"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Revolutionary Couple: Simatt Ker Pahaad In Ki Heibat Se Rayee……!

Ahmad Kashmiri

 Indeed, there is no shade of doubt about it that the couple has killed their joys and given enough sacrifices for Kashmir’s(Indian administered Kashmir) freedom….. Beyond their sacred struggle for right to self determination, they whether in jail or outside (big jail, Kashmir), have been rendering service to mankind at Ummah-level. These services cover a wide range of activities, which a true Muslim (Momin) is supposed to exhibit and practice. In jail the patience and somberness of Muhammad Qasim(Husband of Syeda Asiya Andrabi, the chairperson of Dukhtran-e- Millat, women’s organization in Kashmir) came out in the form of his thesis ‘Sunna—the source of Islamic Sharia’.upon which he was awarded the doctorate degree from Kashmir University. Syedah Aasiya Andrabi has been the epitome of character and modesty. She has been awakening people of their duties towards their religion. She has been raising her voice against the immodesty and waywardness emerging in the society. At a time when men of the society have failed to overcome and control the wrongs and are watching the derailing fabric  of their society as silent spectators or to say that they are contributing to the same, on the other hand this great daughter of Ummah, besides her organizational busy schedule, has left no stone unturned in starting and stimulating the awareness and struggle against the social evils be it the  obscenity, liquor- selling, waywardness, park-culture, ‘valentine’ vulgarity, exploitation of girls by making them dance in cultural programs or the ‘vande mataram assault’. She tried to serve the cause by fighting for special reservations for women in buses, socially boycotting families which demanded dowry. The infamous sex scandal that eclipsed the horizon of Kashmir’s morality in 2007 was exposed  and brought to accountability(though it was swallowed by politics later) only by the courageous task of Aasiya Andrabi’s organization Dukhtarane Millat. She has been extensively concerned about the safety of the chastity of women and their pathetic condition in Kashmir. She has been reinforcing the efforts for the concept and practice of proper education for Muslim youth especially girls.

The set of her activities mentioned above, is indeed, the utmost duty of every conscious Muslim, although unfortunately, Muslims of the present age have forgotten this foremost duty but at the same time if any pious person takes such initiative that person, undoubtedly,  is the unique-pearl of the human creation. These activities when seen and analyzed from all view points are outstandingly tangible with ‘zero harm’. Whosoever takes such activities as a mission is admired and applauded by the people barring a few improperly educated, selfish and misguided ones who for social reformative movements feel lazy and incompetent, in the present evil ridden era, due to the lack of adequate Iman (faith).  People admire and applaud these movements because their aspirations are being at least represented by someone. This kind of work comes in the primary category of the social reformation. But it is the irony of the fate of the people  at a time when the whole society is engulfed by social evils and the actual public safety is being shattered, a woman comes to the rescue for the betterment of the mankind and inturn she is booked under ‘Public Safety Act’ by the police and locked up in the jail. What a Hallmark of public safety (Asiya Andrabi was booked under Public Safety Act many times)!!!

 It is said that in the revolutionary movements of whatsoever kind, the youth between the age of twenty and thirty play the foremost and the vital role. Twenty years back when the armed struggle in Kashmir started for right to self determination the then twenty-thirty generation is now forty-fifty aged and the present ‘twenty’ generation was taking birth at that time and that was the time when everywhere there were bullets and bombs and how many times there might have been mere silence from shots of bullets and explosions of bombs when this generation was borne? And it is not a strange and unbelievable thing that to many of them the first very sound reached to their ears, just after their birth, was in high decibels!!! Yes only and only the sound and speed of a fired bullet(s) or an explosion of a bomb even before the Azan (birth call), the first voice, Muslims make their new born to listen to! So, this one, generation can be given the attrib of bullet and called the Bullet Generation! So this time it was the bullet generation on roads, they have reached the age of understanding and comprehension, the journey of their life so for has witnessed worst kinds of atrocities being given to their people of whom these boys are the successors, they have been observing this panorama right from the age when they were even not able to form a word and organize their idea as they could express their feelings and responses. But the series of happenings got stored very much in their minds and as soon as they attained the toy-playing age, they started the response. Over the attractive, latest and sophisticated toys these children preferred the Toy-Guns, and we all have seen them ‘using’ these toy-guns at toy-playing occasions. Even during infamous cordons and crack-downs when there was trouble and tension all around, we have seen these children taking ‘positions’ in lanes, behind walls, stones and  targeting the enemies(the enemies who were in their innocent minds). These children were not afraid of army or other forces, perhaps because of the reason they knew that the cordoning-forces were not genuine and justified. The courage of this generation is   sky-scraping, their aspirations are soaring, this is not a mere assumption but an experimented truth after the historical halts (hartals) and unique protests that have been erupting since June this year. And the above quoted observation and the perspective of 16 year old boy, Muhammad Bin Qasim, is the hallmark of the generation’s commitment and missionary zeal for its indigenous approach and character to achieve the goal.

Aasiya Andrabi is not any usual Muslim women leader who is famous for her motto, strategy or any other peculiar perspective. No! Actually, she belongs to the Islamic world in a greater dimension.

Allhamdulillah, she is the  Mujahidah of Ummah who is bestowed by Allah the essence of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Salallah Allihi Wasalam).

It needs volumes of publication to describe the contribution and the sacrifices of this couple in its real spirit and essence. However to conclude, may be these lines of Allama Iqbal (RA) may serve some purpose:

یÀ ÛÇÐی یÀ ÊیÑÿ õÑ ÇÓÑÇÑ ÈäÏÿ

ÌäÀیŸ Êõæ äÿ ÈÎÔÇ Àÿ ÒæÞö ÎõÏÇÆ

Ïæ äیã Çöä ˜ی Šªæ˜Ñ Óÿ ÕÍÑÇ æ ÏÑیÇ

Óö㊠˜Ñ ÀÇš Çä˜ی ÀیÈÊ Óÿ ÑÇÆ۔

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