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Not Just the Soldiers but Saviors!

Pakistan is passing through a critical phase as we have both internal and external threats, and the enemies are carrying their utmost efforts to destabilize the country. In such circumstances when we have terrorization warnings from TTP, when we have Mullah’s like Molvi Abdul Aziz who are promoting violence and are challenging the writ of state while sitting in the capital, when political instability is on its peak, when politicians are busy in transferring their assets abroad, when our economy is declining and when the country’s law and order situation is going worse day by day, in such a scenario, every 4th Pakistani out of 5, whine about why Military is not taking over! But I will not.

I believe Pakistan Army is one of the best force and they have proved their competence again and again on many occasions. But instead of dragging Pakistan Army in other things, I think it would be better if we let Army to carry their ‘assigned responsibilities’ and let them show their dedication towards their actual work. Interestingly in Pakistan, Military takes responsibility of the Police, and in some cases, in case of any natural calamity or disaster they are even directed to take charge of the duties of civil government, and to carry out rescue and rehabilitation of the affected. If everything is Army’s responsibility then why do we have Police and other civil authorities?

As each Pakistani soldier is to defend his nation and country, but in Pakistan they are taken saviors.  They are the chosen ones. Nation takes them as Messiah! For Example, every year during monsoon, this country faces massive floods. Every year, Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan, and Sindh face extreme waters. Every year, the authorities visit the affected areas, do some photo sessions, promises to stand with them, to start the relief activities for them, and so on and on. But practically there’s nothing done on ground. Literally nothing, and every year it’s Army that go in the affected areas and rescue people! In case of earth quake, in case of any security threat, or in any other emergency, it’s only Army that stands in the leading rows to save and assist their people. And besides dealing with internal threats, they defend the borders too! They fight the wars to keep this country safe.

All over the world, Military’s job is to defend their country, but in Pakistan, Army has many other fronts to fight. From defending the borders to rescuing the people, Pakistan Army takes the responsibility! They are not just the soldiers; they are the rescuers, protectors and saviors.

Fahad Malik



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