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Obama’s approval of 30,000 troops to Afghanistan on the one hand and talks with Pakistan, Afghanistan and now with Taliban for  a “peaceful” settlement of Afghan crisis on the other, is a game well known to Pakistan and Taliban as well. This is called ‘double game’   Team America (Gen. McChrystal and Co) could not reconcile with Obama’s hypocrisy hence his removal from his post.  Dismissal of a White American General  by a Gringo has been digested by the Red-neck Americans and has not so far resulted in any unfortunate incident or reaction!

‘COIN’ – counterinsurgency’s idea, which is to win the hearts and minds of the civilians and ordinary Afghans,  is the product of some clever  elements (hypocrites)   in the Pantagon.  But Americans and these mindless people in the high echelons of USA have never read the history of Afghanistan. How they think that by showering bombs on wedding parties, on funerals and social gatherings on the one hand and talking ‘COIN’ on the other will win the hearts and minds of a common Afghan?  Also the Pantagon and White House could not read the minds of Pakistanis that since Americans have been cheating Pakistan for decades and they will  not cheat again?


America is whole heartedly cooperating with Pakistan’s  arch rival and biggest enemy,  by providing nuclear reactors,  armaments and military aid to India,  which never reconciled the existence of Pakistan on the one hand  and creating difficulties in the way of  acquisition of civil nuclear power plant from China  and gas from  Iran, on the other and that USA will  not stab Pakistan again in the back? The Americans still think that their  policy in AfPak does not matter to Pakistan when their high officials say that   USA sees “India’s continued involvement in Afghanistan was a key part of that country’s success” (Under Secretary William Burns’ remarks) and that “India will be a defining partner of 21st century to effectively marginalize the significance of Pakistan”,  will go unnoticed  in Pakistan? (Senator John Carry’s article in Times of India). I think political leadership and military Generals very well know and understand this organized hypocrisy and should pay back in even coins while reaching a deal with USA on Afghan post war scenario. If American negotiators come to Pakistan and Afghanistan wearing masks, then I must inform them that the Pakistanis and Afghans   too understand the double faced Americans who were and will never be the friends of Pakistan.


I strongly urge Pakistani negotiators to be hypocrite as much as they can in dealing with the Americans and Hypocrisy should beget Hypocrisy. And this is the way of life for us in the present day situation in dealing with the cheaters as this idea  (Hypocrisy) has become most important concepts of today’s politics.


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