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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Honeymoon  between  Turkey and Israel and  hobnobbing  by Turkey of  Israel has ended   up with sharp exchanges  between Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli President, Shimon Peres at Davos which  took place  after an  attack  on an unarmed flotilla by Israel.   The  exchange indicated a significant  and quick political shift Turkey underwent in the conflict of Middle East. Before that  Israel enjoyed   very good relations with Turkey  and lot of cooperation had been going on in various fields between the two countries. Turkey has been driven away from ,  to be more explicit,  “pushed away” by Israel  and came closer  towards the Muslim and Arab world  so quickly and dramatically that one believes  Turkey’s position has become  more strategic  in this context. Before the  souring of relations and bitter exchanges between Turkish Prime Minister and Israeli President,  it was considered that Turkey was a  country to be used (By the US, Europe and Israel)  as a tool to  destabilize, contain and keep away some hard liner Arab and Muslim countries and that Turkey could help Israel for its complete dominance over the Middle East,  a dream Israel yearned for years.

But the Arab and Muslim states and its leaders  did not and  are not in a mood to en-cash the opportunity.  Even the  Christian Europe and other non Muslim countries   voiced their  grave concern  over  deadly and blatant  attack of Israeli rogues on the flotilla  which was  carrying merely  humanitarian aid and medicines  for the Palestinians but Muslim Umma, specially the Arabs are  sleeping and except a few moderate  and soft toned  statements  there was no  strong reaction from them. At one hand I condemn this shameless attitude of the  sick Muslim leaders (most of whom are American/Hindu and Jewish stooges)  but on the other hand I salute  M/s. Helen Thomas, a Christian lady,  who remarked that “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine”  during a lecture recently.  From her remarks it can be said that from now onwards “Israel can be criticized” and that it was “ not untouchable” any more,  a notion which no one dared to express so publicly in the United States  in the recent past. Thanks to foolish attack of Israeli commandos and thanks to Turkey for its brave and staunch support for Palestinians.  In reply to Ms. Helen’s  lecture, New York Senator,  Chuck Schumer remarked that the “Palestinian people don’t  believe in Jewish state as also they  don’t believe in Torah and David”!!! But the blind and deaf Muslim leaders have nothing to do or worry about what our enemies are  planning and what they are saying about Islam and the Muslims.  No Mufti-e-Azam, no Mujtahid, Allama  reacted to the remarks of Senator Chuck.


Where are those who are organizing Conferences,  preaching Sufi-ism, co-existence and harmony  between cultures and religions and advocating to bring the mankind under one platform? They don’t see armed interventions in weaker states by the stronger ones, they don’t see the plight of under-siege  areas of the Muslims, killings of armless innocent civilians in  Occupied Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine,  drone attacks in Pakistan, but they do advise the reactionary forces to stick to  peace and harmony among different creeds, nations and religions. They advocate that  Islam does not teach extremism or terrorism but  they close their eyes on  the armed inventions of the aggressors and advocate  peace and  brand the defendants  as terrorists and extremists.  The regular armies of USA, Briton and 40 other nations  have invaded Afghanistan, occupied Iraq, India is occupying Muslim majority areas of Kashmir and killing teen ager students, setting at fire of business of Muslims and have converted Occupied Kashmir into a garrison. USA, Briton and NATO forces  are destroying homes of those who are not at war with them, killing and showering bombs on innocent civilians and these Munafiqenn don’t preach peace, co-existence  and harmony to them. They are the real TERRORISTS AND OPPRESSORS who are invading and occupying weaker states one by one.  Where are  regular  armies of Muslim countries? For which day these snakes of arm are kept and  being  bred?   And if our leaders are sleeping then who will fight for the rights of the oppressed ones? Our leaders, think-tank and Anker persons of TV and media should first  make correct definition of TERRORISM. Why  our media and TV beat the same drum of TERRORISTS for the Mujahideen and don’t negate the false propaganda  OF THE U.S.  AND ITS ALLIES FORCEFULLY? The real Terrorists have propagated so successfully that they call themselves champions of human rights and democracy but actually they are the TERRORISTS/EXTREMISTS/KILLERS  AND OPPRESSORS. The one who defends his house is not and should not be called a terrorist. It is a big irony and blatant lie. Terrorists are those  who   have invaded and occupied   weak and peaceful countries.    The organizers of such conferences are being funded by the Qadianis,  Britishers, Jews, Hindus and Christian Missionaries.   I am not of the view of spreading extremist ideas but  Islami  Himiyaat,  Qaumi Ghairat is  also something  which matter to me more than my life.    Are we and leaders of Muslim countries  just sheep and herds of animals as I wrote earlier yesterday? And Ummat-e-Muslima is in a deep sleep. WAKE UP MY DEAR AMMAAN!




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