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Terrorism in Lahore: Focus on Indian Involvement-VII

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



Sadistic Pleasure:  An exposed “Democratic” India 


Many Hindus gladly admit that the Lankan guys have been adequately punished for their anti-India stand in going to Islamabad and they should remember this for future reference.  As the Sri Lankans were playing ODIs in Pakistan, India had hurriedly arranged for matches in Sri Lanka and the Lankan team was asked to come back to Colombo to play with Indians. And after “play” with Indians, the Lankans went back to Pakistan to resume the matches, visibly by clearly ignoring repeated Indian warnings personally to the team members against their proceeding to Pakistan threaten the prestige of Hindu India.  


Cricket is one of major reasons for terrorism in South Asia because India wants to snatch the “leader’s role” in this field at par with its nuclearism position. India wastes huge resources not only on lethal weapons to kill Muslim in and around India, but also on cricket for match-fixing purposes. India manages to win both the toss and series these days, though still trying for world's top slot by working behind the scene. Terrorism is a global phenomenon engineered, abetted and financed by anti-Islamic nations, their capitalists and media magnets and mafia. Capitalism promotes nepotism, corruption, crime and also cricket, while India hopes to gain from the nefarious terrorism activities.



USA, Israel and other imperialist and colonialist powers have aided New Delhi’s drive to quench Islamic blood thirst. Any nation making sincere attempts to practice Islamic tenets is subverted, invaded and destroyed, as it has happened in Afghanistan and now happening in Pakistan. US-led west has unleashed terror on Muslims and declared war against Islam unofficially. Any political group seeking Islamization of their own societies are termed as ”terrorist” outfits and is targeted for murder and torture so that no one talks about true Islam in the world and the Muslims are expected to follow the path of non-Muslims and anti-Islamic fanatics.



India uses each and every occasion to bring Pakistan into disrepute. Whenever any terrorist attack takes place in India or elsewhere they blame Pakistan’s premier agency ISI. India has also accused Pakistan of its involvement in the mutiny by Bangladesh Rifles. Meanwhile, a senior officer of the paramilitary Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), who is suspected to have led the bloody rebellion, was arrested while attempting to flee the country as the Army launched a hunt for about 1,000 fugitives facing murder charges. The police claimed that it has gathered “enough evidence” against Alam and other conspirators in the two-day mutiny during which 73 Army officers were killed while 72 are still missing.) Due to cleaver global anti-Islamic diplomacy it pursued for decades, India now controls bulk of global media, including in Islamic nations and heavily influences even the media in Pakistan and Bangladesh. India also failed to provide the solid evidence to FBI and Interpol in the past.




Pakistan remains Indian envy even when its economy and security are shattered. Even the crudest anti-Islamic nation world would testify to the fact India would like to see the end of its Muslim neighbors first. Since 1947 right up to Lahore, the anti-Islamic maneuvers, anti-Pakistan-Kashmir manipulations and anti-Muslim scheming have traveled a long way gaining more force and substance for their resolve to project Islam is “terrorist” religion in contrast to other “wonderful” religions and to show the Islamic nations as failed and bad nations. Since 1947 from New Delhi to Kashmir to Mumbai to Lahore, secret Indian terrorism unleashed on Muslims has drunk a lot of Islamic blood and even in Mumbai Nov26 about 100 Muslims were killed along with some foreigners, while Mumbai Muslims were forced by Hindus not bury the bodies of some Muslims whom the police could not identify and called them “Pakistani terrorists”. Some more Muslims have been killed in Lahore, Pakistan, under entertainments category.


In Lahore, Pakistan on March 3, a group of 12 individuals allegedly trained by the RAW carried out terrorist attacks on cricket team of Sri Lanka near Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, killing only Muslims, leaving others in form to criticize Pakistan for security lapse. The reasons of carrying out assault against Lankans seem to be many- the chief one being obstruct Swat Islamization considered to be serious threat to India which is making all efforts to make its Muslims anti-Islamic and pro-Hindu in many respects. Mumbai Nov26 took place when Pakistan foreign minister was holding talks with his Indian counterparts on Kashmir in New Delhi. And now Lahore Mar03 has taken place as conference in Pugwash on the same topic Conference on “Restarting Indo-Pak Peace Process” is being organized in Pakistan with participation from India. Colombo rejected Indian demand of not dispatching their cricket team to Pakistan. Other reason is that New Delhi faced horrible defeat on diplomatic front in the case of Mumbai Drama. Indian intelligence agencies and government are being criticized inside the country as well as at international level for its own creation of terrorism.


India is anti-peace. India wants tensions in South Asia and a Pakistan nearby threatened by Indian policies so that it could spend more resources on military upgrade and subversive activities. Pakistan did not take Indian warnings seriously enough because it thought New Delhi was using harsh language just to appease domestic Hindus. At many occasions Indian Foreign minister and army Chief threatened that they have various open options to attack Pakistan. Islamabad took Hindustan’s warnings lightly as Indian domestic consumption stuff, without comprehending Indian hidden agenda in Pakistan. There, then, Pakistan has indeed failed.  And India “passed’, killing some more Muslims in Pakistan too. Has Pakistan lost the right to protest against terrorist India as well?


Root cause of terrorism is not Islam or Muslims as the world big wigs and their nasty media claim, but targeted at both Muslims and Islam to boost the image of other religions and their followers and coerce the non-Muslims to embrace their religions by painting Islam in the dirties possible colors. Cricket is just a part of the global terror mafia game.


Yours Sincerely,


Columnist & Independent Researcher in World Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India

South Asia.

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