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Sialkot Killers under cover of Sama Tv
By: Shakil Ahmad on:30 Aug 2010

Sialkot killers under cover of Sama TV

When the brutality crosses limits, it sets eliminated. Pakistan has a history of barbaric killings & victimization. The recent brutal killing of two brothers in Sialkot is one of the exposed ones, as an unprecedented incident. It’s a unique victimization of political rivalry between PPP and PML(N) constituencies of Dr. Firdos Ashiq (PPP minister) and Khawaja Asif (PMLN) respectively, which triggered over a match victory by the victim’s party. Dr Firdos Ashiq and her party pet DPO Sialkot were directly involved in the murder further involving police and Rescue 1122.

The blood of innocent is not like a raindrop which drops and disappears in the soil, rather where it falls, the soil becomes evidence of murder of humanity, and it came true. When the media unveiled this act of heinous crime, the breath of the criminals stopped and they started manipulation to counter the media with the media. The administration of Shetan Malik approached the CEO of Sama TV to dilute the media Pressure by running campaign to portray the murdered boys as dacoits.

The above TV was dictated to implicate the killed boys to be involved in another case of murder in the area to justify the public anger to kill them. It was cleverly conspired to be an acceptable reason as the public have been witnessing the same treatment to the dacoits before in the area.

I ask that Public which believes in such dramas. Why didn’t they dare to do the same to the political and bureaucratic robbers and traitors of this nation, who are their real enemies and that of this country?

Of course, who else other then Asma Sherazi, the anchor of Sama TV, can play a better drama than this. She is the person, known by evidence on the net, who has been dancing as drunk on the American tunes in US embassy. This is an open secret that American CIA injected more then $500 million in the media to buy the black sheep in media and to sponsor the politicians, general, bureaucrats, scholars and NGOs to promote acts of terrorism, ethnicity sectarianism, provincialism, secularism, obscenity and religious confusion to destabilize Pakistan for the pleasure of their American masters. Whereas such campaign is running successfully under the terms of Kerry-Logar Bill.

In the foreign world, where our rulers beg money from, the media plays constructive role whereas in Pakistan, the media feels pride in breaking the news, irrespective of the fact whether it’s against or in favor of the country. The triangle which is bent to destroy Pakistan is composed of American agenda, traitor leadership and the black sheep of media.

Remember, the tyrant oppresses only because the victim bears it. The donkey is kicked over and again because he tolerates it. And this will only stop when the victims stand against the tyrant. This is the height of misery, the nation is suffering from and we have got enough. The victims now should stand up and drag the criminal on the street for a lesson to others. And it’s very easy as the criminals are in thousands whereas the victims are in millions.

For the same socio-political change we need to evolve the patriotic leadership from the common men to overthrow the corrupt and sponsored leadership to rebuild the country as an Islamic welfare state. And this is the vision of Ray Channel. Today the souls of the people, who lost their honor and blood to create Pakistan, are questioning-“is it the same Pakistan for which we lost everything?” I swear to Allah if their sacrifices are ignored then never any one will sacrifice on the slogan of freedom in the name of Islam. Still we have time to rescue Pakistan. Please network for a joint effort with “Pakistan Rescue Mission”….the agenda of Ray channel.

First breaking story by Ray Channel to expose a Minister allegedly involved in killing of two boys in Sialkot:


See the link below: for Article by Shakil Ahmad


Ray Channel’s Introduction


The long awaited web based Ray Channel is finally live by soft launch, wheras the Radio and TV are coming soon. It’s the first ever "strategic" social, political, economic and religious network to build an Islamic welfare society by empowering the common men through awareness, motivation and mobilization to alternate the sponsored and corrupt leadership by patriots besides lobbying with the international community to resolve the domestic crisis.


The sponsored and corrupt Politicians, Generals and Bureaucrats should beware that they have caused enough damage to the country to please their American masters. But now they have no chance to escape as there are many patriots who can chase them.


You know the Jews are not only ruling the world by proxy of USA but they are also best exploiting the strategic tools of media and finance for their supremacy. America has a very clear Zionist agenda to rule the world as the only superpower, with one secular world, one WTO-economy and one IMF-handicap international community with sponsored puppet military or democratic rulers in different countries, as they have been doing in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and some European countries.

They are best utilising their intelligence agencies to manipulate their puppets to trigger a conspiracy and attack militarily, diplomatically, socially and economically. They are waging a successful war against the Muslims, under the cover of Terrorism. They are bent to take control of the natural resources lying in the Muslim world by eliminating any resistance, under the cover of War on Terror. To ensure their success, they handicap the nations financially and  through media, they  reform the public opinion in their favour by sponsoring traitors within Muslims in the form of Generals, Politicians, Bureaucrats, scholars, NGOs, etc.


