"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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The American stooge gave us, among so many other evils, an idea of Roshan Khiali. Those whose hearts are not with Islam, its teachings, Pakistan and its well-being, adopted this slogan very quickly. Such people existed even before the Ring Leader (Musharraf) but got the patronage in the traitor’s rule.  These are the people who were (luckily) born in Pakistan with Muslim names.  But from inside they are neither with Pakistan, Islam or Momineen.  La  ila  ha’a  ula’aey  w la ila  ha’a ula’aey,  muzabza beena  baina zalik… (Qur’an.  These are the people who  go for   Eid  prayers  only,  call the Maulvi for Salat al Jinaza for their dead persons  or  Qur’an Khwani  (they have nothing to do with Qur’an,  its meanings and its teachings)  and occasionally  visit mosques for Juma prayers only. They are the people who are swayed away by Hindu culture in all religious and other rituals, who often visit the  Najoomi  (fortune tellers)   -  like Hindus -  more than mosques.  Such people never existed during Prophet Mohammad S.A.W’s Makki period and this kind of group came into life during Madani  period.  Abdullah bin Obai salool Munafiq   when saw that Islam is progressing he became Roshan Khial Moderate  and embraced Islam to side with the Momineen but from inside he was a  Munafiq i.e.  Roshan Khial. These are the people for whom  Indian film actors/actresses are their heroes, who do not want to go for five time prayers,  recite or memorize  Qur’an  and  spends their  time in  listening/watching  Indian movies, songs/music in their drawing rooms and  cars. Unfortunately this group is spreading more rapidly and this is because of lack of interest in Islam  and its teachings. I should   say  it clearly  that   “O you Roshan Khial  YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR WITH OUR ENEMIES -HINDUS/JEWS & CHRISTIANS” and there is no place in between. If you chose to be a MODERATE  (IN BETWEEN) then you are surely a MUNAFIQ.  Roshan Khiali  is the same thing  (IN BETWEEN). There is another term for such people:   (KHUSREY – IN BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN).


Our  Maulvi  is  engaged in useless  Farooi/Ikhtilafi   issues,  our politicians gathering kick-backs from deals,  parents lost contact with their sons and daughters, teachers interested in tuitions, students involved in politics, house wives looking for Indian goods, clothes and fashions etc.  We are becoming heard of animals/sheep and are losing our own entity, Islamic culture and its values very rapidly. We don’t have electricity but are wasting it  on useless decorations,  illuminations of buildings at different occasions, marriages  and functions. We claim to be Muslims but are following Hindu customs at marriages such as dowry, wasting lot of money on pump and show. When such people are in discussion with Momneen they say that these people have lot of time to waste. Actually they don’t fear Allah, accountability and His punishment. They think that they can cheat Allah and Momneen, they can cheat Momineen,   but actually they are cheating themselves, they are being watched by Allah and His Angles who are writing and recording every thing in the (CDs & Videos - THE BOOK) which will be opened and played in front of the man on the Day of Judgment and in which smallest thing will be written & recorded. If  we  can record a song or make  movie in a CD/Video then why Allah can’t do it?  For sure every thing, activities, sins, talks, lies and truth is being recorded. Then the man will be asked to come, play   and see the Video of your life, and check your Account and you are your own Auditor today. Do we believe in it or not?  Yes of course, then please try  from  today  to be  a Good Muslim, stop cheating,  stop corruption, lies,  don’t break  Hadoodullah   and do not go   IN BETWEEN and you know who is IN BETWEEN….  This sermon is for those who want to get some lesson otherwise it is of no use to animals and Roshan Khials. Do the people waiting that Angels or Allah Himself comes to them, if they are waiting for that and they say  “ now I believe” then listen:  such believing will neither work nor accepted by Allah because after seeing the clear signs Almighty’s will say “Al A’an, before that you was very proud,  sharp, clever and disobedient” now  “Zuq Azaab al Aleem and Hot boiling water will be poured on his head.  You were very SHAREEF and VVIP, now give the account and hisab kitab what you earned and SO YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOWED during your life.




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