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Flaws in the American “Truth” about 5/2 Experiment!

Ahmad Kashmiri

There is an ever increase in the count and the dimensional logic in the stand of the people who are reluctant to accept the insistence and claims of American president, its intelligence, administration and the controlled media about the killing of the Al Qaeda supremo in the American special operation in Abbotabad, Pakistan on May, 2 2011, which atleast must be called the 5/2 Experiment. 

 On hearing the news of Abbotabad operation, this author, perhaps like everybody got uneased for varied reasons to reach any conclusion. After sometime I started Google- searching the responses of some world celebrities of different fields especially the two, one the Islamic scholar and the international orator Dr Zakir Naik, second the world famous investigative journalist Yvonne Ridley, interestingly both are somehow subject knowing, former having studied and deliberated the related subject  and the latter having the experiences. Though I did not find any prompt responses there but now as the days are passing and while as some columnists are advising us to become ‘America’s Good Boys’, this is how the brave and truth speaking  analysts deliberate on the issue and are questioning the reliability of the issues with regard to the American claims.

Iranian stand:

Iran played a significant role in loosening the American claims wherein it in a unique statement revealed that Iran’s intelligence minister Haider Maslahi said in the Iranian cabinet and later in the talk with press reporters that the American claims about the killing of Osama Bin Laden is nothing except the propaganda because the Al Qaeda chief had died of ailment long before.

 According to the western media there is an endorsement to the claim made by the Iranian Intelligence Minister among the admirers of Osama and the anti-American sentiment keeping people. The veteran media organizations of Iran like the Tehran Times, Hum Juvaan, Imroz and Farse have revealed that the intelligence agencies of Iran have said openly that they have reliable information that the death of Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden had occurred already after his prolonged ailment and there was no truth in the claim of America that he was killed in Abbotabad operation. Haider Maslahi, challenged America in the specially called cabinet meeting that if American claims of killing Osama in Abbotabad operation is true then they question for the dead body of Osama. Why the dead body was not brought before the media and world. After all why, instead of proving the reality, they felt the need of throwing the body into the sea, as they claimed? The analysts in the Iran agree with the Iranian intelligence conclusion that America neither succeeded in arresting Osama nor in killing him and as such they neither could brought an arrested Osama in front of an American court nor could they bring a killed Osama for burial in land and to hide their failure they excused his grave-tomb-formation though its takers go on decreasing with every passing hour. The Iranian media quoting intelligence authorities further revealed that America by giving such news, exercises dubious policy and in this way tries to uphold its supremacy and by staging the drama of the death of Osama America wants to hide its weaknesses because the American economy and other related issues are getting shattered day by day and the country has no other option to divert the attention of the world. The authorities in Iran further said that yet another blatant lie of America is that it claims that no Muslim country showed interest in taking the dead body of Osama bin laden to whom America had offered. The fact is that America did not contact any Muslim country. Whileas the Press TV of Iran exposed that many independent international institutes had offered their services for the DNA Testing of Osama Bin Laden but America denied everyone which is yet another confirmation that the American claim about the killing of Osama bin laden is not true.

Yvonne Ridley’s stand on Osama’s killing:

On the other hand the Muslim reverted British journalist and analyst Yvonne Ridley has come up with the saying that the claim of the American president Barrack Obama is a lie at par with that of the American former president George Bush’s claim that the late Iraqi president Sadam Hussain possessed Mass Destruction Weapons. It is pertinent to mention that Yvonne Ridley is a world famous figure with multidimensional importance that in year 2003 reverted to Islam. Her reversion to Islam has an interesting history that in 2001 she on a secret professional mission entered Afghanistan where she was later captured by Taliban. During her captivity period she got influenced by the humble treatment given to her by Taliban, which she did not expect following the bad image of Taliban that she had in her mind. Later when she was released she was given Quran e Sharief, which she accepted for academic studies and when she began to study it she got divinely inspired and reverted to Islam. Now she is working for the propagation of Islam with a missionary zeal. In one of her recent article she writes, “30,000 innocents die every year in gun-related crime – that’s a 9/11 multiplied by ten – but the close relationship with deadly weapons shows no sign of abating in trigger-happy America.”

Today interview of Yvonne Ridley did not find any coverage in the western media. She has analytically talked on the issue and has rendered the American claims as foolish ones. Her interview according to has got published in Persian language in, Sourgar, an Afghan journal. Talking to IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) reporters, in the interview she has revealed that those American who believe the president Obama and his claim of killing Osama are mere fools, no serious person can believe in these American claims.  Ridley says that how come people should believe American president who does not say a word of fact regarding his birth certificate and his popularity decreases with every passing day. He is the man who has no other way to make propaganda of Osama’s killing. Ridley in her interview with IRNA though deliberated that the propaganda and the lie of American claim upon Osama’s killing has importance!!!She asked whether she was right in the belief America and its intelligence have not only threw the dead body of Osama into the sea but they in this’ process’ have buried also all there misdeeds and wrongs, which reflected their policies and strategies, into the sea! The  Muslim reverted veteran British journalist believes that the American blatant lie about the killing of Osama in Abbotabad will come to limelight in the future as the blatant lie of its former president Bush regarding his claims about that the then president of Iraq Sadam Hussain possessed weapons of mass destruction, had come to limelight later.

She says that the problem with serial liars is that when they do tell the truth no one believes them. Interestingly  there is a tag linked to this saying in kashmiri also called “Kakun Hapu”t, which needs no further elaboration.

Ridley lambastes American people for that strangely, on one hand, they don’t trust Obama in case of his birth certificate but on the otherhand they trust him in claiming the killing of Osama. According to, it is distinctly written in Afghan journal, Sourgar, that Yvonne Ridley claims that in 2001 it was on records that the foreign minister of Afghanistan, on the condition of a justified and justice based trial, had given a nod for the handover of Osama Bin Laden to some third country but utter surprisingly America did not accept the offer of the foreign minister. The reason for this denial was that America wanted to stay in Afghanistan. British journalist lambastes that on the pretext of one person; Osama, America started the world’s most costly war campaign and caused the massacre of lacs of people. she mockingly says after the 10 years long destructive and fruitless war America, in order to come back from Afghanistan, desperately needed Osama Bin Laden  once again but this time not a live Osama but a ‘dead one’. Ridley believes that Osama did not appear after the Tora Bora action in Afghanistan and there is much probability that he did not survive, the faded, dim and vague audio and video tapes depict that Osama’s had not control on Al Qaeda. She believes that Al Qaeda is a branded identity with different franchisee organizations the world over. Yet, seeing the American claims, it has killed a single person, Osama. Osama is not in this world but his philosophy is very much there. And philosophies and beliefs can never be vanished.



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