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The last Battle of Cohesion…

Let’s be under one flag against Terrorism.


Ultimately tired of atrocities of the Taliban, Pakistani forces have declared jihad against Taliban. The battle is named as Zarb-e-Azab, named after the sword of Prophet Muhammad (Sallala Ho Alehay WaaLehe Wassalam). The sword was presented to the Prophet on Battle of Badar, and the Prophet used it in Uhud too. History witnessed, and history proved that Muslims got many successes in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Before starting of the operation and after the operation many political parties opposed this operation. But now the problem is about national sovereignty. It’s not about a party, it’s not about a leader, it’s not about an individual, it’s about a nation, it’s about Pakistan!

Those who supported Taliban and opposed Zarb-e-Azab, my question is that why you cannot stand today in support of Pakistan army. You are in politics right? You want democracy? Right? Politics and democracy in the country will remain so and your families will continue to run ‘this business’, if and only if Pakistan is there.. If and only if Pakistan remains sovereign, and is independent both internally and externally...If you people are not going to stand with Pakistan, this time, then my dear Taliban Supporters, How will you face your global lords, with a Taliban Tag on your head? Will they allow a Pro-Taliban to run businesses in their country? Or to live in there? No... Definitely no!

The biggest problem in Pakistan is terrorism and Pakistan's credibility, and reliability in the world is badly affected, just because of this Terrorism. But still, we have got nationalists, who are trying their level best to portray a peaceful image of Pakistan round the globe, and yes, we have got these chauvinist Army men too, who are fighting the fight for Pakistan, they put their lives on stake, just for this country, just for us, Yes, we have such people who rejected every bloody thing against this country, and are sacrificing their lives, for their nation, for their country. Can't you just stand with them? Can't you just say a word of appreciation for them? Is it that much difficult?

Mr. Prime minister, President and all the people sitting in the assemblies, who were in favor of Talks, and those who think that Taliban are actually Muslim & they are Shaheed, they must keep in mind that Talibanism is just a mind set. Whose work is terrorism. Whose work is to defame Islam, in the name of Islam. They do not belong to any nation, country, and religion.. & in my personal opinion, they don't even belong to Humanity. Come Now, this is the time to realize Pakistan Army's sacrifices and their efforts, because they are fighting a fight not for themselves, but for us, to make this country a country of Quaid-e-Azam and Iqbal.


Pakistan army is now at war with terrorists. They do not need any help, they know how to fight, they know how to give life, and how to get life, they don’t need anything from you, they just need support. They just need you to stand with them, yes, they need a layman, to stand with them, to support them. Pakistan Army served people of Pakistan, not only in bad times but also to help restore the lives of their routines after every disaster, and above all, they are to protect you. They are awake at the borders to let you sleep peacefully. It's time to raise the morale of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. This is the time for the Nation, to unite, to be united like they did back in 1965. Just leave these Pro-Talibans there, stand up, stand up with your Army, show your support by saying a word for them, if not even that, then just pray, just pray for their safety. Pray for their success, so that we can live in a peaceful Pakistan again.

iSupport Pakistan Army, Do you?

-Fahad Malik

Physically 20 years old, thinker, writer, a computer science student, by subjects, Member of Abrar-ul-Haq's Youth parliament, Philanthropist, crazy about Sufism, Learner, Coffee hollick, night owl, a wandering lost soul, out in search of something, that is yet to be discovered.

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