The Arabs have the largest financial strength but their Kings are no more than the American slaves, so nothing good can be expected from such puppets. Whereas, after the fall of Al-Jazerah from the Muslim hands, we are left with no platform to raise voice in the international community to counter the anti-Muslim propaganda.

Since the Muslims have fallen in luxury and pleasures of life and lost their faithful practices, so they are suffering everywhere in the world. They neither devoted their resources for their mutual benefit nor developed any science or technology to be superior in the modern age. Why should we be respected? What edge do we have other nations except as traitors and beggars. Our leadership is corrupt and sponsored, our economy is on the verge of collapse, media is busy in promoting the foreign agenda, our socio-moral values are on steep decline, our jobless youth is frustrated and has fallen in trap of character damaging media and social networks, our religious beliefs are confused, our integrity and survival are on stake whereas our criminal leadership is enjoying the pleasures in their palaces. The nations who loose their ideology are bound to destroy and we shouldn’t cry, if humiliated, as we do nothing to counter it. The destruction is not only tendered by killing of innocent people but also through dirty propaganda. Even they don’t spare disgracing our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) through their edge in media and we found ourselves helpless as we have no strategic media to counter their dirty media campaign. Now-a-days the war is won by media before any military strikes.


Having considered all such of our sufferings and humiliation, we have set up Ray Channel to promote the cause of Peace, Justice and Humanity across the world. Since the Muslims are suffering the most, so we are focussing to lobby within the international community to reverse the propaganda against Muslims and render awareness for a virtual union of the international community to influence their respective governments to stop the destruction in the Muslim world for the control of their resources under the cover of War on Terror.


To redress our miseries, the “strategic” Ray Channel is setup with it’s key components as below:


1: News bureau to reform the public opinion by raising voice courageously to seek remedy;

2: Social network (a replacement of Facebook, Orkcut and Twitter), observing Islamic values to build character and grooming of our youth while providing them a decent platform to share resources to evolve a model society;

3: Political network to raise a patriotic and visionary leadership from the common men. Also to network the international community for a virtual union of public to influence their governments against their policies of discrimination and war of terror;

4: Economic network to connect the Muslims across the world to share their mental and material resources for their mutual benefit;

5: Religious network to educate the Muslims to reform their character besides correcting their image around the world;

6: Blogs, Forums, Events, Classifieds, Jobs, Reference Library and Polls to network resources;

7: Broadcast live and recorded programs on strategic social, political, economic and religious affairs with solutions;

8: Crime and Injustice Report is for the purpose of reporting incidents of crimes and injustice by the public for Ray Channel to pursue a remedy.

9: The mission to render strategic awareness, motivation, mobilization to evolve the patriotic leadership from the common men. Injecting the sense of ownership of land and their right to rule for alternating the puppy and puppet leadership by patriots.


Pakistan is not the parental property of criminal civil and military leadership. It belongs to all those, who suffer and sacrifice for this country. Allah blessed us with such a resourceful land to live under the banner of Islam, but our sponsored rulers made it a hell for the people.


All those social workers, community leaders, journalists, businessmen, students, professionals, politicians, bureaucrats, defence personnel and others, who feel a little shame on disgrace and destruction, should sacrifice their personal and official preferences over the national interest and join Ray Channel network to fight back the country. The talk time is over, now there is a dire need to have practical steps for social, political, economic, religious and military reforms to rescue the sinking boat of the nation, as the countdown of our survival is ticking fast. Everybody can make a difference, as 1+1=11 in terms of unity and joint effort.


For details of the Ray Channel and the mission, pl visit

Allah Hafiz!


Shakil Ahmad

Founder & Director(Strategic Affairs) Ray Channel
Journalist, International Press
Ex President, University of W Sydney-ERP Union Australia
Ex Consultant (IBM, Bank of Tokyo & Commonwealth) Australia
Ex AD NCRD M/O LG, Establishment/Cabinet Secretariat, Islamabad
Ex GSO-3(Civil), Command & Control, GHQ, Rawalpindi.


Note:I have been part of the public service but couldn't fit because of corruption and quit at early stages.



CSS, MCS Pakistan

MBA ERP, Australia



1: First ever social, political, economic and religious network to build an Islamic welfare society. 

2: Platform for the people to raise voice, report corruption and injustice for remedy.
3: Campaign against corruption, poverty, injustice, sex and violence.

4: Strategic awareness to reform the opinion for a socio-political change in the society.
5: Inject the sense of ownership of the land and raising a patriotic and visionary leadership from the common men.
6: Motivate the suffering people to their right of rule to alternate the corrupt leadership.
7: Struggle for peace, social justice, prosperity, integrity and honour of the nation.
8: Lobby with the international community to resolve the domestic crisis.
9: Promote the agenda of Peace, Justice, Humanity and Harmony in collaboration with the world.
10: Network the Muslims, reform their character and correct their image internationally.

 Reply:   Both were innocent, commission says clearly
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (1/Sep/2010)



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