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"Pakistani Economy badly affected due to Deforestation and destruction of land under cultivation".

The billions of $ worth Project in the name of "Margalla dream city Project" at Federal Capital Islamabad green location famous Margallla Hills by land mafia and property ticon with the help of PML Nawaz Sharif Government is a big threat. It is violations of environment and laws governing the Margalla Hills National Park,which forbids construction or alteration of any kind in and around Margalla Hills.

Various countries around the world spending millions of $ to gain artificial green environment like Islamabad which is the best lash green city having famous Margalla Hills natural beauty and environment for both Humans as well as Wildlife across the Margalla Hills.The  "Margala dream city Project" which was the idea of ex dictator Musharraf But He could not implemented this after civil society voices But unfortunately the recent so called democratic government of PML Nawaz Sharif want to complete this project even he chaired a special meeting in PM House recently according to some reports issued in media.The most dangerous part and scheme of Margalla Hills dream city Project is to construct a Tunnel with in Margalla Hills by making New Islamabad city and linking this to other cities will result urbanization and with addition to destroy the natural environment and wildlife habitat.

Environment department is neglected  inside Pakistan can easily be understand that there is no Federal Minister for Environment at all while more than dozens Federal and Provincial Ministries except Environment are in hands of PMLN Sharif brothers Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif as they both consider themselves as master mind of all.On other side there are strong rules and regulations regarding Environment Violations in Pakistan as part of  Constitution even a constitutional body called Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) is working But sorry to see no practical implementation is there.

According to rules regulations of Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance

for a mega Project like Margalla dream city Project, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is mandatory to know the grievances of affected population and public hearing in this case at Islamabd But who care for this in country like Pakistan.

PML Nawaz Sharif government throughout its past history and in recent term always take interests in Infrastructure Projects without proper planning and management the main reason behind is personal interests superior to national interests as Nawaz Sharif Family has industries related to Infrastructure that is why the sale and income increases accordingly.

One of other best example is Islamabad Peshawar Motorway in Nawaz Sharif previous government when a motorway was built on land under cultivation used for Agriculture purposes going through Swabi,Mardan Nowshera and Charsada Districts creates Urbanization and hundreds of hosing schemes were started on both sides of Motorway from Peshawar to Islamabad causing rapid urbanization.

According to experts the mentioned Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway can also be built on another optional way of deserted land or land not under cultivation But then time Nawaz Sharif did this Project in hurry and thus the agricultural land which was the main supply of vegetables and fruits from Peshawar to Islamabad and other  District like Swabi,Mardan Nowshera and Charsadas badly affected created food shortage and rise in prices of basic commodities. Furthermore the mentioned deforestation and destruction of land under cultivation badly affected Pakistani economy creating problems of food security in country.

It is the responsibility of all stake holders of society specially civil society and media to raise voice against the "Margalla dream city Project" which is actually the "Margalla Destruction city Project" a big threat and disaster to natural beauty and environment of Islamabad.


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