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Terrorism, Extremism and Religious Intolerance..

The Threat Pack for Pakistan


Pakistan is an Islamic state, Islam, the religion of love and brotherhood that preaches, love with all mankind. But few religion dealers of Islam have changed the shape of Islam & Muslims, in the eyes of International community, because of them spoiled character of Muslims and the re-shaped Islam is represented to the world. The modern Mulla’s, anti-Islam forces are included in this plot, but with them some of our religious & political leaders are also involved in representing a bad reputation about the religion. And in guise of their religious or political affiliation they are promoting religious extremism in the name of Islam, in their religious schools. Increased terrorism and extremism in Pakistan has become a big threat for image of Pakistan in international community. The way religious extremism is spreading out in Pakistan, not only people of Pakistan but also the international community considers it as a threat for them.

                Couple of days ago, according to an American Survey, 66% Pakistani nationals considers religious extremism & terrorism as a threat to them, and 24% are reluctant to say anything against it, 8% are supporters of radical & religious extremism & 2 % people have no opinion.

                Considering the above survey, 66 percent considers Religious extremism and radicalism as a threat, because there are thousands of Madrissa’s in Pakistan, which are unregistered. No one monitors these schools; neither the students nor their movements are surveiled. Although we have “Wafaq-ul-Madaris” in Pakistan for monitoring of religious schools or Madrissa’s and their registration, whose job is to take an eye on these schools and to register them making sure they aren’t involved in any religious extremism. However, even after “Wafaq-ul-Madaris”, I do feel, that to prevent establishing of unregistered Madrissa’s, or to monitor them, any system or organization doesn’t exist in Pakistan.

                Religious extremism in Pakistan has not developed in a few months or a few weeks, but it took years, and it was nourished by religious & political parties, and is a source of constant sore for Pakistan. Due to carelessness & apathy of our rulers, this wound has become a deadly disease for Pakistan, for which “operation” is not enough, but caution is also important.

                Our forces in North Waziristan are engaged in Operation Zarb-e-Azab against the Terrorists and our young soldiers are offering their lives in the war of terrorism. On the other hand, due the operation the migration of the IDP’s is a highly sensitive issue and a huge challenge for Pakistani authorities. Any opinion cannot me made, because our rulers haven’t made any strategy yet, to keep an eye on movement of immigrants. Let’s suppose if those Taliban terrorists disguised in the form of IDP’s spread out in Pakistan, how we will deal them on emergency basis? The locals of North Waziristan are as peaceful as people of other cities of Pakistan, but terrorists have no religion and no country, in fact they are spreading terrorism in the name of religion. Let’s hope that terrorists under the guise of IDP’s do not spread in other cities of Pakistan, therefore IDP’s, religious schools, as well as seminaries, religious & political parties who are sponsoring them should also be monitored. Plus there is a dire need of registration of unregistered Madrissa’s, to keep an eye on these religious schools and also to surveil their activities.

                Apart from eliminating religious intolerance and radical extremism, Pakistan needs to do measures for economic stability of the country. This is only possible when the productive operation against terrorists in Pakistan is successful, which would reassure the trust international community on Pakistan will increase the country's foreign investment and the country's economy will be stable.

                Lets hope and Pray, for a peaceful and prosper Pakistan.


Fahad Malik.

Physically 20 years old, thinker, writer, a computer science student, by subjects, Member of Abrar-ul-Haq's Youth parliament, Philanthropist, crazy about Sufism, Learner, Coffee hollick, night owl, a wandering lost soul, out in search of something, that is yet to be discovered.

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