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Lahore Blasts: India Dragging Pakistan into Sectarianism

By Zaheerul Hassan



 More than 32 people killed and over 200 injured on September 1, 2010 when three suicide bombers blew themselves up in Shia march in Lahore and in another incident on the same day gunmen opened fire at a procession in Pakistan's commercial capital Karachi wounding seven. The first blast was of low intensity explosive device, went off near the Karbala Gamay Shah Imambargah or prayer ground after 6.45 pm where thousands of Shia Muslims had gathered to observe the Yaum-e-Ali. The other suicide bombers struck the nearby Bhatti Chowk area at about 7.15 pm. Since couple of months terrorists activities like blasts, target killing, robberies and kidnapping are remained on `peek in the country. Reportedly, a head of one of the suicide bombers has been recovered.

It is mentionable here that both sites are located close to the Data Darbar shrine that was targeted by suicide attackers in July 2010. In that attack, over 100 individuals were killed and many injured. In March this year terrorists targeted Ahmedi mosque. Many innocents people have been killed.


Any how, these blasts have linkage because of their likely aim of division of the society through sectarianism.  The current wave of terrorism is giving very clear cut indication of involvement of Indian intelligence agency “RAW’. Generally in the month of Ramadan Muslims do stop all kind of war in respect of holy month. It is further added that Pakistan is facing the worst kind of catastrophe (flood) of her history. The whole government machinery, armed forces and general masses are fully involved in relief and settlement operations of flood affected areas. 


So, at this time of juncture Israel has the desire to hit lonely nuclear Muslim state since country machinery could be is terribly busy to fight with the natural disaster.  The conspicuous increase in volatility has been noticed since after ‘Mumbai attack”.  India has started all out proxy war against Pakistan and interested her to drag in sectarianism too. In this connection, she never let any chance and event to malign Pakistan in some terrorist activated.  Reportedly, Indo-Israel Intelligence Agency “Triple III” has planned to carry out two terrorists’ acts for the month of September–October 2010 at the time of Common Wealth Games, CWG 2010. The operation would be against the participants of team members of Common wealth countries.


The operations’ dates are coincided with the period when Israel would be under tremendous pressure of international community as about 60-100 ships were likely to be present close to Gaza besides a large number of road transport /Vehicles from across the Globe to break the siege of Gaza through land and sea routes in September-October 2010.The timing of this attack would be decided by Israel as and when it felt that International pressure on Gaza was crossing a predetermined level/ threshold. Any such terror activity in India especially during or before the CWG-2010 would lead to finger pointing towards Pakistan.  Thus,   collaboration of RAW and Mossad is really a potent threat to regional peace. Tripal -III Intelligence agency for fomenting terrorism is using criminal elements of FATA and remote areas of Pakistan. Indian Interior minister P Chidambaram and chief of Army Staff repeatedly threaten Pakistan.  In a ceremony held on March 12, 2010 Indian home minister alleged Pakistan for their domestic ongoing violence and militancy. He said that any act of terrorism from Pakistani territory against India will be taken as not be tolerant in future. In fact the purpose of such types of statements political and military leadership is to justify Indian covert and open sabotage activities against Pakistan. The said agency is supporting and funding well trained terrorists those pick their targets carefully. Some months back they killed number of Pakistani soldiers and masses in FATA and Swat.


On March 13, 2010, two suicidal bombers walked up to Pakistan military vehicles and exploded themselves in densely populated area RA Bazar of Lahore cantt. In the same month of 2010 March 8, 2010 Pakistani Intelligence Agency’s “sub-office” in Model Town Lahore was rocked at the time of a suicide attack. Thus the blasts of September 2010 would be taken as the continuity of Indo-Israel militancy against Pakistan.


In this connection, President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani condemned the Lahore blasts.  They expressed condolences with the families of those who lost their lives in the dastardly terrorist act. The President said the government and people are determined to defeat terrorism and such gruesome acts cannot deter the national spirit is ready to defeat terrorists. It is also mentionable here that last year five attacks from 15 October 2009 to 3 March 2010 were launched in Lahore.



Anyhow, coming back to the topic, I would say that India has chosen calculated time frame for fomenting militancy in Pakistan i.e.  (One) Pakistan is facing the worst kind of disaster of her history and Army is being appreciated though out the country because of her excellent performance in flood relief operation.    Pakistan Security Forces have met remarkable victory against foreign sponsored militancy; (two) Indian desire of dragging Pakistan into sectarianism.(Three) American and NATO forces are no more interested to stay in Afghan region,(four) Indian stay in Afghanistan would be difficult after depart of US led ISAAF forces, (five) rising  political and economical stability of Pakistan, (six) to change world attention from Indian domestic violence, Concluding, I would like to suggest to top political brass of the country to get united and fight terrorism launched by “Triple III.  World community should ask India and her ally Israel to stop fomenting terrorism in regional city.

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Replied by(turkman) Replied on (11/Sep/2010)

Could you tell us, what proof you have that India is causing all these killings in Pakistan and not Taliban and other JehaaDis, sir?
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