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American roots in Pakistan

Posted on May 7, 2011

Shakil Ahmad

American operation in Abbottabad clearly demonstrates the fact as how much freedom Americans have to conduct an operation within Pakistan, without permission even from military. This the level of compromise, on our national security and integrity, our sponsored rulers and Generals have gone with their foreign masters. They have crossed Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq in betrayal of their people and Pakistan, which helped them rise from dust to skies. It’s with their approval that Americans are maintaining bases, troops, agents fully equipped with arms, spying equipment and armoured vehicles stationed at Islamabad embassy, various barracks, consulates and bases supported by Drones, F-11 and other aircraft across the country to use them at will. Strong networkThey are managing a strong network across the country to conduct any operation anywhere without caring for the permission of Pakistani forces.Above all, F-11 is the most dangerous low flying aircraft used for spying and jamming the communication and radars from the areas it passes through. Following the same strategy and network of commandos, agents equipped with strategic warfare, they conducted Abbottabad operation where F-11 was flown followed by Apaches blinding Pakistani forces by jamming all the communication and radars in the area. Who is responsible for this, politicians, Generals or bureaucrats? I believe all of them are responsible in their individual and collective effort to trade the national integrity and security for the benefit of their own. The Americans are bent upon taking control of the natural resources lying in the Muslim world through imposing a war of terror against them, which they started by playing the Jewish drama of 9/11 to secure the support of the international community. Later, under the cover of war of terrorism, they invaded Muslim lands and took control through sponsored puppet democrats or dictators. Whereas the matter of Osama Bin Laden is concerned, FBI doesn’t have any proof of his involvement in 9/11. Americans very cleverly use the propaganda machinery worldwide, as they did in past against Iraq, Afghanistan & Iran. The man, they claim to have killed, is not Osama at all. Because they can neither prove it by DNA nor they have any physical evidence of his body. But they did the Abbottabad operation only to strengthen their case against Pakistan that the Nuclear weapons of Pakistan are not in safe hands, so either take control of it or destroy it like in Iraq. Whereas to take support of the world, they played the drama of Abbottabad operation on the same pattern, as they did of 9/11. It’s not their strength but the weakness of our rulers that they can now strike even our Nukes or can do any kind of operation anywhere in the country. Is there any General, who can dare to stop them? Those who are part of this conspiracy, must remember that without Pakistan they will be treated no more than Indo-American slaves and cursed for all ages to come. Would their worldly benefits then let them rest in peace? No, not all, and then it would be too late. Enough is enough. How long would we remain silent against such traitors. Our long silence would stand us in their lines as well. So every Pakistani should sacrifice his personal, political and military preferences over the interest of Pakistan and disobey all such orders going against the interest of nation and state. We have to unite as a nation against such criminals to save Pakistan otherwise they are going to get us down the drain very soon, for which nobody but we would be

 Reply:   American roots in Pakistan
Replied by(turkman) Replied on (8/May/2011)

US CIA Chief was asked, "Why was not Pak Army informed of the Operation?"
He answered, "Because it was going to tip Osama off because it has done this a few times before, when we informed it about some secret Operation". Therefore, your assessment is all wrong. Generals hate USA. They are not what you claim them to be.
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