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An American journalist criticizing the drone attacks on pakistan
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Will America Assassinate General Musharraf?
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Pakistan·s Musharaf Blackmailed by US?
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From Lebanon to Turkey to Sri Lanka to Pakistan to Iraq to Afghanistan to Iran....

Pakistan's Musharaf Blackmailed by US?

MER - MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 16 August 2006: The U.S. is the world's only real superpower at the moment, and consequently what the U.S. does, and does not do, reverberates far and wide around the globe.

In Washington the deceitful and war-mongering policies of the Christian Evangelicals in league with the largely Jewish and Zionist Neocons -- in conjunction with Israeli devastation of the Palestinians in the occupied territories and now again in Lebanon -- are backfiring far and wide.

Is this the overall context is which this article about Pakistan may be on target?

None of us in the truly independent sector can know for sure -- such things are closely held national secrets that few even in the intelligence services have access to. But there is a great deal of circumstantial 'evidence' that lends considerable possible veracity to what is discussed in this article which is written by an enterprising Pakistani journalist now exiled in Canada.

Moreover, as with so many things, there is quite a history here going back to another strong-man Pakistani General who was President until he was killed -- General Zia al-Haq. Rumors of American, and possibly Israeli involvent, in General Zia's demise still linger. And remember now, Pakistan is the only nuclear-armed Muslim nation and for many years was badgered and threatened by the U.S. and Israel -- including attempts in decades past to attack and destroy Pakistan's nuclear capabilities, as is now being planned for Iran.
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