"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Can any one on the earth claim that he is master and control his   profits and loss?. Can any one claim that he will go out from him home for travel, work, college, school, cinema, Tawaif ka kotha etc.  and would be back alive? Can any one on earth claim that he will earn such and such amount today  from a business/investment or  face a  total loss? Can any body claim that his wife will deliver a son, a girl or a dead child today? Can any person claim that he will remain in good health till sun sets? Will he sleep on his bed tonight or  pass his rest of life in a grave?   Is there any example on earth  that a person who lost his hand/leg or finger  and his lost hand/leg/finger grew  up with the  dua,  karamat of  a  live  peer , wali or any magician?   Or who lost his eye that his lost eye came back in its place likewise?   Oh poor man how  helpless  he is.  As  is  said  in  Qura’an that man has been created weak.  When everyone knows this fact that even an alive peer/wali etc can’t do anything by his own will then why some people ask for IMDAD from the dead people who too were  so helpless that they could not escape their own  death! Or they stood against death and refused to die?  Or they stood in front of the Death Angel and stopped death to their most beloved  parents , sons/daughters, uncles, friends,  wife etc?  Or the peer/wali had  some  unbelievable   karamat/powers   that he was not  dependant on your Nazr-o-niaz and Charawa  and became rich by himself?   While these  peers and  aulia were  not able  to do  any good  and harm  for themselves and others during their lives then what qualities they  got  when they were buried in their graves after their  death?  I could not understand this at all. Whosoever claim that the dead persons can provide help  should prove   their claim that had they witnessed these peer and aulia’s life after death? In which condition they are now can any one tell what happened to him? Had any allama, mujtahid, qazi, mullah visited them in their graves/tombs/mazars  after their death and claim what I wrote?   JADOON  O’H  LANGRA HO GAYA, YA  KANA HOGAYA US WAQT  SAB NEY  KAHA  ALLAH  DI  MARZI… MUNDEY TEY  AULAD  DEN WALEY PEER  HUN  KITHEY  GAY  NE….IK  UNGLI  HI  UGA  DEO   IK  AKH  HI BANA  DEO  PEEE R   JI….POORA  MUNDA  TE   KURI   KITHHO   BANAOO   GAY..   JAAN  DEY  HUN  MUSRAKA   AAA BAAZ JA…  Then why some people claim that such and such peer and wali can grant sons, make them healthy  and  wealthy  or can help them in their difficult time?. KIA IN KI MAT NAHI MARI GAI. Murey  hoey  ki  Qabar par  kioun phool  charahtey  ho,  agar itni  hi us  sey  mohabbat  hai  to us ko Qabar key  andar  jaa  kar phool  dey  kar  aao!. Us ki  Qabar  mein  bohot   andheera    hai  us  ki Qabar key andar  jaa kar  Diva  jalaoo. Tumhari  mat  waqe’i   mari gai   hai. Qabar key  bahar  cheezein  rakhney  ka  us  becharey  ko kia  pata  aur kia faida?.  Wo’h agar tumhari  agar batti, phool,   chadar   aur   charawey  ka  khud  mohtaj  hai  us  becharey (becharey)  sey  kia mangna.  Jis  ki Qabar par ja kar  tum  uski   bakhshish  ki dua  mangtey  ho   wo’h   tum  ko  kia dey  ga? TERA  KI  BANEY  GA  KALIAEY  BAAZ  A  JAA  ES  SHIRK TOON!

Read  Qura’an Pak with translation that is more than enough and you will know the reality of these people. I do not want you read hikayat and riwayat  and follow the advise of Deen faroosh maulvis… just read only and only Qura’an with translation. And that is all I say.  Ya Allah es qaoum  no  hidayat dey. A’amin. Wassalam o ala manittaba al huda.




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