"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Once upon a time my forefather’s cunning enemy shunted out my forefather (my mother and father) from my home. There was not much animosity between him and my parents.  The  Landlord  ordered all present there to give me some respect.  All those present gave respect to my parents  but my would-be enemy didn’t do it. Landlord got furious on that disobedience. I did not bear any grudge against him but still for that small matter he became enemy No. 1 of my parents and then he misguided them. The enemy swore that he will remain stanch enemy for my parents and  his future kids forever, will not allow my parents and his kids  back to the lost Paradise, will deviate them from the right direction, drive them to go to Hellfire with his attractions  and begged to The Lord to allow him long life till the end of the world which The Lord accepted.  The Landlord of the house told my parents  to beware of your enemy  now and prohibited them doing only one mistake. But what to say (MEREY   ABBO AMMI KI  MAT MARI GAI) and one day  the  enemy came to see my parents but in a disguised shape,  I think in the shape of a Preacher and Sufi.  Actually he was a big actor and was able to change shapes.  This was the biggest quality the Landlord bestowed upon him. He swore to my parents to go ahead against the orders of The  Landlord and do what he says in order to live permanently in the Paradise. But as I said above Merey Abbo Ammi ki  Mat Mari Gai, and they did what The  Landlord ordered them  not to do. Oh what happened. Shameful situation was created. The Landlord who had invisible spies all around caught my parents  red-handed.  The enemy was very happy on his first achievement. The Lord ordered my parents  and my enemy to leave the most beautiful place ever  created (The Paradise is the name of my Parent’s lost home)  and threw them  out in an insulting manner to a nasty place where   nothing  was  to eat, live or enjoy anything.  HE ordered them  to be again aware of your enemy and gave them  a list of DO  and DON’ts.  Since that day that enemy  who is very power  and  given super-natural qualities is trying his best to do the things which have been prohibited by The Lord.  But what to say  about this   AQAL     EH   ITNA BARA HADSA HONEY KE  BA’AD BHI SIDHI  NAHI  HOOI. If a Badma’sh throw my parents from our home I and my generations will never forgive and forget the revenge. But we have totally ignored the oath of our enemy who told The Lord that he will incite my Parents and his kids to disobey The Lord and drive them to Hell.   That enemy  is so powerful that he presents the nastiest things on  the earth in   very attractive and   charming manners. He has the powers to enter into the  thoughts and heart.  In this manner, I  (one of their sons),  is  filled with lust and greed  to get  the  Lord’s prohibited things in any circumstance, means and sources. I do know this, my conscience always awakes me up but my enemy is so cunning that the kids are  swayed away by his lubricated attractions. The enemy did not forget his animosity with my parents and his kids but the children don’t understand, they  always forgot that  there lives a cunning and strong enemy  following  them. The kids (WE)   are disobeying The Lord so many times in a day and night that I (one of the kids) sometimes is filled with  dreadful fear that because of only one mistake my parents were thrown out from their precious home, and what will happen to me who is disobeying The Lord continuously and still not mending my attitude. Am I not running to the Hell instead of my lost home? Am I winning against my enemy or I am helping him to accomplish his plan?   Is there any one listening?


The hell fire promised for those who are disobedient to The Lord is 70 times more powerful  in burning  than the earthly fire. I do not know how brave we are that we still think that we will be able to bear and face the fire and wrath of our Lord – Allah.  Whenever I happen to  pass through a Gas Furnace,  in which iron and other metals are thrown to melt, immediately the idea of Allah’s Hell comes into my mind and I try to pass away quickly from that place. If someone else got this experience any time in his life? And if so then why don’t we mend ourselves and stop disobeying The Lord – Allah. At least start praying (which do not cost us any thing) five times in a day  which is the order of ALMIGHTY  The   Most Powerful of ALL, The  Master of every one in all the universes, Creator of everything in the universes, The one WHO  knows  everything on and beneath the earths. Are we so brave, can any one put his hand in  a fire oven for ONE MINUTE ONLY? Some people say and have the notion that Allah will put the sinner Muslims  in fire for a short time. Ok then make practice and start your exercise to bear the fire, one minute a day, then two minutes a day, then three and four minutes a day.  Just try! I pray to Allah the Almighty to start obeying HIM  from right now onwards. Thank you for your patience.




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