"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Intolerance and Pakistanis.

Would you please tolerate me for a moment?

I always heard that politics is suits good on roads, streets, squares, roads, busses, or in wagons. I did not believe them, but now I believe who ever said that, he was so right. The demonstration of that was encountered by me, few days ago, during traveling. Some young people were engaged on mobile phone during traveling. Some elderly people were half asleep, and some were awake, waiting for the end of the journey, waiting for the moment to reach their destination. So the journey was going quite quiet, suddenly a person started whispering with the man next to him, all of the sudden he started to cry about Pakistan’s inflation and expenses.  And as he started the cry, it seemed everyone sat ready to jump into a useless debate, it seemed like they were all waiting for just an importunity for hand washing in the running Ganga. The boy sitting next to the seat (who seemed to be unemployed, delivered a great speech on employment. Meanwhile someone started crying about Load shedding and power cut off, another man, started bashing the government on non-availability of CNG. So, everyone was speaking out his own story, not a single person was able to understand the other. A man who had been looking a strong supporter of the current Government as some people were blaming the current government, He was trying his best to defend the current government and was blaming the previous ones, for the inflation, power, and economy losses.  The discussion kept on mounting, and increased to a level of grouping. The van was divided into two groups, one of government supporters, and the other of those people who were disgusted by the government. They were not even listening to the opposition’s point of view.  And then they started blaming each other like women do, started abusing each other, the rage was so increased that they both were not listening to others.

This is just an example, that shows lack of tolerance of our attitudes, that will not be wrong if I say that tolerance is eliminated from us. We try to cross the road on foot, on the green signal! & if we cannot cross the road, or if we have to wait for a few moments, we start cursing the motorcycles, and the vehicles, the same goes for the motorcyclists, they break the signals, go out of the lines, when its red. We feel insult standing a queue, at banks, post offices, or ATM machines. We start fighting with each other, during travelling for minor reasons. If we go out to buy for something, we try to get dealt first; not caring about many clients or buyers will suffer who were there, before us. These are the small events from daily life, these events shows our intolerance. Why is that? Why we start fighting like animals on minor things. When we will have tolerance in ourselves? This is just a simple question, you don’t need advice of Facebook thinkers, or you don’t need to follow a tweet to answer this question. This is just a simple question, ask yourself rather asking it! This is a very straight question. For that you will have to change your own attitude, believe me, the first step is to change your attitude, the next is to study and practice the life of Prophet (Sallahu Alehay Wa’aalhe Wasslam.) The life of our Prophet was the indicative of patience and endurance. He gave a message to humanity through his patience and tolerance that you can make the impossible possible. It was probably his patience and tolerance that converted the garbage thrower to Islam. During the Taif preaching, He (Sallahu Alehay Wa’aalhe Wasslam.)  was attacked, but still He did not bear out the hand and He even forgave them. Above all, the announcement of general Amnesty for everyone, for all of them, on conquest of Makkah, is the biggest example of tolerance.

                If we start to learn to tolerate each other as human beings, anger, jealousy, malice, depression , blood pressure and a lot of psychological diseases will be automatically removed out from our lives. Endurance cannot be imported from America, or it cannot be purchased, it needs to be “developed” in our attitudes. The problem arises when we consider ourselves as wise and we keep on insisting that “What I said that cannot be wrong”! We keep on insisting on our opinion, like what I said that can never be wrong, and in such kind of behaviors, we don’t believe and even don’t listen to the opinion of others, no matter how much logical they are! We have to change our own thinking of “what I say I right and the rest is wrong”! As we want value for our word, for our opinion, we have to develop habit of giving value to others opinion too! And trust me this is not much difficult. This is not much hard. This will help it all, us all! Try!



-Fahad Malik

The writer is nothing, but trying to explore the myths.

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