"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Nomenclature of Guests

First day a guest, second day a burden , third day a pest, this is how host holds him in respect, quips Ahmad Kashmiri.

Guest is an integral entity of our social setup. Normally in east people live in groups called families, commonly a family constitutes father, mother, brothers, sisters and also the close paternal and maternal associates. Families live a routine life, everyday the family members assemble after they return from the routine engagements. There are hardly any new an extra-ordinary matters to conversate or exchange . However, if any, the members hesitate to discuss them core-heartedly because of varied types of gapes and apprehensions, this is the stage where guest finds chance, he fills the gap of silence . He neither apprehends nor hesitates, goes on discussing the things, flows information without bothering for reliables or unreliables, he does not worry for consequences because he is leaving the place other day, things would have undergone sea changes till he visits the place again .A Kashmiri saying goes Pachiss Ezzit  Khudai Sund (Guest have god given respect ) how ever another saying goes Pachisis  Ezzit  Paanas Aathe(guest must care for selfrespect) That is to say guests should not cross the barriers of guest–ship. Normally maternal and paternal guests are welcomed and respected on priority basis but again they should be the close associates of maternal or paternal relations. Otherwise they are termed as Nune Nan-e-Huend Chene Ashnaw (least important guests) and are hardly given any importance. People feel pleasure to invite the guests who fall under blood relation.The Nomenclature of guests is very long, besides the relation the guests there are, calendar-guests, sudden-guests, chief-guests, guest’s-guests, on-mercury guests etc.

Chief Guests:All guests wish to be the chief guest, at least, once in their life span. But this dream remains a dream in their real life and they may fulfill it while dreaming however some people somehow manage to be the chief-guests in the guise of senior citizens, lobby loyals , propaganda campaigners.Routinely chief guests happen to enjoy the special chairs but at the same time it is not easy to be a chief guest because often your are axpected to speak at such occasions, you feel shivering because you know that your audience  is more sensitive and meritorious but do not worry even if you are wrong in your speech at some level/levels still you are right because you are the chief guest .

Thief Guests: Now so far as the thief guests are concerned they are not always professional thieves, instead they want to measure your depth, if they steal any valuable property from your house and you suspect them they will clear it that actually they where playing a joke with you and when any book, pen, or magazine is missing from your room and latter on you find it in the possession of the guest who had earlier come to your home, he says “oh! Actually I forget to tell you about this, no problem after some time I will return it to you”

 Calender Guests:  Thief guests keep no calendar, so could we exercise precautionary measures; they can come on any day, any time. But this is not the case with calendar guests, these do come on proper dates or in fixed seasons. Calendar guests are normally light guests, meaning hospitality expenditure on them is cheap that is why they are tolerable for the host even for weeks time or more. Calendar guests often feed on domestic dishes accept on the arrival day. This class of guests sometimes proves as the reinforcement for the host, say when the latter is constructing his house or in sowing and harvesting seasons. Calendar guests are also termed as cheap guests.

Sudden Guests: Hosts are mentally ready for calendar guests and sometimes when calendar guests fail to arrive on expected dates the hosts get worried about their wellbeing, but reverse is the case for sudden guests, this section of guests often prove harmful for the host and it is not less than a bolt from blue when tomorrow you are going to appear in the examination and this is your last valuable preparation-night and Mr. sudden guest knocks at your door ……!

Guest’s Guest: At times when your guest is accompanied by another guest you feel very uneasy by another guest till it is not clear to you that how much important the guest’s guest is, this also depends on that how much important the main guest is? Sometimes the guest creates problems for the main guest when the former unfolds the top secrecies of the latter before the host the guest’s  guest becomes very undesirable for the main guest when the former expresses and exposes the superiority that too hallow before the host, at this time  the main guest repents on his act of bringing with him. The guest becomes very unwanted for the host also if he is an idiot-box intellectual. However some guests of this class prove vary advantageous both for the host and the guest when they add new dimensions to the solutions of their problems.

Problem Guest: One more class of guests is problem guest actually problem guest may be amongst any class of guests. When any guest is enjoying satisfactory attention and service from the host and another guest enters the room he may or may not be known to the primary guest, becomes extremely unwanted for him because the host’s interest in him gets divided this is the stage when guest hates guest and in case both the guests are reluctant for the host the proverb finds it use Pachiss Kharran Pouchh,Khandras Doushwai (Guest Hates Guest , Host Both ).

Mercury Guests or Parasites: Almost all kinds of guests have more or less a purpose of being guests. The relation guests are afterall relatives of their hosts, you can not challenge. Chief guests at least are invited people, thief guests are on their way and work. Calendar guests and cheap guests add to the economy of the host. Sudden guests as the name implies come only under emergency conditions. Same may be the case with guest’s guests .But some people, sometimes are very difficult to understand for their purpose of being guests. Despite you ask them tactfully for the purpose, they would give vague logics, as they had dreamt of you last night or their mind suddenly dragged them to your domicile just to see you. You can’t understand their attitude.Mysterious; such guests themselves do not know that why they visited your residence, after passing a day or two they themselves confess that they have wasted their time. These guests are On-Mercury guests or parasites.

Question Guests: Anyway, all classes of guests prove as entertainment for the children in the house. Children enjoy varied types of entertainments with the guests, especially cooked foods being the primary one. But children/students are very much reluctant to face a guest for the second time who asks them academic questions, say derivation of (a+b)2  or inventor of transistor etc. such guests are called as question guests. Question guests create problems by asking questions that too in presence of the parents of the children.

Concluding: Be guests and behave as guest.Pachiss Ezat Paanas Athe  



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