"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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May be I am wrong. But I think if some one has good ideas he should not hesitate to put forward. And those who are  office holders and possess high offices should think for a while before rejecting such ideas.



Whenever I visit Lahore I happen to pass through by some Ganda Nalas which emanate very bad smell, are infested with mosquitoes, flies, filled with filth and home of hundreds of diseases. Lakhs of people reside by the sides of these Ganda Nalas.  My suggestion is that concrete walls are built along the two banks of these  Nalas and then covered with very durable material. The very long corridors obtained by these coverage can be brought into use for markets etc.  I know this require very huge amounts, but as I know  that China has been helping a lot for Pakistan’s development and you have also good contacts and relations with China,  we can ask their help for this purpose.  On the same pattern Nula Lai of Rawalpindi can be covered and its covered corridor used for many purposes. It is not so difficult but needs determination and a will to act. And I am sure that only you can get it done


The Roads/Bridges and street contractors have become very dishonest/corrupt and at most of places they only build some areas of roads, bridges and streets and show to the higher authorities that the work has  been completed  or they use very third class material which result in breakage of roads, streets  before completion and  at some places even during the building process. I strongly urge that this work is taken away from these corrupts  and a special force comprising very honest people is created for this purpose only.


All Katchi nalian in all cities of Punjab are built with concrete and no katchi nali is left un-covered (repeat un-covered). These katchi nalian’s water has been going underground for years and now we are getting back and drinking that dirty and infected water resulting in Hepatitis and so many other diseases. I can bet that if we build hospitals at every kilometer we cannot cope with these diseases until we get rid of the real sources of diseases which are KATCHI AND UN-COVERED NALIAN. No new Housing societies should be  granted  building  permits until they ensure by a Bond for concrete underground sewerage system.


Measures are taken to save/store  rain water. Very deep and big reservoirs should be built for this purpose. These reservoirs, in addition to storing rain water, can be used for fisheries industry also.


Government of Punjab should first make survey for the requirements of wheat, rice, sugar for Punjab  and then   buy maximum possible quantity of rice, wheat  and sugar during these crops  seasons and build  huge stores  every where.  And instead of 2-rupee Roti, public is provided flour, rice and sugar from these stores on Rashan Cards.

Maximum possible Recycling plants are imported &  installed where garbage is re-cycled in order to eradicate garbage from the cities of Punjab. This plan will  also provide lot of  employment opportunities.  I have lived in many countries of the world and  know how those countries re-cycle the garbage and their cities remain neat and clean.


Large scale Dairy Farms is the need of the hour. The public has been victim of impure and un-healthy milk.   Milk, meat and dairy farm products prices have soared up in a Province where there is abundance of greenery, livestock and water. Specially  meat has gone beyond the reach of a common man. No one in the Federal or Provincial Governments addressing the real problems of the masses.  This is happening due to lack of proper planning and mishandling. It needs urgent attention of the higher authorities.




All the above suggestions need your urgent  personal  attention and action. Only actins and matters which concern  and help   a common man will give you popularity and a place in their hearts. Slogans and talks time has gone away long time ago. If Punjab, under your charismatic leadership, put forward some examples on the lines mentioned above then may be other provinces also follow your example. Qadam  Baraho  Shahbaz!


With kind regards,




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