔

37۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÇیÓÿ ÇÝÑÇÏ ãæÌæÏ ªیŸ ÌäªæŸ äÿ ãÇá ßی ÝÑÇæÇäی ßÿ ÈÇæÌæÏ Çäی Òäϐی ãیŸ Çیß ãÑÊÈÀ Ȫی ÒßÇÊ äÀیŸ Ïی ªÿ۔

38۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ áæ ÕÈÍ æ ÔÇã äÔÀ ãیŸ æÑ ªیŸ۔

39۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ áæ Çیß ÏæÓÑÿ ßæ ÏیߪÊÿ ªیŸ ÇæÑ ÈÑæŸ ßی ÊÞáیÏ ßÑÊÿ ªیŸ۔

40۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ªÑ ÓÇá äیÇ ÝÓÇÏ ÇæÑ äÆی ÈÏÚÊ ÇیÌÇÏ ªæÊی ªÿ۔

41۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÚæÇã ǁäÿ ÇÌÊãÇÚÇÊ ãیŸ ÎæÏ ÓäÏ ÓÑãÇیÀ ÏÇÑæŸ ßÿ یÑæßÇÑ ªیŸ۔

42۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÌÇäæÑæŸ ßی ØÑÍ ÓÈ ßÿ ÓÇãäÿ ÌäÓی ÇÝÚÇá ÇäÌÇã Ïÿ Ѫÿ ªیŸ

43۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÛیÑ ÎÏÇ ßÿ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ÒیÇÏÀ Óÿ ÒیÇÏÀ Îэ ßÑäÿ ãیŸ ßæÆی ÊßáÝ äÀیŸ ßÑÊÿ áیßä ÎÏÇ ßی ÑÇÀ ãیŸ ãÚãæáی ÑÞã Ȫی ÕÑÝ äÀیŸ ßÑÊÿ۔

44۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÇیÓÿ ÇÝÑÇÏ Èªی ªیŸ ßÀ ÌÓ Ïä äÇÀ ßÈیÑÀ ÇäÌÇã äÀ ÏیŸ ÇÓ Ïä ÛãیŸ ѪÊÿ ªیŸ۔

45۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÍßæãÊ ÚæÑÊæŸ ßÿ ªÇ滾٠ãیŸ á Æی ªÿ۔

46۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ªæÇÆیŸ ãäÇÝÞæŸ ßÿ ÍÞ ãیŸ á Ѫی ªیŸ¡ ÇیãÇä ÏÇÑæŸ ßæ ÇÓ Óÿ ߍª ÍÇÕá äÀیŸ ªÿ۔

47۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÞÇÖی ÇÍßÇãö ÇáٰÀی ßÿ ÎáÇÝö ÝیÕáÀ Ïÿ ÑªÇ ªÿ۔

48۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÈäÏæŸ ßæ ÊÞæیٰ ßی ÏÚæÊ Ïی ÌÇѪی ªÿ ãÑ ÏÚæÊ Ïیäÿ æÇáÇ ÎæÏ ÇÓ Ñ Úãá äÀیŸ ßÑ ÑªÇ ªÿ۔

49۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ áæ ÇæÞÇÊ äãÇÒ ßæ ǪãیÊ äÀیŸ Ïÿ Ѫÿ ªیŸ۔

50۔ ÌÓ æÞÊ Êã یÀ Ïیߪæ ßÀ ÖÑæÑÊ ãäÏæŸ ßی ÇãÏÇÏ Èªی ÇÑŠی ßی ÈäیÇÏ Ñ ßی ÌÇѪی ªÿ¡ ßæÆی ÎÏÇÆی ÚäÕÑ äÀیŸ ªÿ۔
ÇÓáÆÿ Àã ÓÈ ˜ی یÀ ÐãÀ ÏÇÑی Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ ÚÇáãی ÇäÞáÇÈ ˜ÿ áÆÿ Úãáی ˜Ç㠘јÿ ÑÇÀ ÀãæÇÑ ˜Ñä˜ÿ ÇãÇã ãÀÏی
ؑ ˜ÿ ӁÇÀیæŸ ãیŸ ǁäÇ äÇã ÏÑÌ ˜ÑæÇÆیÿ۔ ÈÞæá ÝÇÑÓی ÔÇÚÑ


˜Èªی Çÿ ÍÞیÞÊ ãäÊÙÑ
äÙÑ Â áÈÇÓ ãÌÇÒ ãیŸ 
˜À ÀÒÇÑæŸ ÓÌÏÿ Êš ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ãÑی ÌÈیä äیÇÒ ãیŸ
˜æ Àÿ ÇÓ ãÀÏی
ÈÑÍÞ ˜ی ÖÑæÑÊ       Àæ ÌÓ ˜ی äÀ¡ ÒáÒáÆÀ ÚÇáã ÇݘÇÑ

(ÊãÊ ÈÇáÎیÑ۔۔۔ÎÊã ÔÏ)

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