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According to confirmed reports the Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan Abdul Aziz is trying to give a huge amount and even visit to Saudi Arabia for the family members of killed persons by Ramyon Davis at Lahore in bright day. The aim of giving huge amount and Umra package in the form of visit to Saudi Arabia to the family members of three killed persons is to accept truce and sign documents for the release of CIA & Black water sharp shooter Ramyon davis from court.

While in last some days the saudi ambassador in Pakistan for the same task hold meetings with Punjab CM Shabaaz Saharif (the incident took place in Punjab province provincial capital of Lahore) and Interior Minister Rehman malik as both have strong relations and commitment with the America & Saudi Arabia. Shabaz Sharif and his borther nawaz sharif (ex prime minister) and his family were provided a shelter in Saudia arabia when they fled away from country,while their party PML-N and its provincial law minister is also famous for close relations with millitants organization sipahe sahaba made jointly by Saudia Arabia and ex dictator Zia regime with the instructions of american CIA in the decade of 1980’s.Similarly Rehman malik is considered obedient and loyal to Americans that is why he is also supporting Saudi Ambassador abdul aziz for the task assign to him by his master.

Question arises that why Saudi ambassador in Pakistan is too active for the release of a criminal like Ramyon Davis whose criminal record and connections to CIA & Black water is crystal clear now. According to investigations and mobile phone records of Ramyon Davis, this criminal working for CIA & Blackwater has friendly relations with millitants of lashkare Jhangvi,sipahae sahaba and tehrike taliban Pakistan ( so called ban lej,ssp & ttp actually free to do whatever they want to defame Islam & Pakistan).Ramyon Davis was regularly providing finical assistance and weapons to millitants of ban lej,ssp and ttp and even according to a special report davis was trying to provide a part of nuclear technology to alqaeda via these mentioned militants groups to justify strikes and sanctions on Pakistan. This strong point of investigations in Davis case and different reports published seems to be the main point and Saudi wahabi regime interests in release of this criminal. The release of Davis will b e helpful to both America and its wahabi partner Saudi Arab government who both are involved in the shedding of blood of thousands of people all around the world in the name of so called war on terror against alqaeda and taliban from Iraq,Yemen,Afgahnistan and tribal areas of pakistan and even now in all parts and major cities of Pakistan.While both alqaeda and taliban are supported by america and wahabi regime of saudia arabia from time to time and this was even accepted by American presidents and secretary of state ,the same support is even continue to justify the bloodshed & so called war on terror.

The reality of Wahbi ideology and creation of Wahabi state of Saud’s family in the Hejaz(Makkah,Madina & surrounding)spiritual heart  of Muslim ummah is no more secrete that Wahabiat was founded by world imperialists especially Britan ,America and Zionists to defame the teachings of Islam globally.In this regard very informative details and proofs are avilable in website  having exclusively details of wahabi ideology and its hidden friendly relations with enemies of humanity like Israel. If the Davis case investigations proceeds then more and more exclusive information and proofs will come out exposing the so called Khadim-e-Haraman-e-Sharifeen/custodians of holy places, role of supporting militants like of lashkare Jhangvi,sipahae sahaba and tehrike taliban Pakistan ( so called ban lej,ssp & ttp actually free to do whatever they want to defame Islam & Pakistan).It is worth mentioning that It is not for the first time that Investigations within Pakistan proved that militants organizations lashkare jhangvi and sipaha sahaba are finicaly supported by american CIA & Saudi wahabi regime,even the Israili Mosad and indian Raw also supporting these millitants groups investigated by late Asharaf marth(ex polic officer of Punjab police and close relative of ex Interior minister Chadry Shujat) in 90’s.

Patriotic Pakistani officer Ashraf marth provided proofs of telephonic records and unlimited credit cards recovered from the millitants of lashkare jhangvi and sipahe sahaba and their close relations with American,Indian & Israilie secrte agencies with addition to major finical  support from wahabi regime of saudi arabia and other arab states.If the Civilian and military leaderships with addition to Judiciary had severely punished these anti Pakistan and anti Islam militants groups in the decade of 90’s after Ashraf Marth exclusive investigations then may be the terrorism controlled ,which we are witnessing now a days in the form of blood bath and even attacks on military installments like GHQ at Rawalpindi.But unfortunately instead of punishing usa & wahabi backed millitants of lashkare jhangvi and sipaha sahaba Ashraf marth was martyred on the basis of investigations and proofs he provided against militants.The Ramyon davis case is best opportunity for both government and people of Pakistan to know the reality of the real enemies of Pakistan triangle in the form of america its wahabi partner saudi wahabi regime and millitants of lashkare Jhangvi,sipahae sahaba and tehrike taliban Pakistan ( so called ban lej,ssp & ttp actually free to do whatever they want to defame Islam & Pakistan) if they want to punish the terrorists involved in blood bath of thousands innocent people in the name of so called war on terror.

Ironically  yet some elements and black sheep present within establishment are not only silent on the bloodshed of thousands of Pakistanis in different parts and cities of Pakistan especially in FATA & KPK  in the hands of terrorists of lashkare Jhangvi,sipahae sahaba and tehrike taliban Pakistan ( so called ban lej,ssp & ttp actually free to do whatever they want to defame Islam & Pakistan) ,BUT even till today they are supporting these anti islam and anti pakistan terrorists due to pressure of uncle sam and wahabi regime of saudi arabia.This attitude of some elements and black sheep present within establishment will be very destructive for the survival and stability of Pakistan if the real culprits behind the Davis case were not punished. Let’s wait and see what the civilian and military leadership with addition to people and masses of this country decided for their future and stability of country with justice. This is also a test case for judiciary especially Supreme Court of Pakistan to take action on saudi ambassador interference.


Article Written By;-  Sajid  Hussain.

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